Best Bagels In Brooklyn – 20 Colorful Shops You Don’t Want To Miss

When you are looking for new places to buy bagels in Brooklyn, consider this guide.

Of course, we all know that Brooklyn is home to some of the best bagel shops.

Regardless if you are craving the best bagels, the only thing you want is to go out and get one of the chewiest, most delicious bagels in town.

Best bagels in Brooklyn

1. Bergen bagels

If you buy the bagels, the dream is to get them from a shop where you are sure they make the bagels from scratch.

And for ages, they have tried to alter it to make it even more healthy.

Notice, though, that Bergen then makes different flavors to serve the market.

I’ll say that I like their blueberry flavor type, but that’s not the only flavor. You should go in here knowing that you will have a lot of choices to go with.

The classic bacon, egg, and cheese are one of the best choices for many people visiting this shop.

When you are looking for a classic bagel, then you should go to this at Barclays Center. It’s near the nexus Park Slope.

Address: 473 Bergen St Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 789-7600


2. Bagel smith

When you’re looking for a unique, delicious breakfast, then you should go to this shop at all times.

The good thing is that it’s readily accessible at Williamsburg. Also, most people say that for ages, they make the best bagels in this neighborhood.

What’s more, the shop is up and running 24 hours a day.

You will also have it perfect when you have the best breakfast sandwiches, cold cut sandwiches, muffins, sweets, and many vegan choices.

Take a walk there and get in for the excellent scented bagels. I don’t know what you would like, but most people go for the smoked fish, one of the ones they make with cheese slathered. They sometimes even have the ones with the eggs.

Of course, this is not only one of the best bagels shop in Brooklyn. It’s also one of the best in NYC.

Address: 566 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Phone: (347) 294-0046


3. Bagel pub

I love to go to Crown Heights early Saturday mornings, and of course, you can’t resist the baked goods calling you.

The perfect scent will always get you out of bed to get the delicacies at a bagel pub. Well, it never disappoints, and it will not get you overwhelmingly crowded.

If you like to enjoy the different flavors of the bagels, you should go to this spot with ease.

When you’re looking for a way just to enjoy the different bagels sandwich, then you should check it out. It’s great that they give you the ABC sandwiches too.

They also serve some of the best panini and smoothies, but you should know that it’s in multiple locations.

775 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11238

(718) 774-2243


4. Bread and spread

And what better way than having a day when you can get a full breakfast for the whole day.

They often offered their best sandwiches on all the different kinds of bread, and this, together with the different bagels, is what has made it deliver some of the best breakfasts ever.

You will like this shop just because they will deliver the different styles of coffee too.

Don’t ever forget the perfect view of water you have while enjoying your meal here.

The meals are luscious, but the view is breathtaking, giving you every reason to come back from time to time.

Address: 147 and 151 Front Street DUMBO, Brooklyn, USA 11201

Phone: (718) 625-2220


5. Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe

Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe


When looking for the old school style of bagels, you should go to the old shop in the neighborhood.

It even has different styles of sandwiches that will make it a complete meal if you need it.

The bagels we have here are super soft, chewy, and crispy on the outside. It will offer you the perfect deli meal combo but especially if you can find the perfect drink to eat it along.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the perfect meal to eat or just want to use it for a quick bite.

So, then you will find the best bagels whether you are looking for takeout or delivery of the bagels.

Address: 645 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (917) 905-3054


6. Bagel boy

Bagel boy


This one is going to deliver all the perfect bagels every time, whether it’s in the morning or evening, and of course, they will deliver you the best bagels and salads as well.

So notice that they bring to you some of the best and great bagels at all times.

Surprisingly the stores in Brooklyn are open even at 10 pm. It doesn’t matter how big of a wheel you want to have here; you will always get it.

Notice that the shop is just as busy, and although it may overwhelm you, there will always be the one bagel you like. But I would advise you to try their lox if you would like to eat a unique bagel.

If you are looking for a rainbow bagel, you should go into this shop.

Now since it always has crowds, you can make it work when you order online first. This reduces the time you may need to spend in the shop.

So, when you’re trying to get the perfect bagel just for you, then you should go to bagel boy.

Address: 8002 3rd Ave (80th St), Brooklyn, NY


7. Russ and daughters

Here is the delicious shop for all the different appetizers of your choice. One thing is sure that you will always get the best bagels and lox and if you like you can use the smoked fish for the same.

In this shop, you go out to search for the traditional style of baked goods to eat, and they mainly just deliver it right from the oven.

This shop is around the corner to feed the neighborhood. To date, they still make it as some of the best sellers of the best bagels; that’s why they are still here.

Here you, therefore, have one of the best spaces to go for the best bagels of your choice. So, this is the best appetizing factory.

