22 Best Recording Studios In Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is essentially one of the best New York city’s culturally creative grounds and making or recording music is no exception.

Brooklyn has an array of high-end studios with experienced, talented, engineers and musicians run.

There is a steady and growing need for people excited about making music in Brooklyn .

Therefore studios strive to serve both emerging and existing artists by providing a range of old, analog, and digital sound recording systems in a cozy environment with affordable rates.

1. Moon  Recording

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Moon studio officially began its operation in 2010. It has completed over 1000 recordings projects with hundreds of artists, bands, and musicians.

Moon Recording has highly skilled engineers who specialize in production, recording, mixing, and mastering services of all genres of music, voice-over, and podcast.

Their services include flagship studio A and studio B vocal production with great solutions for recording artists of all styles and budgets.

Address; 27 Moultrie St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact; +1 (212) 960-3605


2. Rose Studios

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Rose studio was opened in 2015 by the founder, chief audio engineer Danny Rose to address the needs of the studio’s clientele, including great drum recordings.

The clientele space is unique as it offers an aesthetic and acoustic pleasing space where old analog and digital co-exist. The studio is cozy and smaller to service live recordings and get intense drum sounds.

The overall mixture of classics and current recording options gives artists total control and easy access to experiment with new and old while allowing them to try new things.

Address; 231 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11222, N

Contact; +1 631-413-3183


3. 825 Records, Inc

825 Records

Independent record producer, musician, and engineer Matty Amendola started music incubator 825 records inc in 2008.

They produced, developed, and released a wide range of music from independent artists.

Amendola has also landed a worldwide broadcast placement with hundreds of songs placement for independent artists and original music in commercials for Met life as a songwriter.

825 records use the new incredible incubator with the old school perspective to reach potential artists. It’s also a studio and production company.

There are also significant upgrades in the facility, including providing a room and board facility.

Address; 8225 5th Avenue Suite 335 Brooklyn, NY 11209

Contact; +1 (347) 240-5417


4. Mission Sound recording

Mission Sound recording


The recording studio should give the artist a sense of home throughout their production process, mission sound is all about being accommodative to its client.

The staff are professional and helpful and provide various services and levels of support during the project.

Oliver Straus, the owner of Mission Sound, has been praised by the people he has worked with, thus the facility meets those standards.

Oliver captures exceptional recordings with all the warmth and nuance you could want. It’s genuinely one of the best-sounding rooms in all of NYC!!

Address; 16 Powers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact; +1 (917) 566-9701


5. Permasonic Records

Permasonic Records


Are you searching for a perfect studio to help with your studio records, visit Permasonic Records. The studio serves the freshest talent out of Brooklyn and beyond.

The experienced staff has worked with a hundred artists who have produced great hits.

The skilled engineers will assist you in recording and mixing the song and ensuring your vocals sound fantastic. You will be tutored to deliver your best performance and mix the task to sound as good as possible.

And if you have a song that you need to bring to life, work with the producers to create something tailor-made to be unique, and if you don’t leave in or near New York, they can still work with you remotely.

Address; 544 Park Ave. #517 Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact; +1 (347) 694-8395


6.  Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop


The sweet shop is the best place to make yours shine; they are the experts of sound.

They capture moments and express them so others can enjoy them too. Thus what you caught on tape or film is captured forever.

Capturing or recording the music starts with the quality of the room. The sweet shop has an effective acoustic environment with the right sound recording tools that provide seamless integration to sound music and production tone.

They have right staff who provides a comfortable environment for the talent to merge in. Book your appointment with sweet shop and allow them to take part in your project

Address; 262 Meserole St 2nd Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Contact; +1 (718) 599-5962


7.   Red Autumn Recording Studio

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It is a fully equipped recording studio in Brooklyn with services that include production, mixing, mastering, and trucking songs for artists of all genres.

It is a boutique recording studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Red autumn gives video production services in New York, including feeding and recording complete editing services for illustrations ranging from documentaries, podcasts,  Hip-hop, R&B, jazz, rock blues,  and more.

Address; 44 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237.

Contact; 347-414-2822


8. The Bunker

The Bunker


The bunker studio operates in a 3000sq Ft recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. It is owned and performed by musicians/ engineers Aaron Nevezie and John Davis.

