Try Out Finger Licking Food In Top Bushwick Restaurants!

Are you planning to visit Bushwick and looking for some top Bushwick restaurants to dine out in? If yes, then we’re here to help you. This guide will save you time by helping you find the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

Bushwick, Brooklyn, has a long list of restaurants compared to any other place. It offers a variety of cuisine to local and international visitors. We’ve mentioned some of the must-try places that you should add to your Brooklyn trip.

So, sit back and have a look at our top Bushwick restaurants you should try out:

1. Tong


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321 Starr St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Ph no. (718) 366-0586

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Tong is a casual Thi spot in Bushwick. If you’re with your friends or even on a solo trip, this place is a must-visit.

Besides the tall white building, the restaurant’s interior and aesthetic hanging plants complement the ambiance.

Tong’s specialty is small plates known as Kub Klaem, which they usually serve with drinks. Besides Kub klaem, you can also treat your taste buds with some goi neu, consisting of fiery beef tartare.

In short, Tong is the go-to place for Thai food lovers. They offer a variety of soups, salads, and traditional Thai dishes like Khao Soi. Also, they collectively have their full bar with various beers and drinks for you to have with your main course.

2. Faro


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436 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11237

Ph no. 718-381-8201

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Faro opened in 2015; from then, it has gained a lot of local eaters. The place is quite popular because of Kevin Adey. He is a Roman chef who has started his first solo project as a Bushwick restaurant chain.

If we talk about the interior, the place gives an industrial vibe with metal surrounding, wooden floor, and block walls. Additionally, the environment hints at the countryside that most visitors love.

Surprisingly, Faro deals with all handmade pasta with all the local grains. They aim to utilize Newyork farms and farmers to contribute to preparing seasonal American dishes.

Moreover, their freshly made pasta with garlic bread baked in a wooden oven should be in our priority food bucket.

3. Union Pizza Works

23 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237 718-628-1927

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The truck repair shop in the heart of Bushwick converted into a delicious Italian heritage serving restaurant.

The owner opened union pizza Work in 2013, and from then, it has become the favorite go-to place for locals.

However, the restaurant’s interior is not so aesthetic, but the taste is. Their best serve is Wood fired pizza, an absolute treat for your taste buds. Also, they have a variety o Italian cuisine like homemade pasta and salads.

Moreover, their Bushwick collective pie is a must-try as it is so popular among people.

The pie comprises mozzarella, sausage, tomato, broccoli, and unique Italian cheese. So, when are you giving it a try?

4. Falansai


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5. 112 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn, NYC


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Falansai 🐢 (@falansai) 分享的帖子 (718) 381-0980

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You may have seen powder blue buildings if you’re out on Bushwick streets. Well, that’s not other than one of the top Bushwick restaurants; Falansai.

They are well known for merging two cuisines with such a technique that you’ll love the food.

Falansai is best known for its unique sense of blending French and Vietnamese cultures. You will feel a sense of community the minute you enter the restaurant.

However, they have various items on their menu, but the pork egg roll with spicy green curry is hands down delicious.

Moreover, during a pandemic, Chef  Eric Tran took over the restaurant’s menu to the next level. They‘ve added an array of finger-licking seasonal dishes with a unique French and Vietnamese culture blend.

6. Momo Sushi Shack


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43 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, 11206 (718) 418-6666

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Sushi has created hype in recent times, and how could you leave Bushwick without trying out the one. Momo Sushi Shack is a nearby place in Bushwick that serves some authentic sushi with a modern touch.

The ambiance is perfectly fit for romantic sushi dates and a large group of friends. This Bushwick restaurant uses authentic Japanese practices and tools to serve you a delicious-sushi plate.

Moreover, they specialize in sushi bombs which we can say were mouth-watering. The warm rice ball covered with sashimi and a blend of avocado sauce looks incredibly delicious.

You can also try out their spicy miso-ramen to develop an authentic Japanese taste.

7. Otis


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18 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (646) 886-0601

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If you want to treat yourself to a friendly, excellent, relaxed, cozy environment, Otis is the best place to make a reservation. However, they have some limited items on their menu but trust us; everything is as good as heaven.

Otis’s menu serves a unique blend of Indian, Italian, and South American cuisine. You can get Pork shoulder pasta with pesto and miso to treat yourself to great food. On the other hand, they serve various soups that are a plus point to at least visit the place once.

They have many delicious items, yet, you can try lamb shank and PEI mussels; they are two dishes we highly recommend.

8. Bunna Cafe


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1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 347-295-2227

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If you’re looking for some delicious Ethiopian food, the Bunna Cafe is a place to go. This restaurant was started by two friends, Sam Saverance and Liyuw Ayalew, to highlight the essence of coffee.

Dim lights and the aesthetic interior of Caffe blend with the ambiance and offers a perfect place to have breakfast dates with your best friends. Moreover, the cozy environment lets you have peaceful group discussions with friends.

Bunna cafes are highly known for their authentic Ethiopian foods. Surprisingly, their whole menu is plant-based. So, if you’re vegan in Bushwick, make sure to visit this beautiful place once.

