18 Best Cafes in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a much loved and famous place even for those who haven’t been there. I mean, what is there not to love about this place? The many portrayals in the movies make the place look mysterious, and many people will undoubtedly love to come here.

Well, apart from the movies, Brooklyn is a lovely place to be. The diversity of cultures, the social, political, culinary, and artistic richness makes this place somewhere that everyone should visit and experience.

One of the things you will easily access is cafes, and there are many of them. But it is not just enough to go to anyone. This article will focus on some of the best cafes that you can find in Brooklyn. So, if you happen to find yourself around here for the first time, this list can guide you to a café closest to you where you can get a quality experience.

1. AP Café

AP Café

Location: 420 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

Phone: +1 347-745-6681

If you are looking for a location to post up and do some work while you have a cup of coffee and snacks, you can use AP Café. The environment here is beautiful and aesthetic, and it has a lot of natural light. In addition, the greenery from the plants makes it a pleasant and calming sight.

When you step into this café, you can tell that the design and building were meticulously attended. AP café serves some of the best iced coffee, which is topped with a shot of espresso. You can call this a gourmet pizza shop; they use some of the best food ingredients and items. They also pay a lot of detail to their culinary activity, making it a work of art.

If you are picky and choosey about what you eat, they serve some of the healthiest and affordable food items ranging from kale pesto quinoa, cut oats, Vietnamese iced coffee. The kale pesto quinoa is filled with a lot of flavors that complement each other, and they create a burst of flavor in your taste buds.

So, if you are hoping to leave your house and find a place outside to sit comfortably while working, you can trust AP Café to take care of your needs.

2. Tobys Estate Coffee

Toby's Estate Coffee

Location: 81 E 45th St, New York, NY 10169

Phone: +1 (646) 747-0801


Toby’s Estate Coffee offers some of the best and quality coffee, they source their coffee from around the world, and they only get the best. So, if you have an excellent taste for coffee and want a wide selection, you will be offered an extensive coffee selection here.

The coffee will be brewed to your specification and taste in a way that you never imagined. Well, this place is not only for those who have extensive knowledge of coffee. However, if you are not experienced with drinking coffee, you can always ask the staff to help you pick the proper selection and option. They are polite, friendly, and are always willing to assist customers.

You will get sophisticated fancy coffee and dessert, and this is one coffee shop that you have to try; I promise you that you will thank me later.

3. Playground Coffee Shop

Playground Coffee Shop

Location: 1114 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +1 (718) 484-4833


This is not just a café that sticks to selling coffee; it also sells VHS tapes, Cassettes, printed zines, and vinyl records. In collaboration with the community, this coffee shop also serves as a community space where people can organize events and meetings.

This café also serves as a platform for poetry, gallery shows, performances, and book events. All these activities are aimed at giving a platform to unrepresented artists. In addition, you can grab any pastries, drinks, and baked goods on the café’s menu.

You can listen to record or read some collections of zine magazines as you enjoy your cup of coffee and other snacks.

4. Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons

Location: 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: 718.384.1441


This amazing hangout place serves as both a café and a restaurant. They serve a great variety of farm-fresh meals, and they are widely known for this. If you are looking for something refreshing, fresh, and light, you could always stop here and refresh yourself.

The exciting thing is that if you change your mind and decide to go with a heavy meal, you can comfortably get this at Marlow and sons; their oysters are amazing. Another exciting thing on their menu is coffee with oat milk. It is delicious, and you won’t get enough of it.

This café offers quality food, and their staff is super excellent and professional. It is a comfortable place to enjoy a quick meal, but it is not your typical café.

5. Devocion


Location 1: 276 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Location 2: 69 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

Phone: 718-285-6180


The sight of this café is just so calming, and you feel at home immediately. You need to appreciate the architectural design and the interior work that makes this place stand out from other cafes. Expect nothing but quality food from this café.

