15 Best Spots In Fort Greene For Brunch, NYC

The diversity of Fort Greene’s population changes every day, and so do many other things. Amid the increasingly busy days and early morning schedules, breakfast is no longer tenable.

But a more exciting fix- brunch, has been made available to cater to that.

A good percentage of New Yorkers have embraced brunch, making it a popular meal to indulge in. The popularity has seen a rise in restaurants creating time to fit in a delicious menu suitable for mid-mornings and early afternoons. The menu’s creativity has also improved to make the experience even better.

From including a drink here and a package there, brunch has become a centre stage for all meals. Fort Greene has become a foodie destination to cater to the natives and even the tourists.

Many restaurants serve brunch on select days of the week, but those on this list are the best.

  • 1. Walter’s.
  • 2. The Quarter Brooklyn.
  • 3. Olea Mediterranean Taverna.
  • 4. Baba Cool- Fort Greene.
  • 5. Café Paulette.
  • 6. Miss Ada.
  • 7. Endswell.
  • 8. Evelina.
  • 9. Black Forest- Fort Greene.
  • 10. Colonia Verde.
  • 11. Imani Caribbean Kitchen and Bar.
  • 12. The Dinner Party.
  • 13. Dino.
  • 14. Las Santas Restaurant.
  • 15. Aita.

1. Walter’s

Location: 166 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Contact: 718–488–7800

Visit website.



This restaurant has a charming atmosphere and boasts dedicated, friendly, and professional staff. The menu is creative and offers a wide variety of dishes, including several vegetarian options.

Guests can opt for egg brunch specials such as Huevos rancheros, bacon, egg, and cheese, or egg benedict. There are still other options like the Salmon Donburi. These dishes come served with delicious sides like avocado, fries, or mixed greens.

To accompany your delicious treats, the bar at this spot offers some colourful and tasty cocktails like mimosas, Aperol spritz, and bloody Mary, among others. Beers, ciders, and select wine options are also up for selection.

There is also a raw bar that offers shrimp cocktails and oysters on the half shell. This should be your go-to hangout spot if you want a quiet brunch.

2. The Quarter Brooklyn

Location: 87 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: 347) 987-4012

Visit website.

The Quarter Brooklyn


The list of fantastic brunch spots in Fort Greene cannot be complete without The Quarter Restaurant being on the list. Though the brunch menu is not broad, it is creative and delicious. Their plates are fixed with inspiration from different parts of the world, adding a global flair to the dishes.

There is nothing better than having their signature homemade pancakes with syrup and a mix of strawberry toppings for brunch. Their breakfast tacos, omelets, and sandwiches should also not go unnoticed.

Complete foods like pasta are also on the list, and they are accompanied by delightful sides such as bacon, fries, or fruit bowls. Their salads are fresh and tasty, and the top two are local fresh Burrata and chopped raw Tuscan kale.

This lovely place has a chill atmosphere, which can be felt indoors, the garden and sidewalk café seating. These spaces are fantastic for unwinding, and one can grab a cocktail while at it. The cocktail menu is creative, offering phenomenal sips of Mojitos, Mimosas, bloody Mary, and others.

3. Olea Mediterranean Taverna

Location: 171 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: info@oleabrooklyn.com

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Olea Mediterranean Taverna


Services here are fast and friendly, their menu is creative and unexpected as it changes from time to time, but it’s never disappointing.

Greek yoghurt is always the best way to start your brunch experience in Olea. You can follow it up with the house special Olea breakfast or go for the big Olea chicken club sandwich. They are amazing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg because the menu list is long.

Another way to go about it is the sharable small plates which are equally delicious. Diners can also indulge in Hummus or Tzatziki, which come with a choice of three tasty sauces. Vegetarians also have some great options to choose from.

On the menu, you will also find some excellent egg dish options. Of course, the green eggs and lamb always stand out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sample out others like eggs in purgatory or eggs polenta. There are also fantastic tapas you could try out.

