Where To Find Awesome Juice Bars Near Brooklyn

A freshly squeezed glass of juice can add more than ten different health benefits to your body. There are also super refreshing and some of the most beautiful Juice bars in New York are located in Brooklyn.

Serving a wide variety of delicious vegetable and fruit juices, in fun environments and at amazing rates, these Brooklyn juice bars are your one-stop for an all-natural, refreshing glass of juice.

If you’re into more natural products or on a diet, then vegetable and fruits juices and smoothies are excellent for your diet.

Here are some Brooklyn juice bars close to you, where you can get awesome drinks, in family-friendly environments made with all-natural ingredients.

Brooklyn Juice bars 

  • Punchline Juice bar
  • The Juicy box
  • Unwind Juice bar
  • High vibrations Juice bar
  • Gentle juice bar
  • Veggie natural juice bar
  • Living well garden juice bar
  • Hemo’s spot
  • Secret garden juice bar and tea house
  • Very juice bar
  • Juice bar organic fruits
  • Juicy mama
  • Brooklyn blend

1. Punchline Juice bar

638 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States

+1 718-856-7500

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Punchline Juice Bar (@punchline_juicebar) 分享的帖子

If you’re searching for a spot in Brooklyn that serves delicious plant-based juices and smoothies then punchline juice bar is the perfect place for you.

Punchline Juice bar serves wholesome juices made with fresh ingredients and no artificial coloring.

The punchline juice bar is a great spot if you’re trying to find natural and healthy substitutes for soda or artificial juices from stores.

Their menu offers a variety of delicious choices, and additional toppings like avocado, nuts, and oats that could be served with your drink. They are also budget-friendly with their juices costing nothing over $10.

Punchline has a wonderful food menu serving vegan burgers, salads, wraps, and other delicious vegetarian meals. Their store is a great place to get lunch or breakfast.

They are located at Nostrand, Brooklyn, and are open from 11 am till 6 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays.

2. The Juicy Box

2281 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States

+1 917-933-4088


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The Juicy Box Bar (@thejuicyboxbar) 分享的帖子

The Juicy box Bk is a bar and grill at Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn that offers some of the most delicious juices and smoothies in the area.

Mostly known for its delicious food, the juicy box also has a wholesome juice, smoothies, and shakes menu with a lot of fun refreshing options.

They have a “cool bowl” menu serving their juicy acai bowl, a dragon fruit bowl, a sunshine bowl with mangos and peaches, and the big green bowl with spinach, ginger, mint, and banana.

There are also a variety of toppings to complement the servings.

Their menu also includes peanut punch smoothie, kale aid juice, energy juice made with apples, beets, carrots, lemon, and spinach, and their signature ultimate green smoothie made with Avocado, spinach, walnuts, parsley, green apple, and coconut water.

Be sure to also check out their food menu with delicious burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, omelets, and rice.

They are open from 2 pm till 11 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 2 pm till 12 am every other day of the week except Fridays when they’re open till 2 am.

3. Unwind juice bar

1162 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11212, United States

+1 929-251-3085

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Unwind Juice Bar (@unwind.juicebar) 分享的帖子

Unwind juice bar truly is the place to unwind and enjoy a cup of freshly made juice. Treat yourself to a healthy vegetable smoothie or a delicious chocolate milkshake at affordable rates in your local neighborhood juice bar.

Unwind juice bar works with fresh, all-natural ingredients shopped from your local supermarket. Their recipes and blends are excellent for maintaining good health and they also offer some delightful detox options.

Their menu includes juices made with strawberries, banana, ginger, honey, orange, and lots more. They also offer herbal smoothies, their special pumpkin spice ice latte, and my favorite item on their menu the Nutella pina colada. They serve salads and fruit bowls as well.

They’re at Lenox Road, Brooklyn. They offer takeaway services but do not make home deliveries.

4. High Vibration Juice bar

1013 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

+1 347-457-6636

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High Vibrations Juice Bar (@highvibrationsjuicebar) 分享的帖子

The interior of the High Vibration juice bar is a modern space, with simple and classy décor. It’s a great place to sit with a refreshing cup of juice while working on your laptop.

If you’re a remote worker, it’s a lovely, peaceful space to get some work done and enjoy a delicious sandwich.

Their menu offers a wide selection of healthy juices, smoothies, and shakes made with all-natural ingredients.

Winners of the 2021 black plate award as the best healthy bites, New York City; high vibrations truly live up to its name, serving amazing drinks all year round.

Some of their menu items include clarity juice with carrot, apple, and ginger. Their mojito vibes juice, sweet green juice, and herbal teas containing hibiscus, lemongrass, and lavender.

They are located at Fulton Street and are open between 9 am till 3 pm on Tuesdays, 9 am till 6 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 9 am till 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. They offer

Dine-in and delivery services and you can shop bottled juice and smoothies from their website.

5. Gentle juice bar

8400 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236, United States

+1 718-255-7648

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Gentle Juice Bar (@gentlejuicebar) 分享的帖子

The Gentle juice bar is a fun, family-friendly environment to grab refreshing all-natural drinks at Flatlands Avenue.

