19 Best Hotels In Brooklyn Of 2022 (Where To Stay In Brooklyn)

So, you are just traveling to Brooklyn on a short trip, but you want to have some fancy memorable, and relaxing days.

Well, you have to consider the hotels in Brooklyn. I’m the person who will take any day and make it a fancy and fun one. So that’s why I don’t compromise on where to stay in the hotels.

Like many other regions in the country, Brooklyn is going to give you an unforgettable experience.

If you are anything like me, then I’m here to give you some of the best hotels in Brooklyn.

  • The Hoxton Williamsburg
  • The William Vale
  • 1 Hotel Brooklyn bridge
  • The box house hotel
  • Hilton Brooklyn New York
  • Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park
  • Even hotel
  • Sheraton hotel Brooklyn
  • Hotel le Jolie
  • Franklin guest house
  • Hampton inn
  • Henry Norman hotel
  • NU hotel
  • The Condor hotel
  • Wythe hotel
  • New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Hotel RL
  • BKLYN House Hotel
  • Pointe plaza hotel

Top 19 hotels in Brooklyn

1. The Hoxton Williamsburg

When you are talking about luxury hotels, then this is the name you ought to go with. It’s one of the best choices. I like this hotel just because it gives you the perfect views of New York. This hotel has 175 rooms. They all have comfy beds but with a modern bathroom.

The view: I like that it gives you the Manhattan view and if you like the skyline view too.

The best part is that you are in the best neighborhood. Everyone loves Williamsburg as its home to some of the best artists and musicians.

It further has the authentic melting culture of different communities and people. So, you can be sure of the best foods, but it will deliver the different cuisines here.

What I expect: The question they will be asking you is what you would like to eat. Remember they will give you the local grub, and you can enjoy brunch with friends.

Also, if you would like to enjoy your meals on the rooftop, you can comfortably do so. To most people, the rooftop restaurant gives you the England feel.

Location: Hoxton is on the ground of a former factory in the hip of Williamsburg. It’s a unique hotel that’s just a few blocks from East River state park.

Access: you are just about 6 minutes away from the subway stop in Bedford Av.

Recent ratings: with a rating of about 4.5/5, it also has a price range of $204

Contact address: 97 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone number: (718) 215-7100


2. The William Vale

William Vale hotel is another one of the most luxurious hotels.

The view: From this hotel then you will have the view of the best yet most unique city in the world, NYC. This comfortably compliments the impeccable service. Furthermore, from the hotel, you can see the Manhattan skyline view.

Location: the hotel we are speaking of here is about 4 miles from Barclays Center. This hotel is at the heart of Williamsburg, and it’s right across the east river.

The rooms: They have about 183 creative rooms, and mostly they also have a balcony where you can go out and have the perfect view.

They made sure your view is the perfect view you see from the ceiling to the floor of your room. You will then have vibrant rooms to use. Again, this hotel is in the hipster district of Williamsburg.

Amenities: You will further like the hotel if you like to swim. This is why I like to go there during spring and summer to enjoy the largest pool of hotels in NY.

You will enjoy the gym too if you would like to, you know. It’s facing the swimming pool so you can exercise with the pool view on the outside.

The food: when they say you will eat food you have never tasted before, they mean it. I like their lip-smacking donuts. Chef Andrew Carmelini makes Michelin-starred food.

Ratings and price: this is one of the most prominent hotels in the region, and it has a rating of 4.5. Don’t forget that this is a five-star hotel. Its price range, though, is from $385.

Address: 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Phone: +1 718-631-8400


3. 1 Hotel Brooklyn bridge

Here you have one of the best waterfront hotels. It features the use of a 10-storey house.

Location: It’s very close to the Brooklyn Bridge and about 322 meters away from the east river. This hotel is strategically at the center, and it will give you the New York vibe. It’s at pier 1 of the Brooklyn bridge park. It’s at the south of the bridge in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

It’s also just a few minutes from downtown Manhattan.

Access: you can access it following different methods, and it will only take you about 9 minutes to the subway station.

What to expect: If you are into a sustainable environment, you will like this hotel as it features sustainable materials. They used the recycled wood from the factory to make this hotel.

Rooms: This is another one of the best 194 rooms to use. The rooms are nothing short of airy and bright. They further have minibars in the room, an espresso artwork, and a perfect environment for rest. The view: Here then you will have the view of the skyline of Manhattan and that of the east river too.

