12 Best Breweries In Brooklyn Of 2022

There is no drink as comforting as a beer. After a long and stressful day at work, it cools you down and reminds you of the joys of life. When you are hosting friends, it is the glue that holds you together and brings you closer.

When you are at a party with strangers, it is a common factor among all of you. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, beer is always relevant.

However, if you are a beer maven, then you know beer is just not beer. There is good beer and basic beer. In Brooklyn, you will find many clubs and bars that sell all kinds of beers.

But to get authentic beer, a beer expert would want to go to the best breweries available.

In Brooklyn, you will find at least 35 amazing breweries. All these places offer unforgettable beer. The beer here tastes so good, is affordable, and guarantees to get you tipsy.

However, out of all these breweries, some breweries stand out more than others and are a must-visit. Being a beer connoisseur myself, I have listed for you the best Brewery spots in Brooklyn. But first, you must understand the many types of beer in Brooklyn.

Categories of beer

Beers come in different types and categories that everyone can enjoy:

Draft beer

Draft beer is any beer served from a tap. The term draft beer originates from the word Draught, an English word meaning pull from a  tap. Therefore, any beer can be draft beer as long as it comes from a tap.

Draft beer brings the illusion of freshness and is loved by many Americans.

Draft beer tastes fresh and cool as it is served in temperatures of between 34 – and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Domestic Beers

Domestic beer is any beer that is brewed in the US. There are many breweries in the united states ranging from small to big ones. These beers have different tastes and flavors and are so common in Brooklyn. Any beer could be a domestic beer as long as it is brewed here.

Imported beer.

This is the opposite of domestic beer. It is any beer that is foreign and is brought into the USA. Like all the other beer types, your draft beer can be imported beer so can craft beer be. Examples of imported beer are Heineken from the Netherlands, Guinness from Ireland, and Bass Ale, from England.

Craft beer

Craft beer is a traditional beer that is made in a non-mechanized way. It comes in unique flavors and always has below 10% alcoholic content. Craft beer is growing in the united states ad as a market is estimated to grow to over 30% in a few years. Most of the craft beer is draft beer.

There are many craft breweries in Brooklyn.

Craft beer Brooklyn

Craft beer brewing is a market that is booming in Brooklyn, New York. Most breweries produce various flavors of rich craft beer.

Best Breweries In Brooklyn

1. Randolph Beer

Location:82 Prospect St Brooklyn, NY 07307

Contact:(646) 383-3623

This is a locale brewery that has locations in Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Nolita Manhattan. You would want to visit the Dumbo outlet since it is the largest, and they brew beer at the location.

Randolph has around 24 beer ATMs. You will use your card to swipe to have your draft beer poured from the tap.

You should make reservations earlier because Randolph beer is loved by many and is usually packed. However, you can also do a walk-in at your own risk.

When at Randolph, you should try their fantastic Saison beer. You will thank me later.

2. Strong Rope Brewery

Location:574A President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Beer lovers hang out at this spot. It is one of the most famous spots for hand-crafted beer in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

They have another taproom in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and a  seasonal one between May and October in the Adirondacks. They not only serve beer but New York’s state cider, wine, and spirits.

This is a farm brewery. Therefore as much as they have All-year beers, they also have seasonal ones. They use farm ingredients and fruits from New York in these beers. They use 100% fresh and finest ingredients from local producers.

Unlike other farm breweries, it is the only one in New York that uses solely fresh farm produce.

The Strong Rope is a family brewery owned by Christina Quintero and Jason Sahler(Husband and wife). They opened this Brewery with a dream to promote New York ingredients and producers. They work in collaboration with producers from the southern tier, all the way to long island.

Everything about Strong Rope has a story, from the name to the decor to their mission. For instance, their name, Strong Rope, was to pay homage to their best friend.

The wood they used to build the bar is from a tree that survived Hurricane Sandy. Even their old carrot logo has a story.

Strong Rope is the perfect place to hang out with friends, especially if you are a bit low on cash. They are chill and allow you to carry your food to the bar to down with your beer.

What I enjoyed most here were their English-style ales. They also have amazing stouts.

Strong Rope opens its taproom in Gowanus and Redhook on Mondays to Thursdays from 2 pm to 10 pm. They open on weekends at midday and close at 11 pm, except Sundays when they close at 9 pm. They also serve their brews in their small bar.

Strong Rope is an award-winning brewery. This means the beer that you will take here is one of the best in the country.

Before Jason started this Brewery, he was already an award-winning homebrewer. Therefore he is one of the best in the game.

Strong Rope has won awards like Indie Beer Cup 2020, NYC Beer Week 2020, TAPNY 2018, and 2019. It seems to be loved by many; give it a try and let us know if you were awed the way I was.

3. Grimm Artisanal Ales

Location:990 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Contact:+1 718-564-9767

This legendary Brewery is located in East Williamsburg. At the beginning (2013), it was a nomadic brewery. However, five years later, it got its location in Williamsburg.

