11 Best Neighborhoods In Brooklyn (Best Places To Live In Brooklyn)

Brooklyn is one of the oldest boroughs of New York that, although very large, isn’t a city as many would think.

However, if you’re going to live here, you will enjoy the historic neighborhoods and the creative sites and constructions.

So, whether you’re going for a visit or just moving, we got you in the explanation of some of the best places you can visit.

Today though, we have other new people who would like to move to Brooklyn, and they want to know everything about it.

So stick around to see what works for you.

1. Park Slope

Whenever you’re talking of Brooklyn, the first place coming to mind is Park Slope. It is one of the best neighborhoods for families, yet it’s a very safe environment to visit or even stay in. It’s home to all the different categories of people.

Families will enjoy this place. But if you are out just starting a career, you will find it a great space to go to.

Park Slope Copy Center 1

The one thing standing out about this area is the fact that it has the Victorian style of mansions, but it also has the old-style brownstone mansions. To most people, this is the best place to stay when you are living in Brooklyn.

Park slope even has excellent public schools and private ones to make it a lively family setting.

So, of course, expect your neighbors to be of the corporate carriers. Regardless you will also have other professionals like musicians, artists, and many other styles.

Notice that it’s a perfect residential neighborhood close to some of the significant creative spots in Brooklyn.

More about Park Slope

But where is the park slope?

Park slope is on the northern side of Brooklyn and therefore closer to Manhattan. Precisely you will find it on the northwestern side of Brooklyn.

You will have the Prospect Park on the east of the park slope and then 4th avenue on the west. Also, you will have Flatbush Avenue on the north and then prospect expressway on the south.

What you will see and do

One of the most common features of this neighborhood is its two most common commercial streets in the world, fifth and seventh avenue.

The other standing feature is that the neighborhood is gorgeous with its brownstone-lined streets.

You will have many shops, grocery stores and just about anything you need.

Again, like all the other places you will notice that it has the different restaurants you will like to see and go to.

How to reach park slope

Here you can reach the park slope by bus or subways too. The good thing is that it’s easy to reach the area when using these models of transport.

2. Williamsburg

This is one of the everchanging areas that has changed from a regular hipster area to a more expensive area for over a decade, attracting more families today.

The Williamsburg Bridge

You will mostly actually find the grownups in this area than you do at any other age. This place is typical for its Instagram-worthy restaurants and bars, which means you will find the place to freshen up and just have fun.

I always see several renovated factories with significant industrial buildings that have also become studios and different working spaces. Well, if you like Manhattan, this is the place that will give you more of the Manhattan vibe.

It further gives the young professionals an ideal space to live. It’s the perfect space for the artist and writers to be creative since it will give you rich history and tradition. This is home to aspiring artists and musicians.

The good thing is you can live here even if you commute by subway or bus to Manhattan easily.  Note though that this area, like the previous park slope, is not cheap.

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But where is it?

Williamsburg borders Greenpoint to the north. Bedford–Stuyvesant to the south. It also borders Bushwick to the East and East River to the west.

When you look at it, you will realize that this is one of the towns that has gone through massive gentrification.

Today they characterize it with the vibrant life and the hipster culture with the best contemporary art scene.

How to reach here

You’ll like this place because when you move to this area, you will have the time you take to reach your destination reduced.

So, you will like it a lot more because you can reach this area using the bus and subway. But when you’re using the subway train, it will take a much shorter time to reach the destination.

In some instances, people use the ferry to reach the station.

What to see or do here

  • You will like the historic building together with the art scene.
  • Now this area has several ethnicities. This is why you will find restaurants selling different cuisines. It also has cafes, food courts, and bars.
  • So, if you like you can also go to see the different parks like McCarren Park.

Who lives here?

Here then you will find a range of people. The young to the old live here comfortably. You will like that you have a lot of immigrants in this area too.

The rent will be about $2695, so prepare to spend a good amount of money here too.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for youths

3. Clinton Hill

I know you may wonder why I listed it as one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn just because some people classify it alongside Fort Greene.

By the mid-19th century, we already had Clinton Hill as one of the most fashionable places. It also had many millionaires already living in the mansions. You will find it lined across Clinton Avenue.

This neighborhood has a considerable charm and attractions site, and most people like it for its architectural variety.

This excellent neighbor has attracted a diverse group, but you expect the rent to be higher if you rent the apartments.

However, the apartment buildings you find here are more than worth it.

What to do here?

Foodies will enjoy this area. You can find great restaurants, bars for wines, cafes, and coffee houses, among others. The good thing is you will find the different varieties of food to eat here.

Take a walk through the history and architecture. You will enjoy the housing too.

Take a walk to fort green park and have even more fun.

Who lives here?

Notice then that you will find many college students here since Clinton hill is also home to Pratt institute. This is one school that attracts artists from different places.