When you want to go to a place where you will enjoy all of America’s finest meals, hotel Brooklyn is the place. Again, if you like the spa, you will have the ones that also give you the spa and holistic experience. You will love everything about the rooms and the view of the surroundings too.

Rating and price: This is a five-star hotel with a 4.5-star rating. The price range is then from $450.

Address: 60 Furman Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (347) 696-2500


4. The box house hotel

Here is another one of the best options you can use to attain the authentic Brooklyn experience. You will find it in the east river neighborhood. People like it as it gives you the perfect vibe just off midtown Manhattan.

Location and access: This hotel is in East River, which is Brooklyn’s northernmost Greenpoint neighborhood. It’s further at the Greenpoint AV subway, which makes it accessible in just 9 minutes.

Note that it often gives you both the numerous private and public transportation.  This building was initially a doors and windows manufacturing factory, but not anymore.

The neighborhood: this part of Brooklyn as its beaming with the newest restaurants you can go to as you stay in this hotel. Also, if you are into fashion, you will love the streets of fashion. The surrounding is also having parks, art and music galleries, and playgrounds.

The rooms: The hotel is a converted factory that you have across the Pulaski bridge. And the building today has 126 rooms, where you have extraordinary lofts and spacious rooms with perfect ceilings.

Here then you will have the best looking and good restaurant experience. Well, if you are anything like me, then it’s likely you also enjoy the cocktails and the craft beers in their perfect bars. In addition, they offer savory meals created in the perfect environment to deliver the taste of American finest.

The ratings and price: this one, like the ones above, also give you a 4.5-star rating on Google, but it’s a three-star hotel with a price range of $257.

Check out box houses for the best service with the best prices as well.

Address: 77 Box Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 718 383 3800


5. Hilton Brooklyn New York

Typical of most other Hilton hotels in the world, this is one will give you some of the very best experiences ever.

The view: This hotel here then will give you a view of Downtown Brooklyn. I particularly like their suites as they give you the perfect view of the district.

The rooms:  like most other rooms, you will have the amenities you need in the room. They set the coffee maker too. But the living room in the rooms is separated to make it feel like home.

Access: This one is even much easier to access since it’s close to the subway. It will take you about 4 minutes walk to the subway. Also, remember you can use taxis for transport.

Amenities: You will access the fitness center for free when you book here for those of you loving the fitness life. This one is also strategically close to the museum and botanic garden.

Location: When you are going to Hilton, you should know that it’s just about six blocks from Barclays. Come here ready to receive the best experience of your lifetime.

Ratings and price range: on google, it has a 4.4-star rating, but it’s a 4-star hotel with a price range of $146.

Address: 140 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Phone: +1 718-834-8800


6. Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park

This hotel will give you innumerable opportunities. The fact that it’s located at the heart of NYC makes it deliver the bustling experience of Brooklyn.

Location: this hotel is just 6.8 miles from Coney Island, and people like it just for being at the strategic place that allows you to access the different parts of the neighborhood.

The rooms: Like many other hotels in Brooklyn, you are going to have the experience where it delivers the perfect free WIFI. Here you will get the best experience if you want to relax so you should visit it. I enjoy the space when visiting.

When in your rooms, you will have street views, but the rooms also have free WIFI, TV, and many other amenities to make you comfortable. It’s the one place that also accommodates pets if you have them on a trip.

Shopping: Since you are close to the streets, you should enjoy shopping since almost everything you need is here. If you’re looking for a quieter environment to work and play in, this is the area to visit.

Access: This is an eco-friendly hotel that is 5 minutes away from the subway station. But you can use other public transport if you need to.

Ratings and pricing: it has a google rating of 4.1, and it’s a 4-star hotel with a price range of from $161

Address: 457 39th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States

Phone: +1 718-972-0900


7. Even hotel

Even hotel is in downtown Brooklyn. Again, this is one of the best hotels. It has a gym and an in-room fitness center. You can also do yoga if you like to on the mat too.

Location: this hotel you will find at the Boerum hill.

Access: This is two blocks away from the subway. You can walk to the hotel in about 9 minutes from the Barclays Center. It will take 25 minutes on the subway from Manhattan.

The rooms: talk of the tranquil rooms of the hotel. It also has a modern decoration. They even have the mood lighting all to ensure you enjoy your stay. People praise the rooms for being nicely spacious.

They do have other amenities like TV, WIFI and more. Everyone coming here enjoys the serene lounge too. So, as you can see, if you like to work out, you aren’t left behind since you’ll have fun with the gym equipment in the hotel.

