23 Best Art Galleries In Brooklyn (Updated 2022)

Art galleries are the communicating vessels between the public and the creators. Without them, the work created by artists and curators would not easily be recognized by the audience.

Brooklyn has some of the best artists in the different disciplines who are successful in their art careers;

Thus, they open avenues for emerging and new artists to nurture and present opportunities to meet other pioneer artists and provide a platform for networking.

Here is an assortment of some of the best art galleries in Brooklyn that you can visit to view their exhibitions.

Most of these arts feature contemporary art, fine art, traditional art, print sculptures, and others can be found.

If you are an artist, you can benefit from these galleries and take your career to the next level.

Art Galleries In Brooklyn New York

1. Minus space


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Minus space is a gallery of its kind that specializes in reductive art, which uses monochromatic or limited color, precise craftsmanship, and plainspoken materials.

Reductive art also involves a plurality and inclusive approach.

They have groundbreaking exhibitions, either solo or group exhibitions, that portray work by pioneering, established, emerging, and deceased artists.

They also represent an array of national and international artists working across all visual arts media.

The exhibitions are free and open to the public. Whenever you can pay them a visit.

Address: 16 Main St Ste A, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 (718) 801-8095


2.  A.I.R. Gallery


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It is the first non-profit organization established in  1972 and was directed by women in the united states.

It fosters involvement through multiple tires of presentation, and it thrives in the network of active participation.

It showcases the work of hundreds of women artists each year. Additionally, it hosts events such as lectures and symposiums on feminism art and many more.

The program engages women from a broad spectrum, including emerging and unrepresented women and non-binary artists, by giving them year-long career development and lifelong support.

Address: 155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 212-255-6651


3. Interstate project


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Interstate project strives to ensure that they give support to artists through large-scale ambitious solo dialogues and group shows, enabling contact and disclosure between artists and creators throughout the U.S. and internationally.

This project also gives artists the rare opportunities to actualize the large-scale project that expands on their capacities.

They run programs like studio programs intending to support artists who face unsustainable demands made by real estate and market on studio practices.

The curatorial fellowship also seeks to support artists and curators who are underrepresented in contemporary art.

Address: 66 Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: info@interstateprojects.org


4.  Microscope Gallery


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It’s an art gallery founded by artist /curators Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti in 2010, with exceptional work for emerging and pioneering artists.

Besides the exhibition, Microsoft also has other events in its operation that complement their work like reading and lecturer, sound, and performance.

Thus it helps to address the existing divide between the white box setting of the galley and the black box of screening.

Here the artist working in time-based art are offered the opportunity to have their work presented according to their artistic intent.

Address: 525 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10001

Contact: 347.925.1433


5. Pioneer works


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Pioneer is an artist-run cultural center that commenced its operation in 2012, founded by Dustan Yellin.

Works main goal is to build a  community through sciences and arts to create an inspired world.

It encourages radical thinking across disciplines by providing artists with a  space to work. A platform to exchange ideas and tools to create.

Driven by the challenges that humanity faces like social, intellectual, and spiritual.

The programs are tailored to explore new ways of meeting the challenges by using the dynamics of arts and science to unleash what appeared impossible to be possible.

Through the multi-disciplinary approaches, the pioneer can build bridges across ideas and community so that together people can think differently.

Address: 159 Pioneer Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

Contacts: (716) 596-3001


6. Faith art gallery


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It is a newly established gallery with an aim to provide a venue in the metropolitan city for exciting talent to exhibit their work and provide an opportunity for networking with other collectors and artists.

The artists that faith art gallery works with are both local and international.

It also promotes artistic and cultural exchange by gathering distinctive paintings globally and showcasing the outstanding arts by local talent.

The art offers one-hour custom framing, and the staff will work with you to ensure you get the best deal.

Address: 395 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 (718) 596-4659


7. 106 green


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106 green is an art gallery founded by Mitchel Wright and Ridley Howard in 2012.

It opens the Gallery to the public on Friday and Saturday from 11-6 because  106 green is a living room of the apartment during the week.

106 green also offers space for studio music for upcoming artists and allows local and international artists to showcase their work in their vicinity.

Address: 106 Green is located at 75 East Broadway, Suite 203 C, New York, NY 10002.

Contact: 106green@gmail.com


8. Mutual art


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It’s an international team of art lovers, data analysts, and web professionals driven by passion and excellence and works vividly to make the art market open to all.

