Where Can I Get The Best Bushwick Tacos – Top 10 Spots

Did you know that Tacos originated from Mexico? This Mexican dish comprises small corn with some filling. The corn might sometimes be of wheat tortilla that folds over the filling to form a sandwich-like meal.

To make a nutritious Taco, you will need some beef fillings, lettuce, and sometimes cheese to make it soft.

Tacos were invented in a bid to sell Mexican food to non-Mexicans. This way, many people have grown to love Tacos, and it now receives international recognition.

close up of Corn Taco shells

Brooklyn has grown to love this Mexican delicacy over time. Bushwick is one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn consisting of a working-class population that enjoys Tacos a great deal.

If you wish to try some Bushwick Tacos, I will help you discover some amazing places to try.

The Bushwick restaurants that specialize in Tacos will wow you. So, let’s get down to business.

Where in Bushwick will you get the tastiest Tacos?

1. Santa Ana Deli

171 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (718) 6284691

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Santa Ana Deli


Do you want a place to eat the yummiest Tacos and go home with some groceries? Then, Santa Ana Deli & Grocery is the perfect place.

Here, you will eat the best beef or pork tacos with vegetable toppings and cheese. My children enjoyed the Tacos here, and the staff was the best.

The casual atmosphere proves ideal even for making new friends. You will also find other main dishes to provide comfort foods, small plates, or quick bites.

If you pass by Bushwick, don’t let your kids go hungry. Instead, stop by and get your lunch or dinner.

Santa Ana Deli allows takeouts, dine-ins, or deliveries at your convenience. The chefs do their best and prove themselves by cooking the tastiest Mexican, American, Chinese and Portuguese cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Taqueria Sofia Restaurant

187 Suydam St (Wilson), Brooklyn

Phone: (347) 318-8208

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Taqueria Sofia Restaurant


Mexican food gets better with Taqueria Sofia. This restaurant will serve you the best Mexican Tacos in New York. I visited here, and one thing I valued was their unique display and food presentation.

If you have a special guest who would enjoy some nicely made Tacos, this will be the best place in Bushwick.

A family started the restaurant, and they have provided Bushwick residents and visitors with amazing traditional Mexican food.

The family operates on family recipes, and you will enjoy eating from their restaurant. Just as the décor will attract you, the scenic view will draw you in.

You will get the chance to eat Mexican rice, Tacos, sauces, soup, and amazing Mexican stews. I recommend you try the Bistec Taco and witness how juicy and delicious Tacos can get.

3. Taqueria Cocoyoc Restaurant

211 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (718) 497-4489

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Taqueria Cocoyoc Restaurant


Tacos have become my favorite dish since I visited Taqueria Cocoyoc restaurant in Bushwick. The Tacos comprises dishes like Carnitas Burrito, Pozole, and Chorizo Tostada.

So if you happen to visit this restaurant, request any of these dishes, and you will enjoy them. They prove among the best Taco dishes in Bushwick and the whole of Brooklyn.

They open the restaurant from 11 am and close at 11 pm. sometimes, they close at 1 am, and 3 am depending on the demand or during special events. The staff and chefs have a hospitable relationship with everyone that visits this eatery joint.

You may decide to dine in, take out, or order for delivery. Whichever way you choose to get served, you will enjoy the tastiest and most juicy Tacos. The restaurant specializes in other Mexican cuisine delicacies, including rice and meat stews.

The spicy sauces will leave you craving for more with every bite of food you take. Bring your Mexican friend, date, or family here and let them enjoy Mexican in Bushwick.

4. La Lupe

9 Jefferson, St Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: + 1 347-715-2455

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La Lupe


Will you enjoy some Mexican fast food with some of your favorite drinks? La Lupe Mexican food bar will provide precisely that.

The eatery joint will serve dishes during lunch, brunch, dinner, and some happy-hour times. These times come with special prize offers that keep you locked in their sweet-food trap.

I enjoyed some of these happy-hour delicacies, and every time I visit Bushwick, I must indulge in some happy-hour dish offered with La Lupe.

Nothing proves sweeter than freshly cooked Tacos on a sunny or rainy day. This food delicacy has the power to turn your day into something beautiful.

If you want to enjoy various creative types of Tacos, then be sure to visit this eatery joint. Depending on the day and demand, they open daily from noon and close at 10 or 11 pm.

The chefs understand how to make juicy Mexican Tacos for the entire family. In addition, the décor allows for romantic Taco getaways so that you may drive your partner here for an amazing Taco date.

5. Amaranto Restaurant

887 Hart St. Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: + 1 718 576-6001

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Amaranto Restaurant


Do you want to dive into the freshest Tacos in Bushwick? You may consider doing so at Amaranto Restaurant, where the hygiene and prices prove unbeatable.

This restaurant employs the best Mexican chefs who come in with the mission of doing what they do best. Imagine getting the best of Tacos in a clean, welcoming, and aesthetic place? Amaranto guarantees its guests the best that you may get in New York.

Apart from Tacos, this place also proves amazing for having cocktails and other drinks. Guacamole, Shrimp Ceviche, and Spice Guacamole include some of the most preferred appetizers in this spectacular restaurant. Try one here if you fancy pork, fish, steak, chicken, or vegetable Tacos.

You may also get some side dishes, including chips and Yucca fries. The staff will welcome you warmly, and if you need to get your belly and heart full, you will have walked to the right place.

