Las Vegas ZIP Code Map and ZIP Code Lists

Las Vegas ZIP Codes Map

Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the World, is a prominent city in Nevada famous for its luxurious resorts and plethora of casino and hotel establishments. Numerous nicknames have been coined for the city such as Sin City, City of Lights, and the Gambling Capital of the World. More than 32 million tourists flock to … Read more

A Detailed Guide on Houston ZIP Codes and Map

Houston ZIP Code Map

Houston is a popular city in Texas that is well-known for its space and science contributions and inviting warm weather. It is home to several of the largest establishments such as the largest medical center in the world and the largest shopping mall in Texas. Its abundance of job opportunities and low cost of living … Read more

A Complete List of Portland ZIP Codes and Map

Portland ZIP Code Map

Portland is a colorful and scenic port city located in the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. State of Oregon. It is known for its vibrant art scene and stunning mountaintops and forests. With a city population of 652,503, it is the largest city in Oregon and the 26th largest in the country. The city was … Read more

Phoenix Zip Code Map And List Of 79 Zip Codes

phoenix zip code map 2000x1200 1

Desert landscapes, sunny weather, and an abundance of outdoor adventure are just a few reasons why visitors flock to Phoenix, Arizona. The city attracts more than 19 million visitors every year to enjoy its many excellent hotel resorts and dozens of restaurants and nature parks. It is home to more than 1.6 million residents living … Read more

Complete List of 59 San Jose ZIP Codes

San Jose ZIP Codes Map

San Jose is located in Santa Clara County in the U.S. State of California. It was founded as Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe in 1777 and was incorporated in 1850. More than one million people live in the city, ranking it the third most populous city in California and 10th in the United States. … Read more

Tampa ZIP Codes and Map | Population, Location, Area Code, and More

Tampa ZIP Code Map

Tampa is located along the coastline of the Southern United States. It was incorporated into a city in 1887 and is now the largest in the Tampa Bay area. About 384,959 residents live in the city, ranking it the third most populated in Florida and the 52nd in the United States. Many nicknames were given … Read more

San Diego ZIP Codes and Map (Updated 2023)

San Diego Zip Code Map

San Diego is a city located in California that was established in 1769 and incorporated in 1850. It has a total population of about 1.3 million residents living in a total area of 372.42 sq mi or 964.56 sq km. The city ranks as the 8th most populated city in the United States and the … Read more

A Complete List of Los Angeles ZIP Codes With Map

ZIP Code Map via Los Angeles Housing Department

Often referred to as the Post Office, the United States Postal Service (USPS) conducts mail and postal services in the United States. Postal codes usually consist of letters or numbers that enable mail to be delivered to the correct address. ZIP codes, which consist of five numbers, are used as postal codes in the United … Read more

A Guide to San Francisco ZIP Codes and Maps

San Francisco ZIP Codes and Maps

San Francisco is one of the most famous places in the United States that is popularly known for its remarkable Golden Gate Bridge and steep rolling hills. It was incorporated on April 15, 1850, and founded by José Joaquín Moraga and Francisco Palóu. With a population of 815,201, the City and County of San Francisco … Read more

Updated Miami ZIP Code List and Map

ZIP Code Boundary Map

The City of Miami is a coastal city known for its warm weather, white beaches, and Latin-American culture. It is the seat of Miami-Dade County and is home to the most Art Deco architecture sites in the United States. The Metropolitan area of Miami has a population of approximately 6,091,747, ranking it the 9th largest … Read more