14 Best Brunch And Breakfast Restaurants In Queens, New York City

It’s time to ditch the cereal and runny eggs and get ready for a day of indulging at some of the best brunch restaurants in Queens.

Not only is the borough the largest in NYC, but it packs a lot into itself- from those who live there to its food scene.

Queens, New York City brunch is easy to find, especially if you need some great eats.

We’ve rounded up some of the top restaurants that you need to check out for your next brunch date.

Here are 14 Top Best Brunch Restaurants in Queens, NYC: that prove that you don’t need to go too far for your taste buds desires.

1. Mom’s Kitchen & Bar

  • 33-01 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11106, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-267-0142
  • Visit website

Moms Kitchen Bar


Mom’s Kitchen & Bar is a great place to go with your date or friends.

Mom’s Kitchen & Bar has a lot of things that can meet any diet- you don’t want to leave hungry. The restaurant offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Located in Astoria, Mom’s Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place to eat if you want to enjoy a nice brunch with friends or family.

Or, if you’re looking for a place to relax with a drink or want to enjoy a game of pool- Mom’s has got you covered.

My friends and I went here for brunch on a Saturday. We sat in the back room, and it was fairly quiet considering how packed this place can get. The cocktail menu is great; their mimosas are one of the best I’ve had.

The food here is great; this is a good brunch option if you visit Astoria. My favorite brunch options are the brioche French toast, salmon, and the Mom’s burger.

I love their brunch cocktails; they’re really simple but really good- especially for the price.

The staff is all friendly, attentive, and accommodating here. Mom’s is a great brunch spot to bring friends or family if you want a nice relaxed vibe without bells and whistles.

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2. Cafe Henri

  • 1010 50th Ave, Queens, NY 11101, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-729-5794
  • Visit website

Cafe Henri


Looking for a quint French brunch restaurant? I found the perfect one. Cafe Henri has a lot of different dishes that can satisfy any craving- from cocktails to baked goods and brunch items.

Located in Flushing, this restaurant is perfect for people who like to be closer to NYC but still enjoy a nice brunch day.

There are many options for brunch here- from their savory French toast and baguette sandwiches to their delicious macarons and cupcakes- there is something for everyone.

My favorite brunch item is the chicken & waffles- I had it that day, and it was delicious.

The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the waffle batter was light and fluffy.

The staff here is super friendly, and they help you make your brunch choices in a short amount of time.

This place always fills up fast, so make sure you get there early!

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3. Sugar Freak

  • 37-11 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-606-1900
  • Visit website

Sugar Freak


If you’re looking for a fun brunch spot, then Sugar Freak is the place you need to visit.

This cafe is housed in a converted warehouse with a great atmosphere. You can order food from their menu or go all out and order an omelet or pancakes.

Their omelet options are delicious, and their pancakes are one of the best I’ve had in New York City.

They offer a great selection of bubble tea, smoothies, and juices.

This place is perfect for dinner and a drink with friends or to meet up with friends for brunch.

Sugar Freak has a touch of New Orleans in every bite. It’s a comfortable place to grab some food and relax.

My family and I devoured their steak and cheese omelets, braided strawberry cheesecake, and banana pudding.

They were all amazing, and the service was great!

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4. The Thirst Koala

  • 35-12 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-626-5430
  • Visit website

The Thirst Koala


The Thirst Koala is located on 32nd Avenue in Astoria, Queens, and a great place to grab brunch with friends.

They offer a range of brunch items and yummy parfaits, smoothies, and coffee.

If you need something sweet, they also have some delicious desserts.

If you are looking for an Australian brunch, this place is great! They have a lot of brunch options and very reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a more traditional brunch in Queens with fabulously friendly staff, great food, and drink – check this place out.

My specialty is their signature pancake, which you can always get a side of fruit with.

The pancakes are light and fluffy, and the fruit is fresh. The ambiance overall is very welcoming and cozy.

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday here with friends or family- you won’t be disappointed.