They are your friendly neighborhood juice bar serving delicious healthy Juices and smoothies made with fresh ingredients and no artificial additives

Their menu offers a variety of juice and shakes, some including their signature “up and ready” juice made with sea moss, nuts, oats, and spice, and the pineapple refresher juice with Pineapples, cucumber, apple, spinach, and ginger.

They also have great options for detox like their Vernie’s cleanser juice or the green juice detox with Cucumber, celery, parsley, apple, lemon, flaxseed, and chia seed.

They serve smoothies with flavors like Avocado, Mango, banana, and lots more. You can get a mojito, lemonade, and fruit salads. They also have a food menu serving, fish wraps, shrimp salads, and empanadas.

They are at Flat Avenue Brooklyn, along the walkway, you can’t miss them.

6. Veggie Natural Juice bar

1209 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States

+1 347-365-1669

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The Nyc Way (@blackmenrunnyc) 分享的帖子

Need a refreshing drink to layout off that massive headache after a night out with the girls? Then try the delicious hangover juice at Veggies natural juice bar with Beet, pineapple, lemon, celery, ginger, and pear for just $6.5

Located at Nostrand Avenue, New York, Veggie natural juice bar serves some of the most delicious freshly made juices and smoothies in Brooklyn. Their menu offers options for all sorts of diets with fresh ingredients and excellent blends.

If you’re trying to lose weight or searching for a store to get a refreshing energy smoothie after a gym section then I recommend their weight loss Juice made with Carrot, apple, cucumber, kale, and collards, or having a look at their wholesome energy smoothie’s menu.

Their menu also includes healthy bone tonic juices, body cleanser juice, blood regulator Juice, immune booster smoothies, and many more options made with all-natural ingredients to keep you healthy.

If you’re just looking for a refreshing glass of juice on a hot day, then they’ve got other delicious regular fruit and vegetable juice options.

They also have a food menu serving veggie burgers, grilled jerk salmon, yucca fries, vegan burritos, and daily soup specials.

They are open from 10 am till 7 pm Mondays through Fridays and between 11 am and 7 pm on Sundays.

7. Living well garden juice bar

1534 St Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11213, United States

+1 718-484-0860

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Living Well Garden (@livingwellg) 分享的帖子

Living well the garden is a local juice bar at Saint John Pl, Brooklyn serving refreshing all-natural Juices and smoothies. They are open as early as 8 am, so it’s a great spot to swing by for breakfast.

They serve well-packaged Juices, Shakes, and Smoothies made exactly how you like.  Their menu offers a wide selection of healthy choices for all diets.

Some of their highly recommended menu items include the S.O.B smoothie with strawberry, orange, and beet, the pina colada smoothies with pineapple, banana, and coconut milk, their signature protein shakes with peanut butter, and their green monster juice with apple, kale, cucumber, pineapple, and celery.

Some other great choices include the hurricane smoothie, muscle beach, immune booster shakes, and the beauty spa Juice. They also have “made your own” options, where you can select your choice of fruits and vegetables.

Their services hours are between 8 am and 7 pm every day of the week but they’re closed on Saturday. They offer takeaway services but do not run home delivery services.

8. Hemo’s spot

6929 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States

+1 718-333-5589

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Hemo’s Spot Steinway (@hemosspot) 分享的帖子

Wondering where you can get a smoothie in Brooklyn at midnight? Why not stop by Hemo’s. This juice bar is just along 5th Avenue and they serve delicious juices, smoothies, and food, every day of the week between 8 am to 1 am.

Hemo’s is your one-stop for a late-night snack in Brooklyn. Their menu serves juices, smoothies, parfait, protein shakes, and coffee made with fresh handpicked ingredients and excellent blends.

Some good choices include Sugar cane Juice, Carrot Juice, Super Energy Juice with kale, pineapple, apple, and cucumber, the cucumber smoothies, and their Tutti Frutti smoothie with banana, strawberry, pineapple, and Yogurt.

You can also get delicious parfait for as low as $6, milkshake, and their special dragon fruit juices.

Hemo’s service hours are between 8 am and 1 am all week round. They’re a great option to grab dinner after a late night in the office. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services. Their food menu offers burgers, wraps, burritos, and French fries.

9. Secret garden juice bar and tea house

347 Lewis Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233, United States

+1 347-221-0719

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Secret Garden (@bk_secretgarden) 分享的帖子

It’s no secret that this secret garden serves some of the most delicious juices and shakes in Brooklyn.

Joy Thomas created a peaceful, warm haven with her exotic Juice bar. Beautifully Decorated with brightly colored curtains, pillows, and plants, the Secret Garden juice bar is a great place to relax or meditate over a delicious cup of juice. They also have a beautiful outdoor dining space.

Their all- Natural juice menu serves a variety of juices and shakes for complete health and wellness.

Some of their delightful smoothies’ options include their butterfly’s smoothie with peanut butter, banana, blueberry, and granola, the Joyful blue smoothie with rice milk, banana, blueberry, and granola, and the sunshine smoothies with orange, pineapple, carrot, mango, and apple. They also have Amazing fruits and vegetable juices.