If you are a cocktail person, then this is your place. There are sangria, limoncello, Mezcal Negroni, and many other Olea cocktails seated there just waiting for you.

4. Baba Cool- Fort Greene

Location: 64 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY | 11217

Contact: +1 347-689-2344

Visit website.

Baba Cool Fort Greene


As the brainchild of Gabriella, It opened its doors in 2014 and sits just a few moments from the Fort Greene Park, one of the best parks in Brooklyn. The intent was for it to be a buzzy and airy all-day restaurant, and it has been great, especially on the brunch side.

The menu is reasonably priced and diverse, meaning there are many delicious options to tickle your fancy. In addition, this place is beautiful, and the lighting completes its drop-dead gorgeous look; the outdoor space is just as fantastic.

At the brunch table, you can enjoy hot beverages and pastries-French style; their lemon ricotta biscuits are the best. Sandwiches are on the menu too, and the carny breakfast would be fantastic if you are looking for something more balanced.

Apart from coffee and tea, they have their signature in-house lattes such as Matcha, Chai, and Fort Greene fog. They are phenomenal and full of taste, to say the least.

5. Café Paulette

Location: 1 South Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: (718) 852-8582

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Cafe Paulette


Café Paulette has been running the food show in Fort Green since its inception in 2013. It has become the locals’ favourite bistro that serves the best French-inspired delicacies and wines.

Conveniently located just right across from Fort Greene Park, you can set foot for amazing brunch treats. This chic café offers delicious menu options that will transport you far and beyond to Paris in Just a few bites. The waiters are also excellent, and their charisma enhances the entire experience.

Under the brunch menu, you can find avocado toast, Belgian waffles, egg benedict, and many more. Other must-try options are shakshuka and the Baguettes. Their burgers are to die for, and they come in Veggie, salmon, and beef flavours for vegetarians, seafood, and red meat lovers.

From the outside, this small bistro is picture-perfect. The inside is even better as it is lined with red leather banquettes, the floor is woody, and it agrees with the soft décor. The outdoor setting is comfortable, and it overlooks Fort Greene Park, allowing patrons the best of views.

6. Miss Ada

Location: 184 DeKalb Avenue at Carlton St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact: (917) 909-1023

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Miss Ada


This little charmer has a cheerful and inviting atmosphere that makes you want to sit and just chill. Apart from the dreamy indoor space, there is also a backyard seating area graced by breezes for those looking to unwind.

The kitchen serves brilliant meals; everything you try out has its own distinct and unique flavour. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays up to 4 pm.

For starters, you can go for the small plates where you can find Babaganoush, hummus, and ricotta, which will amaze cheese lovers. Then, upgrade to more filling bowls that come in varieties such as lamb Shawarma and Sabich, among others. You should also return for the chicken shawarma.

There are other options like Shakshuka, steak & eggs, and Israeli breakfast to be enjoyed. They can go with well-made Yemeni pastries like Malawach and Boureka.

Waiters are brilliant, and they advise on the best drink to pair with your food. A wide selection of cocktails are available, mimosas, sangria, and Harissa bloody Mary, to mention just a few.

7. Endswell

Location: 773 Fulton St., Brooklyn, New York.

Contact: 929-276-3150

Visit website.



Everything in this lovely spot screams perfection, from the colour, the ambience, and the staff. The interior is just wow, with hanging wall plants. It is also bright as it is sun-drenched during the day and well lit at night, and the waiters share in the brightness.

Although their brunch menu is a bit limited, the food is something to talk about, let alone the drinks. You can never go wrong with this restaurant as everything of theirs is done to perfection.

Enjoy sweet and savoury crepes, shakshuka, and other delightful treats, and make sure you don’t miss out on the breakfast burger. It is available in both beef and a healthier option with veggies.

There are romantic tables for two, making it a perfect spot for dates, and the music helps in that. The bar prides itself on well-balanced cocktails and customisable options off the menu. They are well curated to match the mood.

