Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood Guide + Things To Do In Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is one of the oldest historic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The history of Brooklyn Heights dates back to the colonial era, and it is America’s oldest suburb and district. It is a unique neighborhood rich in history and beautiful scenery.

The brownstone and brick buildings along the streets are architectural styles that make you want to just look at this perfect design.

Whether you are looking for restaurants, outdoor activities, or just a walk through the leafy streets, this place has several attraction sites that you can never miss on what to do.

Some other neighborhoods you may want to check out. It is better to overview the complete neighborhoods of Brooklyn with the map before you continue.

Brooklyn Heights

You may have other people refer to it as Brooklyn village; that was the initial name. If you are the one who likes to stroll in the streets, then you should pay a visit to this area. They do have the bluff side waterfront.

Areas like Dumbo have been developing with a lot of industrial revolution. But, on the contrary, Brooklyn Heights streets maintain the same design and architecture. Here then, you have a tranquil lifestyle that also gives you a high level of convenience.

Brooklyn Heights is one of the significant spots in Brooklyn. Before you even go there, then think about the streets with leafy green trees and what comes to mind Brooklyn streets.

You will love this place for everything but especially the fact that it’s a historic neighborhood. If you therefore like history you will like this place guaranteed.

This is a residential neighborhood of Brooklyn that has some of the posh brownstone houses. It has a tree-lined promenade along the east river.

Most people enjoy the skyline Manhattan view as well. And if you look keenly, you will also see the statue of liberty.

Old Fulton Street binds the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood near Brooklyn bridge, Atlantic Avenue, Cadman Plaza, and queen’s expressway.

What do you expect to see-through?

Brooklyn heights promenade


When going on a trip, the aim is to enjoy the perfect views and have fun. At the promenade, you will see the skyline views clearly but also the East River too.

It will then offer you the lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge view. If you like to be quiet, you’ll enjoy the promenade as it gives the perfect view of the human parade.

You will like it because it’s a perfect space for the old and young alike. When you live around this area, you will have one of the most incredible views.

But you don’t have to live here to see them you can also tour the place and enjoy the walk.

It has a pedestrian parkland built over the Brooklyn queens Broadway. Now turn around to see the beautiful buildings along the Columbian heights.

The New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum

If you like to travel through time, then the New York Museum will be the perfect choice for you to use.

It will show you some of the complexities you experience when using the urban infrastructure. You also experience the old town of New York. This should make it in your itinerary.

Expect the exhibition of the city’s oldest subways system. And additionally, you will experience the surface transportation of the 18th to 21st century.

Amazing architecture

Let’s just soak that in 1965 Brooklyn heights were first designated as the first national historic landmark. Even at the time, it had about 600 prewar structures still standing.

Such houses featured the 17th-century style. There were row houses, churches, townhomes, and homes at the time.

So, when you go to this neighborhood today, you will spot the brownstone house just as back then. Also, you must notice different federal homes that were there even at the time. They make the wood frame houses too here.

Notice that Brooklyn heights have commercial streets, and as such, you will see large buildings that they design in Italian style.

Even in the 60s Brooklyn heights was already a church city, and therefore you will notice the church buildings.

To sum it all up, even the row houses will just stun you, so prepare to notice such. And if you live here and haven’t seen such, maybe you need to look much keener.

Brooklyn historical society


For over 400 years, people have studied different things, and Brooklyn’s historical society brings you safely preserved history. It was founded in 1863 to preserve history.

You will notice that you still have the rust-colored building sitting at Pierrepoint and Clinton streets. Brooklyn’s historical society is one major landmark.

But if you thought you would only talk of the post here, then no, it’s another cultural hub that allows for civic dialogue.

Here you will have everything about Brooklyn’s art culture and influences of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

If not for anything else, then just sit quietly as you view the historical maps and, of course, learn a thing or two about Brooklyn.

Hotel St. George


I know people looking for a hotel for the historical aspect, but this is no longer a regular hotel. It’s now a college dormitory.

What makes it still stand out is that it sits right at the corner street to make it a landmark. If you are touring Brooklyn, then you will notice this site.

Although it went down, we have to remember that in the early 20th century, it was the largest hotel in NYC.

And at the time, it had the largest indoor saltwater pool. It also does have a waterfall that they discovered when they were excavating the hotel.

If you liked the movie the godfather, then you should know they filmed it here. It will usually give you a taste of the area’s cultural legacy too.

Again, you should take a walk across the neighboring streets.

