Celestine Dumbo, Brooklyn: Menu, Weddings, And Bookings

Are you looking for a homey place where you can turn up for a bite or a glass of wine? Look no further! Celestine is the place.

Located under the Manhattan Bridge, at 1 John St. Brooklyn, NY 11201, as one of the best Restaurants in Dumbo, Celestine is a Mediterranean restaurant with panoramic views of New York city, the monumental Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge.



From this restaurant, you can view all the parties occurring at the Brooklyn Bridge Park as you take in your favorite dish with a glass of fine wine of your choice.

Celestine opened its doors in 2017 as a product of the pair Matthew Maddy and Nico Arze.

The pair had the image of the Beirut dinner party while overlooking the sea back in 1971, cultural art and fashion that inspired them to come up with a modern design where you can dine while having an adventurous look at the attraction sites of the area.


The atmosphere at Celestine


The atmosphere at Celestine Dumbo restaurant is cool and relaxing. It features floor-to-ceiling elegant windows along the entire wall- a glass wall- giving you a panoramic view of the city and all the attractive sites within the region.

The clear glass won’t hide anything from the Manhattan Bridge including multiple weddings and parties happening at the park.

The restaurant is made of a bleached white ceiling and floor, so they do not distract your eyes from the sweeping views of the attraction points. It has a residential feel through its design as an apartment.

It has a relaxing patio with a natural look featuring plants and flowers gushing a cool breeze.

Celestine’s food

Celestines food 2


The Celestines rotating menu features Mediterranean dishes with a touch of the Middle East. Although their food might not make the spot a check-off-all-the-box, the setting does. Some of their dishes will tempt you. What is better than the amazing view and the super relaxing space it offers?

Celestine’s menu comprises brunch, dinner, and drinks. It involves everything nice you’d expect at a Brooklyn restaurant.

If you come to this joint for brunch, you’ll receive a menu with various mezze options, salads, savory sweets, and sides. Try out their small plate of grilled leek with stracchino, Hazelnuts, and mustard. You can also try their morel risotto topped with a poached egg.

Going for a bigger plate will give you more options such as roasted chicken with hand-cut french fries, toum and gremolata, herbed cauliflower with smoked almond romesco, couscous, and caraway crunch.

The sides you’d expect to find on their menu list grilled broccoli rabe and fried cauliflower.

On the other hand, Celestine offers desserts such as milk chocolate semifreddo, which contains chocolate sponge cake, vanilla meringue, grape compote, and cocoa nib crunch. You can also try their house-made sorbets and ice creams in eight flavors.


Drinks 3


You’ll not miss the point in Celestine’s drinks. They make nice cocktail combinations with amazing flavors. If you want to have more time taking the views of that colorful wedding down the bridge, try out two or more of their cocktails.

Orange you glad, spicy mezcal Paloma that features mezcal joven, lime, dry grapefruit soda, habanero, and fleur de sel are worth trying.

The restaurant’s wine selection is a bliss. It offers a variety of wine such as jeune rouge, muller-thurgau trocken and cava brut nature reserva. You can spare some time and try a few of them as a dinner chase.

Celestine Reservation

The restaurant is taking reservations via Resy for indoor seating in their main dining room, even though they also welcome walk-ins.

Celestine Weddings

Celestine Weddings


If you want to celebrate your day in style, choose Celestine! Tucked under the Manhattan Bridge, Celestine makes the most intimate Brooklyn event spot.

The restaurant believes in its patio’s serenity and classic interior set-up; thus, they pride themselves on hosting celebratory life events.

Whether it’s walking down the aisle, a baby shower, birthday party, off-site retreats by your company, or any gathering, Celestine is ready for you.

With the panoramic views of New York City, the monumental shining bridges of Manhattan and Brooklyn from sparkling clean window glasses that run from floor to ceiling all around the building, and the details in the restaurant’s design, Celestine can be a turnkey space for any event.

Your entire event’s planning process can be fun if you leave it to celestine restaurant and its event planning crew!

Celestine Event Space Availability

Celestine Event Space Availability


Celestine restaurant offers space under four different plans depending on the use and the number of people involved:

A 9-15 guests space over adjacent tables indoors for group booking, and a partitioned area indoors and seasonally outdoors for semi-private parties of up to 25 guests.

If you intend to have a party of slightly more guests, Celestine will offer you their terrace, which is available seasonally between May and October, seating up to 40 or 50 standing guests.

Also, you can get a bigger space for private events of up to 75 guests between November and April and up to 80 seated or 100 standing guests from May to October at their terrace.

You can reach out to the team if you’re looking forward to using their space for any of your events.


Monday – Sunday 5.00 pm – 11.00 pm (last seating- 9:45 pm)

Saturday – Sunday (Brunch) – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location and Map

1 John St. DUMBO, Brooklyn, 11201


Official website: https://celestinebk.com

Phone: (718) 522-5460

E-mail: info@celestinebk.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celestinerestaurant/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/celestinebklyn


Is back their patio kids and dogs friendly?

Yes. You can bring along your baby and your four-legged friend.

Do I need a reservation to dine with Celestine?

The restaurant allows walk-ins, but you can also make a reservation via Resy.

Does celestine offer vegan options?

Yes. It offers a broad selection of vegan food for plant-based vegan lovers.

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