Best BBQ Restaurants In Brooklyn – 18 Barbque Places You Don’t Want To Miss

Whenever you’re talking of New York cuisine or meals, the things coming to mind can be anything like a bagel, pizza, burger, and such things.

But people love barbecues, although mostly we associate them with Texas, Kansas City, and North Carolina. Well, there are places you can get your barbecue here in Brooklyn.

And note that the barbecue restaurants in Brooklyn are just as great, and you will enjoy just as good meat as you would in all those other counties.

Best Barbecue Restaurants Brooklyn

1. Fette Sau

This is one of the Best Takeout Restaurants in Brooklyn. It has been in business since 2007, and they make some of the best craft beers together with meats.

They use the heritage breed meats that small families raise.

They serve the meats in two parts. You will have one part: New York deli meat, while the other is central Texas meat style.

If you like not-so-traditional things like pastrami beef tongue, then you will like the meat here. You may also have them serve it with a veal heart and pork belly.

In most cases, then they will make the slow-smoked meats. They will primarily use the dry rub to make it even more flavorful.

This one is situated in Williamsburg, and in most cases, the things they sell in the shops here will sell out quickly.

Address: 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (718) 963-3404


2. Hometown Bar-B-Que

Hometown Bar B Que 1


It’s safe to say that this is by far one of the best restaurants to go to for a barbecue.

Be informed that it will deliver some of the best meats you can use.

Here you’ll notice they specialize in making different styles of meat. They mostly like to smoke them in the oakwood.

Notice that they have the best bars where you can also enjoy craft beers. They have a selection of wines, beers, and such things.

During weekend nights, you will enjoy being in this space. They do have the best bar experience as well.

Most people enjoy their meal because they make sure your meats fall off the bones as you are cutting to eat it.

Address: Red Hook, Brooklyn 454 Van Brunt St Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 347-294-4644


3. Fletcher’s barbecue Brooklyn

When you’re looking for the barbecue brisket, then you should go to this restaurant. You will like the view of the caver making the pork and then serving you.

In most cases, you will have the parent and When children get their early dining.

It features a 50-seat restaurant, and you will find it set in Gowanus.

They often cook the meats in the wood-fired ovens, which will retain the perfect smoke flavor.

Since they also work to maintain the perfect and sustainable environment where the animals can also thrive.

This also means that you will have sustainable and yet delicious meats.

Address: 433 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: (347) 763-2680


4. Traif

Traif 1


This is more of the pork eatery, and you will often enjoy the spaces you get here. There’re many young people you will find enjoying the meals in the evenings.

The owner of this restaurant is a Jew chef that is also an immigrant that grew up in New Jersey.

Besides, you will love this space if you enjoy small spaces that allow you to share flavorful, rich meat and other foods.

You will most likely enjoy their pork. Traif in Jews refers to something you’re supposed to do.

They cook the different meats in different unique ways.

Address: 229 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (347) 844-9578


5. Marble’s smokehouse and banquet hall

Marbles smokehouse and banquet hall


This is for those times when you crave the authentic Texas style of barbecue.

You don’t have to travel to Texas when you can buy it in these shops. They primarily serve some of the best barbecue and the briskets too.

You will like the southern style of barbecue-style, where you will also find it blending with most of the side dishes they serve to you.

So here, then you are sure you will have the tender pulled pork which makes it easy.

I particularly like the Texan larger shiner bock. However, the covid pandemic changed everything; they say that they are great when you do the in-dining than the take-outs.

So, you should buy the meats knowing this. The reason they say is that it’s better when you eat it hot always.

Address: 44 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 718-218-6655


6. Pokies

Pokies 1


This is for those who like to enjoy the Jewish-style barbecue.

The restaurant, in this case, will slow cook the turkey. The barbecue then will mix the New York deli and the traditional American barbecue style.

You will find this restaurant in the Brooklyn Dekalb market. Notice that they will prepare some of the best and ready-to-heat and eat meals.

