Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: Tips, Tour & Notable Homes

Christmas is ever a blessed and magical holiday time for family and loved ones. There is so much to enjoy, from unwrapping gifts, taking tours, and enjoying the Christmas lights and beauty.

If you are in Brooklyn, visiting Dyker Heights Christmas Lights is one of must-do things for a Christmas tour.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights


Dyker Heights has the best Christmas lights. The residents created a tourism company, Dyker Heights Christmas Lights, to give visitors a memorable experience touring their notable homes and enjoying the decorations and beautiful Christmas lighting.

The residents take pride in turning Dyker Heights into a must-visit location during holidays, evident in the many guests visiting the neighborhood for Christmas.

Tours are available, and you can also roll around with your car, enjoying the view. The sight is amazing, and your Christmas holiday can’t get any better.

The homeowners do great and competitive work in lavishing their homes, from adding motorized displays to the huge lawns. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights has a lot to offer, and we will discuss everything you need to know about the destination.

Getting Started with Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

There are different ways to visit the Christmas lights in Dyker heights. You can tour the neighborhood by yourself or book a guided bus or walking tour.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 1


If you choose to tour by yourself, there are three subways, train R, N, and D, that you can use from Times Square.

Each train will get you to a different station, and from there, you can walk for another 15 – 30 minutes or take an Uber to get you to Dyker Heights.

Train R is the more convenient one as it will get you to the 86th Street station. You can grab hot chocolate or coffee and even use the restrooms at the station.

There is a corner near the Mocha Mocha Coffee shop, and from there, you can walk for 15 minutes, and you will start to see the Christmas lights.

You can also use Google Maps to find the quickest route from the coffee shop.

Later on, after your tour, you can either retrace and use train R or take the other subways, depending on which works better.

It is recommended to wear warm footwear as the place is cold. You will rarely access a bathroom once you start the tour, so preparing in advance is good. The available bathrooms are near the subway. Use them before you begin the tour.

Moreover, there aren’t many restaurants in the area. So, if you plan to grab snacks or something, it’s best to carry your own. But you can come across ice cream trucks.

You may not get the real fun to take in the sights closely if you are driving, and parking lots are hard to come by unless you return near the subways.

While touring, ensure you get to the 11th and the 13th Avenue. That’s where the best lights are. Alternatively, you will enjoy the lights between 83rd to 86th Street. You will have a lot to take pictures of and enjoy the vibe. Walking around gives the best holiday spirit.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2


Touring the neighborhood by yourself may limit the fun. However, the guided tours will spice the holiday mood. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights offer two tour options. The guided bus tour and the guided walking tour.

For the bus tour, the meet-up place is in Manhattan. From Manhattan, you will enjoy a stunning view of the historic buildings around on the bus tours, including the New York City skyline.

Moreover, the tour guides are native Brooklynites. They understand the place inside out and the history of Dyker Heights.

The bus will stroll across the neighborhood, taking you to places where homeowners have classic decorations and lighting. The atmosphere is enjoyable and spirited.

Once in Dyker Heights, you can access the Dyker Lights Lounge to relax, use the restrooms, and warm up before starting the walking tour.

You will visit the famous Lucy Spata’s house and learn how she started the whole Dyker Heights Christmas Lights.

At the same time, enjoy the displays of the toy soldiers, nativity scenes, snowmen, Santa’s, Christmas trees, reindeer, and life-size cartoon figures.

The tour guide will walk you from house to house, and you will walk around 3 miles within the 4-hour duration of the tour. Once the tour is complete, you will stop by the lounge for a cup of chocolate before boarding the bus. The drop-off point is at Bryant Park, Winer Village.

For the bus tour, each seat is $75, and there are gifts for the kids. Moreover, you will enjoy holiday music, free wi-fi, a restroom, storage, and electrical outlets. You can book your seat here.

The tours for the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights are available daily from 21st December to 1st January at 5:00 PM. The tours include New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 3


The walking tour is completely outdoors. The meet-up point is at Dyker Heights, and you will get the address once you book. You will also get a native Brooklynite to tour you for two hours.

Furthermore, prices start at $35 per person, and it’s free for kids from 5 years and below. You can book your Dyker Heights Christmas Lights walking tour here.

Key Tips when Making Your Visit

  • The best time to visit is mid-December. That’s when most displays and lights are on.
  • Weekends are the best for the tour, especially between 5 PM to 9 PM.
  • Keep warm as the weather can get cold, and take hot chocolate when you come by a lounge area
  • Restaurants and restrooms are hard to come by. So, prepare yourself well.
  • The neighborhood is quiet and clean. Avoid screaming or littering around.
  • Most homes have charity collections and, as you visit, try to donate.
  • If you have issues with walking, take an uber or go for the guided bus tour, as the Christmas lights are 15 to 20 minutes from the subway.
  • Create fun, be cheerful, and capture the best moments. It’s holiday time. Thus, make it memorable!

Notable Houses

Saita House

Located at 84th Street, Saita House is one of a kind. It has an architectural gem and is among the original houses ever built. The lighting and the decorations are beautiful. Make sure not to miss it.

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Lucy Spata’s House

The Spata’s House is at 84th Street, and if you book the Dyker Heights Christmas Light tour, you are sure to visit it. It has existed for nearly 40 years, and the decorations, including snowflakes and toy soldiers, are attractive.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 5


Sam the Greek

The house is 10 blocks from Spata’s home on 14th Avenue. The 3-story house has over 300000 lights, and when they all light up, you will feel the Christmas chill flowing in you. It’s incredible!

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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights is one of a kind. The experience is satisfying, and nothing can put you in a better Christmas spirit than viewing the Christmas lights and decorations in Dyker Heights. You will love it!

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