10 Absolute Best Donut Shops In Brooklyn (Update 2022)

Donuts and coffee are an essential part of any busy New Yorker’s morning routine. Interestingly, the Brooklyn borough has played a big role in New York City’s rich donut history.

In every cafe or coffee shop in Brooklyn, you’re almost certain to find donuts.

Brooklyn donut’s scenery is marked with beautiful and shockingly inexpensive options to satisfy your donut cravings.

Her yummy and cute spots offer you interesting flavors, and super fresh and well-made donuts any day and at almost anytime.

If you find yourself touring and visiting Brooklyn, or live here and would want to treat your buds to a unique delight of tasty and delicious donuts, then you should keep reading as I have highlighted the best Brooklyn donuts you can find in this borough.

Whether you’re in search of a great place to chill out and read on a Saturday morning over donuts and coffee or a prime people-watching location with totally unique and delicious donuts, or a stop by for breakfast, lunch (No judgments. I do that sometimes. Lol) or desserts, these shops are worth the stop and you wouldn’t have to bother about breaking a bank.

You sure won’t be able to leave any of these shops without getting a bag of donuts or maybe a few more for your sweet tooth.

Brooklyn’s Best Doughnuts Spots For You

It can be quite taxing differentiating the amazing donut spots from the average ones in Brooklyn as they are quite a handful of them.

What’s worse is settling for a spot and biting on a donut that fills your buds with regrets.

To save you from spending more time on a subway drive or those extra dollars that come with trying out different donuts, I have highlighted the best Brooklyn donuts for you.

All donut spots come highly recommended and are in no specific order.

  1. Brandon’s Donut
  2. Moe’s Doughnut
  3. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop
  4. Fat Doughnut
  5. Fan Fan Doughnut
  6. Doughnut Plant
  7. Dunkin
  8. Gshmak Bakery and Cafe
  9. Dough Doughnuts
  10. Dun-Well Doughnuts

1. Brandon’s Donuts

451 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

+1 929-337-6354


Brandons Donuts


Looking for donuts that come exactly how you’d like them? Then the  Brandon’s Donut shop located in Carroll Gardens should be your first stop.

With an offer for your every taste, you get to join a team of bakers in designing your custom donuts.

You’ll be given a variety of common dough flavors like vanilla, red velvet, or chocolate and then, the looks, texture, and customizations are your decisions to make.

Sounds amazing, right? It sure is.

Building donuts and choosing how your taste buds get pleased is always so much fun.

How about spreading the love with a little indulgence?

Her classic vanilla dough base birthday cake icing and rainbow sprinklings are a beautiful way to spice up your birthdays.

By purchasing a ‘gift certificate’ on her website, you can give the gift of custom and delicious donuts specially packed with tons of fun, love, and creativity to a friend.

Yunno, life is sweeter when donuts are in the mix.

2. Moe’s Doughnut

126 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

+1 718-389-3676


Moes Doughnut


Greenpoint is home to more than one donut spot but you’ll be glad you tried Moes.

Her colorful restaurant is well known for its tasty and exotic donut flavors.

If you’re looking for delicious homely-made doughnuts and a small range to choose from without having to break the bank, this is your spot.

Her small collection of fresh, soft, and chewy doughnuts with super friendly staff, great sit-out spot, and an impressive collection of cake donuts make her a great choice for your unique treats.

Visit her website and Instagram handle to get a feel of her amazing doughnuts and seasonal specials even before having them.

3. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

+1 718-389-3676


Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop


For over 60 years, this old-school spot has continued to be a local neighborhood staple that offers you the classic American donut experience at a fair price.

The ‘mom-pop’ donuts shop specializes in hand-made donuts and opens at 4:30 am on weekdays and 5 am on weekends.

My favorite donuts on their menu are cannoli cream and red velvet donuts. You can also try their sour cream glazed donuts which is one of their popular flavors.

You always get to meet a long queue of her customers during the later hours of the morning, so I suggest you get there on time if you want to beat the crowd.

However, you’ll be glad you waited if you got to.

Peter Pan Donuts also offers its customers a variety of coffee, milkshakes, and sweeteners to get off with.

Fun fact: MJ (played by Zendaya) in Spiderman: No Way Home once worked here. Yup! The Hollywood star did!

4. Fat Doughnut

50 Malcom X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States

+1 929-337-6354


Fat Doughnut


Fat Doughnut started its journey in 2017 and has become a jewel of the neighborhood by serving high-quality donuts and baked goods along with friendship and respect to her customers and friends.

She offers fresh, soft, fluffy, and delicious doughnuts at great value in a homely café with excellent service and very patient and friendly staff.

This is a good stop for a decent meal of tasty donuts.

5. Fan Fan Doughnuts

448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States

+1 347-533-7544


Fan Fan Doughnuts


There’s something about Fan fan doughnuts that intrigues me all the time. It’s her unique flavor.