It is a taproom; therefore, it serves draft beer. It also produces canned beers which are usually limited. Therefore to be safer, you should visit their taproom to taste different flavors of beer that are brewed weekly.

They have produced over 300 types of beer, and I guarantee you, what you find today, you will not find next week herefore it would be a great idea to visit often. You can also order your drinks on their website and have them delivered through Caviar.

This fantastic Brewery focuses on Belgian-style ales. This fascination with Belgian-style ales came from the married founders, Joe and Lauren, performing music in Belgium.

In 2005, after returning to the united states, they started experimenting and creating beers in their home.

4. Brooklyn Brewery

Location:79 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Contact:+1 718-486-7422

You have not enjoyed authentic Brooklyn beer if you haven’t tasted beer from this award-winning Brewery. The founder Tom Potter started this Brewery to bring back the name of Brooklyn as the top brewery town in the United States.

He succeeds as Brooklyn brewery now produces beer that sells not only in half of the united states but in more than 30 other countries.

Brooklyn brewery has existed since 1988 when they use founders steve, and Tom Potter used to make the beer at home. Twelve years later, they opened their Williamsburg facility with the new brewmaster Garrett Oliver.

Brooklyn Brewery produces four categories of beers which include year-round beers, seasonals, non-alcoholic and limited beers. First, you should taste the Brooklyn lager which is a year-round beer. This is one of the earliest beers they ever made, and it still has that authentic historical taste.

You should also try the Brooklyn Summer Ale this summer, and Black is Beautiful a legendary limited beer.

The Williamsburg brewery tours remain one of the most outstanding touristic attractions, and you should make a point to attend to enjoy Brooklyn brewery’s versatile beers.

5. Sixpoint Brewery

Location:40 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States


Sixpoint Brewery is found in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This legendary Brewery produces both canned and draft beer.

It was founded in 2004, and for six years, it only sold draft beer. Today you will find thin cans of beer in many stores in Brooklyn and the rest of new york city.

Some of their most enjoyed beer is Crisp Ale which is sold in cans, and Sweet action, served as a draft beer in many bars in Brooklyn.

If you are a fan of pale ale or wheat beer, you will love Sweet action since it is a hybrid of these two legendary beers.

6. Other half brewing

Location:191 Centre St Brooklyn, NY 11231

Contact:1 (212) 564-6065

This gem is located in Gowanus. It is easily my favorite Brewery in this neighborhood despite its hard to locate location. But when you locate it, it will be so worth it. If you cannot reach Gowanus, try their location in Rochester, upstate New York. This is the perfect spot for anyone in search of a New England-style refreshing IPA.

This Brewery was established in 2014 by Matt Monahan, Sam Richardson, and Andre Burman. Their sole mission was to create the kind of beer they would want to drink and be part of the beer production.

They dreamed of having a fantastic team participate in the thoughtful creation of the most outstanding beer in New York.

The Other half brewing warehouse is an open space that allows for indoor dining. IThis spot is loved by many therefore expect it to be packed. You are likely to find a line on the weekends too.

If you do not like crowded spaces, then you can buy their four-packs to go or growlers. Do not buy many packs since their beers have a  higher alcoholic content unless, of course, you can handle it.

The Other half brewing stands out because of its mission to collaborate with other breweries in New York and the US.

For this reason, expect to enjoy only quality, well-thought beer. You can enjoy their bottled beers, canned or tap beer in the taproom.

They closed indoor seating due to the pandemic, but they are now open. You can also order some beers to go or order for delivery.

Try their famous IPAs that are dry-hopped with Citra, mosaic, etc. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try their experimental craft brews too.

7. Five  Boroughs Brewing Co.

Location:215 47th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220, United States

Contact:+1 718-355-8575

This is a brewery that has existed fr less than five years. So it is somewhat a newbie, which means here you will find unique and exciting new flavors of beer. Five boroughs is a brewery that aspires to bring the whole of new york together.

It focuses on craft brewing like most breweries in Brooklyn. However, it produces other imported beers like pilsner from the Czech republic.

The beer at Five Boroughs is of high quality and authentic. Examples of beers brewed at Five boroughs Brewing company include Tiny juicy IPA, hoppy lager, city light, and gridlock hazy IPA. All these beers are canned.

You can order their beers online or visit different bars in Brooklyn. You can also visit the Brewery and sample one of the six main year-round beers or have a limited release that is produced.

8. Folksbier Brauerei

Location:101 Luquer Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, United States

Contact:(917) 618-0443

This is easily among the best five breweries in Brooklyn and New York; pants down! The first time I visited this Brewery, I was drawn by the German-style vibe. The tasting has an old-world look that gives you a sense of culture and authenticity.

The traditional German brewing style inspires the beers with a  twist of the modern Brooklyn trends. As a result, the beer tastes original with a unique, striking taste. This spot would be perfect for one of those lazy afternoons when you just want to chill with a few friends.

