Top 20 Barbershops In Brooklyn Of 2022

New York is one of the most popular states in America. Also known as “ The city that never sleeps “, with so many iconic daily attractions centers. New York is so amazing because of its incredible borough, Brooklyn.   

Brooklyn is known for a lot of things, including sports. I’m a sports girl and my heart was completely captured by the Brooklyn nets basketball team. My favorite place in Brooklyn is Prospect Park, it immediately connects you to nature.

Barber giving a haircut

I also have a soft spot for fashion that’s why the Brooklyn fashion week caught my attention too. Since beauty is important in Brooklyn, as well as New York, it’s only right to look attractive.

To me, looking good starts with your hair, that’s why I made this list for my amazing readers to get the best personal touch barbershop in Brooklyn and look exceptional in the fashion capital of New York.

Best Barbershops In Brooklyn

  1. Gentlemen’s Barbershop
  2. Hairrai Barber – Bushwick
  3. Jenara Hair Salon and Barbershop
  4. Clinton Street Barbershop
  5. Elegant Barbershop
  6. Adrian Fanus Grooming
  7. Black Rabbit Barbershop
  8. Cowlick
  9. Cutmasters
  10. Brooklyn Tonsorial
  11. Liv’s Barbershop
  12. The Stepping Razor Barbershop
  13. George’s 2 Barbershop
  14. Chaplin’s Barbershop
  15. 3 Suns Barbershop
  16. Persons Of Interest Barbershop
  17. Filthy Rich Barbershop
  18. Men’s Best Haircut
  19. Heritage Tonsorial | Barber and Shave Parlour
  20. Lugo Barbershop

1. Gentleman’s Barbershop

205 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 917-415-3266

Where do I start from? Let’s begin with the style. Gentlemen’s barbershop sure knows how to live up to their name.

They give you neat, well-cut, and styled hair. I love the visible definitions seen in the lined hair and even beard.

They trim and shape your hair giving you a sleek smooth appearance. They don’t just use style ideas coming from their creativity but they also accept your thoughts on styling.

Their top priority is to give you a trendy look, by always staying updated with the latest styles for both classic and modern men.

I know as a lady, I’m attracted to men with well-defined jawlines, it brings out your masculinity for me and Gentlemen’s barbershop is well trained for that.

Even if you don’t want to shave off your beard, maybe you just want beard shaping, even for mustaches, it’s available.

You can easily book online or walk in. Their services are exceptional, I must compliment their barber’s uniform, it’s cute shop merch, it makes them look organized.

They are also good in their use of props, both scissors/clippers, hot towels, shampoo, cold towels, hot lather, and a straight razor. They have whatever they need to give you the cut you desire.

2. Hairrai Barber-Bushwick

 206 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 347-689-3363


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Hairrai gladdens my heart because it boldly affirms itself as gender-neutral, so it’s open to everyone. They have quite a diverse list of services not just cutting off hair. Hair coloring is also available.

Another beautiful thing I love about this shop is they produce most of their products like conditioner, shampoo, pomade and much more.

This barbershop is fashion inclined if you ask me. Their styling is unique, just like the ones you see on fashion models.

Most of their barbers are specialists in short hair but they have long hair stylists and hair colorists too. You have an option to choose which barber suits your hair goals based on their bios.

This barbershop has four locations. Two in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan, and another one in Los Angeles. They have over 5 press releases from different publications including New York Times and Brooklyn Magazines with great reviews.

3. Jenara Salon And Barbershop

429 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 347-725-4400

No one is perfect but Jenara works hard to reach perfection to make their clients handsome looking. I must confess their services will leave an impression on your heart.

The beautiful, friendly atmosphere with warm tea or coffee and professionals working steadily to make sure you’re not just comfortable but good looking.

Another thing I like about them is they are always trying to improve, with their team in constant pursuit of self-enhancement by going for training regularly.

The fact that it’s a family-owned shop is heartwarming and I’m delighted with their motto “ Every man deserves to be pampered ”.

I also love that they always pay attention to every little detail, they are not in a hurry, they take their time to gently cut your hair while engaging you in a friendly conversation, this signifies to me that they’re caring.

