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If you want to experience lobster rolls the Brooklyn way, then look no further than BK Lobster.

Located at 2226 Eastern Avenue in Upper Fells Point, BK Lobster is within walking distance to Patterson Park.

This casual restaurant chain has several spots in New York as well as New Jersey and now it is finally in Brooklyn.

What makes BK Lobster different from the rest of the branches is that it pays tribute to southern culinary traditions.

BK Lobster


The menu is also inspired by New Jersey and New York neighborhoods and offers lobster rolls in a variety of flavors. The fresh top-quality lobster comes right from the oceans of Maine.

You can expect several lobster roll options such as Flatbush Roll, the lobster claw drizzled in Italian dressing, as well as classics like po’boy style lobster ones.

BK Lobster is so good that the restaurant has recently been nominated for the best in Brooklyn Seafood Contest.

How is the atmosphere?

People like the vibe and the space BK Lobster offers. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed and it takes you back to nostalgic times in America when food was always fresh and everybody knew your name when you walked into a restaurant.

BK Lobster 1


There is a mural depicting portraying famous Brooklyn natives as well as neighborhood posters on the walls. The eatery easily accommodates about 30 guests inside in addition to six tables located outside.

If your phone is about to die, you can use the charging stations. Several customer reviews say that the bathrooms are clean. 

Golden Lobster Roll

Golden Lobster Roll


It is no joke that other branches of BK Lobster serve lobster tails wrapped in a 24 Karat gold leaf. We hear you asking: Can I eat the leaf? Yes, you can. You can also enjoy a glass of 23 Karat gold wine served with it.

Unfortunately, BK Lobster is still waiting for its alcohol license to get approved. Then they will introduce Golden Lobster Roll, with sparkling wine as it is a must-have during the presentation.

Hopefully, they will announce it in the coming weeks via their Instagram page. 

The Crown Heights Roll & Other Must-have Items on the Menu Must have Items


The Crown Heights Roll is the pinnacle of the menu. Imagine battered and seasoned fried lobster chunks that are covered in BK Sauce. It doesn’t get better than this!

You can also try the Flatbush Roll, the lobster claw drizzled in Italian dressing. If you don’t like dishes with too many ingredients, the Classic BK Lobster Roll is to go for with lemon, butter, and mayonnaise.

Steamed whole Lobster and Grits and Shrimps


The kids love the lobster mac and cheese as well as the salmon cakes. The menu also offers vegan and vegetarian options such as grilled cheese sandwiches and veggie quesadillas.

One nterestşng fact about the menu is that it pays tribute to the local rapper named Bed-Stuy Biggie. It’s a lobster roll with extra meat mixed with butter sauce and lemon dressing.


Is alcohol served?
BK Lobster has applied for an alcohol license. Currently, they do not serve any beer and wine.

Is there a kid’s menu?

kids menu

Source:  (Lobster Mac & Cheese)

Buffalo Wings (8,16, and 24 pieces) with different dressings such as Honey BBQ and Honey Lemon Pepper Ranch are a favorite among the kids. Lobster Mac and Cheese, Lobster Cheddar Biscuits, and a selection of quesadillas are other great options, as well.

Are there any Vegan dishes?
Yes, there are 3 options on the Vegan menu: Beyond Burger, Vegan Lobster Roll, and Vegan Shrimp Po’Boy.

Final Thoughts

Craving a lobster roll? If you happen to be around Brooklyn, you should definitely check BK Lobster out. Don’t let the humble setting fool you as there are serious culinary vibes going on inside this restaurant.

Let us also mention that there is a special menu dedicated to lunch hours that includes fries and a lobster roll for $20 as well as an 8-piece shrimp with french fries for $10.

BK Lobster 2


The owner of BK Lobster

Owner of BK Lobster

The picture shows the founders of BK Lobster, Melvin Bradley (center), Carlos Bonner (left), and Kenneth Briggs (right).

Location: 535 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone or email: (347) 365-4040

Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm

Friday-Saturday: 12 pm-11pm

Sunday: 12 pm-8 pm

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