Ratings and pricing: Even hotel has a rating of 4.5 on google, and it’s a 4-star hotel with a price ranging from $189.

Address: 46 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 718-552-3800

Check Even hotel

8. Sheraton Hotel Brooklyn

Another one of the most famous choices of the hotel in Brooklyn is Sheraton. Well, this is a global kind of chain hotel just like Hilton. So if you want to go to a highly rated hotel, you should go to the Sheraton hotel.

If you like to visit the Barclays Center though you have no problems as it will only take you about 15 minutes to and from the hotel if you have to walk.

Location: This hotel is located in downtown Brooklyn.

Access: like most of the places you have with these hotels, this one is just about 2 min walk to the subway station.

Rooms: They only have modern rooms that also give flat-screen TVs, WIFI, and many other amenities. You will also have a work desk where you can keep engaging in business. The hotel is perfect if you enjoy Mexican American foods. They further have a rooftop bar where you can serve food and drink for fun with friends.

Notice that if you like Sheraton hotels, then this will never disappoint you anyway. If you like to swim, you are also in the right place if you are going to go to this hotel. I love Starbucks too, so I enjoyed it just because they have it in the lobby.

Ratings and price range: it has a google rating of 4.0, and it’s a 4-star hotel with a price ranging from $143.

Address: 228 Duffield St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Phone: +1 718-855-1900


9. Hotel le Jolie

Well, this is going to be a hotel so perfect to use when you’re going to Brooklyn for a business trip. It delivers a quiet environment where you also have elegance, supreme and perfect feeling. We should mention that this one has a European boutique kind of hotel.

Location: Well, this is the perfect one since it’s very close to the subway stations. It’s further close to Barclays center, kitchen factory, and Brooklyn bridge, just to mention a few. This hotel is strategically placed. Just know that it’s in the hipster neighborhood of Brooklyn – Williamsburg.

Access: this hotel is just 5 minutes from Lorimer St/Metropolitan Ave subway station.

What to expect: When you are in this hotel, it will charm you by giving you the whole NYC experience.

The hotel will give you world-class amenities making your stay comfortable regardless of where you are from. Most people coming to Brooklyn have found themselves in this hotel. The reason for this, they say, is that it gives them an accurate picture of Brooklyn and NY.

Rooms: their rooms are nothing short of exquisite, and you will relax fully before you go out to tackle your day. Whether you are coming alone or with a group of friends you will have an experience of a lifetime when you visit this hotel.

Ratings and price: so, the hotel has a 4.4-star rating, and it’s a 3-star hotel with a price ranging from $217.

Address: 235 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 866-526-4097

Hotel le Jolie website

10.  Franklin guest house

Here you have other famous boutique hotels that will make it easy for you to enjoy the region. It will give you the industrial allures with modern elegance. This hotel has more suites than standard rooms. Well, it offers the epitome of elegance.

Location: This boutique hotel is in Greenpoint, and therefore it will give you the Williamsburg experience and Manhattan. It’s close to the empire state building. Whether you are looking for the traditional or the contemporary feeling, you will have it here. Notice that it will give you the perfect vibe that allows you to connect easily.

Be informed that here then, you have a vibrant hotel making your work easier. They will host you for all the different situations you need it to. So whether you’re coming here for a trip or you are just coming for business, you are bound to enjoy your trip in this area.

Access: now, this hotel is just 5 minutes from the east river and 6 minutes from the subway station. This makes it easy to access.

Ratings and price: It looks like people love it, and they give it a star rating of 4.6, and yet it’s a 3-star hotel. The price range is from $240.

214 Franklin Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 383-3900

Franklin guesthouse

11. Hampton inn

Location: We have another modern hotel set in Brooklyn downtown, just about 3 miles from Brooklyn bridge. You will notice it’s also close to the Brooklyn Museum. Hampton inn is also half a mile from the metro center.

Amenities: For NBA lovers, this is the other best space to settle in because Barclays center is just a mile away. When there’s a game, you can rush to see it. If you like a hotel with a fitness center, this is one of the essential standouts for this hotel.

What to expect: This hotel has dozens of repeat customers, and all this is because of their service delivery. But like many of the customers coming here, I like their breakfast. Although you can eat a bagel, fruit, sausage, and some waffles, this one is made with love to stand out. Anyone trying this complimentary breakfast always comes back for the treat again from time to time.

Expect some all-day freshly baked cookies that they set in the lobby, and this will mainly serve you when you are super hungry.

The rooms: You see, the room’s design is here to offer the best comfort and relaxation. They are simply clean, and they stand out from all the other amenities you need to make you comfortable.