4. Clinton Street Barbershop

104 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-797-1247

Clinton Street is a family-owned barbershop that specializes in men’s haircuts, straight-razor shaves, and beard trimming.

They provide a friendly atmosphere that makes it easy for you to relax and get comfortable with a piece of soft music playing in the background.

Now, I love them mostly because of their staff. They are super nice, they welcome you with a beautiful smile and it almost feels like you have known them forever.

I also like that they have female barbers too. You’ve got to see these pretty, talented ladies that are experts in handling a clipper.

I just have to talk about the shop structure, cos I like it. It’s a simple shop though, but it looks cute. There’s a small couch for waiting clients, lots of mirrors and it feels so warm like home to me.

It doesn’t look like a classy barbershop that’s all-white but it’s colorful and I love the feeling it gives off.

They are 100% committed to making you happy. Their goal is for you to love your haircut before leaving, they’ll make sure it’s the style you want. I also want to give them a thumbs up for affordability.

I mean for the kind of effort they put to work and the amazing styles they design, you’ll expect them to charge more.

And they don’t just cut, shave, or color hair but they also offer some manicures, cos they believe guys should have clean nails too.

5. Elegant Barbershop

60 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 929-295-8989

Elegant barbershop is simply elegant as the name implies. Starting with the color, design of shop interior, their staff, and the hairstyles look amazing.

I love their outfits, it’s black and chic. The way they carry themselves, the way they behave, it almost seems like you’re in the Kardashians’ world.

Their staff looks like models, they also have customized chairs for their clients, plus they give custom-tailored treatments and styles for each customer.

Another thing you should know is their affordability. Their services start at $10 and they give free shampooing.

6. Adrian Fanus Grooming

651 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Phone: 345-533-8827


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This is a classy barbershop in which the clientele list involves celebrities and stars, though this does not give room for any form of discrimination, as every client is treated with the same level of respect.

I am quite impressed with the way they’ve built their brand. It’s a complete definition of luxury. They welcome clients with delicious drinks which include champagne, wine, seasonal drinks, and any beverage of your choice.

Then you’ll be accompanied to a waiting area, with a wide range of books, magazines, a flat-screen TV, a chess set and so much more to entertain and delight you as you stay till the end of your appointment.

You’ve got to know that their services aren’t cheap. Their prices start from $40 to over $120. Well, this owes to the fact that this is a classy shop.

Its interior design is just insane, decorations, furniture arrangement, and everything in it are mind-blowing.

7. Black Rabbit Barbershop

444 Melrose St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: 347-470-7457

First of all, I love their cute name, Black Rabbit cos I’m an animal lover. I also love the fact that the shop has a pet dog ( awww, I wish I could put it right now ).

It’s really cute and a lot of their customers like the dog too, it’s now part of their team.

Now, this barbershop is your regular street shop where you get clean cuts. They have a rating of 4.7 stars with great reviews. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are preferred.

They have good pricing too, which is affordable to everyone. They offer several services including but not exclusive to beard trim, buzz cut, haircut, and much more.

8. Cowlick

348 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 917-909-0402

Has a 4.9-star rating with great reviews. A cowlick is a barbershop that specialized in short hair for all genders.

This shop is different because it classified itself as mainly for short hair, to me it makes them experts in their field. I prefer a professional in a specific area to a Jack of all trades master of none.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both long and short hair, though the tough feeling that short hair gives off is sometimes desirable, plus they have good styles including trimming of bangs.

Apart from having experts cut your hair, they also have apprentices who are learning the art of haircutting to cut hair at a discounted rate.

So if you’re on a tight budget you can give their apprentice a chance, depending on your preferences and the level of difficulty in the hairstyle.

One cool thing about Cowlick barbershop is their innovative ideas, apart from staying on top of trends and being constantly updated, they also create their styles and welcome style ideas from clients, to give them a custom cut.

Their services include haircuts, beard trim, buzz cut, and much more.

9. Cutmasters

419 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Phone: 718-375-0535


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These guys are specialized in men’s grooming. Their funny and friendly barbers give you an amazing experience while making you look handsome.

