15 Top Greenpoint Restaurants for Every Foodie

Delicious grilled portuguese sardines served with young potatoes and white wine for lunch or dinner in restaurant

One of the reasons why I love Greenpoint in New York is the diversity it offers. On one corner you’ll find an Italian restaurant and on the other can be a French, Japanese, or Spanish restaurant – you name it. Whether you’re looking for MICHELIN restaurants or a hidden small cafe, Greenpoint has unique restaurants … Read more

12 Top Best Clothing Stores in Williamsburg, NYC

GANNI Williamsburg

The traditional dress shops have been replaced by the trendy clothing stores in Williamsburg, NYC. Due to the increasing availability of inexpensive fashion items sold in such stores, it is easy for one to look trendy with ease. It is a point of attraction for fashion-conscious people as they get involved in the latest trends. … Read more

The 10 Top-Rated Greenpoint Coffee Shops

Espresso Paloma

Coffee has always been a staple in the United States and the world. Whether you’re looking for a booster in the morning or an after-meal quencher, a hot cup of coffee is always the go-to drink. Nowadays, coffee culture is a mix of traditional and modern. Time has changed the way we want coffee – … Read more

11 Best Neighborhoods In Brooklyn (Best Places To Live In Brooklyn)

Brooklyn is one of the oldest boroughs of New York that, although very large, isn’t a city as many would think. However, if you’re going to live here, you will enjoy the historic neighborhoods and the creative sites and constructions. So, whether you’re going for a visit or just moving, we got you in the … Read more

11 Best Gyms Near Williamsburg, Brooklyn Of 2022

In a buzzing city like New York, people’s lifestyles make a gym membership necessary. That’s because working out helps roll back unwanted fat, sculpt your body, or improve general well-being. Williamsburg, NYC, has many fitness centers you can try out without an upfront commitment. But choosing the right gym is as big a deal as … Read more

10 Best Bagel Places In Williamsburg, NYC

salmon avocado cream bagel for brunch

Williamsburg is known for a couple of amazing things and places it has. Restaurants, museums, and places to visit. For both residents and tourists, Williamsburg offers several Bagel locations that you may want to try out. There are so many of them available and because of limited time or hunger, you may be debating which … Read more

Top 17 Best Bars Near Brooklyn Heights And Downtown Brooklyn

Friends clink glasses with beer at counter in bar

Brooklyn Heights is known for its historic architecture, beautiful parks, and great restaurants. There are also plenty of bars where you can enjoy drinks and live music. Brooklyn Heights has long been considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City. The area was once home to wealthy families who built lavish homes … Read more

11 Best Spots to Get Brunch in Bushwick, Brooklyn

salmon avocado cream bagel for brunch

Bushwick is a popular neighbourhood in Brooklyn made of so many friendly people who are out and about their business and also popularly known for their mind-blowing street arts, buzzy eateries, and fashion trends. You’d find just about any kind of food in Bushwick including their world-class pizza, Vegan Ethiopian bites and an amazing selection … Read more

Top 12 Bars and Drinking Spots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

a chic rooftop bar

Heading to Greenpoint anytime soon? You’re in for a treat as Greenpoint offers a plethora of sites to see and activities to do. It’s known to be a place where Polish businesses thrive, making it one of the most Polish neighborhoods in the United States. From tattoo parlors to waterfront sceneries and historical landmarks, there … Read more

10 Best Bars in Dumbo Brooklyn You Should Try Now!

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As recorded by Vine Pair, the Brooklyn Bridge formerly had two secret wine cellars under the ground. The large chambers were dark and always very cool, making it an ideal spot for storing wine and other drinks. Little wonder why it was easy to have all these good wines in Dumbo too. Getting to decide which … Read more