6. Forrest Point

970 Flushing Ave (Forrest St), Brooklyn NY

Phone: 718 366 2742

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Forrest Point


The Forest point in Bushwick provides the best Tacos and drinks to cool you off from a busy day. However, the Tacos will still do the job if you also need to start your day with incredible energy and stamina.

This place has the best food served in a natural and serene setting. 

If you choose to visit this spectacular Mexican serving eatery, you will enjoy specially made fish tacos, grilled corn in Mexican cuisine, steak Tacos, and fried chicken sandwiches. The menu has the best Mexican food found in New York.

I also enjoyed how their food presentation got everyone off guard. If you thought you went to a standard food joint, it would get you thinking again.

Don’t even mention the friendly staff you start meeting from the entrance. They make your food tastier and juicy.

They open on Wednesdays and Thursdays for dinner from 4 pm to 10 pm. They operate for brunch from 11 am to 4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. They also serve dinner from 4 pm to 11. Pm.

On Sunday, you will get your Tacos brunch treat from 11 am to 6 pm. These timings help reduce boredom and improve their recipes. If you taste the Tacos today, you will look forward to their next opening hours without getting weary.

7. Mesa Azteca

91 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: +1 347-378-2838

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Mesa Azteca


Do you love eating outside in the garden space and enjoying nature? Mesa Azteca in Bushwick, Brooklyn, provides precisely that. The garden area adds to the beauty of the food you will indulge in while the birds around entertain you.

In addition, you will love the colorful dining area made in a special room for indoor lovers. The room has the best interior décor themes, and eating inside the dining room will provide similar excitement to the outside garden.

You will either dine-in or have to order takeaway. This restaurant doesn’t provide contact deliveries, so you have to walk in here to make your order. The beautiful eating space compensates for that, and you will have a better time eating here than in your hotel room.

The staff here wears masks, and you will be required to have yours as you walk in. The management has a close interest in your health, and they put all measures to guarantee your safety while eating here.

The eatery joint will provide you with the juiciest Tacos around Bushwick. The chefs make their tacos so tasty that the aroma and flavor stick with you all day.

I love having steak tacos here. The drinks also prove so refreshing you will not want to miss a stop in the summer. They have a talent for making cocktails, and you might get addicted to their customer service.

So think of visiting here if you need to get Tacos, great music, and drinks.

8. El Kucho

141 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: +1 917-966-5154

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El Kucho


This restaurant provides the best authentic Mexican foods in New York City. Depending on your comfort, you may get served with pickup or delivery style.

If you happen to be in Bushwick and crave Mexican cuisine, don’t hesitate to visit this magnificent restaurant. The Tex-Mex Tacos style provided here will be your best for a long time.

This restaurant cooks a variety of Tacos delicacies in style. The pork Tacos taste the yummiest since they come served with a special vegetable filling. When I ate here, the onions flavoring was nothing I had ever tasted.

However, it was so aromatic that I had to order some takeaway. The recipes prove to be from the traditional Mexican food experts because you will enjoy every bite of your Tacos.

If you meet chef Zepeda, you will understand where the flavors come from. The chef has over 14 years of cooking experience serving Mexican delicacies. So as you sit to eat, be ready to devour the most flavored Tacos in New York.

If you wish to host special events like weddings and receptions in a nice restaurant atmosphere, El Kucho will be more than willing to have you.

The restaurant grows the local market by purchasing all their special ingredients in Bushwick. If you need a homey, welcoming, and dedicated restaurant in Bushwick, try El Kucho for more outstanding experiences.

9. Tacos La Carcachita

384-408 Palmetto St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone:  +1 917-283-0840

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Tacos La Carcachita


Tacos la Carcachita presents you with a unique chance to taste the vegetarian Tacos if you love a vegetarian diet. The cheese and iceberg will make the Tacos more delicious for the first-timers.

The quesadillas prove to be the juiciest in this restaurant too. The prices will amaze you with how affordable the food gets.

The fillings comprise various meat types, onions, cheese, and a little cream. I tried the Tacos, and the flavor was amazingly fantastic.

So if you need to have the tastiest Tacos served with the broadest smiles in Bushwick, come here for your Tacos treat. Any food served in a joyful atmosphere makes the best food.

10. Nene’s Deli Taqueria

14 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: +1 347-413-6684

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Nenes Deli Taqueria


This Tacos place makes the ultimate Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn and New York. They serve Taco dishes like Birria Tacos in various flavors.

You will even get the chance to taste Birria Pizza. The location serves as the best place to visit and have brunch, lunch, or dinner in Bushwick.

The Birria Tacos come with a soup stew that proves yummy too. You won’t miss out ever again once you try these Mexican delicacies at Nene’s Deli.

They operate from Monday morning to Sunday and are always open at noon. So you will get the best time eating and drinking before they close up at 11 pm.

If you want to experience some changes in Tacos, visit this Mexican restaurant, and you will put all your craving worries aside and enjoy every bite.

Final Thoughts

If you love Mexican food, you love Tacos. Have we helped you find the best Taco joints in Bushwick? Try some of our suggested Taco restaurants, and let us know how you found them in the comment section.

I am sure you will land yourself a must-go Tacos joint. If you do, please share this article with your friends and let them also come and enjoy it.

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