A Guide to Bushwick, Brooklyn [What to Do, Eat & Drink]

Brooklyn is one of the most diverse and intensely populated areas in New York. And each crowd in this densely populated place has its own lifestyle choices, fashion, way of interaction, and cuisines.

These various lifestyle choices, styles, patterns of interaction, and cuisines are each reflected in the neighborhood they reside in.



Brooklyn’s neighborhoods can be grouped into six geographically and historically into six. One of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn historically is Bushwick. Bushwick is found in the northern part of Brooklyn.

This place used to contain Williamsburg, Green Point, and Bushwick itself within. But now has come to be its neighborhood. 

Bushwick is one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn that stands out the most. Rather than the usual prim and proper industrial building, Bushwick is full of bright-colored buildings with street arts and graffiti. Besides street art, Bushwick is also a place for galleries and a weirdly placed coffee shop.

Though Bushwick has undergone a massive change in the past few decades, the building, warehouse, and street paints have a story.

We will now explore this artistry part of Brooklyn, New York.

Let us get started!

Some other neighborhoods you may want to check out. It is better to overview the complete neighborhoods of Brooklyn with the map before you continue.

History of Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bushwick was part of the land bought from the Canarsie Indians in 1638 alongside Williamsburg and Green Point. During that time, these three places were part of one significant Dutch settlement, which used to be known as the Bushwick town.

The first people who settled there after the purchase of the area were the Dutch people, and a few were French.

In 1683 the Dutch settlement was overtaken by the English settlement  and became part of the “The King’s Country.”

Bushwick Avenue Off Meserole Street October 5th 1916

Bushwick Avenue Off Meserole Street (October 5th 1916)

The areas around the East River, including Williamsburg, developed a little earlier than Bushwick. Bushwick remained in the state it was in for a while before being sold to residential homes.

Then in 1855, the town of Bushwick, including present-day Bushwick, became part of the city of Brooklyn.

After becoming part of Brooklyn, Bushwick went through rapid development. Various infrastructure such as roads and railways were built.

Then after, many immigrants from different parts of the world settled in the area, which led to the diversity of the society.

One of the many incidents which had a big impact on Bushwick was the blackout. This took place in 1977 when hundreds of stores were looted and burned down. One-third of the stores in the entire Bushwick were closed and 43% of those never recovered.

This resulted in a worry if Bushwick could ever be built again. And many left the area. In the following years, the crime rate, poverty, and drugs took over Bushwick.

But later in the 2000s, the Bushwick initiative began, and different programs were built to help with the quality of life.

And the housing improvements started to happen when people began to look for cheaper places compared to other parts of Brooklyn. This resulted in the rebirth of the Bushwick that we know today.

Is Bushwick in Brooklyn?

YES, Bushwick is a part of Brooklyn borough, New York.

Back in 1660, when the Dutches had ownership of Brooklyn, Bushwick town, which used to include today’s Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Green Point,  was made to be one of the six towns of Brooklyn through a charter.

Then in 1855, after the American revolutionary war, today’s Bushwick became part of Brooklyn city, New York.

Where is Bushwick,  Brooklyn?

The town of Bushwick is found in the northern part of New York and is one of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

On the northwestern part, Bushwick is a neighbor with Williamsburg and Ridgewood, Queens, on the northeast.

Bushwick also shares a border with the cemeteries of Highland Park and East New York on the southeast and Bedford in the southwest. And finally, Brownsville on the south encloses Bushwick, Brooklyn.

How to get to Bushwick, Brooklyn?

To get to Bushwick, Brooklyn, you can either take the bus, the train, or the subway.

By Bus: The bus journey between Bushwick and Brooklyn takes about five minutes. You can take the B13, B60, Q39, Q55, and the Q58 buses.

By Train: You can also take the train to get to Bushwick. The train options are the Babylon Branch, Ronkonkoma Brach, and the West Hempstead branch.

