14 Best Cookie Places in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of five boroughs in NYC you can find amazing restaurants. With the presence of world-class restaurants like River Café, Roberta’s Pizza, Kick Axe Throwing, and many more, people cannot deny the fun experience Brooklyn provides.

One of the most amazing places you should visit in Brooklyn is cookie place. Brooklyn has a lot of bakeries or cookie places where you can get varieties of gluten-free and handmade cookies.

The type of cookie places in Brooklyn is not only the contemporary or modern ones; there are also the old-school generational cookie places.

Your fun activity in Brooklyn is never complete without you getting to taste some of the best cookie places in Brooklyn.

Best Cookie Places in Brooklyn

 1. Ovenly

Website: Ovenly Store | Ovenly

Location: Locations & Hours | Ovenly



This Bakery deserves to be renamed “Heavenly” as it serves a beautiful and savory menu to the public. If you consider getting cookies with multiple flavors with gluten-free recipes, you should check out Ovenly. It is one of the best cookie places in Brooklyn.

Ovenly is one of the women-led businesses providing exceptional services to the people of Brooklyn. Founded by two food enthusiasts, Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, the brand was built on the mission of providing premium culinary services to people.

On the Ovenly menu, you can get favorites like; Salted chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate cookies, and salted peanut butter cookies.

Ensure you check the website to confirm the operating hours as Ovenly does not have a fixed time for all store locations. Ovenly is also available to deliver to you online. All you have to do is visit their website to make your order.

If you find your way to Brooklyn, ensure you explore this amazing Bakery.

2. Jacques Torres Chocolate

Website: https://mrchocolate.com

Jacques Torres is located:

66 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Store hours are:

Monday – Friday 12pm-6:30pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am-7pm

Phone us at:  (718) 875-1269

Jacques Torres Chocolate


Jacques Torres is commonly known for selling different types of quality chocolate. However, the brand does not restrict its service, and they also sell cookies and cakes.

A French chef founded the confectionary store and culinary expert Jacques Torres, commonly called Mr. Chocolate, due to his expertise in creating different recipes with chocolate.

The chocolate chip cookie is the most loved type of cookie due to its amazing flavor and sweet taste.

However, the process of baking is often time-consuming. You can get your freshly baked chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres to save yourself this stress.

If you are looking for one of the best cookie places in Brooklyn, Jacques Torres is the right place to go. The Bakery is famous for its signature Chocolate chip cookie, known for its rich and amazing taste.

It is often said that one can’t stop eating Jacques’ chocolate chip cookies after a first bite.

The different types of cookies you can get at Jacques Torres include; Peanut Butter Pretzel cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookie. Their prices are friendly, and you can get real value for your money and time.

You can visit the Jacques Torres store at Dumbo or the Grand Central Terminal. Online orders are also available.

3. One Girl Cookies

Website: onegirlcookies.com

Location: 33 Main Street, Brooklyn, New York.

One Girl Cookies


One exceptional fact about getting cookies in Brooklyn is the varieties of handmade cookies available in cookie places. One of the best cookie places in Brooklyn to get handmade cookie is One Girl Cookies.

Just as the name states, the brand was started by a lady, Dawn Casele, who quit her job at the New York Fashion Temple to pursue her dream of opening a bakery.

Dawn introduced an innovation into the cookie world through One Girl Cookies. One Girl Cookies come in smaller sizes and different recipes and allow each baker to have a distinct touch on the cookie.

One Girl Cookies is the best place for you if you are looking at trying out varieties of cookies.

Their most famous recipes include; Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies, monster cookie oatmeal, peanut butter balls, oatmeal peanut butter, simple meringue cookies, cake mix cookies, and monster cookies.

Not to worry about the fat content, One Girl Cookies offer low fat, high carb, high calories, and high protein cookies, safeguarding your health while having a good cookie.

4. The Good Batch

Website: Thegoodbatch.com

936 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York

The Good Batch


Launched in 2010 by Anna Gordon, the Good Batch is a retail store dealing with different food items. You can get ice creams, sandwiches, and baked items from the store’s Bakery.

If you find your way to Fulton Street, you should check them out. They are one of the best cookie places in Brooklyn. The brand offers both signature and special cookies.

Some popular recipes include; brown butter salty, oat chocolate chunk, confetti, ginger molasses, Tahini Chocolate Chunk, Toasted Walnuts Cookie, and Trail Mix.

The Bakery also offers wholesale delivery services to offices, restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores.

5. Buttermilk Bake Shop

Website: www.buttermilkbakeshop.com

Location: 260 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Buttermilk Bake Shop


Looking for a place to get your Easter Egg-shaped cookies? Buttermilk is one of the best cookie places in Brooklyn where you can get customized cookies.

Buttermilk Bake Shop is a place you can get your gluten-free or vegan cookies. The brand, like other bakeries, offers a variety of items such as cookies, cakes, macarons, etc.

Favorite cookies you can get from Buttermilk include; decorated or painted easter eggs cookies, carrot cookies, churro & fruity pebbles cookies, apple cider cookies, chocolate cookies, and pack pastel crinkle cookies.

The prices of the cookies are amazing, and another interesting thing is that the Bakery provides you with fast delivery through lots of delivery options made available to customers.