Plymouth Church of pilgrims


The first pastor of this church was the abolitionist Henry Ward. It was a congregational church, and it was also a stop on the railroad.

You can be sure that the A star great Americans head for a tour here. From Martin Luther King jr, Mark Twain, and many more, this was always some perfect stop.

If you’re going to attend the service here, then you don’t need to make arrangements to visit. But if you don’t, you will have to make arrangements to visit the Pew where Abraham Lincoln sat.

Two for the pot

Here you have a cozy boutique hotel to offer you some of the best coffee and tea. The hotel is at the Brooklyn heights at the cobble hill border.

It gives a blend of great meals to enjoy but also the perfect views. Most people enjoy the diversity of the coffee and the tea they have to enjoy.

For this space, you will notice that most of the ones coming here are longtime devote customers.

Notice the fruit streets

If you’re going to the North, you will notice that they have the streets named after different fruits. It looks weird, right?

Well, it’s there, and you should expect to see pineapple, cranberry, and orange streets. No one knows why they do have such naming, but well, they have them.

What do you expect here?

Well, you will notice that Brooklyn has serene city life with the perfect convenience to city hubs.

The private and the public schools are all great, and this is why most parents living in Dumbo and cobble hill feel the need to take their kids to the Brooklyn height system.

Do you love the plant environments? Then, you will love these streets. There are many quiet streets, public green spaces, and the best playgrounds to make it an even better space.

You will notice that the area has suburban and posh livelihoods, but they prefer to use the train and ferry to commute to the city just because it’s much faster than using a car.

What’s the livelihood of the neighborhood?

Having lived in Brooklyn Heights for over three years, I can comfortably say it’s a posh livelihood that most people don’t know of.

The architectural and natural beauty makes it a place to desire to live. It will always give you the right entertainment you need.

It’s then very close to the city, making it appropriate to have shops in the bustling stretches. Notice that Montague Avenue has several shops, making it look like a town in a city. There’s literary everything you can get here.

Notice that regardless of the time, people are always after some fun activities at the waterfront.  You will love the view we have here.

The house markets

You will love the row houses that feature the brownstone. This is what makes Brooklyn heights and Brooklyn generally a fantastic place to visit.

You ought to know that doorman houses are much rare to come by. Regardless the renovated row houses that are also well maintained are the norm here.

Notice, though, that they do have a courtyard that will always add to the charm of the beautiful house. You will mostly have the gothic revival and the 19th-century mansion. Be informed, though, that you will have the side street mansions that you can use.

They are apartments, yes, but they are super amazing houses, but the diversity of the houses also means they’re pricey.

But what about the pace of life?

It gives you a much more peaceful and quiet environment. They also show you the historic architecture, and the establishment will make you be in awe.

It keeps you out of the regular hustle and bustle of New York. Finally, don’t forget that it delivers the perfect cities perk for you. I mean, anyone will want to live here.

So, when you’re coming to Brooklyn height, be sure to know that you are coming for a show.

What to do in Brooklyn Heights

You should know that you will be seeing and going to places for free when you are going to Brooklyn’s height, which makes it such a fantastic experience.

Your weeknights and weekends are all parked with activities.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

This is easy to access as it’s close by you don’t even need to use transport there. Try to walk across the bridge or, better yet, just reach halfway.

Unfortunately, due to security issues, some people prefer to use the ferry for the same.

Just remember, though, that Brooklyn’s bridge can be too crowded, and that means that your security then is also compromised.

This is especially true for holiday seasons, and it’s usually a tourist area.

Now there’s also the Manhattan bridge that, if you like, you can cycle to the area as it’s never fully packed by tourists.

However, if you’re going to go to Brooklyn bridge, make sure you go early morning. Go there at about 7 am.

Check out the shops at Montague Street and Henry Street.


You see, the two commercial streets characterize Brooklyn heights that take care of its tourists and those living in Brooklyn heights.

Notice that you will have Montague Street being between Clinton and hicks. You also have Henry Street which is around Clark Street subway station.

You can be sure to find some of the best stores and restaurants around this area. They won’t be too many, though, remember.

I like one Thai lantern restaurant as they are never wrong when your body and tongue crave those Asian delicious meals then you can come here.

When I want to eat some snacks, then I like to go to the key food supermarket, but sometimes I go to the fresh start market, which is at Montague Avenue.

Also, when you’re looking for a brunch, you should go to heights café. If you like, though, you can also go to the cat café, which is a tranquil space.