By Subway: You can use the  “M” subway to get to Bushwick.

Is Bushwick a good neighborhood?

Though Bushwick is one of the hip neighborhoods, it is also one of the most desired places to live by New Yorkers. Bushwick is one of the few places that has mastered unity in diversity.

One of the great deals living in Bushwick is Renters Insurance. So basically, for a property worth 50,000USD, you pay 300USD per year, which is one of the best ways to keep the property you are renting safe.

Bushwick Brooklyn


The renter’s insurance also protects your belongings at your home when you are away.

The other question would be, is Bushwick a safe neighborhood? We can’t say with certainty. Bushick used to be one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

But in the past few decades, the crime rate in the area has been decreasing by a significant amount.

The other thing about Bushwick is you can find almost any household item for a low price.

They also have farmers’ markets, and Grocery stores can also be located within walking distance.

Things to do in Bushwick, Brooklyn

  • Check out impressive street art.

The place known as the Bushwick collection is known for the beautiful mural arts surrounding the neighborhood’s industry walls.

Bushwick 1


The Bushwick Collection was founded in 2012, and legendary names in the street art world like Blek le Rat, Banksy, and ROA have printed their work there. So, if you’re coming to Bushwich and you’re a fan of street art, make sure to check it out.

  • Go on a vintage shopping spree.

Whether you like finding vintage things, thrift shopping, or buying from high-end second-hand shops, Bushwick is where you can get it all.

Shops like L Train Vintage, Other People’s Trash, and FRIENDS NYC are known for being the best second-hand and thrift shops. A shop called Collection BK is a great place to get sentiment pieces, classic antique clothing and accessories, and more. There are also shops like GG’s social club, where most items are reused and repurposed.

Bushwick is one of the best places to explore different artists and creative arts. One of the most popular contemporary art galleries is called Microscope.

The place is famous for the way they organized various arts and performances through sound, film, and others. Another popular art gallery is Transmitter which has different international, experimental, and integrative art.

  • Enjoy the extraordinary nightlife.

If you’re a fan of going out and having a good time, the town of Bushwick has you covered. House of Yes is one of the nightclubs to check out not only in Brooklyn but also in the USA.

This place has everything from circus performers to body painters to dancers and more. If you want to enjoy a wild, crazy, and loud night, House of yes is the place for you. Bushwick also has some great bars that have breweries.

  • Check out the culinary scenes.

 Bushwick also has one of the most diverse foodie scenes. There are always various types of food to try. From Pizzerias to french restaurants, the town has it all.

The Hispanic and Latin American communities that lived in this town for a long has also influenced it. Other than that, there are great pastry shops like Circo’s Pastry Shop, Milk & Pull, L’imprimerie, and more, if you want to enjoy some sweets.

  • Check  the Syndicated Theater

 Are you interested in having a good meal while watching a classic movie? Then the Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen is the place for you.

This place is also considered to be one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. They provide from simple cinema snacks to full-on meals.

  • Get fresh air at the urban greenspaces.

 If you’re looking to exercise, hang out or just get some fresh air, check out some of the green spaces the town of Bushwick has.

Some greenspaces have playgrounds, basketball courts, handball courts, performance stages, and fitness equipment. Check out and stroll through some of the beautiful scenery Bushwick offers.

  • Go to bookstores

We talked about how Bushwick is known for vintage shopping, but it isn’t only clothes that this town offers. It also provides excellent book stores.

Molasses Books is one of Brooklyn’s best independent bookstores you need to check out. You can buy or trade books and also sit and have a drink while reading at this place.

  • Check out some Cafes

Whether you’re looking for some great coffee to start your day too or an afternoon surge of energy, Bushwick has some great cafes you can check out.

Cafes like Sey Coffee, Wyckoff Starr Coffee shop, Dweebs, and more offer great quality cups of roasted coffee and unique drinks.

These coffee shop also has vintage classic aesthetics and are also a great place to hang out or even get some work done.