9. Matie


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159 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 718-366-3090

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Matie is a great place to have an array of delicious brunch items. They have a pleasant sitting area, most likely a date spot.

However, we find it a little on the expensive side, as you’ve to order a bunch of everything to get packed for the time.

The restaurant specializes in some authentic and freshly prepared Columbian and European food items.

As a side note, the restaurant menu depends on the availability of fresh ingredients, so it’s pretty common to have a different menu every time. Yet, they have some all-rounder food items which you can also try.

10. Le Garage


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157 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY 11221 347-295-1700

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Le Garage is situated near the south of Bushwick and offers authentic French cuisine. The place is run by a mother-daughter duo, where the mother was a former chef in a restaurant in Paris.

As you walk into the restaurant, you’ll feel the vibe of hospitality and taste the modern environment.

While the outside’s curb appeal adds a hint of aesthetics to the place, their menu depends on seasonal ingredients, which seems like they use fresh ingredients for their delicious dishes.

We recommend trying their potato gnocchi and chicken by two with your friends. Also, do not forget to look at their artisanal cocktail menu; you may find something interesting.

11. Ichiran Ramen


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374 Johnson Ave., nr. Bogart St.

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If you think noodle slurping is the best way to eat ramen, then Ichiran Ramen is the pickup place. The restaurant only serves ramen with some strange rules.

They have their signboard saying your phones should be on silent and noodle slurping is the only way to eat ramen.

What do you think about these rules? Ramen is served only one way; however, you can customize it according to your taste. Yet we recommend adding medium richness if you are trying it for the first time.

They’ve recently added soft-boiled eggs to their menus which, as usual, serve uniquely. You’ll find a slip of paper on every egg that tells you the best technique to crack it up.

12. Roberta’s


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261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 718-417-1118

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If you are looking for some places for a large friend or family group in North Brooklyn, we recommend you visit Roberta’s.

The restaurant opened a long time ago and offered an excellent dining area for the large groups at any time in their industrial backyard.

This cozy electric stop is famous among locals for serving some yummy Italian cuisine in the neighborhood. They offer a variety of, pasta dishes, salads, and of course some mouth-watering pizza.

We would recommend you to try their bee pizza which is topped up with some flavorful honey. Moreover, you can also get your hands on Cacio e Pepe.

13. Arepera Guacuco

44 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 347-305-3300

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Arepera Guacuo is one of the best family food chains in Bushwick. The restaurant is owned by a Venezuelan family that serves you with love and passion. Also, they’ve got some vegetarian options for veg lovers.

Moreover, they are famous for offering anything like Empanada, salads, classic Venezuelan dishes, and others.

You should treat yourself to some Pabellon Criollo, one of the famous dishes. It consists of shredded beef, and sweet beans, and is topped with Venezuelan cheese.

14. Ops


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346 Himrod St, Brooklyn, NY 11237 : 718-386-4009

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Ops is one of the most welcoming places ever. You will feel the essence of hospitality and comfort when you enter the restaurant. The place is decorated with polaroid pictures of the staff and customers lining the bar area.

On the other hand, the white and black tiled floor efficiently compliments the bricked wall.

Fire pizza is one of the specialties of Ops, and we highly recommend you to try them. Meanwhile, their pie menu will also grab your attention, as they all look delicious. You should try out their Juno pie and do not forget the wine to enjoy the taste.

15. Sally Roots


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195 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 347-425-0888

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Sally root is the most loved dining out the place by locals. The restaurant has bright white walls with some colorful accents to offer luxurious and cozy vibes simultaneously. Everything on the menu is irresistible and super delicious.

They deal with Caribbean cuisine, cocktails, and rums. You can stop by the place to have some mouthwatering grilled jerk chicken or their most popular goat flush with rice and peas.

Moreover, keep your eye on their fresh cocktails and buttered rum, which will make you return to the place every time you visit Bushwick.

16. Hartbreakers


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HARTBREAKERS 💔 (@hartbreakersbk) 分享的帖子

820 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (718) 326-4500

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Hartbreakers offer some heavenly delicious fried chicken regardless of the restaurant’s name. To our vegan readers looking for vegan options, heartbreaker is your new bae in Bushwick.

The restaurant specializes in some mouth-watering chicken sandwiches and fried items. Moreover, they have a wide variety of toppings and sauces that you can add to your liking.

Unpopular opinion, but their creamy coleslaw, which they called a picnic basket, is so tasty, do give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, Bushwick is known for its strong sense of community and blending neighborhood culture and seamless taste.

The place has a lot of dine-out options, which makes it one of the most enjoyable areas to stay in.

No matter what cuisine is your favorite, you will find all of them in Bushwick restaurants. Check out our mentioned restaurants to add them to your everyday food list.

Do let us know have you ever tried food from any of these restaurants? Please comment below if we are missing out on any top listed restaurants in Bushwick.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends who plan to stay more days in Bushwick.

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