Access: It’s located at the foot of the Manhattan bridge, and then it’s at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Hillary street. Now other amenities include the business center and the paid parking.

Rating and price: it has a star rating of 4.4, and it’s a 3-star hotel with a price ranging from$161.

Address: 125 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 875-8800


12. Henry Norman hotel

Henry Norman will give you the whole picture of New York and particularly Brooklyn. Well, its location is everything. As you will notice, it’s strategically set in a place where you can view the NYC skyline Greenpoint. In the past, this was a warehouse, but today it makes one of the best apartments like hotels.

This will consistently deliver a unique stay at the hotel just like the one you would if you were home or, better yet, even comfier.

The rooms: This boutique hotel is perfect as it gives you large loft-style suits. Coming to this hotel will give you the trail where you have cozy, comfortable meeting industrial artistic. If you are not from Brooklyn and coming to this hotel, it will bring you right into the middle of the NY action. It’s a great spot to go to if you are on a business trip. It will keep you motivated to go out and start taking care of business.

Access: this is another one of the best hotels that is nearby a subway. It will take you about ten minutes to the subways, and then a car ride takes such a short time to JKF airport.

Accommodation: it has 52 rooms that you will love for its industrial decoration and then it’s nicely ample. This rooms also have a high ceiling, and this generally makes the rooms feel even more spacious.

You can have a deluxe room with a full kitchen to make your food if you like to. And you can also reheat the leftovers if you need to. Such suit rooms may also have an extra bedroom.

The view: the rooms have two views so you can choose the city loft view or the garden view you just have to be on the balcony to enjoy this view.

Rating and pricing: this hotel has a 4.5-star rating, and it’s a 3-star hotel with a price ranging from $219.

Address: 239 N Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (718) 663-2100


13. NU hotel

You will have each of the rooms they have in the hotel decorated differently. I like the ones with the large murals from the local artists. I mean, you are going to find everything from hammock to lively pop.

When you are looking for the best boutique hotel, look towards Nu hotel found downtown, Brooklyn. The hotel is more of a meeting place for the community-driven meeting place. In this hotel then you will celebrate the art culture and the dynamic energy.

The hotel has a refined aesthetic that evokes creativity and progressive artwork.

Accommodation: they have 93 loft rooms, all have the perfect wood floors, abundant amenities like a cozy bed, and perfect space for you to unwind. So, of course, you have them set in Brooklyn, which is naturally beautiful. You will find the rooms being adventurous.

Which kind of room would you like to have? The standard queen bed, standard double room, accessible queen room, and more. They also have laptop-compatible safes for your safety.

Location: This hotel is close to Barclays center; in fact, you take just 4 minutes to drive to the hotel. This upper-middle-class hotel is at Boerum hill, and it’s also close to Brooklyn bridge park and Brooklyn bridge. Like many other hotels, this one is at the business center, which makes it easily accessible, but you will relax from the hassle and bustle of life when you then go in.

Do you like to shop? Go to 5th avenue and Chelsea market

Access: you will love it more so because it’s close to public transport. You can use the subway train station.

Rating and price: it has a 4.3-star rating, and it’s a 3-star hotel with a price range of $137.

Address: 85 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 852-8585


14. The Condor hotel

This one you will find nestled in the best and most exciting neighborhood of Brooklyn. If you are traveling with kids, you will be looking for a space that’s also kids friendly. You will like it more because they offer larger rooms too.

They also give you a rollaway crib upon request. Of course, when you compare it to the neighboring hotels, you will notice that it’s not even that trendy. But it will provide just about enough comfort to enjoy your stay.

The one thing that will bring many people to this hotel is the size of the room and the price.

Location: we have to talk about the location which is much more accessible, at least for many people. You will find it at least 8 miles from empire state buildings. It’s also 10 miles from the statue of liberty.

Condor Hotel is at Williamsburg, Brooklyn hotel. The condor hotel works for you whether you are traveling for leisure or just business. This is close to the historic Brooklyn heights, park slope, and Greenpoint neighborhood.

Accommodation: when you’re looking for affordable yet comfortable rooms, then you will have them in the form of plush king, plush twin, plush corner luxury suite, and plush suite. What you should know is that the space in these rooms is not at all limited.

Ratings and price: it has a 4.2-star rating, and yet it’s a 3-star hotel with a price ranging from $97.

Address: 56 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: 718.526.6367


15. Wythe hotel

Another one of the top hotels in the world is this one. It prides itself on being the original boutique hotel of Williamsburg. It primarily focuses on the culture of the community, the food, and then delivering the ambient environment.