8. Evelina

Location: 211 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11205

Contact: 929-298-0209

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The ambience at this little cutie is fantastic, and their service is stellar. After Just a few minutes walk to the corner of Adelphi and DeKalb, you’ll get to enjoy Mediterranean-Italian cuisines. Their flavours are complex and intense, just like the drinks.

Expect to find a well-curated menu with foods, cocktails, wines, etc. Their menu changes from time to time, but it never disappoints. This happens to reflect seasonal ingredients and produce, enabling diners to experience the diversity of Italian food.

On the weekends, you can have a sweet start to your brunch with lemon scones, sweet ricotta, or the flavorful vanilla crème Fraiche.

Brunch plates can follow, and make sure you don’t skip the Burrata ravioli that comes with morels mushrooms, wild ramps, and aged goat ricotta.

9. Black Forest- Fort Greene

Location: 733 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: (718) 935-0300

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Black Forest Fort Greene

At the Black Forest, it’s all about booze and food. Having met in Brooklyn, Ayana and Tobias decided to fire up Fort Greene by introducing authentic German food to the scene.

This small bar has a simple woody finish and ample outdoor space for large groups. The atmosphere is warm and casual too. This forms a fantastic spot for weekend brunch- and lots of drinks.

The dishes are fantastic, ranging from fries to long sausages, pork schnitzel, and French toast. Their German platters come in significant portions, which can be suitable for sharing. You should try their dipping sauces; by all means, they are out of control delicious.

This is one of those places that goes big on the liquor, and their beer selection is fun. You can enjoy over 20 beer varieties as you exchange stories with friends.

10. Colonia Verde

Location: 219 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact: 347 689 4287.

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Colonia Verde


Its interior displays minimalistic décor but the wall-mounted and hanging lamps illuminate the beauty of the place.

There is also ample backyard space, and it features a heated glasshouse which is excellent for cold and rainy days. On the other hand, the open-air patio is fantastic for dates and relaxing.

The menu is broad and has some excellent vegetarian selections too. Although this diner offers all-day meals, it goes big on the brunch, served on weekends. So you can have a leisurely visit on a Saturday and sample the delicious menu.

There are many options like breakfast tacos, shrimp tacos, sierra, and Cv burgers. In particular, the sausage & veggie Parrillada and Celentano give you the ‘come again taste’. While everything is fantastic, churro donuts with chocolate cream carry the day.

11. Imani Caribbean Kitchen and Bar

Location: 271 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, New York 11205

Contact: 718.923.0100.

Visit website.

Imani Caribbean Kitchen and Bar


This is yet another gem that has been hitting Fort Greene with traditional food from the Caribbean scene whilst adding a little bit of Brooklyn touch.

Their menu consists of seasonal and comfort foods served in warm and welcoming surroundings. All their meals are delicious and bring out perfect Caribbean flavours.

Sweet plantain porridge, baked wings, crispy Calamari, Mac and Cheese, and many others make up the small plates and are perfect brunch starters. Main dishes include; traditional Ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken, and vegetarian-friendly coconut French toast. They are served alongside a side of choices such as jerk bacon, eggs, or waffles.

Brunch time at Imani is always party time. You will find signature cocktails like Melon mule, Imani Rum punch, and Hennessy Brooklyn, which make a great addition to food. In addition, there are tons of wine selections, beers, and soft drinks to sip while you make merry with friends or partners.

12. Dinner Party

Location: 86 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Contact: 347 463 9173.

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Dinner Party


At the Dinner Party, brunch is not just a meal. It is more than that- it’s an experience. This Fort Greene’s new yet little-known addition is both adventurous and fun.

The interior displays intimacy and is lined with long communal tables to bring closeness and make you laugh as you eat. In addition, there are booths where romantic afternoon dates can be enjoyed from. The walls in this spot are scenic and are filled with portraits.