Their food menu is full of vegetarian options like garden salads and tofu burritos. They are open between 12 pm and 7 pm all week but close an hour earlier on Sundays. They are at Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, and run dine-in and delivery services.

10. Very Juice bar

422 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

+1 718-676-9400

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Very juice (@veryjuicebar) 分享的帖子

The modern, simple decor at very juice creates a warm family-friendly environment, making it a great option for stopping by for a healthy lunch with the whole family.

With amazing recipes and only fresh ingredients, Very Juice serves delicious healthy meals and drinks.

Their gluten-free waffles and raw oatmeal served with toppings like almond butter, fresh strawberries and banana are an excellent choice for breakfast and go for nothing over $20.

Their menu also offers delicious Acai bowls including almond butter acai bowl, caramel acai bowl, and dragon fruit acai bowl all for $11, with additional toppings like fruits and nuts costing between $1 – $2.

Their juice menu serves options like celery, carrot, green, and apple. They also have a detox mix with Collards, parsley, kale, spinach, celery, apple, and cucumber.

Be sure to also check out their signature smoothies like the “man of the world” smoothie with Raw cashews, maca, cacao nibs, cinnamon, dates, almond milk, and banana for just $10.

They also serve salads, cheesecakes, and soups so check them out at Avenue B Brooklyn. They are open between 7 am and 9 pm every day of the week but close at 2:30 pm on Friday.

You can place your orders for juice and shakes online on their website.

11. Juice bar organic fruits

501 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

+1 347-295-0885

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Juice bar organic fruits is a great place to stop by after a long workout section. Their amazing protein shakes are a get boost after lifting some weights.

Their stores open as early as 6 am so it’s also a great spot to grab a healthy smoothie on your way to the office.

They are just along Franklin Avenue and they serve delicious juices and shakes made with all-natural ingredients. They’re a great choice if you’re going on a diet or looking for healthier options in your diet.

Their menu offers Acai bowls like their peanut butter Acai bowl with apple cider, banana, and almond milk and their berry acai with strawberries, banana, and almond milk.

Their juice menu also serves a variety of juices with kale, apple, watermelon pineapple, ginger, and lots more. You can also pick up fresh flowers right Infront of their stores for your partner or just to keep on the kitchen counter.

Their open from 6 am till 6 pm every day of the week, and they offer take-out services and bike parking.

12. Juicy mama

253 Schenectady Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, United States

+1 718-676-1050

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JUICY MAMA (@juicymama_bk) 分享的帖子

Another black-owned business just along Schenectady street that you can support and get your amazing juices and shakes is Juicy mama.

With fresh all-natural ingredients, handpicked and restocked every day, Juicy mama serves refreshing juices and smoothies for everyone in the family.

The warm green color of the bar along with their art and awesome music creates a warm feel making it a great spot to stop by to get some work done on your phone or laptop over freshly squeezed orange juice.

The work area is sanitary and the staff always have a big smile on their faces.

Their menu offers juices, smoothies, and protein blends. If you’re into vegetable juices then I recommend their regulator juice with beet, celery, carrot lemon, and spinach with the large cup going for only $6.50.

Their service hours are between 8 am and 8: 30 pm, Mondays through Saturdays and 8 am till 6 pm on Sundays.

13. Brooklyn Blend

194 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States

+1 718-484-2247

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Sullivan Rutherford (@sullymang) 分享的帖子

Brooklyn blend is a health food restaurant in the heart of Bed Stuy, New York. Their juice bar and café serve amazing vegetable and fruits juices, milkshakes, and smoothies.

This black-owned juice bar is a great option if you’re looking to try out healthier dishes or searching for good substitutes for sodas and store-bought artificial juice.

Their drinks are made with all-natural ingredients. They have a clean workspace, where orders are prepared fresh for customers and friendly, professional staff.

Their beverage menu offers freshly pressed vegetables and fruit juices. Some of their specials include their Midwood high juice made with carrot, apples, beet, and ginger which is great for your immune system, and their botanical garden juice made with tomato, carrots, celery, and spinach that aids in lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, and eye diseases.

There also serve wellness shots, almond or soy milk-based shakes, and vegetable smoothies.

Their food menu includes sandwiches, salads, breakfast specials, and sides like shrimp, rice, and salmon fillets.

They are open from 8 am till 6 pm on weekdays and from 9 am till 6 pm on weekends. They offer dine-in and delivery services.

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Who do you think is the king of the juice kingdom? Orange and apple have been rivaling for many years (but we know it’s apple) let me know what you think in the comment section.

The importance of eating healthy cannot be over-emphasized.  Vegetable and fruit juices are a great source of important vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay fit and healthy.

If you are looking for a spot to grab rich, healthy juices and smoothies in Brooklyn, be sure to give any of these locations a visit.

What do you do to maintain your mental and physical wellness? Drop a comment so we could all learn different ways to take care of ourselves and don’t forget to like and share, thanks.

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