10 Best Pet Grooming Places Brooklyn Has Ever Seen

Brooklyn is located on the western side of Long Island of New York City in the USA. It boasts of being one of the five boroughs of New York City.

This region has a rich pet culture, with most of its citizens having one to two pets. The pets here enjoy the company of loving and caring owners who value the life and comfort of animals.

Pet grooming places in Brooklyn will not be so hard to find. But as a local researcher, I will help you find some of the best places to groom your dog, cat, or any other pet here.

The pet grooming place in Brooklyn has employed the best professional pet groomers, and your pet will be in the safest hands.

Your pets will have their fur cut, trimmed, or styled and also get their nails clipped or ears cleaned by professionals.

Most of them will come with enough indoor and outdoor spaces for your pet to enjoy a good time.

They will play, eat and drink, and enjoy a good nap while looking their best.

Let me walk with you as I outline the best 10 pet grooming places you may love in Brooklyn.

So, these are the best 10 pet grooming places in Brooklyn you will find and let your pet enjoy their day.

1. Doggie Styles Pet Grooming

  • 229 Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn N.Y
  • Phone: 212-380-1564
  • Visit Website


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This pet grooming place was voted for Brooklyn’s Best Groomer award in 2018. It operates as a private studio salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I love that this pet grooming facility gives all it takes to care for your dog in a loving and warming way.

They create a personal touch with your pets, hence enjoying every bit of service they offer.

I guarantee that you will never find congestion and traffic here since they operate on an appointment basis.

The pet place offers a quiet and peaceful experience for both pet owners and their pets.

With an average stay of fewer than two hours, your pet will get the full attention it deserves.

You may take in your dog any time from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

They also take in special appointments for additional hours. Feel free to visit their spectacular website for more information.

2. Dalila’s Pet Grooming

  • 90-12 37th Ave, Brooklyn N.Y
  • (718) 644-7072
  • Visit Website


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This pet grooming place will be a fantastic grooming spot for your pets if you live in Brooklyn.

Dalila’s pet grooming specializes in dog grooming offering unique services like:

  • Nail care
  • Luxury baths
  • Ear cleaning
  • Fur trimming
  • Fur styling

I love Dalila’s pet grooming place because they customize their needs to suit each pet in their store.

So it won’t be just fur cut and bath, but all that your pet needs to look and feel amazing.

They have a pet place in Queens and Brooklyn, New York. Please schedule an appointment with them for the best pet care.

3. Brooklyn Pet Spa


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Brooklyn pet spa has all it takes to make your pet look clean and groomed. If you wish your dog, puppy, or kitty well taken care of, this pet spa will be your ultimate place.

Your dog will have the best fur cut while your cat receives the nail trimming you have wanted.

The professional groomers here focus on every pet in their place and guarantee a customized grooming experience.

In addition, the Brooklyn pet spa has experience in fur styling if you need to take your pet for those pet shows.

They will give them the styling they need to be on top of their league.

I have had my dog have their grooming here, and I loved the outcome they provided.

The manicure was at its best, and we walked out feeling all clean.

If you need a hygienic spot to transform your pet’s look, then this will be the perfect place to go.

You might email them and book your pet that excellent grooming treats. They will give your pet ideal love, care, and comfort.

4. Brooklyn Zoo and Aquarium Inc

  • 2277 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn,  NY 11234
  • Phone: (718) 251-7389
  • Visit Website


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As your pet gets fur cut and nail trimming, you will get a chance to tour this Brooklyn zoo and aquarium.

This grooming place also serves as a pet shop, so you might also get your pet their favorite items.

Your pet will also get a chance to enjoy pet boarding after their grooming. This pet house takes care of various pet types, including parrots and cats.

What else will you love if not a place where all your pets receive grooming services?

The pet zone also comes with a store where you get pet foods. In Brooklyn, this pet palace leads to catering for all pet needs under one roof.

As a professional pet lover, I will recommend this place to anyone looking to have fun and take care of their pets under one roof.

They also sell marine, Nano, and reef products at affordable prices. They also have live rock and many other products.

Visit from ten am to six pm any day of the week. Or call them and schedule an appointment.

5. Caroll Gardens Pet Grooming

  • 121 Douglass St. Brooklyn N.Y. 11231
  • Phone: (247) 599-2522
  • Visit Website


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If you live in Brooklyn and its environment, this pet salon might be the ultimate place to groom your pets.

The full-service grooming salon will provide relaxing baths and the best quality pet “do” from the most trained groomers.

No matter your pet breed, the professional here will know what to do with their fur, nails, or claws. The prompt and careful attention they offer will amaze you.

I love visiting a grooming place and leaving with my dog feeling happy, with a great look and scent. This place will provide precisely that for your pet.

Their shampoos, conditioners, and treatments come in the best quality and even your pet’s fur quality.

So if you need your pet to experience a memorable spa experience, call them today at the shop for an appointment.

You may also email them at shaggiedog121@gmail.com. Their website has 24/7 customer support every day except on Tuesdays and Sundays. The salon opens from 10:30 to 6:30.

