Amazing Savings Brooklyn: Highlights, Merchandise, and Discounts + Amazing Savings Near Me

What is Amazing Savings?

Amazing Savings is a chain of variety stores located in New York and New Jersey that sell everyday goods at bargain prices.

They are not dollar stores, but reviewers have repeatedly commented on their stellar deals and remarkable collection of merchandise.

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Amazing Savings also sells a wider range of goods than its dollar-store counterparts—read on to find out more!

Today, we feature the 1605 Ave M, Brooklyn location.

Amazing Savings

Location 1605 Ave M

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Contact Information Phone: (718) 998-2020
Official Website
Hours Sunday to Thursday | 10 AM  – 8 PM

Friday | 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday | Closed

What does Amazing Savings sell?

Based on their website, Amazing Savings sells:

  • toys
  • crafts
  • gift packaging
  • paper and party materials
  • stationary
  • housewares
  • dinnerware
  • home storage
  • furniture
  • luggage
  • seasonal merchandise
  • health and beauty
  • school supplies
  • home décor
  • … and much more

Kitchen tools and utensils

If you are looking for everyday essentials at incredibly low prices, this is the place to visit. In terms of kitchen goods, they have everything from cutlery to crystal vases, dinnerware, and an assortment of culinary tools.

For just a couple of dollars, you can find high-quality dinner plates, ceramic mugs, and glassware.

Arts and crafts

Need art supplies? Materials for school projects? Amazing Savings could be just what you need. They offer stamps, paper packs, stencils, and more.

Multiple shoppers have also raved about how large their scrapbooking section is. With embellishments, decorative stickers, and even scrapbook albums, this could be your next one-stop-shop for your craft and art supply projects.

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Home décor

Amazing Saving is a great place to shop for home décor and event-specific ornaments. They have decorations catered to weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and any other occasion you have on the way.

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Source: Yelp

Toys and games

There is a huge selection of children’s toys and games at Amazing Savings. There are also affordable children’s books. Bring the kid’s along, they’ll have a fun time too!

Furniture and clothing: More than your average dollar store

In addition, to knick-knacks and small trinkets, Amazing Savings carries larger items—including suitcases, furniture, gardening tools, clothing, and backpacks. They also sell picture frames in a variety of sizes, linens, electronics, and appliances.

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Source: Google Maps

Organized aisles for easy browsing

Amazing Savings stores are known to be well-stocked and organized. Goods are sorted into store sections based on general use and categories (e.g. kitchen, toys, furniture).

The shop is also clean and there is staff on hand to guide you in the right direction.

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Source: Yelp

The aisles are wide enough for wheelchairs to pass through comfortably and customers have noted that the store frequently restocks shelves. Others have also stated that the store has a regular rotation of new items onto the floor.

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Source: Google Maps

Amazing prices that can’t be beat

Compared to online stores and distributors, you will be able to find equivalent items for cheaper and you won’t have to wait for delivery or deal with shipping fees.

Shopping in-store is also great because you get to see what you are purchasing and have faith that it will suit your needs.

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Frequent shoppers report that some stock is made up of closeout merchandise. This means that everything is new, but they may be from a previous season.

If you don’t mind this, then Amazing Savings will have everyday basics—like dinnerware, cleaning products, and home goods—at phenomenal prices.

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Source: Google Maps


  • Google 4.5/5 stars
  • Yelp 3.5/5 stars
  • Four Square 7.8/10 points

Reviews on Amazing Savings are quite varied. Depending on which platform or site you refer to, there appear to be mixed opinions on the deals and shopping experiences customers have come across.

With customer service, some report always receiving friendly and accommodating service. Other accounts have viewed the service as lacking and in need of improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What COVID safety measures does the store have in place currently?

Based on online information, the store requires masks and there are safety dividers between checkout counters.

– Is there parking?

There is street parking but no parking for bikes.

– Is this store wheelchair accessible?

Yes, this store is wheelchair accessible.

– What type of payment does the store accept?

The store accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards. Google also indicates they accept NFC mobile payments. They do not accept Apple Pay.

– Can I sell my used items here?

No, this store does not sell used items. They only sell new products.

– Does Amazing Savings offer online shopping?

No, Amazing Savings does not have an online store. You will have to make an in-store visit. Their stock changes frequently, check back for updated merchandise.

– What is their return/ exchange policy?

Their online website does not contain their return or exchange policy. Based on online reports, the store offers 14 days for returns and exchanges if you have your original receipt.

– When is the store busiest?

According to shoppers, the store is busiest on Sundays and after work hours during the weekday.

– How can I get in touch with Amazing Savings?

You can call the store. They also have an online form that you can submit to voice any concerns or questions. Click here for the form.

– Does the store sell any food?

They sell some snack foods but according to shoppers, this store would not be recommended for all groceries.

Location and Directions

1605 Ave. M

Brooklyn, NY 11230

United States

The above location is steps away from the Avenue M subway station. Exit the station and head east on Ave. M towards Buckingham Rd. The Amazing Savings store will be found on your left.

Amazing Savings near me

To find Amazing Savings stores, you can use our interactive map to quickly find locations near you. On your mobile device, make sure you have your GPS locator turned on.

You don’t even need to search it up, all you need to click the map below. Great deals and tremendous bargains are waiting for you!

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