Where to eat in Bushwick, Brooklyn?

Bushwick and, at large, Brooklyn is known for their authentic and various food cultures.

Bushwick’s food scene reflects the blending of culture and cuisines, which helps with having different options.

Below are some of the best Bushwick restaurants:

1. Bunna Cafe

1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn,

NY 11237, United States

Phone: 347-295-2227

Email: events@bunnaethiopia.net

Visit website

Buna Cafe


Bunna Cafe is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. This place brings out the authentic Ethiopian palate. Bunna cafe is an excellent place for plant-based or vegan people since almost everything served here is plant-based.

One of their popular dishes is called “beyaynetu,” a different plant-based dish served with injera, a sour flatbread. The other popular dish is the “Shiro,” a ground chickpea made into a stew.

The other thing is place is known for is the traditional coffee ceremony. Starting from roasting the coffee beans to finally serving the coffee, you will experience everything right before your eyes.

The setup of this restaurant is warm and cozy, which makes it an excellent place for a date or a time with your friends and loved ones.

2. Ops

346 Himrod St, Brooklyn,

NY 11237, United States

Phone: 718-386-4009

Visit website

Ops 1


Ops is a small cozy, and comfortable pizzeria. They are known for their crusty pizza, cooked using a wooden fire. They also serve other foods besides pizza; one of their famous dishes is the Juno, which comes with potatoes,  broccoli, ricotta, and provolone cheese.

Ops also has an excellent collection of natural wine and margaritas.

3. Sally Roots

195 Wyckoff Ave. (at Harman Ave.) Brooklyn,

NY, 11237, United States

Phone: 347-425-0888

Email: info@sallyroots.com

Visit Website

Sally Roots


Sally Roots is a Caribbean place known for its meat-based dishes. One of their customer’s favorites is the house special; the chicken curry tamale. Besides their house special, they have different Caribbean meals such as jerk ribs and codfish cake.

Sally Roots is also famous for its different cocktail rums. Their renowned drink is the “catch fire” cocktail Aperol with pineapple and the “dancehall” with rum and blueberries.

Sally Root is the go-to place in Bushwick for a patio.

4. Le Garage

157 Suydam St Brooklyn,

NY 11221 United States



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Le Garage


Le Garage is a french restaurant owned by a mother-daughter duo. The mother-daughter pair has a background in cooking and interior design, respectively.

This is highly reflected in the restaurant’s menu and interior design. Le Garage serves a modern and yet very casual environment.

Le Garage is known for its seasonal dishes, meaning based on what is in season, plates are added or removed from the menu.

You might not have to travel across the country to visit this restaurant, but if you are around the area, Le Garage is a great place to bring a date or for a family dinner.

5. Santa Panza

1079 Broadway, Brooklyn,

NY 11221, United States



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Santa Panza


Santa Panza is an Italian resturant and pizza place. It is a modern and cozy place with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Santa Panza is known for its creative toppings, especially when it comes to pizza. Ranging from a simple cheese topping to mushrooms and onions, they have it all. They also have an excellent dessert menu.

Santa Panza is also an excellent place for brunches, and they have specific menus for brunches. One of the latest addition to their brunch menus was the carbonara, which is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

6. Falansai

112 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn,

NY 11237, United States


Email: hello@falansai.com

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Falansai is a Vietnamese American restaurant found in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Falansai blends Vietnamese cuisine with French cuisine to create unique dishes you will never experience somewhere else.

Some of the popular dishes on their menu include the confit duck neck, the spicy green curry, and the dad’s fried rice. Falansai uses seasonal ingredients for their dishes, and as a result, their menu is constantly rotating with the season.

Falansai is known for its tasting courses as well. Their six-course menu for less than 100USD is one of their popular servings. You can also go for a smaller one with a four-course menu, 45USD.