One thing I like about them is their cleanliness. They are good at giving you that smoothness you desire in your jaw, they also know how to give you a well-defined jawline to have an attractive beard.

Other than cutting hair, they also sell retail products ranging from T-shirts, perfumes, soap, hand creme, etc. These products are cost-friendly with prices well below the average American budget.

Even their services are affordable. Making appointments are highly recommended. They also have a long list of services including beard trim, buzz cut, curly hair, hair coloring, and much more.

Cutmasters are well known to give off pure positive vibes and friendly experienced staff.

10. Brooklyn Tonsorial

369 A Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: 917-966-5622


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This is a black-owned barbershop that specializes in all hair types. I feel they are super disciplined because appointments are mandatory by booking online and walk-ins are not accepted, this is usually because of the time availability of their barbers.

They are open at specific times from Monday to Sunday, apart from Thursday and Friday. I love that they pay close attention to details, especially when lining the hair edges.

I’m also impressed with their creativity, the way they think outside the box, get new styles, creating something unique and unusual.

Brooklyn Tonsorial was established in 2015. They blow my mind with how affordable their prices can be, starting from as low as $5. Irrespective of their low cost, they don’t in any way compromise high quality, they operate with modern equipment, and full-service grooming with facials, hair treatments, and coloring are available too.

They also work hard to provide a warm, friendly and comfortable environment for their clients.

11. Liv’s Barbershop

859 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 929-251-4522


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When I say they make you look good, I mean it. They do transformational makeovers. They are usually open from Tuesday to Saturday at specific times, except Monday and Sunday when they’re closed.

They are also quite disciplined because they accept appointments only and walk-ins are not available. The interior design of the shop is 100% classy, it feels like royalty.

Covid-19 precautions are strictly observed, with clients being ordered to wear masks and stay safe. Their services are gender-neutral, and both men and women are attended to.

I must say they are quite talented in drawing designs and making up styles, skin fading and edge lining are also available.

12. The Stepping Razor Barbershop

952 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 917-586-7710


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The stepping razor was established in 2010 and has a beautifully colored interior design. They try their best to give client’s a classic barbering experience.

Making an appointment is highly recommended and you’ve got to leave your credit card at home cos they only accept cash.

They are quite affordable with a haircut charged at $25. They’re good at keeping your hair neat and bringing a handsome man out of you. Sundays are sacred to me, so I appreciate them for being closed on Sundays.

When it comes to styles, they’re versatile and can do much more, though they specialize in classic 1940s and regular American classic haircuts. I appreciate that they try to give good quality with low prices in that area.

Now the shop interior is not that modern to me, it looks like the 80s in there, they keep it simple. They also have over 5 press releases.

13. George 2 Barbershop

78 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: 718-636-0512

I must give them an accolade cos they deserve it. This is the biggest barbershop on my list. They’ve got quite a list of reasons why you should choose them for your regular haircut and trims.

First, they are up to date with the latest modern barbering techniques. Their team of specialists is nice and friendly, they’re easy to approach and will listen to your style ideas.

My favorite reason about them is they are constantly learning, trying to improve themselves to be the professionals you need.

They have three locations in Brooklyn and they are open from Mon-Sun at different times. Their main services include classic shaving, haircuts, and beard shaping.

In their attempt to give you a warm comfortable environment, they serve hot tea and delicious coffee, irrespective of the weather condition at that time.

I also think it’s cute that they have their blog, where they post content to entertain and educate their customers.

They also operate on a regular schedule, walk-ins are highly welcome and no appointments are required. Their pricing is pretty good too, starting from $10 to $35 depending on what you want to do and what location you’re in.

14. Chaplin’s Barbershop

777 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: 718-488-8777


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I think it’s pretty cool to have a women-led and owned barbershop. Due to their high demand for services, walk-ins are not accepted as they require booked appointments only.

They are available all week, apart from Monday when it’s closed. It’s an affordable shop with prices starting at $15. I like their safety precautionary measures, as they are quite strict on covid-19 guidelines.

Clients are required to wear masks throughout their stay in the shop except during beard trims and straight razor shaves. In which proof of covid-19 vaccination should be presented.