Just make sure you choose the perfect side dish to use alongside the meals.

Notice that this restaurant will work to make sure you attain American comfort food. People like to go here because they also deliver some of the best yet most delicious meals.

Address: 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (929) 324-6001


7. Pig beach

Here you have another one of the best and recently reopened barbecue restaurants. They will have the best Italian, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, and American-style barbecues.

You will like the perfect techniques and the restaurant you can enjoy the meals at too.

You will have the NYC style of pastrami, Italian style charcuterie, and the Yuzu glazed duck.

If you like, you can eat this with a slice of pineapple slaw.

You will have a large outdoor patio where you can go and sit with your family for the fun event of your choice.

You will then enjoy this with the perfect cocktail and wine. It will surprise you that they even have the different distilleries that you can use to serve up the different craft beers alongside the fantastic barbecues.

Address: 480 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: (917) 259-1176


8. David’s brisket house

Anyone who lives in Bed-Stuy already knows this barbecue place just because they are famous for serving some of the best briskets you will ever find in the city.

When you want to travel through time and then serve some of the best roasts, you should try David’s brisket house.

They also make sure they only serve halal meals these days.

So you can find both the kosher and the not kosher meals here.

Address: 533 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (718) 789-1155


9. Mighty Quinn’s

Mighty Quinns 1


Here they focus on making the best barbecue meats. They tend only to use rich and healthy ingredients, thus making sure you only use the best quality meals.

Also, you’ll have the all-natural meat styles, and then you will use the all-natural and perfect spice blends. This is what they then smoke for many all-natural hours on end.

In most cases, they use the traditional style of foods, but then they give it all the new life.

With years of study, the owner has taken the choice to smoke the food to perfection.

Address: 899 Bergen Street (Bergen), Crown Heights; Smorgasburg Williamsburg and Prospect Park

Phone: (212) 677-3733


10. Morgan’s barbecue

Morgans barbecue


Here then they will bring the very best food drink at the lone tradition then. So, you should check the brisket ribs’ slow and low fire-burning pits.

Of course, they stand out for their attention to detail, meat quality, and the goodness of the tastes.

You see, this will be one of those you find in the busiest streets of the boroughs. When you then go in, it will look to you as though you are sitting on the road edge of Houston.

You will like the perfect ambient environment for both food and relaxation.

The downside is people have always said they pay a lot more than they receive in terms of the food. It’s suitable for those who like the lone star tradition.

Address: 267 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 622-2224


11. Hill Country Barbecue Market

You never know where you get your inspiration from. Here are the founders’ memories of barbecue during family mealtimes and the ones you combine with the creative spirits to make the perfect meals.

This is just a husband-and-wife affair where you will find that you tend to form some great teamwork. Notice that you will find the restaurant in the Brooklyn Edison building downtown.

So, although the restaurant is in Brooklyn, everything, do for you here is to remind you of Texas.

Often, they will dry, rub the meat and then smoke it under low heat. They like to use the post oak wood for the meat smoking to give it another perfect flavor.

Notice that you’ll like the traditions, and you will like the charm of the traditional rolling greens.

345 Adams Street (on Willoughby Plaza), Downtown Brooklyn

(718) 885-4608


12. Arrogant Swine

Arrogant Swine


Here they specialize in North Carolina-style barbecue, so you will have the pork. But, also, you will have an east Carolina draw. So, you will have a whole hog to enjoy.

But, again, you will enjoy the smoky pulled pork that is also going to give you the vinegar sauce.

If you like the mustard, then you should go and order to spare ribs. You will notice that they come out charred but also chewy with the sweet glazy mustard.

They have the warehouse-like log in East Williamsburg. I like the mac and cheese carbs and the cheese waffles. It’s the easiest to make, and it’s easy to enjoy it.

