Century 21’s Comeback: The Reopening of its Iconic NYC Store

Century 21 store has been in the news recently because it was just announced that it will be reopening in 2023.

This is exciting news, especially considering that the chain went out of business and closed its doors in December 2020.

The store is located across the street from the Westfield World Trade Center shopping center.

The Century 21 store will reopen its flagship location at downtown 22 Cortland Street in the spring of 2023.

Century 21 store

Photo : Century 21 store

The effort is a partnership between Century 21 and experience companies Legends.

The brick and mortar store will offer a more streamlined customer experience, and shopping local will also be significantly different with New York City added to it.

Some things, however, will remain the same, including the store size across the four main floors of retailers selling men’s, women’s, and children’s design apparel, footwear, accessories, outdoor fragrances, and more at a discount.

Century 21 is a New York City brand, said Raymond Gindy, Century 21’s co-chief executive officer, in an official statement. The flagship store has been a long-time symbol of the city’s resilience and unwavering spirit.

Century 21 Department Storejpg

Photo : Century 21 Department Store 

In their 60-year history, they have only closed their doors twice, once after the devastation of 9/11 and then again during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as true New Yorkers, they have persevered.

They are delighted to share the news and can’t wait to pursue the endless offerings in the new and improved Century 21 store.

It is unclear at this time whether Century 21 will be expanding beyond the New York City flagship store.

We speculate that they may announce a few more store openings for 2023, potentially in Green Acres and the American Dream complex in New Jersey.

However, this is just speculation, and only time will tell what the future holds for Century 21.

“I just came back from downtown location on Cortlandt st. where Century 21 NYC store will reopen in a few weeks. The huge “Century 21” sign is gone. And all the windows are taped with dark paper. The construction is in full swing. I was able to find out that the part of the building, a former East River Bank, that was a men’s department with marble floors and grand staircase, is completely gutted and blocked off from the other part of the store. It will no longer be a part of Century 21. It will become a museum ( not sure what kind). So, only the main 4 floors will be reopened. There will be no home goods department downstairs, no electronics department, no cosmetics ( just fragrances). If everything goes as scheduled, the store ( and, simultaneously, the website) should be opening in a few weeks. 🤞” one YouTuber said on April 12th, 2023.

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