Kokomo Brooklyn: Menu, Hours, Reservation, and Everything Else You Need To Know

Kokomo Reservations

Kokomo is a Caribbean restaurant nestled in the heart of the classy Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Williamsburg, along Kent Avenue. Owned by the prominent couple Ria and Kevol Graham, the restaurant offers an enthralling dining experience to Caribbean cuisine lovers. The restaurant’s offerings of Caribbean dishes are made from familiar, natural island ingredients and served in … Read more

Top 10 Massage and Spa Spots Near Williamsburg, NYC You Need To Explore

In a world full of activities, you’ll find yourself overworking to make ends meet. The daily frustrations can make you feel sickly and tired. A body massage from a professional can help relieve stress, soothe your ever-tired muscles and set you free from temper migraines. If you’re looking for stress-free bliss, a massage spa can … Read more

Best 8 Barber Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Barber giving a haircut

Have you ever been disappointed by a barber? How did you feel? I understand. That happens when you get to any barbershop without prior knowledge of their services. There are many barber shops in Williamsburg, and deciding on which one to seek their services can be tricky, especially if you’re new in the neighborhood. I … Read more

Destefano’s Steakhouse In Brooklyn New York; Menu, Food, Reviews


Destefano’s steakhouse is one of the fantastic steakhouses in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is located at 593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn. If you are around Williamsburg Bridge, it will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to get to the place if you go through Kent Ave and Metropolitan Ave. The Steakhouse was opened in 2007 as … Read more

10 Best Steakhouses For Amazing Steak In Williamsburg, NYC

Williamsburg has recently become one of the most terrific and amazing places to visit for tourists from all over the world. Aside from the magnificent museums, Williamsburg is also home to some excellent steakhouses. It is usual for people to look for a place to grab a meal even during the busy days in their … Read more

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (The Travel Guide) + Things To Do In Williamsburg

Williamsburg bridge 1

Brooklyn is full of attractive neighborhoods and towns. And all of these neighborhoods and towns have characteristics that make them stand out and unique. Based on these characteristics the areas have, people choose their favorite places to visit and reside at. Source Among these Brooklyn Neighborhoods, in this article, we will see one of the most … Read more

Elite Williamsburg; Menu, Photos, Dress Code More Reviews

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Elite Williamsburg indeed answers to its name by providing an elite Latin dining experience. What makes Elite the spot to visit this summer is its beautiful interior complete with art, urban décor, a champagne wall, delicious food, euphoric lighting, and awesome music. Their world-case Dj would have you jamming to the best and freshest tunes … Read more

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Williamsburg, NYC

Italian fettuccine alfredo

Williamsburg is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn located in the Northern part of the borough. It was once a city but in 1855, Brooklyn annexed it at which point the letter “h” was dropped from its name; from Williamsburgh to Williamsburg. 43 years later, it became a part of New York when Brooklyn … Read more

Smorgasburg; Everything You Need To Know About Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg market

Smorgasburg is an open-air food market that brings thousands of people together each weekend in Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Miami, and Los Angeles. With five locations, the market is the largest in America and has become the favorite among the locals. Source Smorgasburg, a sister to the Brooklyn Flea, was launched on May 21, 2011, … Read more

15 Best Bakeries in Williamsburg, New York City

Charlotte Patisserie

Williamsburg has a longstanding reputation as a quaint and diverse neighborhood, with 18th-century architecture, charming brick row houses, and tree-lined streets. Alongside the historic homes, plenty of little shops and eateries give this place an old-world yet modern feel. And if all these neighborhoods have anything in common with one another, it’s their love for … Read more