From her classic donuts to her glazed braid, she offers a unique variety of donuts to suit both your taste and pocket.

Transform your simple treat into a delicious donut experience with her Fan-fan’s éclair-inspired filled donuts coated with sugar alongside her excellent tea and coffee.

Her fluffy, chewy, and yummy donuts made with Mexican techniques are a perfect excuse for a sugar rush any time of the day.

Talk about having your donuts warm and fresh, Fan fan makes her donuts in small batches throughout the day so you will always have something fresh to eat.

Every dough is made with so much love, care, and thoughts and in the safest conditions giving you a reason to drop by on your next ride around town.

6. Doughnut Plant

245, Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

+1 212-505-3700 ext. 245


Doughnut Plant


Doughnut plant donuts are fresh and organic and are made with the highest quality and authentic ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial flavorings, and no eggs! Just natural.

Her Organic Orange Sourdoughnut made with fresh organic oranges is one of my favorites when in the area but the rest of the menu cannot be faulted.

Her flavor selections are always changing to suit your bud’s needs (her signature flavors are almost always in stock) so always check in to know what’s new.

7. Dunkin

272, Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

+1 718-388-0847




You can find Dunkin in several places in Brooklyn which explains her exceptional service delivery.

With each bite, geared at brightening your day, her irresistibly delicious donuts which come in different flavors and are free from artificial dyes are an excellent favorite for any kind of person.

Her Munchkins donut hole treat comes in shareable and snackable doughs of perfection that add spice to your day.

You should check her website to see where her other shops are. They could be right in front of you.

8. Gshmak Bakery and Cafe

164 Wallabout St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States

+1 718-576-3190


Gshmak Bakery and Cafe


This is the best stop for a sweet tooth and sharp eyes.

Make sure to walk in with a blindfold or pair of shades because her great selection of freshly baked pastries will surely give your eye pop.

Spotting her donuts wouldn’t be all that difficult though.

I suggest you take a quick scan for her uniquely flavored jelly donuts with classic toppings or you can ask one of her friendly staff. These donuts are worth the search and each bite reveal another reason not to leave without getting more.

Her prices are very reasonable and their customer service is friendly and helpful.

Her donuts are definitely worth stopping by when in the area.

9. Dough Doughnuts

646 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

+1 718-540-9440


Dough Doughnuts


Imagine having to walk into a donut shop and get greeted with hugs and smiles from big, fluffy, yeast-raised donuts in their assortment.

Enthralling right?

‘The Lover’s Garden’ as I like to call it offers a variety of finger-licking donuts accompanied by amazing music, excellent staff, and a decadent treat that puts you in your best mood every time you stop by.

Her unconventional flavors like toasted coconut, and hibiscus and her unbeatable texture send your buds on an adventure of satisfaction and discontentment. You can literally hear those donuts screaming ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

Savoring each bite of her light and fluffy vegan donuts available in plain, cinnamon, and hibiscus, Dough Doughnuts also provides you with healthy vegan donuts with a hint of nutmeg without the dairy and eggs.

And guess what? They come in beautifully shaped pentagons. And if you’re like me, biting all her corners before devouring her makes the eating more fun.

10. Dun-Well Doughnuts

222 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States

+1 347-294-0871


Dun Well Doughnuts


The Dun-Well doughnuts are all vegans!

Yes! Imagine having all the incredible tastes in an entirely healthy dough. Amazing!

She offers a great variety of nutritious donuts that are free of animal or animal-derived products in a fantastic shop with an amazing interior, friendly staff, quick services, and at a very affordable price.

Located in the Williamsburg area and committed to quality and creativity, Dun-Well provides a home to a variety of healthy and handcrafted donuts made with organic and quality ingredients that give you a quick and convenient way to replenish your energy sources on the go.

And guess what — You get to compliment your delightful treat with hand-roasted coffees.

You can also share her tasty donuts with someone who loves donuts using the Dun-Well doughnuts gift cards available on her website.

Why ‘donut’ you check out her website now and give someone a Dun-Well doughnut today?

You know donuts are a quicker way to get someone to smile.


To wrap it up, you will agree with me that donuts seem to have gained as much popularity as cupcakes and Brooklyn offers it all — an array of finger-licking donuts at pocket-friendly prices.

Aside from having to enjoy the beautiful view of her residents while munching on her delicious donuts, there’s no better way to start (or end) your day than with a stop at any of her best donut shops highlighted above.

If you’re in Brooklyn or you want to make a stop there and would like to try her donuts, make sure to keep this article handy as it’s easy to get lost in the city’s beautiful scenery and many available options.

A peep into this article will keep you right on track and save you those extra hours and dollars.

Did you find this handy list of Brooklyn’s best donuts useful?

Which of these spots would you be trying next?

Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below and share this article with a fellow donut lover.

I can’t wait to read your fluffy donut stories.

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