So, it doesn’t matter what bagels you need; you will always find them here. It features soft, pliable and sturdy bagels too.

You will like it for the fact that it will deliver the ideal mattress.

Address: 141 Flushing Ave Building 77, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: (212) 475-4880 ext. 3


8. Bagel hole

Bagel hole


So here you are going to have one of the best bagels in Brooklyn. It’s another place with a big name for some of the best bagels in the market. It gives you different choices to use.

This is one place where you have the best bagels ever. They sell you the ones with the most decadent taste ever.

Check out the world’s famous bagel hole. It’s fun, but it’s squishy yet even most delicious.

Whether you are looking for the sandwich bagel, the lox, or just anything as good as the bagel, you can find it in this store.

Besides, they will even offer the lox spread to make it even delicious.

They will often slice it to a paper-thin level, thus getting it to make the perfect sandwich. Notice that when you’re coming here, you will have the different flavors of the bagel to try.

You will find it on the park slope so you can choose to go and enjoy yourself at the park too.

Notice also that they will give you the perfect start to your day. So whenever you are in Brooklyn, make sure you come to this store.

Address: 400 7th Ave Brooklyn N.Y. 11215

Phone: (718) 788-4014


9. Bagel store

When you are looking for the rainbow bagel, then you are better off going to this store. A few years ago, almost everyone wanted to try this rainbow-style bagel.

The bagels are great, and they will look like Instagram-worthy stores. In this store, the owners refer to it as the one that broke the internet as one of the best spaces.

Although they make it the rainbow bagel, it tastes just like your plain bagel of the NYC style.

If you would like to add more spice to it, you will need to add the rainbowfetti cream of cheese.

When you’re looking for a place to get these delicious treats, you should go to the park slope to find them there.

But for more ideas, then go to their Instagram platform to check out for even better ideas of the creation.

Address: 69 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217.

Phone: 347-529-4301


10. La bagel delights

La bagel delights


This one is a shop in different locations, and to top it all, they sell some of the best bagels in Brooklyn.

So when you’re looking for the perfect breakfast capital of Brooklyn, go to la bagel delight. They will give you quick and filling bagels that are also flavorful.

Whether you want to enjoy the bagel as a side meal or just a snack is okay because you can have all the best choices.

However, whether you are looking for the best sandwiches or just a simple bagel, you should just go to these shops. You will enjoy them alongside the cream of cheese styles of bagels.

This shop is in multiple locations within Brooklyn. I have tried almost all the bagels from the different shops, and of course, I must say I love them all.

So if you’re looking for one coolest style of bagels at any time, try to eat from this store.

Here you will like the fact that they also have so many authentic rainbow bagels. In addition, you will enjoy their irresistible bagels and other baked goods.

Address: 284 7th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: (718) 768-6107


11. Shelsky’s Brooklyn

This shop began back in 2011; it belongs to some of the best food gurus of Brooklyn

. You will find all the different kinds of bagels, from kosher bagels to sandwich bagels; actually, people even like their lox bagels as well as the sandwich bagels too.

Are you one of those who like the different styles of seafood you will like these meals?

Most of the people then going to this restaurant will love the sandwich bagels. Notice that the bagels they are making here are smaller than those in other shops in Brooklyn.

They have two locations around Brooklyn that you can go to. But then you are okay as they do sell just the same great bagels in both instances.

It doesn’t matter the type of bagel flavor you enjoy because you will notice that they mostly have it. This store you will find at court street in cobble hill.

I like to choose the bagels in the shop with the caramelized exterior, which makes it taste better.

Just remember to add cream cheese to your bagels. This is going to make it glossy and easy to use along with your other drink.

Address: 141 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-855-8817


12. Montague street bagel

Montague street bagel

When you are talking of the best bagels you can have around Brooklyn heights, consider this shop. In most cases, it will give you precisely what it is you are looking for.

Notice that for ages, this country has served Brooklyn with such great bagels. You will like them because of their chewy inside and crispy exterior.

You may not notice it quickly because of where it’s situated, but once you identify it, then you will be going to the store every time.

It’s just a slight distance from the Brooklyn promenade. Some so many people can swear by their bagels, and therefore, you should go check it out.

Besides, if you feel the need just to rest up, then you can sit on their outdoor patio.

Address: 108 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 237-2512


13. Court street bagels

Court street bagels

Whenever you are in court street, you should go to this shop and get some of the market’s best bagels.

However, the creativity of this store is on another level. They sell the best bagels that you can use for the breakfast bagels and snacking option.

But they don’t only sell the bagels in this shop you will find the best cupcakes too. People love them because they have great staff who make you want to come over again and again.

Whenever you’re at the dog center in Brooklyn and feel the need for a bagel, go into the restaurant.

