The 12 Best Neighborhoods In Long Island (Best Places To Live)


When it comes to Long Island, two of the New York Counties Nassau County and Suffolk County always come to mind. Generally, these counties are known for their quiet and suburban atmosphere, away from the typical hustle and bustle of Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you are looking for breathtaking beaches, green oases, culinary pleasures, and peaceful … Read more

Top Coffee Shops in Dumbo Of 2022

DUMBO (short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is home to over 2,000 creative companies, a thriving art community, and numerous galleries and museums. Dumbo is full of amazing food and drink options and offers a variety of options and excuses for your every minute cravings. Her great neighborhood cafés and deliciously roasted coffees … Read more

Try Out Finger Licking Food In Top Bushwick Restaurants

Are you planning to visit Bushwick and looking for some top Bushwick restaurants to dine out in? If yes, then we’re here to help you. This guide will save you time by helping you find the best restaurants in the neighborhood. Bushwick, Brooklyn, has a long list of restaurants compared to any other place. It offers … Read more

10 Absolute Best Pizza in Dumbo


In New York alone, over 500,000 pizzas are made and eaten every day in colorful and exceptional styles. This sums up to about 15.2 million pizzas per year. Crazy right? Sure is. Brooklyn plays host to quite a number of iconic and amazing pizza joints with Dumbo owning a reasonable percentage of it. Talk about a pizza … Read more

10 Best Hotels Near Dumbo You Should Visit

Summer vacation in the hotel

Dumbo is filled with wonderful sights and sounds and has consistently, over the years, attracted many tourists and visitors to the neighborhood. The live outdoor concert at St. Ann’s warehouse, the famous Brooklyn Bridge, rock climbs at the cliffs, and her variety of tasty meals and perfectly brewed drinks make her a perfect stop for … Read more

17 Best Bars In Bushwick Brooklyn For Cocktail

young bartender pouring beer while standing at the bar counter

Bushwick bars give an amazing nightlife in the city. If you are in New York and looking for the best bars in the place, this guide is for you! No doubt, Bushwick bars are the ultimate place to enjoy night parties or simply stop by for a drink. On our first trip to New York, … Read more

Top 15 Bed Stuy Bars To Drink At

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Apart from its perfectly lined trees and its brownstone building, Bed-Stuy is also home to some of the city’s hottest pubs. The incredibly vibrant and diverse culture of this neighborhood makes it the perfect place to explore some of the hottest bars in the city. Whether you live or spend time in Bed-Stuy, you would … Read more

11 Best Pizza Restaurants In Bushwick, NY You Should Check Out

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Food is something we all need, as we can’t do without consuming a certain amount of calories daily. There are various foods you can choose from, one of them being Pizza. Pizza is now a household name, as about 98% of Americans now eat this delicious meal. Bushwick is home to a lot of pizza restaurants … Read more

Top-Rated Outdoor And Rooftop Bars In Williamsburg, NYC For Nice Views

rooftop bar

Williamsburg is among the fantastic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. It offers a vibrant nightlife with a couple of gorgeous rooftop bars and a contemporary art culture, an indie music scene, and hipsters. Williamsburg offers a number of beautiful rooftop bars that both residents and tourists around the world can enjoy visiting. But because they are many, … Read more

11 Best Restaurants Near Brighton Beach You Should Try

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Brighton Beach is an area of Brooklyn situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as “Little Odessa” since it is home to a high population of Russian-speaking immigrants. In the 1970s the first wave of Russians and Ukrainians populated this area, years after came Caucasians, and eventually people from Central … Read more