It was founded in 2008 and had millions of members globally. They continue to develop technological solutions for artist needs.

With an aim to make the art accessible for everyone, they provide you with all the necessary information to make decisions concerning art; hence they are your eyes and ears on issues concerning the art market.

Contact : +1 (646) 755 37 40


9.Theodore: Art


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This Contemporary art gallery and consultancy was founded in 2010 by Stephanie Theodore.

It aims at presenting exhibitions of work done by emerging and established artists from the U.K., U.S., and E.U.

It also provides a window of opportunity to discover new and upcoming artists.

Theodore also employs virtual presentations of artwork from thriving renowned artists during the pandemic period.

Address: 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Contact : +1 212-966-4324


10. Smack Mellon


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Smack melon was founded in 1995 by Andera Rayno and Kevin Vertrees.

It’s a non-profit arts organization that helps nurture and support underrecognized, emerging, mid-career women artists.

They provide exhibitions, working space equipment, and technical assistance for any ambitious project.

Smack melon programming includes presenting solo and group exhibitions featuring artists who tackle subjects that challenge people to reflect on their changing world.

Art ready is another program that engages young people by pairing young students with pioneer or successful artists who mentor and tutor students in their creative way.

Address: 92 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact : +1 718-834-8761


11.  The invisible dog


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founded by Lucien Zayen. The Gallery is dedicated to integrating innovation in arts with profound respect for the past.

The 30000sq foot facility has three floors; where the ground floors are where exhibitions, performances, and public events are done, it’s also a home for independent and commercial designers.

The second and third-floor house has over 30 artists’ studios.

They also have a private dining room, La Salle A Manger, that contains an open kitchen where the chefs prepare sophisticated meals for you.

100% of the money goes to the artistic program when you book lunch, dinner, or any event. So it’s more like a  fundraising gala.

Address: 51 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 347-560-3641


12.  Picture Room


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In the picture room, they sell work by emerging and established artists and sell rare posters, artist’s books, and art publications.

Picture room work with individual artists and institutions to collect and showcase that may never find their way into a  traditional retail environment.

Picture room also offers gift-giving services; when you order a  picture online, you can include a note that indicates the recipient’s name and what you would like for them to write in the gift.

Address: 17 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY — 11201

Contact: +1 (347) 987 4675


13. Brooklyn Art Space


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It’s an art organization dedicated to providing support to artists by providing a gallery and studio space to enable the exhibition of a diverse spectrum of artwork.

It provides a variety of workshops,  professional development, and open studio events within B.A.S. In addition, there are operational programs like resent graduate residency and visiting artist residency.

B.A.S. also works closely with trestle gallery, and they both strive to ensure that they alleviate the challenges that a New York artist goes through while inviting collectors to view their work.

Address: 178 7th Street3rd Floor between 3rd and 2nd Ave on 7th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215

Contact: 7188589069


14. Choplet Studio and Gallery


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Choplet studio combines Williamsburg to offer ceramic classes and a clay studio.

The facility is home to 2600sq space dedicated to the art of clay and is welcoming to any newcomers to pottery and ceramic.

Choplet studio offers a place for workshops, private classes, and community pottery.

At the same time, the  Williamsburg ceramic center is the perfect place for independent clay artists who require a lot of storage place.

Choplet studio also offers programs for adults ranging from a one-time firm trial to semi-intensive wheel throwing classes.

And for the outsider artist, there is a  fire and kiln rental service for you.

So as you can see here at choplet, there is something for everyone.

Address: 238 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA

Contact: 917-547-8316


15. Eyebeam


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Eyebeam is a powerhouse for artists that provide financial support tools, mentorship, project management, and visibility.

Eyebeam holds that their policies should be shaped by the design of ideas, therefore, shaping radical systematic change that fits the imbalance of power.

Eyebeam is a  space where artists work in and around technology. The ideas developed are around concepts of inclusion and basis, bringing people into the fold, and making the fold wider.

Eyebeam has different programs, including rapid response for a better future, that support the artist who needs to reclaim space for surveillance.

A digital day camp is an intensive multi-week youth art and technology program. Still, It’s the most extended program.

Eyebeam Center for journalism’s future is another program that helps support the artist that produces innovative journalistic work.