7. Tong

321 Starr St, Brooklyn,

NY 11237, United States

Phone:  718-366-0586

Email: tongbrooklyn@gmail.com

​​Visit Website



Tong is one of the best Thai food places in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The word “tong” means gold in Thai, reflecting the richness of the Thai food culture. This richness of the Thai food culture is expressed in the menus of this restaurant.

Tong has different menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Ranging from large portions to soups and small palates and snacks like finger foods, tong has it all. Some of their popular menus are the Kub klaem, among the small dishes, the beef tartare, goi neu, and the issan style spicy.

Tong has a bar as well, serving cocktails and beer.

8. Taqueria Al Pastor

128 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn,

NY 11237, United States

Phone: 718- 269-7538

Email: contact@taqueriaalpastor.nyc

Visit website

Taqueria Al Pastor


Among the many Mexican restaurants in the area, Taqueria Al Pastor is one of the few that stands out.

Taqueria Al Pastor is the go-to place for craving good tacos or burritos. The tacos come in various flavors and fillings.

The local’s favorite thing about Taqueria Al Pastor tacos is how it has a big fill of guacamole. Besides the tacos, the rice dishes are also highly recommended at Taqueria Al Pastor.

Visiting Bushwick and not dropping by Taqueria Al Pastor is honestly a loss. If you can, try this excellent Mexican place if you happen to be in the area.

What is Bushwick Known for?

Bushwick is an old town with many histories. Let us look at some of the things Bushwick, Brooklyn is known for.

  • Has the oldest dutch house from the Colonial era.

The Vander Ende Onderdonk House is the oldest remaining house that belongs to the dutch. It was constructed around 1709, when the site was first occupied. Even though the place was almost damaged in a fire in 1981, it was rebuilt and was granted a landmark by New York City. The house serves as a museum to show the city’s history, and When visiting the Vander Ende Onderdonk House, you can see the Arbitration rock, the border between Brooklyn and Queens.

  • Bushwick has unique bars.

As we mentioned earlier, Bushwick has one of the most vibrant nightlife. The lively and themed bars around the town make it unique.

  • New York’s oldest aquaponic farm

In the town of Bushwick, we can find the Oko Farms. This farm in New York City is the first publicly accessible aquaponic farm. What is aquaponics? It is the close cooperation of plants and fish. We use the excretion of fish as plant nutrients. This process allows farmers a sustainable way to grow crops. The Oko Farms grows different flowers and herbs.

  • The freedom triangle

At an intersection in the middle of Bushwick, we can find the freedom triangle. This landscape was built to commemorate the sacrifice of the men of Brooklyn during World War I. The statue was carved by Italian Immigrant Pietro Montana, and it was titled “Victory with Peace.” It was then acquired by the city in 1912 and given its current name in 1919.

  • Was the Largest Italian American neighborhood in New york

Even though Bushwick is now predominantly Hispanic, it once had the largest Italian American community. The Italian community was mainly of Sicilian descent; one of the reasons for the expansion of Italian Americans was the construction of various Catholic Churches.

  • “The beer capital”

After Bushwick was combined with Brooklyn in 1855, the town started growing in different industries and factories. One of the industries that began to expand was beer brewing. The town has as many as 45 breweries at one point. That was why Bushwick was once known as the beer capital. Over time, the industry began to decline.

  • The many art galleries

One of the things the town of Bushwick is known for is the growing art scenes. There are more than 50 galleries in the neighborhood. From abstract conceptual work to vibrant graffiti arts to beautiful murals, this town is known for its art.


Bushwick, Brooklyn, is one of the most exciting and thrilling places to visit in Brooklyn. From the food scene to activities you can do, Bushwick is the place to go.

This has been A Guide to Bushwick, Brooklyn. We have gone through everything about Bushwick, from its history to getting there, things to do, where to eat, if it is a good neighborhood or not, and many more.

We hope this article was informative and helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have enjoyed reading it. Don’t forget to give it a like and share it with others.

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