The Bunker is committed to preserving the art and science of analog recording and mixing and understanding the needs of musicians in terms of sound, space, and sightlines.

The Bunker was built to offer a quality of acoustics, instruments, microphones, and gear choices far beyond the reach of a typical home studio.

Since musicians own the Bunker, they are highly experienced in almost all styles, from dance to rock to jazz to folk, bringing that resourcefulness to engineering and production.

Address; 400 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact; +1 (718) 302-2439


9. Grand Street Recording, Inc

Grand Street Recording


It is at the heart of musical ingenuity designed to push the limits of your sonic imagination.

Grand Street Recording has a carefully-selected and vast collection of vintage and modern instruments which inspire your creative vision and capture the sound you’re looking for.

They have a vast network connection with world-class musicians and can cater to any musical needs, from strings to full bands to vocal ensembles.

They have a fully equipped space with the latest sound and recording tools.

They can also work remotely; you only need to contact them and allow them to know about your recording project.

Address; 455 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact; +1 (718) 360-9355


10. GOLD Room Recording Studio – NYC

GOLD Room Recording Studio


Gold Ink’s recording studio, “The GOLD Room,” is a vocal recording studio that specializes in vocal recording, beat production, and songwriting services at affordable rates.

From understanding that a talented artist to succeed, they will need a team, so Gold Ink  includes producers, songwriters, photographers, videographers, and studio engineers who are there to support you in crafting your music.

Gold room studio is focused on bringing value to the artist community. Speak with them and see how the studio makes your musical dreams a reality.

This is your one-stop-shop don’t hesitate to reach out

Address; 600 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact; (646) 707-9998


11.  Studio G

Studio G


Studio G Brooklyn is a 10,000 sq ft, multi-room recording facility. It is owned and operated by Tony Maimone, Joel Hamilton, and Chris Cubeta. It has four beautiful and equipped studios.

The lounge is a unique space that allows people and musicians from all walks of life to mingle and connect. In addition, there is access to coffee, tea, and even Studio G’s custom cold brew coffee.

Studio G has educational programs where it has worked with several educational institutes and further offers an extensive academic internship program for students.

Address; 44 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

contact; +1 (347) 281-1226


12. Room 17

Room 17


Room 17 is set to generate a space that would allow a prosperous music community and create an inspired space for exceptional art and music.

The studio is approximately 3200 sq ft and houses one of the giant drum and tracking rooms in New York.

Room 17 is focused on building a comfortable, spacious and dynamic environment within a relaxed and supportive setting.

With the vision to help elevate individuals and bands to their highest performance levels, entirely experiencing and embracing the pleasures of creating innovative music

Address; 345 Maujer St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Contact; +1 (718) 302-1697


13. Pirate.com



Pirate.com Is the world’s largest creative studio and artist community network. It has 50 locations across the UK, IE, US, and DE.

The  acoustically-treated recording studios are a private environment to create, write and produce music, offering professional equipment and flexible day rates.

It also permits the artist to link with the community for honest feedback or find someone to collaborate with.

For anyone interested in music production, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or social status, this space is yours.

Address; 19 Division Pl, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact; (844) 274-7283


14. Virtue &Vice

Virtue Vice


It is a recording studio built with the working musician in mind. It is located in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

The services include recording, mixing, mastering, and production with fast, efficient, and excited engineers to get the best possible sound for your project.

In addition, they are determined to make clients happy at the end of the project.

They’ve worked in studios and have tried to take the best parts and put them into one place by setting the highest quality analog and digital equipment together to make getting a great sound effortless and affordable.

Get in touch with virtue & vice for more inquiries about rates and booking for your project.

Address; 54 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact; (917) 640-1473


15. Brewery Studio

Brewery Studio


It was established in 2005 by engineer Andrew Krivnos; its A contemporary, boutique studio setting run by NYC’s leading flairs in production and music recording.

The Brewery Recording Studio was designed to provide the most satisfactory quality recording service at a reasonable amount.

The studio endeavor to produce a perfect cross studio atmosphere by merging the style and expertise of a commercial facility and the coziness and acquaintance of production space.