In addition, they have reserved their strictly for employees only. Also, for your service payment, they accept most credit cards.

15. 3 Suns Barbershop

923 Fulton St, #3 suns, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: 718-942-7597


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3Suns Barbershop (@3sunsbarbershop) 分享的帖子

3 Suns is your regular neighborhood barbershop dedicated to providing unparalleled styling design tailored to each client’s personality.

They’re quite expensive with their prices starting from $25-$85, some of their services like hair coloring don’t have a specific price tag but depend on the quotation.

It’s not exactly a big shop but it has a classy look in the interior designs. They are open all week, from Monday to Sunday at specific times. Their professional service and friendly atmosphere will give you an unforgettable experience.

16. Person’s Of Interest Barbershop

84 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-218-9100

There have about 3 shop locations in Brooklyn with the same high-quality service. A lot of items are available for sale ranging from styling products, gift cards to souvenirs, and much more.

Walk-ins are not available, so be sure to book an appointment. I love this place because of how they try to make their customers feel at home, with their free drinks and quality soundtracks.

17. Filthy Rich Barbershop

148 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 718-396-3300

I’m impressed with their care for the health and safety of each client by adhering to safety precautions.

They have a no mask – no entry rule, you can’t book if you show any signs of sickness, and hand sanitizers are provided in the shop for even your chairs. They use mostly credit cards or apply pay for their methods of payments.

They have two locations, one at Williamburg Brooklyn, and the other in Queens. Their pricing starts at $10, and shampoo and style are included in all services.

They also offer good hair products. They are open to appointments online 24/7. They have about 8 barbers for both locations.

18. Men’s Best Haircut

252 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 929-295-0139


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Men’s Best Haircut (@mensbesthaircut) 分享的帖子

If you’re looking for professionals in the haircutting business, then I have a special one for you. Men’s Best Haircut is one of the most friendly neighborhood barbershops in the area.

They always wear a beautiful smile while giving you an experienced cut translated to looking good. Walk-ins are not accepted, you have to book your appointments in advance.

They are worth their price list and strive to make their customers comfortable by offering drinks or water to help you release.

They also have an online store where you can shop for merch clothing. The interior design of the shop looks just like a well-decorated treehouse.

19. Heritage Tonsorial | Barber And Shave Parlour

276 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: 718-857-2887


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Heritage Tonsorial (@heritage_tonsorial) 分享的帖子

Heritage Tonsorial highly priorities its customer satisfaction. They give you a personal touch with professional experience.

Heritage tonsorial is a family-owned barbershop that was established in 2014. They have quite a list of cost-effective services for most of my readers on a tight budget.

For music lovers like myself, they have good music for you in their Tonsorial Jazz Playlist. They keep their styling simple, but the lining of the edge hair, especially in the jawline area, is very defined to showcase the clear jawlines in each customer.

They are kind of old school with friendly staff that’s ready to satisfy your style desires. Appointments are highly recommended with the booking done online. Also, have a gender-neutral toilet available for every customer.

20. Lugo Barbershop

77 Varet St, #4033, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 718-782-3978


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Lugo Barbershop (@lugobarbershopbk) 分享的帖子

Lugo does a great job of making you feel at home. Appointments are required, it’s as easy as calling the shop and asking for an open slot.

They have been around for over 15 years. There are skin fading services that are top-notch, with different types of lining designs.

Get your clean cuts and trims done quickly yet in a detailed manner. Pricing depends on quotes. They are open from Monday to Sunday at specific times.

Their barbers are polite and fast in giving you a memorable experience. They have a total of four staff on-site with friendly characters. The interior design of the shop is basic with all modern equipment to satisfy you readily available.


Guys, I want to thank you for sticking with me till the end of my list. It was a pleasure writing this post for you, to help you make the best selection possible that suits your needs and agrees with your financial budget to get an amazing haircut that brings out your glowing beauty.

I hope you love this post as much as I did writing it. Let me know in the comments your favorite barbershop? Which one have you visited and which one do you plan to visit?

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Someone out there might find it useful.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, until my next post.

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