Check out 1Hotel in Brooklyn heights.


When you want to visit one of the best hotels in the country, you can be sure to have the super trendy and fairly new hotel you could go to.

The hotel then has a café on the ground floor, and this is where you will eat your favorite cookies and coffee.

The house then has plants growing on the walls. It features unique designs and beautifully designed restaurants. It’s not every day you will see exterior hotel walls with plants growing.

However, you will like the fact that you will have different fruits and drinks to enjoy when you go to the elevator.

If you, therefore, want to see the East River, you can use the same elevators to make it easy to view the spaces.

How about going to the fruit streets

When you go to Brooklyn heights, make sure you go to the fruit streets to see what they look like. The pineapple street, cranberry street, and pineapple streets all have the perfect architecture.

But, of course, they are close to Brooklyn heights, so you don’t have to commute again.

Notice, though, that the fruit streets feature the residential estates. They attach from Henry Street, which is also a commercial street.

One thing you want to know is that the brownstone homes are people’s homes. Maintain silence!

Check out the Brooklyn wooden footbridge

The question may be for most of you now, and yes, it looks like it’s not that important, but it is. Notice that there’s a wooden bridge at the end of the promenade, and the wooden bridge will make it easy for you to reach Dumbo.

People like to visit here so that they can enjoy the friendly sky and the light. It will surprise you since it all becomes magical in the evening.

Local streets

One of the things you will like is to enjoy the region the same way the locals do. So, this is why you ought to find the cutest love lanes, hunt lane, and grace court alley.

As the name suggests, love lane has its name because most lovers used to like walking to and taking pictures. This was further during the earliest neighborhood era.

When walking in this area, you can take your favorite photos, but if you notice the homes in the area, you should know it’s not a commercial area, so you should maintain quietness.

Take a walk at the Brooklyn promenade.

We already mentioned that the promenade goes along the East River. It’s also across from lower Manhattan. If you like the natural views, then you will mainly like this space.

You will have the perfect view of the Manhattan skyline view, a statue of liberty, and the Brooklyn bridge at this space.

This is why you don’t need to drive here; instead, take a stroll, and this will let you soak in all the beauty.

I should mention that promenade is popular with tourists and locals, but you will never have it is as crowded as the Brooklyn bridge.

This is what makes it the perfect place to go out and relax. Whether you want to visit in the daytime or nighttime is still okay. Trust me; I enjoy the night strolls.

Visit the Brooklyn historical society.

If you want to get the hang of the neighborhood, you have to visit the historical society. You will notice that the building was uniquely designed by one of the top architects – George B Post.

Now expect that it has a ticket price that comes in the form of you donating. This is to say you are going into this house for free and all to study history.

Understanding the American history

You are in America, and if you didn’t study its history, then you have a long way to go. While on a trip to the Brooklyn heights, go to the Four Chimneys house and take your time to study. This house is at the end of Montague Street that overlooks the East River.

It’s this house that was George Washington’s headquarters back in 1776 during the revolutionary war. He made one of the most critical decisions in this house in August that same year.

Per history, if he didn’t decide to make his troop make a stealth evacuation, America would not have been what it is.

Go to the New York transit museum.

As we had mentioned already, you have this museum in the former subway station. Here you will see the subway cars from the former century. You get the history from 1904. You can walk in their seat and, better yet, take a ride in the past. Well, there’s so much to see here.

Go running or biking in Brooklyn bridge park.

If you have booked a space to stay in the neighborhood and you either love to run or cycle, then Brooklyn bridge park is that best.

Notice that the park is safe and it has some hills and some flat grounds so you will get to enjoy the exercise.

Regardless you want to watch out for the biking lane to make sure you are on the right spot. But if you are just taking a walk, then watch out for bikes on your track. You don’t want to be knocked down.

Take a walk

The streets of this neighborhood make it attractive to go for a walk. I know in the past writers have always preferred to go to this quiet environment, and somehow it brought inspiration on what to write. This was, in the past, home to some of the top writers in American history.

Even if you aren’t a writer, take a walk; it will be satisfying. Of course, you enjoy the beauty of every place, and of course, you can avoid crowded areas.

Who loves to shop?

You are at the heart of fashion with some of the world’s best designers, so unless you go shopping, you won’t satisfy your trip. But, of course, it’s not only clothing you are going to shop for instead everything.

So go to a six-block stretch and check out for the court street to promenade. Here you will have the perfect shops for literary everything. I can assure you though that the cloth shops are more dominant.