A studio of this magnitude, with its specific clientele, produces quality music that speaks for itself within budget friendly rates

Address; 910 Grand St Ste 4, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact; +1 (718) 717-2739


16. Strange Weather

Strange Weather


Strange weather is a recording music studio and has undergone several incarnations since its founding in  2003 by Daniel Schlett, Garret Deblock, and Marc Alan Goodman.

Strange weather is a  single studio facility. It has a control room of approximately 500 sq ft with a primary live room of 800 sq ft and two isolation booths of 100 sq ft each with vibrant sightlines throughout the space.

There are also positions in the bathroom, sound lock, and lounge for extra seclusion when required. They are obsessed with keeping equipment in the best possible state, so everything should be available for your use.

Contact; +1 347-422-6419


17. Brick by brick

Brick by brick


Brick by brick is an invention by John Ried, a recording engineer producer, and musician. In 2010 he moved to Bushwick, New York, armed with a Tascam 388 and a couple of microphones.

Brick by brick has since been a place for local artists to have fun recording music and be in front of the video camera.

Address; 449 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact; +1 (703) 419-0288


18. The Creamery

The Creamery


The studio is designed with flexibility for both live band tracking and smaller overdubbing productions. The studio is planned with adaptable ceiling boards and separation that can capture a variety of audio spaces.

In addition, our vocal booth and adjacent control rooms allow for further flexibility and separation.

They have worked with all artists, big and small they serve a  varied clientele beyond one genre. The corporate client is also included and can create good space for their commercials to further their brands.

They also have extensive equipment, almost too much, but you need to know that whatever equipment you need, you will find it.

Address; 390 McGuiness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Contact; +1 (347) 403-0660


19. Rift studio

Rift studio


Tom Gardner is a multi-platinum award-winning music producer and engineer who built Brooklyn rift studios because of his passion for working with established and emerging artists.

He found the studio to fill a void for accessible production with quality in sound and environment.

Rift Studios combines choice vintage equipment with modern, high-quality outboard gear and brilliant analog-to-digital conversion to meet today’s music industry’s standards.

To give the music produced at the rift studio its unique identity, it constantly seeks new instruments. Additionally, they have a continually growing microphone locker that includes some of the best that date back as early as the 1950s.

We try to focus on what matters in a session: comfort, creativity, and an abundance of coffee.

Address; 54 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact; +1 (203) 918-4379


20.  Savaria studio

Savaria studio


Savaria Studios operates in two locations, park slope, and Williamsburg. Its goal has always been to strive to provide local musicians with the means to make great music.

It has 50 rehearsal spaces and a Pro-Tools-based recording ability; Savaria Studios is the perfect setting for musicians to produce, prepare, and capture their excellent projects.

The Studios also pursues the artist’s development by contributing to services from PR to consultations. The facility is easily accessible and has a history of working with the music’s most thrilling new performances.

Savaria Studios spearhead in delivering musicians’ creations to execution using cutting-edge equipment, technology, and industry expertise to create the next excellent record.

Address; 630 Flushing Ave Ste 310, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Contact; +1 (347) 302-9256


21. King killer studio

King killer studio


King Killer Studios is a monthly rehearsal studio and practice space; it has provided the neighborhood of Brooklyn with flexible music practice spaces and rehearsal rooms.

Studio recording, music video production, and underground shows for over a decade.

​ King Killer members interact, support, and collaborate, resulting in a creative atmosphere that can be hard to find. But, if you are interested, you can always visit their website to get started.

Address; 69 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact; +1 (646) 450-5464


22. Vitruvian sound and record

Vitruvian sound and record


Vitruvian was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all kinds of work in a severe manner. The studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge.

This is where the artist can finalize their expressive projects, using quality tools that are considered a means to realize the creator’s passion. The studio is a convenient, comfortable, and flexible space where creativity can grow.

It offers a diverse experience with the main focus on providing a unified and organized service experience for the clients. The services include music mixing, mobile music recording, audio editing repair, pitch correction, and stem mastering.

Address; 1001 Irving Ave Ste #114, Brooklyn, NY 11385

Contact; +1 (929) 324-0845



“And for me the only way to live life is to grab the bull by the horns and call up recording studios and set dates to go in recording studios. To try and accomplish something.” ~ John Frusciante. 

With the above recording studios at your finger tips combined with your music skills you have no excuse to get your career started.

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