Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ Jackson; Overview, Owner, Menu, and Prices

The owner, Pietro Grippo, describes Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ, as a pizzeria spot in the ‘middle of nowhere.’ This comely pizzeria spot in New Jersey won NJ’s Best pizzeria Journey in 2017 and has since topped the list and gotten good scores from big platforms, including Barstool Sports.

Brooklyn Square Pizza


The Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ, is a top pizza spot in Jackson Township and is known for its perfect crust pizza, luscious fillings, and receptive environment.

Located on New Prospect Road and a few minutes away from I-195, the Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ, plays home and producer to freshly made Italian pizza and your favorite Italian dishes.

At this small strip shop entrance, a US flag is suspended on the roof. There is an outdoor seating area with wooden seats that can take up to three persons in each row.

These wooden seats can comfortably serve four people. The brick walls give off a smell of home.


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On the inside, the walls are warm and send off classic vibes that will set you in the mood for the fantastic experience you are about to have.

The walls in the reception area are decorated with picture frames of family pictures, notable happenings, and beautiful moments like the night he proposed to his wife, Susan, in the shop. They are also a lot of customized pizza boxes neatly arranged on each other.

glass showcase


There is an assembly of their pizza dishes in a show glass in the reception area, which has the pizza counter and oven area. The pizzas are beautifully arranged on round stainless steel plates.

You can also see a pizza man mannequin dressed in white chef clothes holding what seems to be a menu and standing on the show glass.

Hung around the signage — ‘Spread the love. It’s the Brooklyn Square Pizza way,’ is a gold Christmas ornament and dazzling light bulbs to illuminate the writings and a few picture frames.

The indoor seating arrangement is comfortable and not too fancy. A set of wooden furniture made up of four chairs and a square table makes one seating compartment.

However, the larger table at the rear middle of the arrangement can take six people.

There is proper lighting and ventilation on the inside. Also, the spot is not usually crowded, so you can stroll in for a quick grab of your favorite pizza dish. While strolling in, you will also be mandated to wear your masks.

Meet Peter Pizza

Pietro Grippo


Pietro Grippo, popularly known as Peter Pizza, is the friendly owner of Brooklyn Square Pizza. He is married to Susan and has three beautiful children.

Peter Pizza grew up on an Avenue in Brooklyn called ‘The Square’ and got his name from his friends and colleagues he worked with at his uncle’s pizza restaurant.

He worked with his uncle for ten years since he was 16 and only made a slight but significant change to the recipe when he started his own company. He named his business after the area he grew up in, and according to him, “it worked.”

Pietro Grippo family


He had the Grand opening of his first pizza restaurant on the 25th of August 2001, on the same night, he proposed to his wife, Susan. Of the opinion that everyone loves to feel like they had great childhood experiences, he hung frames from his childhood and other pleasant experiences.

He has been battling Lymphoma cancer since June 2016 but is of a positive resolute that he is in good shape and ‘blessed.’

Peter Pizza is so friendly and very social with his customers and workers. You’ll enjoy your every time in his restaurant, especially when he is around.

Food Menu and Prices

Food Menu and Prices


Here is a sneak peek into what you will choose from when visiting the spot. I have also included the prices so you’ll save yourself from a long trip to the bank.

Visit the website and look through the menu to view the many delightful options at your disposal.

Round Pizza Square Pizza

  • Cheese Pizza $16.00
  • Upside Down Square Pizza $25.00
  • White Pizza $19.00
  • NJ Square Pizza $29.00
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza $26.00
  • Peter’s Special Square Pizza $24.00
  • Spinach, Ricotta, Mushroom Salad Pizza $24.00
  • Honeymoon Square Pizza $26.00



Appetizers Salads

  • Rice Ball Special $9.00
  • House Salad $8.00
  • Baked Clams $13.00
  • Caesar Salad $8.00
  • Buffalo Wings $10.00
  • Antipasto Salad $12.00