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5. The Trestle

  • 34-02 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106, United States
  • Contact: +1 347-808-0290
  • Visit website

The Trestle


This hip-bridged tunnel-themed restaurant is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a trendy brunch with friends.

The atmosphere here is great; this restaurant has a lot of cute details that you would expect to see in an authentic coffee shop.

They have many different options on their menu, from salads and soups to bagels and fresh juices.

The food here is great; most of the time, it tastes just like what my friends and I would order at home before we head out to brunch.

I loved their brunch options which included egg Benedict, pancakes, and biscuits.

The staff here is super nice and friendly, which makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of a place.

I always enjoy my visits here and recommend this place to anyone looking for a trendy brunch experience.

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6. Boutique Bistro Bar

  • 33-01 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105, United States
  • Contact: +1 929-666-7761
  • Visit website

Boutique Bistro Bar


Looking for the best happy hour in Astoria Queens? Then this is the place for you! This place is located in Astoria and has great brunch options and a good happy hour.

Every Sunday morning, from 10am to 3 pm, this place offers a free buffet with your brunch purchase.

Their menu consists of many different scrambles, pancakes, Eggs Benedict, French toast with bacon and sausage, etc.

I enjoyed my experience here- their food is better than most of the brunch places I’ve been to in Brooklyn.

My friends and I enjoyed the monster, mimosa, and a lot of their brunch food.

The impressive interior of the restaurant and its awesome staff made it a great dining experience.

This place is one of the best places for brunch in Astoria, their theme is gorgeous, and the food is amazing.

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7. Cafe 1 of a Kind

  • 255-13 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11362, United States
  • Contact: +1 347-408-4780
  • Visit website

Cafe 1 of a Kind


Cafe 1 of a Kind is a great place to eat brunch with friends. Their food is delicious, and the staff is super friendly.

Cafe 1 of a Kind is located in a cute part of Long Island City, and as its name suggests it’s unique.

This cafe has been renovated to include artwork by local artists and comfortable couches and chairs.

The service here is fantastic- when I was there; they played live music, which set the mood for brunch.

This chic place specializes in the best coffee varieties, such as coffee shakes, lattes, and cappuccinos.

This place is perfect for relaxed brunch with friends or family.

My favorite brunch item here was their waffles with strawberries.

They brought out the food in a very reasonable time, and everything tasted incredible.

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8. The Queens Boro

  • 80-02 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372, United States
  • Contact: +1 929-296-0038
  • Visit website

The Queens Boro


This rustic-looking cottage is a great place to go for a satisfying brunch.

This quaint cafe has a unique feel in the seating area and is very homey in the back. The menu includes meat and poultry options with eggs and pancakes.

The Queens Boro offers a rotating menu from day to day, which features some of their best food.

This place is located in Long Island City.

This cozy cafe is perfect for enjoying a relaxing brunch with your friends or family.

The prices are reasonable, and the staff is great! I went here with my family on Sunday morning, and we had a lot of fun.

For instance, they also have cocktails, their Tavern Tumble – a cocktail of bourbon, lemonade, and thyme, or their refreshing Bloody Mary with a spicy house-made mix of flavors.

The breakfast sandwiches were delicious. I especially loved their chicken sandwich.

I went back again on Tuesday after work with my friends, and they had an amazing time here.

Overall this place is fantastic, and I would recommend it.

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9. Sanford’s

  • 30-13 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-932-9569
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Sanford’s is a New American modern flare with exemplary brunch options in Queens. This place is family-friendly, making it great for a relaxing brunch with friends or family.

They offer a wide variety of brunch options, including Rigatoni with chicken, French toast, omelets, etc.

Their yummy brunch roasted organic chicken is fantastic. They have some unique and delicious brunch meals, including their chicken salad wrap which they make in-house every day.

I love their guacamole which goes great with their chips and salsa.

Their extensive cocktails list and unique brunch cocktails, such as Butterfly sugar baby and Sangria, are great for a nice Sunday brunch with your friends.