173 Morgan Avenue, Williamsburg

(347) 328-5595


13. Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ 1


When you are talking of the barbeque in NY, this happens to be one of the best places to barbecue in New York.

In New York, you will have the perfect meats you like, but then you get to choose even how you will like to cook the meats.

You can also enjoy making the sauces. You will like the dinosaur, primarily since they serve you all the different barbecues.

Whether you want to go for St Louise barbecue, Memphis style of pulled pork, or even the roast lambs.

But I enjoy their grilled chicken wings, and of course, my family does too. Again, you will enjoy the addition of the veggies they have too.

They will also have the dipping sauce, so you will have it in Harlem or even Gowanus if you like. Also, then they will serve you even when you have groups of kids.

Address: 604 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 347-429-7030


14. Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse

Izzys Brooklyn Smokehouse 1


Here you have the best and an award-winning smokehouse, and you will find it in crown heights. So, the founder here then is going to deliver some of the best southern traditions.

They will make you never forget the meals they make since they mix only the simplest ingredients with the meats. Also, enjoy the ease of creating a unique style of meal.

I noticed then that you would have the best catering services and you will like the fact that it delivers some of the best cocktail wines and many other drinks.

When you try a meal and the drink here, you will be surprised that it is unforgettable.

When I went for a barbecue at Izzy, I enjoyed the brisket, and especially its ends are great.

So you will like the brisket for being nicely delicious. But you will always like the sandwich too.

Address: 397 Troy Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: 347.425.0524


15. Mile end deli

Mile end deli 1


Notice though that food is mostly a comfort style of food. This is another restaurant that is going to deliver some of the best meals.

They enjoy team support, and that’s why they always have the best meals.

Here you will enjoy the classic and perfect Jewish food to the masses, and one of the most common meals they serve is the barbecue.

Nonetheless, they do offer different meals, not only barbecue. We, however, mention it here because everyone likes their smoked meats as part of the different meals.

The founder, in this case, then specializes in Jewish foods. You will enjoy the connection of the food.

If not for anything, try to choose and then buy the brisket.

Address: 97A Hoyt Street Bklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 852-7510


16. Kimchi grill

Kimchi grill 1


People love the Korean style of meat that they make at kimchi. So when you go into this restaurant, you will know that they always give you the flavors of the Koreans. So you will consistently then like the tastes as well.

Today they have this restaurant in prospect heights of Brooklyn. One thing is common: those who come to the restaurants like to enjoy the meats they offer.

So, in this case, they tend to make the kimchi in-house, and of course, the sauteed kimchi is ready to use.

So, when you wish for Korean foods, you should try the kimchi grill in Brooklyn as it never disappoints.

Address: 766 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 360-1839


17. 5ive spice

Here you then have the Vietnamese eatery to deliver some of the best meals. They like the setting in that they come to you in a comfy relaxed setting to enjoy some of the best meats.

So here then, you will either receive an order and deliver a meal or stay in the restaurant and enjoy the meals.

Most people like their barbecues but also the taco that they sell here. You will love the tender and flavorful brisket that they go on to serve with the clean and tasty broth.

You will then enjoy the service and the servers as well. One thing you have to be sure about is that the decoration is great and stylish.

But other than everything, I enjoyed their limeade.

Address: 52 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 857-3483


18. Brooklyn icehouse

Brooklyn icehouse


You may have already heard of this space. It’s famous for its bar and the barbecue joint as well. Notice that it’s a laid-back tavern. This means it’s, therefore, suits those who don’t like the noisy environment.

Most people who eat here have always suggested that you try their pork always to make you enjoy it.

You can also enjoy their pulled pork sandwich. You will further enjoy their BBQ sauce over most of your meals already.

Address: 318 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: (718) 222-1865


In a nutshell, you have eighteen restaurants you can go out and try today whenever you are in Brooklyn.

The ones we suggest here all sell the best barbecue meats. Are you a fan of BBQ meat? Go on and try these restaurants today!

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