This one is in the north-central section of Brooklyn. It borders the Brooklyn navy yard and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to the north Williamsburg to the northeast bed-stuy to the east Atlantic Avenue to the south and Fort Green to the west.

How to reach Clinton hill

Like the different parts of Brooklyn, you can reach here if you use the subway train and the busses. You just have to choose the subway station close to your home.

If you like it, you can also use the busses but know that it will take a little longer.

4. Red hook

Whenever you get close to the know Red Hook waterfront, you will feel the fishing village feel. The area is much more secluded, especially since it’s not accessible by subway, but still, it’s one of the best places.

Its name is from the area’s red clay soil. Regardless the area got gentrified as well, and today, it can be tough to find houses in the area.

You won’t even remember you are in NYC until you look from your house to get the perfect view of the Statue of Liberty.

But the factories that left the houses have been transformed into the condo.

In the previous post, it was an area infested by gang homes, and well over the years, it has changed to one of the most expensive regions of Brooklyn. It has the perfect restaurants and art gallery, just to mention a few.

How do you get to the red hook?

When you want to get to the red hook, it’s not as easy as getting to other parts of Brooklyn. The main thing you should know is that the subway will not go to those sides, unfortunately.

If you like, though, you can use the ferry service to get you to the red hook harbor, then you get your way home or work.

If that’s not an option, then get the train to Carroll Street, and then you can start to walk.

What can you do here?

If you live in this area and are looking for the easiest way to enjoy yourself, you should do the following. When checking the area, you will need to know that this place is one of the growing areas of Brooklyn.

Therefore, you don’t want to compare it to other places like Williamsburg. Still, you will have great attraction sites.

Visit the waterfront museum.

You will have different styles of restaurants you can go out to for your fancy events. They have nice cafes, bars, and restaurants around these areas.


You will find it between the buttermilk channel Gowanus Bay and the Gowanus channel. Notice it’s at the southern edge of downtown Brooklyn. You will find it actually in the west.

Who lives here?

Most of the time, you will have young professionals and especially those who have just started their careers.

Finally, you expect the rent to be a little higher in this area. You will be paying about $3839. But it’s one of the safest areas to live in, you know.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for the elderly

5. Bay ridge

Here you have one of the best spaces for those older adults, primarily retirees. It has a larger retirement community; you should know that.

Somehow, we can’t say it’s a dull space as these days we even have the older and the young in the area, especially since it’s close to Manhattan. The one thing you should know, though, is that it has a small-town feel.

5th Avenue Bay Ridge

Notice, though, that it has attached and detached homes. So, the good thing is that the homes have garages, driveways as well as backyards. You can expect to have the gated mansions too.

You will like this area because it’s thriving and has grown to be a diverse neighborhood. Besides, you don’t even have to worry about where to shop as you will find the mall on 86th street.

Regardless you can get an excellent condition house in the bay more affordable than they have in Park Slopes.

You can still find a two-story house in New York costing less than $1m to buy.

The Bay Ridge is by far one of the most affordable areas, and still, it’s affordable compared to many other regions.

Who stays here?

In most cases, you have the elderly and retirees, and young professionals with their families of young kids. In most cases, they will be in their mid-thirties. If you like to have outdoor spaces, you will find this area to be appealing.


This area is situated in the southwest corner area of New York. You will find that it’s bound on the north by the sunset, Dyker height on the east, fort Hamilton on the south, and the belt parkway on the west.

What should you do in bay ridge?

They have the best restaurants, bars, and cafes for you to enjoy the perfect meals.

If you like your quiet time, you will mostly enjoy the botanical gardens in this area too.

You will also have the family store where you will go out shopping too.

How to get to bay ridge

One thing you are not going to understand is how it makes it a long time to reach the bay ridge even when you’re using the subway.

You can also use the buses, and the good thing is that you have different bus times.

If that’s not an option, then you should use a taxi or even your car.

The rent prices

You will expect to spend about $1750 on the rent on the median average.

Safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

6. Brooklyn Heights

This is what they used to refer to as Brooklyn ridges. Here you have a compact neighborhood that also gives you a warm and cozy vibe.

This was one of the suburbs in the US, and it has had long-term residents, you know.

Brooklyn Heights

If safety is your primary concern, you will need to get to this place safely. People like this area for its historic architecture and the perfect housing making it safe to have your family live in.

You can expect only to have the row houses. This area will give you the small-town feel you know.

If you’re going to buy or rent here, you may also just know earlier that the housing is way too expensive.

What to see and do here

You can have a panoramic view of the Brooklyn heights. We are forever grateful to the architecture that allows you to view Manhattan.

You will enjoy the historical sites as well. It has the perfect history for you to see and enjoy.

If you want, you can go to the hotel St. George too, as it gives you the olden days vibe as well.