Don’t have time to visit the store? Not to worry, Buttermilk allows you to choose from any of their delivery options. Delivery options you can use include; Seamless, Caviar, Postmates, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

6. Almondine Bakery

Website: www.almondinebakery.com

Location: 85 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Almondine Bakery


Almondine Bakery is another place to try out for die-hard lovers of French cuisines. Like Jacques Torres, Almondine was also founded by a French baker. Herve Poussot founded Almondine in 2004.

A distinct thing about Almondine’s cookies is that they were baked using handmade French techniques.

Along with other special recipes, these techniques made the brand a notable one among the best cookie places in Brooklyn.

The best cookies to try out at Almondine include chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free chocolate walnut cookies, and oatmeal cookies.

 7. Leske’s Bakery

Location: 7612 5th Ave, Bay Ridge

Leskes Bakery


Anyone familiar with Brooklyn cuisine would have heard of the black and white cookies.

The black and white cookie is a special type of cookie prepared by mixing two different flavors in a single cookie.

The black and white cookie was popularized in Brooklyn by Leske’s Bakery.

Apart from their iconic cookie, Leske’s also provides customers with excellent delivery services. Most items are delivered to customers within 24 hours.

Ensure you check out Leske’s during your visit to Brooklyn, and also, do not forget to try out their Black and White Cookies.

8. Court Pastry Shop

Location: 298 Court St, Carroll Gardens

Court Pastry Shop


Court Pastry was established two years after Monteleone’s started operations. The Bakery is listed among the oldest bakeries in Brooklyn.

Like many old bakeries, Court Pastry also ensures their recipes still stand out by not constantly changing them. Keeping their old recipes alive has helped the brand retain customers.

The Bakery offers different types of cookies, but the most popular is the 7 layer cookies. Other items you can go for while at Court Pastry include; Cannolis, Italian ice, cakes, macaroons, cakes, and pies.

Just like Nuccio’s, Court Pastry accepts only cash transactions.

9. Circo’s Pastry Shope

Website: www.circopastryshop.com

Location: 312 Knickerbocker Ave, Bushwick

Circos Pastry Shope


Come to think of it, how would a mixture of Italian and French pastries feel? Not to worry much, Circo’s Pastry has made them possible.

Circo’s Pastry Shop provides both Italian and French pastries. The Pastry is on the list of the oldest pastry shops in Brooklyn. It was established in 1945.

While at Circo’s, you might want to try out some of these menus; rainbow cookies, gluten-free cookies, cakes, cannoli, éclair, tiramisu.

10. Monteleone’s Bakery

Website: www.pasticceriamonteleonebk.com

Location: 355 court Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Monteleones Bakery


Monteleone’s Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in New York. According to the brand’s history, the Bakery is a third-generation family-owned business established in 1946.

Monteleone’s did not abandon the original recipe used in preparing their meals. They still use them and ensure their ingredients are made from fresh and natural produce.

If you ever find yourself at this amazing place, do not forget to try out their best recipe cookies; chocolate dip pumpkin-shaped cookies and Pignoli cookies.

Monteleone’s cookies are quite affordable, and you can get them for as low as $9.

11. Fortunato Brothers

Website: fortunatobrothers.com

Location: 289 Manhattan Ave, East Williamsburg

Fortunato Brothers


One of the chill spots popular for coffee and outdoor dinner in Brooklyn is the Fortunato Brothers Pizzaria.

Like Monteleone’s Bakery, Fortunato is also one of the oldest family-run businesses in Brooklyn. Although not as old as the former. Fortunato Brother’s Pizzaria has been in operations since 1976.

However, the brand is more popular for its signature pizza, but they also sell other side meals like Cookies, salad, pasta, gelato, and cheese.

If you want to try out Italian cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies and gluten-free cookies, then Fortuna Brothers are the right place.

12. Bakeri

Website: https://www.bakeri.sg

Location: 105 Freeman St, Greenpoint & 150 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg

Bakeri 1


Bakeri is a popular bakery with two locations in Brooklyn. The store locations are in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, respectively.

If you are craving some nice warm fresh-from-the-oven cookies, you should try out Bakeri.

Bakeri is one of the best cookie places in Brooklyn, and it is often said that the store has long queues due to the number of customers they get daily.

 13. Nuccio’s Bakery

Location: 261 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Nuccios Bakery


Craving for shortcake cookies? Then check out Nuccio’s Bakery.

Nuccio’s Bakery is one of the Italian restaurants providing a delicious homemade menu. The brand is famous for its handmade homemade shortcake cookies, bread, cannoli, and cakes.

A fact about Nuccio’s is that they only accept cash transactions. Keep this in mind before heading out to their store.

14. Tasty Pastry Shoppe

Website: https://tastypastryshoppe.com

Location: 8218 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11228

Tasty Pastry is the answer when you think of a cookie place that will give you the holiday feeling you desire.

It is an Italian pastry that offers a special and classic menu of homemade and well-designed cookies.

The Pastry is the best stop for people shopping for festive and holiday treats.

Items you can try at Tasty Pastry include; cakes, cannoli, cookies, 7-layer cupcakes, and pastries.


Life in Brooklyn is fun when you visit lots of amazing places the city has to offer. Well, more interesting is when you visit the best places that offer you premium satisfaction for your money.

I have prepared this insight into 14 of the best cookie places in Brooklyn.

Through this article, I have you get a clearer direction on the next cookie place to explore in Brooklyn.

If you find this guide helpful, leave your comment in the section below.

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