6. Frank’s Perfect Paws

  • 631 W 152ND St APT 2B, NY
  • Phone Number: (212)-234-8751
  • Visit Site
  • Instagram

Franks Perfect Paws

At Frank’s perfect paws, all the pets come out looking beautiful from their fur, nails, ears, and eyes.

Now, I find this pet grooming service provider the ultimate Brooklyn pet solution.

One outstanding service you may benefit from that remains unique is the mobile pet grooming service.

They offer door-to-door pet grooming service, which you may with me happens to be the noblest service.

This pet grooming place allows your pets to have unique services like:

  • Blow drying
  • Coat conditioning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Fur trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Pet baths
  • Full-service pet grooming

I find these services more customized, and the fact that your pet might get it all at home makes it more attractive.

This customized service makes the staff key people in the lives of the pets.

Unlike in other grooming places, mobile grooming reduces most pets’ anxiety, and I bet they may be looking forward to that fur trimming.

I heard one happy client say that their dog enjoyed the grooming from the comfort of the key.

So this flexible grooming service boosts what I talk about in anxiety management.

You will find them downtown in Brooklyn, and they serve Brooklyn and the entire New York area.

They close on Mondays and Fridays, making them available the other five days of the week. You may find them today and book an appointment with them.

7. Animal Loving Care

  • 556 COUT ST/THE PAW, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718)-715-0595
  • Visit website


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Animal loving care (ALC) got voted as the best pet grooming place in 2020. The pet grooming service provider will give your pawed friends the best look of the century. Your dog will get services like;

  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog daycare
  • Grooming dog walking
  • Puppy playground
  • Pick up $ drop off
  • Small pets care
  • Custom treats made for small pets

Grooming includes baths, styling, brush-outs, ear cleaning, nail trimming, paw pad cleaning, and sanitary shave.

You may also add more services like teeth cleaning and gland expression. Depending on the size of your pet, grooming services like fur cuts may take up to two and half hours.

ALC will require you to drop off your pet and pick them up after grooming to avoid anxiety and distractions.

They ensure to call you thirty minutes before completion to allow for effective timing.

I recommend this pet grooming place for those people who may require extra pet services like dog daycare.

You will find it easy to drop them off when going to work and pick them up later, already groomed.

8. Brooklyn Paw House

  • Email: brooklynpawhouse.com
  • 1215 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226
  • Visit website


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Brooklyn paw house won the title of best pet grooming Brooklyn in 2021. Here, your pet gets the chance to get groomed by the best groomers in Brooklyn.

It caters to dog grooming and specializes in all dog breeds and sizes. The Flatbush pet grooming spa and salon guarantee your dog a lifetime grooming.

This pet grooming place leaves your four-legged friends feeling confident, stylish, and beautiful.

This fantastic pet zone offers grooming, daycare, boarding, and in-home pet services.

So, in case you need your dog to have a boarding time when traveling, then Brooklyn paw house will guarantee precisely that. The dog wash time uses unique products that boost the quality of your dog’s fur.

The boarding beds for the night friends keep them warm and comfortable. So, if I were to choose a perfect dog grooming spa and salon, Brooklyn paw house would win.

9. The Diamond Collar

  • 7101-13th Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11228
  • Phone: 718-232-7387
  • Visit Website


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This pet grooming place won the best Brooklyn pet grooming award in 2019. This vote makes it to our ten best pet grooming places on Brooklyn’s list.

I find the place unique since it functions as a pet grooming salon and a pet boutique. So as your pet gets groomed, you might as well go around and find them their perfect items.

You will get the best stylish dog costumes and clothes to make your pet outstanding for the pet shows.

Who said your dog couldn’t win the show? A win will be only a design away with the Diamond collar pet spa and boutique.

The premium pet food assortments make this the the-must-go place for all pet owners.

You get the finest pet grooming services like baths, manicures, and ear and eye cleaning here. Why go anywhere else if you live in Brooklyn?

10. Who’s Your Doggy

  • 301a Halsey St. Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • Phone: +1 (718) 455-5225
  • Visit Website


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I haven’t seen such a unique grooming place like who’s your doggy in Brooklyn. This dog grooming sanctuary is run and operated by women only.

The women empowerment spirit got me into loving this place, and I regularly bring my pets here for a professional grooming look.

The pet grooming salon works through appointments, and you fill out an appointment form to help faster service delivery.

The staff will amaze you with their orderliness, and you will enjoy having your dog have a nail and fur cut in this pristine area.

You will also find the chance to buy your pet food supplies with them at affordable prices.


Did you enjoy our list of the fantastic pet grooming places in Brooklyn? While looking for the best pet grooming place, always remember to look for the services that most suit your pet.

This tip will help you in helping your pet reduce anxiety levels and be comfortable during the procedure.

Other tips you should employ include the pet grooming guidelines and recommendations every pet grooming place has. Feel free to leave us your genuine comments in the comment section.

You might share this article with your friends and let them give their pets the best too. I believe that sharing is caring.

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