I enjoyed my brunch experience here with my friends. We ordered the organic omelet which comes with strawberry sauce and their delicious guacamole and chips!

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10. The Acre

  • 68-22 Forest Ave, Queens, NY 11385, United States
  • Contact: +1 347-566-3449
  • Visit website

The Acre


The Acre is a down-home eatery with delicious breakfast and brunch options. This place is located in Elmhurst, Queens, and offers a very filling and satisfying brunch.

Their menu consists of many different meals, from traditional eggs to bagel plates, burritos, pancakes, and French toast.

This place offers all kinds of brunch options and has a nice outdoor seating area if you want to dine outside.

The atmosphere at this restaurant is fantastic- it has a vintage look that allows for great indoor/outdoor dining experiences.

Their brunch options include cocktails and mimosas, which are a must-try!

This place is great for a relaxed brunch with friends or family. I enjoyed my time here with my friends.

11. White Radish

  • 10825 Ascan Ave, Queens, NY 11375, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-374-3656
  • Visit website

White Radish


Located in SS Natural market in Forest Hills, this farm-table restaurant offers amazing American cuisines.

This place is great for breakfast or brunch because of its many healthy options, such as veggie hash with poached eggs or delicious avocado toast.

Their food is great for the whole family, especially the kids. They have many different options for the whole family, making them a great option for a family brunch.

I loved their Baked Oyster. It was incredible and had the perfect amount of sweetness.

I also was able to try their Mango and Nut butter toast with poached eggs, which was amazing!

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast or brunch in Queens, I recommend The White Radish!

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12. The Alcove

  • 41-11 49th St, Queens, NY 11104, United States
  • Contact: +1 347-813-4159
  • Visit website

The Alcove


The Alcove is a great place for brunch, located in the heart of Long Island City .This quaint cafe features some unique and delicious brunch Latin fusion.

I went here on a Friday evening with my family and ordered their specials of the day, which included turkey chili and a bacon egg and cheese.

This place is great for a relaxed brunch with your friends; everyone can find something they will like.

The Alcove also offers the best margaritas in town, and you should try their avocado margarita. It is incredible!

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13. Day Dream Brunch

  • 8-08 Queens Plaza S, Queens, NY 11101, United States
  • Visit website

Day Dream Brunch


DayDream Brunch is located in the heart of Long Island City and offers a wide variety of brunch items.

This cozy place is perfect for a relaxed brunch with your friends or family.

They offer all kinds of brunch options, including the classics, such as breakfast sandwiches, waffles, French toast, etc.

They staple themselves on providing great service and delicious food for their clients.

I enjoyed my time here with my family; we devoured their delicious desserts and had a great time!

Overall I would recommend this place for its cozy atmosphere, great service, and good food.

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14. Bistro Eloise

  • 75-57 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11370, United States
  • Contact: +1 718-440-9493
  • Visit website

Bistro Eloise


This cozy bistro in Jackson Heights Shopping Center offers delicious French food.

This charming restaurant is the perfect place for a relaxing Sunday brunch with your family or friends.

They offer various brunch options, including their delicious Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and breakfast combos.

They also have salads and sandwiches if you are more of a lunch person.

I love the environment here; it is very French, making it fantastic for after-brunch people watching and winding down on an afternoon stroll.

My friends and I came here on a Sunday and enjoyed our brunch outside.

We ordered their French toast, which was very delicious, and the sandwiches, which were also great.

I would recommend this place for its cozy and charming atmosphere with delicious food for a relaxing brunch experience!

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Final Thoughts

Brunch is a social activity that many people love to do, whether with their family or friends.

If you are looking for a great place to brunch in Queens, I would recommend these places; they are all fantastic, fun, and cozy places that serve good food.

I hope this list was helpful and that you found the brunch restaurant list for Queens that suits your fancy.

Please comment below if we missed any great places to brunch in Queens.

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