Contact: +1 (347) 378-9163

Address: 199 Cook St, Brooklyn, NY 11206


16. The bishop


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It is an offspring of the Lamont Bishop Gallery in Washington DC. The original idea of the Gallery was birthed from the teachings of dr. Lamont bishop.

The bishop works with the notion of bringing accessibility to the art community.

Regardless of your economic status or level of success, culture, or genre at the bishop, everyone is welcomed to view the arts and have their skills displayed.

And they also hope to forge a lasting relationship with the artist who shows up in the bishop space.

The bishop also hosts several events that include poetry reading, film screening, garden parties wine tasting; thus, it is available for rental for your special occasions.

Address: 916 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact : +1 (917) 966-9467


17. Super chief Gallery


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It’s an independent artists’ Gallery founded in 2012 by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy.

It is created to support artists from the desperate scene and allow them to participate in the larger community.

It is a multi and interdisciplinary platform with an extension of the cultural landscape in its most raw and honest form.

If you are in Brooklyn, you can always check out their exhibitions. They have excellent staffs who will assist you in getting what you want.

Address: 136 Jackson St (Btw Graham & Manhattan)Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact:+1 (213) 538-8260


18. Five Myles


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It was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999, focusing on allowing the emerging and merited artists to present their work in group and solo exhibitions.

Exhibitions are inspired by art rooted in a non-western culture, including videos and pictures from east Africa and contemporary native and Caribbean art.

Five Myles has also received excellent reviews from press like the New York times, art news, and art in America, and in 2000 it received an OBIE award for good presentation of the contemporary native work.

They operate on an open-door policy where everyone is invited to view their art. Five miles have different programs and present six to five exhibits in a year where each takes 5weeks   long.

Address: 558 St Johns Place Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: 718–783–4438


19. Sardine


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It was founded in 2012 by Lacey Fakishazy, who is an art gallerist and draftsman with roots in the N.Y.C. art community and Hudson valley.

Its modest size makes it a key asset in constructing a contemplative, intimate space that has been used to showcase a carefully curated collection of work.

Sardine Believed in a  simple philosophy of arts for arts’ sake; thus, they allowed emerging and mid-career artists and continue to expound on their diversity.

Address: 286 Stanhope St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: +1 (914) 805-1974


20. Cooler Gallery


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Cooler Gallery is an art started within a repurposed icebox outside the Brooklyn navy yard. Cooler Gallery is, therefore, the breeding ground of thought at the crossing of fine art manufacturing and design.

Cooler gallery hosts monthly group and solo exhibitions that showcase a specific artist’s medium or theme. Architect and designer Michael Yarinsky curate the Gallery.

Address 22 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact+1 (786) 205-6799


21. Brooklyn museum


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Brooklyn was started with the aim of creating encounters with art that expound on the way we view ourselves, the world, and its possibility.

When it comes to exhibitions programs and visitor experience, Brooklyn Museum holds high standards.

Brooklyn museum art is not your traditional art as it seeks to challenge conventional art through multiple perspectives.

This includes promoting perspectives that expand the stories they tell by engaging a diverse audience in a conversation that changes the worlds’ view on self.

Brooklyn is committed to creating and cultivating a  diverse community that is talented and inspired by people committed to making the museum an essential hub for community activity.

Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: +1 718-638-5000


22. Pace Gallery


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It’s a leading international art gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary artists and estates from the past century.

Since its opening by Arne Glimcher in 1960, the pace has developed a distinguished legacy as an artist’s first Gallery that relays semi-historical and modern exhibitions.

Pace has a legacy in art bookmaking and has published more than 500 books in close collaboration with the artist with a focus on scholarship and introducing new members to the art historical standard

Address: 510 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001

Contact: +1 212-255-4044


23. Calico


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It is a small artist-run exhibition space founded in 2012 and focuses on local and emerging artists.

Besides solo exhibitions and collaborative group events, calico also features a rotating collection of small works and craft-based ceramic prints, sculptures, textiles, and original paintings.

The founder and director of calico are Scott Chasse, an artist with decades of experience.

Calico strives to bring present artwork without pressure and offer a welcoming and accessible environment to all.

Address: 67 West St., #203 Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact: (347) 450-6369



“Creativity is allowing your self to make mistakes while art is knowing which one to keep”, well if you are in Brooklyn and art is in your blood don’t waste it rather try to visit some of these art galleries and see if you can find a chance to showcase your creativity, there is always a place for you.

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