Try Holler and Squall, which is on Atlantic Avenue when you want to shop. This will be the perfect destination when you are looking for a place to go to check your favorites.

The shops always have the antique mix, and the shops also give you a cozy feel. But, of course, you can also decide to go to book court on cobble hill too. Here then, you are going for the best books that will work for both kids and adults.

You can also go to the fashion shops like Tango shop that’s meant for women’s clothing. If you are looking for men’s clothing, then go to Goose Barnacle.

Of course, we had mentioned already that there are many shops you can go to for clothes so you should just check them out.

Go on to the touristy streets below Joralemon street.

When you are in Brooklyn, then you want to feel the vibe of Brooklyn. Go to the quieter Joralemon and Atlanta. Notice that these regions have the least number of visitors.

So, take a walk to the willow place, Sydney place, and garden place. This will get you to avoid the tourist’s commotion altogether. One thing they do is to stand out for their green leafy nature.

You will notice the gorgeously manicured historic homes and brownstone homes too.

As you walk, you can stop and eat at the river deli or clover hill.

Where to eat in Brooklyn heights

If you know me, then you know that I love food, and of course, before I start feeling hungry, I will be on the lookout for some food joints.

Quick snack

Sometimes you just don’t need food. Instead, you want some snacks. There are places you can go to for the freshest and most delicious snacks around Brooklyn heights.

I like to go to Perelandra for my quick snack. They are mostly giving you nice yet organic snacks. If you like chocolate truffle and chili sin carne, you will like the one they sell.

For a drink, order some banana smoothie, unsweetened milk, and any other drink of your choice.

For food, visit the following restaurants.



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Colonie is right next to the east river, and it has been working for the past ten years. This restaurant will deliver some of the tastiest, most flavorful food of all time.

Here you will experience a warm and inviting atmosphere. You will be resting in the rustic building while enjoying the meals they make from garden-fresh herbs. So here you will be enjoying the view still but you can also the food.

French Louie

French Louie


Here is one of the best restaurants that bring the 19th century here. The best thing is that French Louie only uses the inventive menu as it also includes some of the very best French meals. If you want the taste of some of the American cuisine, then you will have it already included here.

Henry’s end

Henrys end


If you are going to henrys end restaurant, you will discover that they like to use the freshest ingredients. They mostly have meaty dishes on the menu, so check what works for you. It will give you the traditional old-fashioned community style of enjoying a meal.

Yemen café


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I’m not even of Yemen origin, but I do like this café. Yemen café is on Atlantic Avenue. And of course, this avenue has very many Yemenis. So when you got here, you want to try their Kebobs as you will not be eating it elsewhere.

If you don’t feel like eating, try their coffee and go your way, but you will have rested.



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Across the street from Yemeni, you have another one of the most preferred restaurants. Sahadi holds one of the largest middle eastern markets.

Here you can stop as you are also going to the parks or just coming from Brooklyn heights. I love their pita bread, and this will take you middle east if you have lived or worked there. They are good at making and using olives as well.

Tutt café

Here is a no-frills neighborhood restaurant – Tutt café. It will offer you middle eastern meals. So, of course, this will take you on a trip overseas. So again, you will be enjoying their excellent meals as you continue to soak in the perfect views.

  • Iris café
  • Noddle pudding
  • Ozu
  • Queen restaurant and a lot more.

But where would I stay if I’m going there on a trip?

Brooklyn heights in the 20th century had so many hotels for people visiting. These days you can find others but mostly a mile away.

The area has a good hotel, but you also have to factor in the price. If you don’t mind the price, then it will be easy to get a good hotel. If you don’t mind going to downtown Brooklyn, you will find many business hotels.

The good news is that you can also use the Airbnb method to make sure you stay on. They also offer one fine stay if you’re going to be around just for a few nights.

1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

For the perfect taste of the actual hotel vibe, though, visit 1Hotel Brooklyn bridge, and of course, we talked about it in length already. Well, it will always give you the view of lower Manhattan to make it a more appealing area to visit.

Hilton hotel

So, Hilton should also be close by for you to access if you want to get the feeling of proper rest. Generally, Hilton hotel has a good reputation so you will be in the perfect hotel to enjoy your stay. Choose the Hilton Garden inn that is just a mile from Brooklyn heights.

AC Hotel by Marriot

Here you have another one that’s even closer by. It’s about 0.8miles away from Brooklyn heights, and it will therefore give you the suitable space to stay.