They also have a few bites that will go with your favorite beer. Some of these bites include soft pretzels, charcuterie, and cheese. Remember to grab some of their blended beers to go when you leave the premises.

Some of their best beers include hazy and refreshing  IPAs, German-style and Brooklyn blended sours and saisons.

9. Threes Brewing

Location:333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Contact:+1 718-568-9673

Threes Brewing is another fantastic brewery in Brooklyn. This Brewery is different in that it is one of the few ones that offer a full bar. This means it is also welcoming to anyone looking to enjoy cocktails or any other non-beer drink.

This location opens for Pick-me-up in the morning and only opens for sittings later in the day.

Threes Brewing believes that beer is meant for everyone and everyone should enjoy it. They believe that beer wasn’t meant to be complicated. Instead, it should be simply delicious. That is why they strive to make simple beer that everyone can enjoy.

Threes Brewing started Threes to you for their beloved customers to enjoy a fresh beer in the comfort of their homes.

This means you do not have to drink the beer that has stayed for ages on the shelves of stores just because you can’t go to them. Instead, they will come to you.

Three brewing focuses on American ales, lagers, and blended mixed culture beers. You can find their beers in many bars, shops, and restaurants in New York.

However, if you want to enjoy their draft beer, you can also visit their spaces in Greenpoint, Gowanus, New York Harbor, Governors Island, and Long Island.

10. Svendale Brewing co. Tasting room

Location:486 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Contact: Not available

You have tasted the Brooklyn-style beer if you haven’t visited the Svendale Brewing tasting room. The beer here is brewed with a lot of love and passion. I bet every Brooklyn beer love is in love with its fantastic tasting room.

The tasting room is intimately small, warm, and perfect for an evening hangout. But, of course, you can also take away some beers home.

What I love most about this Brewery is its authenticity. Everything about this Brewery is authentic. Almost all their beer ingredients are produced in New York.

Their brewery license is described as a “Farm Brewery license.” The beer is not brewed in Brooklyn, New York, but I do not know any beer that spells New York better than this.

You can try their quality fruity Saisons, Neipa, and lager that come on draft. There are also fruit-infused beers that show that they are a legitimate farm brewery.

11. Circa Brewing Co.

Location:141 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Contact:+1 718-858-0055

Brooklyn has quite many breweries. But despite how many they are, Circa Brewing Co stands out. This fantastic spot is located in downtown Brooklyn. They are dedicated to giving the best service in the whole of Brooklyn, and they are doing an excellent job at it.

Circa Brewing Co. is not just a brewery but a known pizza spot too. This is because they understand nothing goes better with beer than a pizza.  Because of this, expect the spot to be packed. They serve other dishes too. They have a brunch and dinner menu.

This Brewery was opened by two brothers in 2017, who were initially employees at Sixpoint. This is where they learned how to make beer.

The other brother was making pizzas in Portland, Oregon; therefore, he brought these skills to Circa, creating one of Brooklyn’s most incredible hangout spots.

Circa is determined to be all-inclusive. They accept even those who are not big fans of beer and serve great cocktails too. The spot is spacious.

They also have TVs where you can view games. Recently they aired the EUROCUP finals between Italy and England.

Circa Brewing is known for its brown ales, NEIPA, Berliner Weisse, and classic beers like ales and pilsners. They allow dine-in and Kerbside pickup. However, they do not do deliveries.

They do not open on Monday and Tuesday. They open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 10 pm, while the bar closes at 11 pm.

They open on Fridays from 4 pm to 11 pm, with the bar closing at midnight. It opens by midday on the weekend and closes at midnight on Saturday and 8 pm on Sunday.

Bring your friends and pair your beers with pizzas to have the best time of your life!

12. Brooklyn beer tour

If you are a beer maven, you would want to be part of a Brooklyn beer tour. There are many beer tours in Brooklyn where you will learn about beer brewing in Brooklyn and participate in beer tasting.

The most popular beer tour in Brooklyn is by Brooklyn Brewery. You will get to hear more about Brooklyn breweries, beer history, and beer science.

Additionally, you can taste their latest creations, interact with the experts and ask questions. Additionally, you can give your honest feedback about the beer hence helping them make the beer even better.

You can check here to register for Brooklyn beer tours. Urban Adventures does this tour. They are pretty affordable, and the fee you will pay will be inclusive of the entrance fee, fully narrated tour, lunch, view, and orientation of New York City, and exploration of local streets.

You can also check the NYC Underground Brooklyn Brew Tour. They offer a tour to three world-class breweries in Brooklyn for 3.5hours. This tour is fantastic as you will get to spend at least an hour in each of these breweries and enjoy different kinds of beers as you like.

To wind up

Whether you are new in Brooklyn or a resident, these are the most amazing Breweries that we guarantee will serve you the best beer you have ever had. So book a tour and have the best time of your life!

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