Destefano’s Steakhouse In Brooklyn New York; Menu, Food, Reviews

Destefano’s steakhouse is one of the fantastic steakhouses in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is located at 593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn.

If you are around Williamsburg Bridge, it will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to get to the place if you go through Kent Ave and Metropolitan Ave.

The Steakhouse was opened in 2007 as a tribute to the DeStefano family and all the other families that have contributed to the success of the borough of Brooklyn and the Williamsburg region. To mean that this steakhouse is a family business.

Initially, this steakhouse was a social hall and pool house. Eventually, it was turned into a restaurant by father and son(John) owing to the fact that the father was not able to find a well-cooked filet mignon as he personally liked anywhere.

Ever since, it has been owned and run by a family who specializes in chopping, slicing, and preparing the steak and other meals as they do.


Destefano steakhouse is nearby the Peter Luger Steakhouse and other terrific spots. It offers both an indoor and outdoor dining setting. It is somewhat large and spacious to accommodate a number of people for small to medium celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and parties.



Destefano’s steakhouse is secure both during the day and night. It is also wheelchair accessible spot for the abled differently people.  Destefano also offers secure and spacious parking at the back.

It also features a beautifully arranged back room that can be used for special reservations, small celebrations, or dining.


Destefano’s steakhouse has a very calm, relaxing, and amazing ambiance. It has a lovely old-school decor.

It features a calm, intimate, and welcoming ambiance, making it ideal for romantic dinner dates or anniversaries.

Their dining area is painted crimson with pleasant low lighting and lined with framed images of both family and novelty. The framed pictures feature wedding picture frames, family pictures, and graduation.



The steakhouse is large and spacious and can accommodate approximately 60 to 100 guests. So if you have plans to hold a get-together with your friends or a party, you can consider DeStefano steakhouse for that.

The steak house also offers outdoor seating dining. It is well organized and arranged with isolated booths, beautifully arranged underwent, and out on the open seats and table settings.

Outdoor Dining


Their restrooms are also very clean, equipped, and spacious, something that is hard to find in most restaurants and steakhouses.

Destefano’s Steakhouse Menu.

Destefano’s steakhouse menu is overwhelmingly good. It is diverse, with so many foods on the menu besides steak.

To enjoy a whole thrilling experience, this steakhouse offers all you can ever need, from desserts to mains.

Destefanos Steakhouse Menu

Their menu includes

●Side dishes.

The steaks at Destefano’s Steakhouse are legendary. The steaks are meatier, larger in size, tender, savory, and flavorful, making them truly delectable.

If it’s your first time visiting the spot, you might get angry at the waiter for serving you steak without bringing along a steak knife.

Do not be in haste to get upset as their steak is tender and cooked to perfection; hence can be chopped even with a butter knife, fork, spoon, or bare hands.

During our visit with my friend Jane, a customer shouted from the back, “get me a steak knife”, and everyone just laughed. It must have been his first time visiting because those who have been at Destefano’s steakhouse before know they do not need steak knives to enjoy their steak.

The waiter calmly and politely went to the man’s table and asked him to try cutting the steak with his bare hands. Guess what happened? It worked because before we knew it, he was done and gone.



Destefano should be ranked the best steakhouse in New York City. Their food and steak are delicious, but it is also good looking with a great aroma.

Just looking at the food gives you the impression that you are going to enjoy it. In other words, it tastes just as amazing as it looks.

While I waited for my order, I kept salivating, watching the couple at the next table devouring their steak. Jane being a vegetarian, kept laughing at me for not being patient enough for my own steak.

Their appetizers include crab cakes, porterhouse, barbeque shrimp cocktails, asparagus bundles, rib rolls, bacon, different seasoned, flavored salad, and soups.

They also offer a variety of side dishes, including mashed potatoes, burgers, filet mignon, string beans, sandwiches, and chicken or tilapia sandwiches. The amazing spot also offers special dieting, including gluten-free and vegetarian options.

My friend, Jane, being a vegetarian, was not limited as the waiters provided lots of vegan options for her.


DeStefano’s Steakhouse also offers a wide variety of drinks. From non-alcoholic ones to alcoholic drinks. They have an overwhelming list of great wines, whisky, spirits, and cocktails.



Their after-dinner drinks include cocktails such as Espresso Martini, manhattan, White Russian, and Irish coffee.

Their wine selection is also diverse and great tasting. However, you could get a little bored while enjoying your drinks because the steakhouse does not offer any kind of entertainment such as live football or live music bands.

Happy Fall from Destefanos Steakhouse


Prices and modes of payment.

Foods and drinks in Destefano steakhouse are relatively pricey. However, you would not feel bad about those dollars because they are absolutely worth it as Destefano’s steakhouse offers excellent food and drinks.

Their services are outstanding and worth every penny. The food also comes in huge portions and is nicely prepared.

A huge plus for this particular steakhouse is that they not only limit their customers to payments using cash and debit cards alone, but they also accept credit cards.

If you have been to the various Steakhouses in Brooklyn, You’ll concur with me that not every steakhouse takes credit cards.

Staff services.

Destefano has outstanding, welcoming, and friendly staff. I can say that they are really professional. They welcome you after you get in and are ready to take your orders.

If you are not ready yet, they give you time to compose yourself and make your decisions. After making up your minds, they come quickly, even before you call them. You might even wonder if they read minds.

Their services are also quick, and you do not have to wait for minutes before getting your order. Who wouldn’t love such services?

They not only welcome you warmly with all smiles, but they are also patient and considerate. I was impressed with how our waiter Jacky was patient with jane, considering how long she took before deciding what exactly she wanted to eat.

The waiter was patient enough, polite, and understanding that she even offered to help make the right choice for her by suggesting some of the fantastic foods and snacks that were on the menu.

Even after all the efforts, my stubborn friend Jane was still not sure what to order. Typically, a waiter could be upset and walk away, but ours stayed until Jane figured out what she wanted.

They also look presentable. The diners’ attire ranged from casual to formal when we went.

Happy Halloween from Destafanos Steakhouse


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is DeStefano’s steakhouse family-owned?

Yes, Destefano is a family-owned steakhouse opened as a tribute to the Destefano family.

Does Destefano’s steakhouse offer reservations?

Yes, Destefano’s steakhouse offers reservation services for small and large numbers of people.

Can I pay using a credit card at Destefano’s steakhouse?

Yes, apart from cash and American express, Destefano’s steakhouse also accepts credit cards as a mode of payment.

Are there other meals at Destefano’s steakhouse besides steak?

Destefano’s steakhouse offers a variety of other meals, including non-steak dishes, side dishes, and other special diet options. Their special diets include vegan options and gluten-free diets.

Is Destefano children-friendly?

Yes, Destefano’s steakhouse is children-friendly. It also offers a children’s friendly diet on its menu; Chicken fingers and pasta for children under 10.

Is Destefano’s good for groups?

Yes! Destefano offers spaces for small group functions and celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, and get-togethers.

Opening time.

Tuesday – Thursday

From 5pm – 9:30pm


From 5pm – 10pm


From 4pm – 10pm


From 3pm – 9:30pm

Closed on Mondays


Destefano’s steakhouse.

593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn. NY 11211

(718) 384-2836.

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