Everyone loves pizza; try the Grimaldi’s or Juliana’s Pizza.

Also, go to other restaurants in the surrounding for more fun.


This is one of the posh areas that you will find bound by the old Fulton Street, and it’s always near the Brooklyn Bridge on the north.

It also borders the Cadman Plaza west to the east and Brooklyn Queensway to the west.

The price

You should be ready to pay about $3352 for the rent when you go to Brooklyn heights.

It offers a serene yet quiet environment that is great for anyone with a family too.

7. Dumbo

Another one of the largest areas in Brooklyn that is relatively safe is the dumbo. The term DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

DUMBO Brooklyn

For a long time, we knew it to be the least populated area, but today we say it’s one of the best areas with too many entrepreneurs, so it’s multiplying as well. It makes the perfect headquarters for eCommerce sites like Etsy.

We have to mention it because it offers a safe residential neighborhood in the area. This is home to tech professionals, artists, and young families.

The housing includes luxury lofts but also apartments. This is one of the closest areas to Manhattan, so as you would expect, it’s not one of the cheapest spaces to go to.

More about Dumbo

Where to visit or see

When you are in this area, you can go to the following spaces

The chocolate factory

St Ann’s warehouse

Brooklyn’s flea, among others.

Who lives here?

The young professionals much prefer the place although even the families can stay here.

Dumbo offers some of the best areas, but it will cost you about $3945.

Cheapest Brooklyn neighborhoods

8. Sunset Park

One of the cheapest areas in Brooklyn happens to be this place. Sunset has some of the best views, yet it offers you the best choice for places to rent too.

Sunset Park 1

So, then you will also see the perfect view of the statue of liberty. It has both high and low buildings, and the low buildings have an open space making it easy to view the different parts of New York.

You will primarily view the eponymous park.

How to reach the sunset park

The good thing is that here you will find the subway trains you can use. So, you will commute for about 40 minutes to reach your destination.

What to do or see

You have the waterfront, so you will find the industrial city with about 16 warehouses, and it’s on the cobblestone streets.

You can see the Brooklyn flea as well.

You will like the city’s best views.

You should expect the median rent to be about $1845 per month.


This is one of the best multicultural areas of Brooklyn. This is the area with Chinatown, and this is an indication that it has Chinese as well as Latinos.

Sunset is usually at the southwestern side of the borough. This area is bounded by a greenwood cemetery and the park slope.

Who likes to live here?

You have young families around these areas. You can also have the young professionals since it’s a cheaper area to live in.

9. Sheepshead Bay

Anyone who likes the coastal vibe with the diverse culture will like this region. I mean, anyone who likes the coastal vibe should visit this area. This one lies on the bay line that is at the southern border.

If you like booze cruises, you will like them during the summer nights.

Sheepshead Bay

This is the perfect solution to give you a beachy vibe. You will find the old beach bungalows. You will also then have single-family houses.

What will you see?

If you live in this area, then you will notice the one unique thing is the food. It blends the different cuisines; therefore, you will enjoy it.

It’s going to give you the Cantonese style of meals. This is just one of them since there are other different options.

I like to go to sheepshead every once in a while for the roast meat.


You will find it in southern Brooklyn. It’s bounded in ocean parkway to the west, king’s highway to the north, Nostrand Avenue to the east, and then the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Who lives here?

Mostly the family setting is perfect as they often have large houses.

How to reach there

You will have the area being easy to access the subway, but you may need to use the taxis and the buses too if you can’t get it.

What’s the rent cost?

When you look at it, then this is one of the cheapest choices in Brooklyn too. The median rent will be $1898.

The trendiest neighborhoods.

10. Bushwick

This is not only one of the most affordable places. It’s also the trendiest upcoming neighborhood to go to.


This is Brooklyn’s new hipster area, and of course, you have some of the youngest people in this neighborhood.

You will notice the streets being surrounded by some of the best beautiful apartments. Regardless you can expect to see the young and trendy crowds too wherever you go to.

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The locations

This one is located on the southwestern side of Williamsburg.

The cost

To the east, the Bushwick area will deliver houses that cost $2200per month.

How to reach Bushwick

You will notice that you can easily use the subway to reach the area. You can use the JML subway lines.

11. Greenpoint

Last on this list is Greenpoint. This is another area with a growing population, yet it gives you some of the best affordable rent.

You will have the trees’ beautiful brownstone, yet it has the cafes that make it even better to stay here.

This one is adjacent to Manhattan Avenue and franklin street. You will like this space because it gives you even the polish diners.

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What will you see or do?

You can enjoy the view and the dining experience too—people like the candle-lit bars and the area’s vibrancy.

Location this is the northernmost when in Brooklyn.

Rent is relatively high, going for $3346 on average.

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