Colonie Brooklyn: Brunch, Cocktails, And Reservations

As one of the best bars near brooklyn heights and downtown Brooklyn, Colonie is a charming restaurant located at 127 Atlantic Avenue, right on the border of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights.

The restaurant majors on using fresh ingredients from local farms in New York and natural and sustainable wines for its bar. It sports a seasonal theme with its ever-changing menu. The dishes are beautifully inventive and visually appealing.



Colonie’s executive chef – Chef Jared, is of Michelin quality, specializing in Italian-inspired dishes. Aside from its partnership with local farmers, Colonie is most known for its unconventional brunches.

The establishment is big on customer satisfaction and the chefs are extra particular about the food they make for you.

There are vegetarian options, allergy adjustments, high chairs for kids, and even wheelchair accessibility. They pull out all the stops for their beloved customers.

The Restaurant has been running for 11 years with a consistent quality of service and food. If you live in the area or you’re visiting, here’s what you can expect from Colonie in Brooklyn Heights:

The Experience

The restaurant has a cool and rustic ambiance. Although busy, it has a cozy atmosphere. The staff is especially courteous, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the menu. Colonie operates an open kitchen and even has seats right at the chef’s counter.

You can watch the chefs as they make and plate their amazing dishes and even ask them questions and make conversation if they’re not too busy.

Chefs counter


Other indoor seats include bar seats, window seats, tables for larger parties, and a main seating area toward the back. There’s a green wall (a living art piece) separating the bar area and the main dining room.

The restaurant also offers outdoor dining with heating and is even dog-friendly. The food and drinks are on the pricey side but they’re worth the experience. They’re “special occasion” worthy.

P.S. The seats at the chef’s counter are recommended for the best experience and recommendations.

The interior


Colonie Menu

The restaurant has separate menus for brunch, dinner, wine, and cocktails. In a particular season’s menu, you might not find a lot of variety but you will experience a lot of flavors from the available options on the menu.

And come the following season, the menu would have changed again! You don’t need to worry about the options being predictable or boring as they keep changing things up.

You can even ask the chefs or waiters for recommendations. They’ll be happy to spill which meal is their favorite.



Brunch at Colonie

Colonie is arguably the best restaurant for brunch in Brooklyn Heights.

Since it keeps with its seasonal theme, some dishes on the menu may change with the season. Some of the fan favorites for brunch are:

Turkish eggs

Turkish eggs (chef’s favorite)

Sticky date cake

Sticky date cake 

French toast

French toast 

Mushroom pate crostini

Mushroom paté crostini 

There are several places to grab brunch in Brooklyn and you might be tempted to assume ‘it’s the usual brunch’ but the chefs make their dishes anything but usual. You can be sure to find creative and flavorful spins on brunches at Colonie.

And when you’ve experienced the magic, be sure to tell a friend. They offer gift cards in case you want to treat a family member or friend.

outside dining

outside dining 

Colonie Dinner

Colonie would be a good spot for date night with your plus one especially if you choose to dine outside. They are open till 9:30 which gives you a lot of time to turn on the romance.

Since Colonie is more famously known for its brunch, dinner time might be a little less busy. This means little to no wait time and more options for where to sit.

Their dinner menu includes crostini, pasta, market vegetables, and desserts. Some of their top-rated dinner dishes are:

Celery salad

Celery salad

Scallop Crudo

Scallop Crudo 

Long island duck breast

Long island duck breast



Colonie Wines and Cocktails

The bar

The bar 

The trademark of Colonie’s bar is its curated selection of natural and sustainable wines, local beers, and creative cocktails made with local ingredients.

You can have a pick from their wine and cocktail menus or you can ask for wine pairing suggestions. Fan favorites are the margaritas.

Strawberry chili margarita

Strawberry chili margarita 



mezcal negroni

mezcal negroni

What You Should Know About Colonie Reservations:

  • You can make reservations from their website or call the restaurant directly.
  • Reservations are not available for weekend brunch.
  • Dinner reservations are not available for more than a group of 7.
  • You can make reservations for your choice of seats – chef’s counter, indoor dining, or outdoor. dining.
  • You can cancel your reservation for free before the reserved date and time.
  • Canceling reservations past the reserved time slot may attract an extra fee of $25 per guest.

Your Events at Colonie

Colonie can be a great choice for intimate family celebrations, wedding receptions, and other events.

It is available for full restaurant buyouts on a first-come, first-serve basis. They offer 3-course family-style menus for both brunch and dinner events.

The restaurant can contain 50 guests sitting and a hundred guests standing. A minimum guarantee (essentially the cost of having the restaurant to yourself) is required for full buyouts.

Please note that your event booking will only be secured after you have signed a contract with Colonie. For bookings and more inquiries, please visit their official website.

Location: 127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 855-7500


Official website




Opening hours:

Wednesday through Sunday
5pm – 9:30pm
(closed Monday & Tuesday)

Saturday and Sunday
11am – 2:45pm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Colonie take reservations?

A:  They take dinner reservations for up to seven guests. Larger parties would have to buy out the restaurant. They do not accept reservations for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: Can I bring my wine?

A: Colonie does not allow outside food.

Q: Does Colonie have Vegetarian options?

A: Yes, they do. One of the owners is even a Vegetarian.

Q: How do I order take-out or delivery?

A: Colonie is strictly dine-in. They do not offer take-out or delivery.

Q: Does Colonie have free parking?

A: No but there is metered parking available on Atlantic Avenue and a paid lot nearby.

Q: Who owns Colonie?

A: Tamer Hamawi, Emelie Kihlstrom, and Elise Rosenberg.

Q: How much does Wine corkage cost?

A: $35 for a 750ml bottle and $75 for a magnum

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Of course! There are even high chairs available for children.

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