Four points Sheraton

Here is another one that’s close by. Like AC hotel, it’s a great one, and it’s only 0.8 miles away from Brooklyn heights.

Hampton inn

This one is the closest too. It is about 0.6 miles to Brooklyn heights, and it has an excellent reputation, so you will be enjoying your stay.

How to get to Brooklyn heights promenade

Unless you reach this promenade, then the whole time, it will just be a dream far away. But really, how would you reach this destination. Once you reach, then you can achieve the dream of taking a walk on the promenade.

One of the exits from the bridge will leave you in Brooklyn heights. It only takes about 8 minutes for you to walk to the promenade. Always remember to carry your google maps along as it will guide you to your destiny.

Use your subway

NY has many subway lines; thus, it will make it easy to reach your destination. Most of the lines are ten minutes to promenade. So, this should get you safely to your destination. Choose to use the high street station A, C. Also, if you can use Clark Street stations 2,3, you will reach on time.

By ferry

Another standard method is to use a ferry service. So, then you should use the East River Ferry or water taxi. This should get you to Brooklyn bridge pier, and this is just down from the promenade.

Some people choose to use the more accessible route to use the cars and taxis, which will still work great.

Kids friendly guide trip

Most of these attraction sites you see here will allow family settings to enjoy the trip as well. But let me just mention the family setting attractions briefly.

They can play

Go to Brooklyn bridge park.

Of course, when the weather is excellent, you will have the kids enjoy different games at the park. Just as you are cycling, you can cycle with them as well. It’s a waterfront park that will give your kids the much fun they need.

If that’s not so fun, then go biking along Brooklyn Heights promenade.

Pierrepoint playground

This one is at the promenade at Pierrepoint Street. If you have children who are eight years and below, this will work great for them. The playground, in this case, has a nifty gym, but they will also enjoy the slides. Also, now you don’t have to go there after 3 pm as it’s often too crowded for neighborhood kids visiting.

Adam Yauch park

Now, this park is ideal for kids of all age groups, of course. So make sure you are watching them as they play.

Harry Chapin playground

It’s at the very end of Brooklyn heights and also close to Dumbo. So kids of different ages can comfortably play here.

Kids can go shopping too.

If we are talking of kids who can walk a little while, you will have them enjoy the shopping. If your kids are anything like mine, they will be looking for the best toys in the streets. Go to Nest egg kids, where you will get some of the best games, toys, and books.

They can also stroll.

Like adults, they can stroll too and, in this case, take them to Montague Street. But, of course, if your kids like to travel, they will mostly enjoy the stroll along the streets.

They should eat

I know most kids eat selectively, so you want to go to a restaurant serving their favorites. Other than that, you should go to a family-friendly restaurant. For me, Clark’s restaurant works all the time. This is just because we love the pancakes they have there.

Table 87 will also give you some of the best coal oven pizzas. You can buy it by the slice or as a whole pie as well.

Have you been to Grand Canyon restaurant? It offers some of the best burgers in town. Generally, though, they serve the best dinner in a family setting.

If you like the middle eastern style, you should buy the pita bread from Damascus bread and pastry shop along Atlantic AV.

To snack, you can go to Emack and Bolio’s ice cream. It offers some of the best ice creams around NY.

Go to chocolate works if your kids enjoy chocolates as they will enjoy the different types of chocolates here.

Tips when going to Brooklyn height for trip

Plan your trip

If you’re going to go on a trip here, then you should plan about it first. Notice that Brooklyn height has existed since the 20th century, which means that this trip will take you back in time. So the first thing you have to do is arrange where you will be going, as that then makes it easy to utilize your time here.

How long should I be here?

It doesn’t matter whether you will go here in the evening or daytime because this area is generally safe. Most people like to go there to catch the sunset that is from Brooklyn. This will just make your day.

Depending on how fast you are, you can see the sights of Brooklyn heights within hours. You should have at least half a day to see all the things you need to.

Take photos and more photos.

If you’re not from Brooklyn, maybe taking a photo is great for you. Also, if you want, then you can target the sunset and take captivating photos. Other than that, there are many spaces where you can take photos, so go on and just take the photos.

If you like, you can take in almost all the spaces we have told you above. Just remember not to concentrate a lot on the photos and forget to live in the present moment.

Always carry snacks or some money.

If you are staying in a hotel, you will need to have some money for a snack just in case you get too hungry. Otherwise, if you are home, you could also opt to carry the snacks from home. Those with kids for the trips need a bag of snacks just because they get hungry fast.

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