The Chefs are creative and playful with the dishes to bring out flavours with Franco-Italian flair. Unfortunately, their menu is pre-fixed, but that shouldn’t be a big deal because every meal is just as delicious.

You can have ricotta and spring peas on house sourdough or poached eggs for brunch. The menu is full of surprises as it changes weekly; this creates an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of its delicacies.

The waiters and staff at this spot are remarkable; they are super friendly and offer impeccable services. The exciting thing is that you can go with a bottle of wine to share with friends- and strangers as you dine. And oh! Do not be threatened by the pre-fixe menu; they are reasonably priced.

13. Dino

Location: 222 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Contact: 718 222 1999.

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This is an idyllic neighbourhood restaurant in the heart of Fort Greene serving fresh seasonal and comfort dishes inspired by the Northern Italy Heritage.

The style is well balanced and chic but with the right amount of casual. The lighting is magnificent, and you can enjoy your dining experience on the small wooden tables or the counter amid the brick exposed walls.

On the menu, you will find some playful and exciting dishes. Of course, everything you try out is delicious and full of flavour, but the lemon ricotta pancakes and a dish of Chicken Parmesan top the list hands down.

They also serve various pasta dishes like Riccia and Penne and other meals, including egg-based foods. For example, you can try the Eggs Pomodoro, which is two eggs baked in Pomodoro sauce with a topping of melted Parmigiano. It is delightful and makes you want to come back for more.

The lovely and bubbly staff cannot go unnoticed; they offer exceptional service to ensure you enjoy one of the best brunches in this lively neighbourhood. The drinks tab is impressive and consists of well-crafted cocktails and handpicked wines to crown the entire experience.

14. Las Santas

Location: 572 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11217.

Contact: 718 222 5919.

Visit website

Las Santas


You can never go wrong with a visit to this lovely Mexican place. Instead, Las Santas always strives to ensure everything is perfect- from drinks to food.

The vibe at this spot is fantastic, and the ambience is pleasant, making it perfect for dates and chilling out with friends. It is also beautifully decorated with a cosy seating space and a big mounted screen if you want to follow the game.

Brunch is served on weekends, and there is nothing better than to start with guacamole or nachos. Then, after that, you have the liberty to choose between breakfast burritos, breakfast Enchiladas, steak and eggs, and Chilaquiles as the main dish.

For biting, you can go for mini tacos and Quesadillas, among other small plates, and some delicious desserts. You can have the ever delicious Churros or Tres Leche.

Bottomless mimosas are available at just $27 and an entrée purchase. You can also sip other colourful and refreshing cocktails, including Bellini, Bloody Mary, and Michelada.

15. Aita

Location: 132 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC 11238.

Contact: aitaclintonhill@gmail.com.

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Brunch in Fort Greene is never complete without a visit to Aita. This place is an arty-crafty diner serving unpretentious Italian delicacies from within the brownstones of Clinton Hill.

Their setting features rustic yet intimate décor and a clever outdoor sitting setup with heaters above each booth. The atmosphere surrounding Aita is soothing, and a walk into this charmer always brings homely vibes.

Weekends here are for brunch, and you can delight your palate with nostalgic flavours from Italy in every bite you have. Expect to find Insalata Nizzarda, grain Bowl, Salmon Pastrami Benedict, Lasagna, and many other options but make sure you sample their melt in the mouth buttermilk pancakes.

On the menu, you can still get some tasty sides such as Bacon, Aita home fries, or Bacon to go with your meal. To complete a 5-star experience, the bar serves custom cocktails ranging from Aita OG Negroni to Negroni Bianco and woke up like this. There is also an impressive wine list to select from.


Fort Greene is one of Brooklyn neighbourhoods full of so many activities. There are countless office blocks, businesses, and attractions, including the Fort Greene Park. This means that there is a lot of movement, especially in the mornings.

The places listed above are among the best to step in for a mid-morning bite to keep you energised for the rest of the day. Of course, prices and menus vary depending on the specialty, but one thing is for sure, there is always something for everyone.

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