Side Orders Rolls & Calzones

  • Meatballs $8.50
  • Baked Calzone $9.00
  • Broccoli Rabe $12.00
  • Spinach roll $4.50
  • Sausage $8.50
  • Pinwheel $4.50

Cold Heroes Hot Heroes

  • Roast Beef Hero $13.00
  • Potatoes and Eggs Hero $10.00
  • Turkey $ Cheese Hero $13.00
  • Veal $ Mushrooms Hero $14.00
  • Italian Hero $13.00
  • Brooklyn Roast Beef Hero $15.00

Paninis Wraps

  • Turkey Club Panini $10.00
  • Turkey Club Wrap $9.00
  • Grilled Shrimp Panini $12.00
  • Grilled Veggies Wrap $9.00
  • Buffalo Shrimp Panini $10.00
  • Fresh Mozzarella Wrap $9.00

Pasta Baked Dishes

Pasta with Tomato Sauce $11.00

Baked Ravioli $13.00

Pasta with Sausage $11.00

Lasagna $15.00

Ravioli $18.00

Manicotti $13.00

Served with Side Salad Seafood

  • Salmon $21.00
  • Shrimp Marinara $20.00
  • Tilapia $21.00
  • Shrimp Donna $22.00
  • Grilled Chicken $19.00
  • Spicy Seafood Diablo $26.00

You can also try the Dinner Entrees. One of my favorites is the Chicken Marsala prepared in a shallow pan with brown marsala sauce and mushrooms. Unjuiced!

The Menu’s Favorite; The Upside Down Square Pizza

The Upside Down Square Pizza


Voted Top 10 in the state of New Jersey and 8.9 by Barstool Sports, the menu’s finest has made a name for the Italian pizza spot. It also won the ‘NJ  Best Pizzerre Show Down’ recorded by

The ‘Upside-down square pizza’ got the name because, unlike regular pizza, the sauce is on the top while the cheese is at the bottom. The Upside-down square pizza is a non-meat Sicilian pizza with sauce right after the cheese.

The crust is sprinkled with sesame seeds that add to its unique taste and superb flavor.

Its recipe is simple —- fresh Italian mozzarella, homestyle sauce, and a thick airy crust coated with pecorino romano cheese.

The Upside Down Square Pizza 1


Did you come starving? A slice is just enough to fill you. Each portion is adequately filled, tasty, and warm. The dough is crunchy at the bottom and properly baked. Chew the first bite and feel the crunch at the end.

It is also very affordable. One box of the Upside-Down Pizza goes for as cheap as $25.00. You have to try this!

You can also try:

  • The Vodka Square Pizza; is made with fresh mozzarella and vodka sauce.
  • The Gravesend Square Pizza: made from mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce wrapped with pecorino romano, and glossy basil.

Location and contact

265 S New Prospect Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527, United States

Phone: +1 732-961-7999

Visit Website

Facebook @Brooklyn Square Pizza

Instagram @brooklynsquarepizza

Twitter @GrippoPeter

Mondays to Fridays (11 am – 9 pm), Saturdays (11 am – 9 pm), and Sundays (12 pm – 9 pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

● Does Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ take reservations?

Yes. Pick a date, time, and party size, and get your space reserved. Call +1 732-961-7999 to reserve your space now.

● Where are the other branches of the pizza spot located?

73, Wilson Ave Manalapan Township, NJ 07726 & 1898 Hinds Rd, Toms River, NJ 08753.

● Does Brooklyn Square Pizza offer pickup or delivery?

Yes. You can order for pickup or delivery through the website.

● Does Brooklyn Square Pizza, NJ accept credit cards?

Yes. They accept payments via credit cards.

● Why is Brooklyn Square Pizza called Brooklyn when it is located in New Jersey?

Pietro Grippo named it after the area he grew up in — The Square Avenue, Brooklyn.

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