They source their coffee bean from different regions, which means they have a great selection and collection of fine coffee that you won’t find in every café. You are assured of getting freshly roasted coffee that has not been kept for too long in storage. Also, you can choose the blend that suits your tastebuds, and you will enjoy your coffee how you want it.

If you want these fresh coffee beans at home, you can have them delivered to your doorstep. Both locations here in Brooklyn are incredible and offer a serene, beautiful atmosphere that you can enjoy your coffee in.

6. Sweatshop Coffee

Sweatshop Coffee

Location: 232 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Phone: +1 (917) 960-7232


It would be best always to get a good and neat café to enjoy your meal; this is what you will find in Sweatshop Coffee. This café is wonderfully designed from the inside, it has natural light, and they serve excellent Aussie coffee in a beautiful café.

It is a design studio with a Melbourne-style café, and this explains this place’s beauty and remarkable aesthetic. You will find various merchandise of the design studio on the walls like socks, caps, and shirts. So you can purchase anyone that you love.

The café gives you a relaxing vibe, and it showcases a lot of creativity. It is a serene environment, and if you are looking for a workspace while you enjoy your coffee, you could come to this café.

7. Kitten Espresso Bar

Kitten Espresso Bar

Location: 320 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: +1 (347) 693-4116

Although this is a small café, their coffee flavors are not small. They serve rich flavored coffee and one of the best coffees in the area. But, when it comes to consistency, you can count on the Kitten Espresso bar. this reputation is what has kept them in business for so long.

It would be nice if you tried their chocolate croissant; they are so delicious you might be tempted to eat more than you intended. The staff is friendly and professional, and they offer good services.

8. Daily Press Coffee

Daily Press Coffee


Location 1: 505 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238     Contact: +1 (347) 240-1101

Location 2: 38 Somers St, Brooklyn, NY 11233          Contact: +1 (347) 442-1410


This café has a lovely patio that is lovely to sit in during the summer to receive all the sun you can get. The baked goods are yummy, and I just can’t stop craving them, and it is a perfect spot to get your daily fix of coffee.

You should try their bagel; I assure you that you will never look back. They also have a comfortable space that you could use for work, and the service is impressive. It is a lovely coffee shop that you can rely on.

9. Oslo Coffee Roasters

Oslo Coffee Roasters


Location 1: 328 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249      Contact: +1 (718) 782-0332

Location 2: 133 Roebling St Ste B, Brooklyn, NY 11211  Contact: +1 (718) 782-0332


This cozy laid back environment and offers a diverse menu. And if you have a lot of time during the weekend, you can enjoy the live band music. It is a comfortable space to have your coffee while you attend to other matters like work.

They have one of the best cold brews and sweet home-cooked desserts. The coffee is exceptional because of the care and insight that goes into roasting and preparing the coffee. Their espresso drink cold-brewed iced coffee is some of the best in the area.

They offer the best environment, the best coffee, and the best services that you can find. In addition, they support farmers that use ecologically sustainable practices to support a healthy ecosystem.

10. Seven Point Espresso

Seven Point Espresso


Location: 637 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA


When you taste the coffee from this café, you will agree that the coffee is on point. The café has a Melbourne touch, and outlook and they make great coffee. Their baked goods have a fresh taste made with high-quality ingredients.

They have a non-sugar dessert menu that will delight those who eat minimal sugar, and they also have friendly baristas. The café is clean and neat, with natural light that makes you very comfortable. The staff is also friendly and efficient.

11. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company


Location 1: 67 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Location 2: 240 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: +1 (718) 855-1000        Website

This is one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn, and their coffee is top-class and second to none. You will get freshly roasted top-quality beans coffee, and the coffee is flavorful. There is a lot of patience and detail in preparing their coffees, and the end product is quality delicious coffee. So if you are looking for artisanal coffee, you should try out this place.

12. Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Little Cupcake Bakeshop


Location 1: 598 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238     Contact: +1 (718) 783-0770

Location 2: 9102 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209    Contact: +1 (718) 680-4465


If you are looking for a fantastic cupcake to accompany your cup of coffee, you should give this place a try. They make some of the best-baked goods in town, their cakes are moist and delicious, and you can even find some gluten-free goods.

You will find traditional American desserts, and they are made from fresh and sustainable ingredients sourced locally. These baked goods are baked every day, so you do not have to worry about leftovers, and there are no preservatives used.

The milk is gotten from grass-fed cows, they only serve organic tea, and there is no GMO product, and their coffee is top quality. So be guaranteed that you will have a good time at this café.

13. Baz Bagel and Restaurant

Baz Bagel and Restaurant


Location: 181 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Phone: +1 (212) 335-0609


This café offers amazing bagels made the traditional way, and there are no shortcuts taken. They specialize in hand-rolled bagels, which are fresh and fantastic. You can make a reservation which will help you save a lot of time.

You also need to try their amazing French toast. They serve decent coffee, which is better than most places. The place is clean and tidy, and you can either sit within or sit at the tables set outside. The staff are friendly and professionally attend to you, you should give this place a try.

14. Bakeri


Location 1: 105 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222   Phone: +1 (718) 349-1542   Website

Location 2: 150 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249     Phone: +1 (718) 388-8037

This is another café to get freshly baked goods that are fresh and delicious. The pastries and bread are baked in-house daily, which means that you get to eat only fresh baked goods and no leftovers.

They roast their own coffee, which has a lot of quality and is delicious. You should try their grapefruit yogurt loaf and their chocolate chip cookie; they are delicious. You will also get good coffee at this café, and it’s worth every penny.

15. The Grey Dog (Nolita)

The Grey Dog (Nolita)


Location: 244 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Phone: +1 (212) 966-1060


The Grey Dog Nolita café is a popular place among locals and tourists who visit the area. You can either sit inside the café or outside on the street patio. The service is excellent, and the staff is very welcoming.

The menu is quite diverse and good; you can have a decent cup of coffee with any side dish to accompany it. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends and have a quick light meal. It is a warm and lovely café with a welcoming environment.

16. The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room


Location 1: 269 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231    Contact: +1 (718) 246-2600

Location 2: 51 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217       Contact: +1 (718) 783-2900


There are those days when you want a hot cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate; this is the best place to satisfy those longings if you happen to find yourself around Brooklyn. Here you can be assured of the best chocolate desserts.

They also serve superb coffee, handmade ice cream, beers from around the world, and dessert wines. This joint is a unique destination for anything chocolate, and they have quality products. The staff are professional and certainly seem to know what they are doing.

You can always branch here with friends for a cup of coffee and some chocolate dessert. The environment is welcoming and relaxing. You will leave this place happy and satisfied.

17. Pause Café

Pause Café


Location: 3 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

Phone: 212-677-5415


This a warm and welcoming café; it is cozy and serves superfood. The place has a Moroccan feel, and the menu has a variety of meals. They serve signature salads, soups, superfood bowls, fresh juices, sandwiches, and smoothies.

The hot coffee and chocolate are one of a kind and delicious. Imagine having a delicious quick meal in this warm and comfortable environment; you might want to stay longer than necessary. The owner and staff of this café are friendly and welcoming, and they will immediately make you feel at home. If you are looking for something different from the usual cafes, you can visit Pause Café.

18. Café Madeline

Café Madeline


Location: 1603 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (218) 941-4020


If you are looking for a café that serves fresh food, you might consider visiting this beautiful little spot. The coffee and food are delicious, healthy, and unique, and they serve quality products. Also, if you are looking for a nice place to get a cup of coffee while you work, you could do that here.

The café is neat, with a comfortable atmosphere. The staff is amazing and friendly, and they seem to enjoy their job.


When you eat out, you expect to get food and services worth every penny that you spend, and that is how it should be. These are some of the best cafes you can find in Brooklyn, and they would be worth your time and expenses.

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