Brooklyn Style Pizza – What Is It, Why Is It Unique, Where To Get It

Sausage pizza

What do you think is the most beloved food on the planet? Burgers? Sushi? Pasta? Personally, I think it’s pizza. With a tasty sauce, a generous helping of cheese, and an infinite number of topping combinations, how could it not be? When it comes to pizza, the words “crowd-pleaser” come to mind. There are just … Read more

Brooklyn Zip Codes With Map By Neighborhoods

Southwestern Brooklyn

New York City as the most populated city in the USA has more than 1700 zip codes throughout its territory. Each of the 5 digits in the zip code has its meaning. The first digit designates the state, the next two are representing a region and the last two digits designate a specific area within … Read more

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: Tips, Tour & Notable Homes

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 5

Christmas is ever a blessed and magical holiday time for family and loved ones. There is so much to enjoy, from unwrapping gifts, taking tours, and enjoying the Christmas lights and beauty. If you are in Brooklyn, visiting Dyker Heights Christmas Lights is one of must-do things for a Christmas tour. Source Dyker Heights has … Read more

21 Best Bookstores In Brooklyn, NYC (Update 2022)

Looking for independent bookstores in Brooklyn? Look no further. If you are in the Brooklyn area, many exciting and lovely places sell good books that you can indulge yourself in. You will find a list of incredible places that you could run to, and trust me, you will find unique books. I hope this helps … Read more