Top 10 Amazing Asian Restaurants in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re a foodie like me, then you would love to explore different places to eat out.

The taste of something different and delicious is always a delight to the taste buds.

Thankfully, Brooklyn NY leaves you with many choices to pick from, but have you tried Asian restaurants in Brooklyn?

The mix of spice, authenticity, and most importantly good food is what you’d get there.

Group of friends raising their glasses for a toast at a dinner party at restaurant 恢复的

Asian Restaurants also have an amazing taste for quality and exquisiteness. I can’t wait to show you all of them.

Since you are here, why not try the famous food in Asia from these dim sum Restaurants in Brooklyn.

Let me guide you through the top 10 Amazing Asian Restaurants in Brooklyn NY that would leave you longing for more. Shall we?

1. Yaso

  • 148 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: 929-337-7599
  • Visit Website


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Known for the best soup dumplings around Brooklyn, Yaso provides a whole range of tasty vegan dishes on the menu.

So if you’re a fan of vegan-friendly meals this is your spot right here.

I especially enjoy having “Xiao long bao and Jiaozi”. They are so tasty, and well prepared.

Yaso also serves the best plant-based noodles in the area. Have you had their peanut noodles? Gosh! to die for.

This amazing restaurant doesn’t just serve Shanghainese food, they serve the best on the block! Yes, you heard that right.

With a friendly atmosphere and the best service, be sure to get a wholesome dining experience. Trust me. This is one of the top amazing restaurants in Brooklyn.

Wait, it doesn’t end there, you also get to have your meals served in disposable takeouts just in case you’d love to enjoy your delicious vegan dishes at home.

2. Dock Asian Eatery

  • 22 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
  • Phone: 718-821-3900
  • Visit Website

eat food at dockasianeatery


Two words describe this spot, “distinct and authentic”. This is one Asian restaurant in Brooklyn that would have you coming back for more.

I call this “the restaurant of the elites” because Dock Asian Eatery serves some of the best exquisite dishes in the area.

They have also won the hearts of Asian food lovers with their signature dishes.

The first on the menu is the Thai home-style peanut dumpling made to savor your cravings and give you a satisfying fill.

But just in case you want more adventure, then you can dig deep into the spicy miso ramen made with a nicely flavored pork bone stock.

It also has some chashu, boiled eggs, scallions, and some bamboo shoots added to it for some extra filling. There’s also some butter for the finishing touches.

Did I forget to mention the Spicy sizzling seafood pad Cha? It has some wild ginger added to green peppercorn and dipped in hot spicy brown sauce.

I bet your taste bud is longing for it already. Dock Asian Eatery would do you the honors.

3. Baoburg

  • 614 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 718-349-0011
  • Visit Website

baoburg food


Owned by Chef Bao Bao, Baoburg is a cozy south Asian restaurant in Brooklyn with a Thai food flare. They offer one of the best services around, you can count on them.

Talk of an environment that is so beautiful and deeply rooted in South Asian art, it is also relaxing. They’ve got very friendly customer service that would leave you satisfied.

I also love the Szechuan chicken, which is a killer dish, and not to forget the Kra Paw dish that tastes out of this world.

Looking for a spot to sit, relax and enjoy good south Asian dishes, Baoburg has got your back.

The lovely patio and fewer tables on the inside allow you to enjoy your meal and it’s such a beautiful ambiance there!

Do you know the best part? There is also a space outside just in case you want to enjoy a different view while munching on some delicious south Asian dishes.

You should try out Shrimp tempura bao, this serves you a gorge of savory delights leaving your buds bouncing in satisfaction. 

You might not be able to munch on all this at once but you can order takeouts because your dining experience cannot stop at the restaurant. Your taste buds wouldn’t forgive you for that.

I also like to have the classic Boa dish when I visit. It melts right in your mouth and is very tasty too.

This is one South Asian restaurant in Brooklyn I recommend for a wholesome dining experience.

4. Kiku Asian Bistro

  • 163 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone: 718-638-3366
  • Visit Website

Kiku Asian Bistro 1 1

Where are my sushi lovers at? This Japanese-themed cuisine is all you need. Trust me.

Kiku Asian Bistro serves some of the tastiest, yummiest, mouth-watering sushi on the menu. Fish has never tasted so good.

Wait, you thought that was all? Nah, there’s more. With Salmon Teriyaki as delicious as theirs, it’s a one-way ticket to experience foodgasm, Lol. Yup, a yummy delight that goes deep down to the soul.

I also love to have their peanut, avocado, and mango salad when I visit. It’s so delicious!

As with many Asain restaurants in Brooklyn, the Kiku Asian Bistro has a very calm, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere that puts you in a munching mood in no time.

This restaurant also does an amazing job with its services. Their staff is so nice to accommodate your needs.

I would recommend this any day and anytime, if you want an exquisite Japanese experience with high-quality food on the menu.

5. Musashi Asian Cuisine

  • 495 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: 718-388-5081
  • Visit Website

Musashi Asian Cuisine


Like its twin cuisine, Kiku, the Mushashi cuisine offers a menu filled with different Asian fusion meals.