It’s a local hotel, and if you are going to come here, you should prepare to come close to the authentic Brooklyn culture. This hotel is home to all people from the globe as long as you want to have an outstanding stay.

Accommodation: from the many reviews, it’s a great hotel. The rooms they have are mostly bright and with a high ceiling to create large spaces.

Some of the rooms also have an architectural design to make them even better looking. If you like, then you can go for the rooms that will allow you to see the Manhattan skyline. Notice that the hotel has kept its industrial character.

Location: This hotel is set in a 100yr old factory. They do have 70 rooms for the hotel and all of the rooms, as earlier mentioned, are nothing short of exquisite. It’s at the Brooklyn waterfront area. It’s one of the hipster paradise hotels.

Access: this hotel is about 0.4 miles away from the subway station. This makes it more accessible.

The view: the rooms are strategically set for you to view the Manhattan skyline endlessly.

You will love the hotel for its eco-friendly practices. This hotel is generally for those environmentally conscious individuals.

Rating and price: it has a 4.4-star rating, and it’s a 4-star hotel with a price ranging from $360.

Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (718) 460-8000


16. New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

The rooms: It has one ample space, and mostly you will never miss space in their 638 rooms and 28 suites. All of the rooms they have here are comfortable, and they have signature beddings, TVs, WIFI, and all such things to make sure you are comfortable.

Amenities: Here you have another one of the best hotels ever. It’s famous for its amazing indoor pool that you can go swimming in again.

This hotel also offers you the spa and fitness, which aims to make sure you have the most fun. It features a 25-story building, and at the bar, then you will have American cuisine meals. It’s open for drinks all the time. In addition, you will have quick bites for breakfast and lunch.

Access: the good thing is that it has three stops by subway. You will like that it’s very close to Manhattan too.

Rating and price: here, you have a 4.3-star rating, and it’s a 4-star rating. Its price ranges from $178.

Address: 333 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 246-7000


17. Hotel RL

Are you in love with the capital of NY? You will most likely enjoy this hotel as well. This one sits strategically about minutes from significant areas of Brooklyn.

It’s minutes away from Greenpoint and Williamsburg. It’s also about 2.9 miles from Brooklyn center, and you can easily access LaGuardia airport.

This hotel is energizing, and it will make it easy for you to unwind.  It’s one of the Red Lion chains. The hotel has a bar/lounge, restaurants, café, and coffee shops too.

Location: This hotel is in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, yet it’s very close to the metro station. Whether you want to go to the Brooklyn Museum or just any other sports center, you can do so easily.

Rooms: it has about 70 rooms with all the social amenities you will need to make it for a good day. They do allow for free local calls, and yet you will even have the iron board. And if you would like to do your business, you can because it has all the necessary things you need for business.

Rating and price: it has a star rating of 3.9, and it’s a 3-star hotel. Its price range, though, is at $135.

Address: 1080 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Phone: (718) 715-4850


18. BKLYN House Hotel

Here is another funky industrial hotel that offers you the sleek modern style hotels in Brooklyn. The hotel will then offer you the loft-style feel. It usually has a wood furnishing style. This hotel then offers the diverse experience of the creative neighborhood of Bushwick.

If you’re with your friends, then you should have the perfect resting spot for visiting friends.

Access: the good thing is that it’s just two blocks away from J & M subway lines. So, of course, with this, then you will be connected to downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan downtown. You are then very close to DUMBO, Williamsburg bridge, Metro center, Barclays center.

The rooms: here, you will have 113 loft-style rooms. Most people eating in this hotel praise their breakfast. However, it will serve best when you’re coming into a group.

Ratings and price: it has a 4.1-star rating, yet it’s a 2-star hotel. Its price ranges from $113.

Address: 9 Beaver St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: (718) 388-4433


19. Pointe plaza hotel


Here is another one that is very close to Barclays Center. It will take you just about 7 minutes to reach the Barclays center. Notice that this hotel is about 2.7 miles from Brooklyn Museum. So it’s much easier to access the hotel when need be.

Pointe Plaza is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it features an all-suite hotel. It’s at the center of the fashionable neighborhood of Williamsburg. The hotel is just minutes from Brooklyn bridge. The rooms, in this case then will give you the comfort you need.

You will be surprised that you often have the perfect dining experience as well. So come for business or just luxury; choose how you want to enjoy life.

Address: 2 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (718) 782-7000


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