Besides, it will give you so many different flavors you can try or use to enjoy the meals.

Address: 181 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 624-3972


14. Smith st bagel

Smith st bagel


This is another one of the best 24 hours shops you will have. They will offer you the bagel and the sandwich too.

So, then they have always had the bagels serving you for over ten years. This, like many other restaurants that we have already talked about, sells yummy luscious bagels.

You want to know that they will deliver the best tasting baked goods at all times. Notice that they also make the best burgers to go into the shop for a meal during the lunch hours.

They also make salads, quesadillas, and omelets. It doesn’t matter the kind of flavors you like; then you will find it here always.

They will always offer the yummy treats and juice but almost any other treats you are looking for.

If you like the different treats, you will be receiving the perfect service just in here.

Address: 202 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 858-6000


15. Edith’s



Here again, you will have the best sandwiches but also the bagels you would like. Today we have their stores in Williamsburg as well.

If you like the toasty Montreal bagels, you should go into the store in the pizzeria woods. Notice that you will almost not find the bagels by lunch hour.

Most people going into this restaurant for the bagel are looking for the ones with toasted sesame, which just enhances the flavor.

During the pandemic, this bagel shop has gotten so famous. They came into Williamsburg to make it easy for you to find your perfect bagel.

You only need to walk to the ordering window and get the perfect bagel of your choice.

Address: 495 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


16. Black seed bagels

It came into existence thanks to the two friends who were actually from two different cities. Their traditional love for the bagels made them decide to make their bagels of choice.

This store is in multiple locations, and it makes some of the best bagels you can use.

Montreal style of bagel is one of the best bagels that, for some reason, most people like to have here.

You will have people enjoying the black seeds type, though. They may also have the smoked fish sandwiched in if you like.

You will find the bagels that they make using the wood oven to deliver the perfect smoky flavor in this store.

Address: 379 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (646) 915-1500


17. Terrace bagel

You will find it at the prospect park, and of course, it works to deliver some of the best bagels too. It’s also a deli café where you will get the perfect bagel.

So, whether you are looking for bagels and coffee or just want to check out other meals, take your time here. You will find anything you like or want.

They offer the perfect beverages and different cream delicacies. Also, they often focus on the hand-rolled bagels to get the perfect texture of the bagels.

They sometimes decide to take the cream of cheese delicacies to go and get the perfect breakfast. You can also find the excellent breakfast sandwich if you like too.

Notice too that you will have the location being super convenient for anyone that’s around park slope. They have a wide variety of bagel flavors for anyone who likes to try the new flavors.

And they will deliver you with a long list of fun and perfect spreads to make your meal even better.

Notice that their customers love the mini bagels for a reason. You will be surprised that they offer you some of the best bagels you will ever find in Brooklyn.

So, if you like, then you can go on and choose or snag any favorite bagel. But don’t eat it just like that; you will need to slather it with a lot of cream cheese.

When you are looking for ideas to get breakfast choose this bagel restaurant.

Address: 222 & 222A Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: (718) 768-3943


18. Greenberg’s bagel

Here then, you have more than just a regular bagel shop. It’s one of the very best choices you should go to or use. If you’re thinking of a place to go to over the weekend, you should always choose this shop.

They will offer their trendiest bagels on display for you to go out and get a bite.

They will sometimes offer you just different styles of sandwiches. They bring the egg, cheese, and even hash brown.

So, you will like both the potatoes and bagels as well. They will like the combination of the different bagel styles to make it a great choice of meal.

It features a compact and familiar spot for the different kinds of takeouts. So, of course, you will find the different sandwiches and raw coffee and the fun bagels you can use. They like the hand-rolled bagels for more elegance.

Address: 1065 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (347) 789-6876


19. Williamsburg bagel and bakery

This is a kosher boutique bagel shop, and of course, you will love the squishiness. They will serve you perfectly as they also sell some of the best spreads to make it even better.

I like to go to their shop for the crunchy fried lox. Although it’s not a 24-hour shop, you will have it open for most of the day and thus making you enjoy the deliciousness it has to offer.

So, whenever you are at Williamsburg, make sure you go to the bagel and the bakery.

Address: 343 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (718) 384-0904


20. Bagel world

Bagel world


And we almost forgot this primary bagel shop too. Notice that you have the best Brooklyn bagels that are actually in park slope. They have always made the bagels by boiling and baking them since 2003.

It’s literary a bagel world, and it offers some of the greatest and yet most delicious bagels in the shop.

The atmosphere we have here is generally welcoming. Besides they offer you the best service too in the pool.

So, then you will find the lox bagels too and different sandwiches. And of course, when you come in to try this first time, then you will be sure it’s one of the best.

Address: 339 5th Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: 718.499.1143


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