They don’t just serve you any fish, you also get to choose from an option ranging from appetizers, noodles, chicken, and of course sushi. They’ve got it all.

At the Musashi Asian cuisine, you can never feel left out because they serve you varying and the best Japanese dishes available. Whether it’s a dine-in or a takeout service, they’ve got you covered.

Even if it’s your first time having Japanese food, you are safe with Musashi Asian Cuisine.

What’s a restaurant without a perfect and healthy environment to eat in?

There are no worries at this particular one. You’d get a clean space, well-cooked food, and sushi properly served at room temperature.

6. Monarch

  • 146 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Phone: 917-909-1596
  • Visit Website


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This posh hidden Asian restaurant in Brooklyn has a large menu that would serve you the best dining experience you deserve.

Do you also enjoy Pan-Asian dishes? This is your spot right here. This restaurant is what I call “diverse with stylish dining.”

Lawrence and Aya Elliot did a great job with this one, serving tasty chili cabbage and Korean fried broccoli with a savory fill. The food here is simply awesome!

For a little dining adventure, you might want to try the Brussel sprout. 

Now let’s talk about the ambiance of the cuisine, so serene with Asian art pieces properly arranged all over. Plus, it has fit-sized tables that allow you to eat comfortably.

And when you think that’s all, the Monarch restaurant also serves you an exquisite cocktail.

This is a blend of the finest flavors to soothe your buds. It’s a dreamy restaurant, you should try it!

7. Birds of A Feather

  • 191 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: 718-969-6800
  • Visit Website


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Bird of a feather is a Chinese restaurant that welcomes you with so much love. As one of the top Asian restaurants in Brooklyn, they never disappoint.

If you’re a pro-lover of Chinese food, no other place is better than Birds of A Feather. Just a trial would blow your mind!

Also, to enjoy a delicious plate of spicy Szechuan chicken, this restaurant is your surest source.

It also has a rich menu, filled with spicy red soup beef and the signature ancient Chinese revered purple rice.

Laced with the nicest of staff that is attentive and warm, you also get to have modern decor that is also beautiful.

I would strongly recommend the Bird of A Feather to anyone who loves to have the tastiest avocado and salmon dishes. They’re just the best!

8. Fushimi

  • 475 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: 718-963-2555
  • Visit Website


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This Japanese restaurant serves some of the best Asian dishes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

When you make an order, your food is laid neatly on the plate. It’s like culinary art, this time you’re going to eat it.

They also serve exquisite dishes that are top class which makes it perfect for a date. When you talk of dynamic and appetizing menus, they top the list.

With Fushimi, family get-togethers just got better. It has beautiful scenery with nice spots where you can take beautiful pictures.

They surely deserve a place amongst the top Asian restaurants in Brooklyn.

Also, I strongly recommend that you also try their seafood salad and sushi. You would love them.

9. Chiko

  • 954 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 917-909-0580
  • Visit Website

food on the table from chiko nyc


Chef Xiaowei has done an amazing job with Chiko restaurant. He serves different types of toothsome and savory meals that change with the season. This is where creativity comes in.

The best part is that you get to watch how Chef Xiao prepares the signature “wasabi” dish down to its centerpiece.

I loved having tofu made here, it was extra spicy and tasty, just like I love them. For some more spicy adventure, you should go for some chili garlic sauce. It’s heavenly.

This Asian restaurant in Brooklyn also serves the best cucumber salad and chicken around that would have you raving about it.

I can’t help but talk about the cool and fast service you would find there. Just in case you want a quick lunch, here’s the ideal spot for you.

10. Czen

  • 4410 Avenue H, Brooklyn, NY 11234
  • Phone: 347-462-3010
  • Visit Website

indoor dining space from czenrestaurant


This Caribbean-Asian fusion restaurant is one of the best in the area. Pronounced as “SEASON”, this also tops the list of the best Asian restaurants in Brooklyn.

I say this because they serve some of the nicest and mouth-watering Asian dishes and in large portions too.

Be sure to get a great fill when you eat at this restaurant.

It also has very nice decor, and cool music is usually played in the background.

Most importantly, you would get value for money and enjoy every bit of your time here.

The best part is that you get to explore as many options as you want.

Yup, they have very rich options on their menu that can accommodate as much hunger as you have inside of you, Lol.

Their dining services are also top-notch. For some magic flavors, you can try out their dumpling skins with nicely coated oxtail meat dipped in sauce. They are nice and would be perfect for a family eat-out dinner.


These Asian restaurants in Brooklyn would surely blow your mind, with just one trial, and would have you longing for more.

Do you already feel the luscious taste of these fantastic dishes gliding through your taste buds? Then it’s time to get yourself a treat!

By the way, did you enjoy this list? Dining in an Asian restaurant in Brooklyn won’t be a bad way to spend some time for yourself.

Tell me what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed reading it. Go get the dining experience you deserve.

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