Facts About Brooklyn – 10 Questions Answered That You May Not Know

For many decades, Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of NYC, has changed from its humble beginnings, to now the trendiest and one of the most attractive boroughs to live in. Films, poems, and music – we’ve seen Brooklyn featured in every piece.

You may be familiar with Brooklyn’s busy streets, a burst of nightlife, and several iconic landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the famous bridges in NYC.

The Brooklyn Bridge 1

Most typical tourists would know these famous sites and characterizations of Brooklyn.

But how much do you know about this bustling borough? I have gathered ten common questions with unexpected but interesting answers you’d be surprised to know.

From its history to fun facts and statistics, let’s find out if you can answer the following questions. Beef up your knowledge with these fascinating facts for a great trivia time.

What is the History of Brooklyn?

Lenape, an American Indian native community, was the first inhabitants of Brooklyn. Across the river were Dutch settlers who gradually bought lands in the area in 1636. Eventually, the natives lost the claim to their land by the 1680s.

Europeans colonized Brooklyn for over 350 years. It was the Dutch who established several villages namely Flatbush, Flatlands, New Utrecht, Bushwick, and Breukelen. Brooklyn was named after Breukelen of the Netherlands.

Domino Park 1

Domino Park

However, the British soon took over all the villages in 1674 and were incorporated into Kings County – and the rest was history. In 1869, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge started and was completed in 1883.

Brooklyn used to be an independent city before it was consolidated to be part of New York City in 1898.

What is Brooklyn Known For?

Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, Brooklyn-style pizza, and Brooklyn Bridge are some of the typical things why Brooklyn is so popular.

Aside from being called the twin city of New York, Brooklyn is also known as the Borough of Homes and Churches and Kings County.

With its reputation for having a hippie and cool vibe, it’s no surprise people love Brooklyn’s big artsy presence, astounding film history, and a plethora of mom-and pop-shop stores and coffeehouses.

In fact, Brooklyn was once known as the Coffee Capital for having produced more than 20 million pounds of coffee every month.

If you’re familiar with Tootsie Roll, you’d be surprised to know that this sweet candy was invented in Brooklyn.



Brookly is not only the hometown of the inventors of Tootsie Roll, but also the iconic teddy bear created by Morris Michtom, a Brooklyn shopkeeper.

It is not just Manhattan with the best skyline views but also Brooklyn. Plus, the borough is also famous for hot dogs and American amusement parks, especially on Coney Island.

Did you know that the first roller coaster of the country was launched in 1884 on Coney Island too?

How Big Is Brooklyn?

With a total population of 2,736,074, Brooklyn is New York’s largest borough by population. If Brooklyn was considered a city itself in the United States, it would be the third-largest population in the country. The population density is 38,634 people per sq mi.

Brooklyn is a melting pot for diversity in terms of nationality, international cuisine, and culture.

Of the total population, 37.6% are White, 28.22% are Black, 13.55% are Asian, 18.87 are Hispanic, and the rest are of other races.

Brooklyns Happy place

Brooklyn’s Happy place

It is estimated that there are more than 600,000 Jews and more than 200,000 Chinese Americans.

Some Brooklyn neighborhoods are also filled with Polish, Italian, and Jamaicans, to name a few.

In terms of size, Brooklyn is the second-largest borough of New York by area with a total area of 97 sq mi or 250 km2.

With this size, it is roughly three times larger than Manhattan’s. The borough’s land area is 70.82 sq mi and the water area is 26 sq mi.

Is Brooklyn a City?

Brooklyn was once a city but not any longer because of the merger in 1898, which was even called the “Great Mistake of 1898” for some Brooklynites.

Today, Brooklyn is one of five boroughs of New York City. The term “borough” means it is part of a big city that has its own government.

Is Brooklyn in New York City and What County Is Brooklyn In?

Is Brooklyn part of NYC? – Yes. Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, as well as coextensive with Kings County of the state of New York. It should not be confused with New York County, which is for Manhattan only.

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DUMBO Brooklyn

DUMBO, Brooklyn

It is located just east of Manhattan and west of Long Island, specifically at the end of Long Island.

Is Brooklyn Part of Long Island?

Geographically speaking, Brooklyn is a part of Long Island which is located at the fringe of the mainland. When people refer to Long Island, they would point to Suffolk or Nassau County.

If you hear Brooklyn or Queens, they will automatically refer to New York City.

Despite its location on the island, you can still see a huge difference in atmosphere and culture. Moreover, political views, urban development, and even accent are completely different.

Is Brooklyn an Island?

Since Brooklyn is situated on Long Island, an expansive 120-mile island surrounded by bodies of water, you probably think it is an island.

Technically speaking, Long Island is an island. However, legally speaking, the Supreme Court says it is not.

In 1985, the Supreme Court ruled that Long Island is a peninsula where the state has full rights and control of the waters. Nevertheless, the United States Board on Geographic Names regards Long Island as an island.

To answer the question, yes – Brooklyn is part of an island, but legally it is part of a peninsula.

How Far Is Manhattan from Brooklyn?

To get to Manhattan, there are three ways: bus, subway, and car. Manhattan is only about a 12.21-mile drive from Brooklyn, which is a 30-minute drive if you’re going by car.

Brooklyn has several bus operators going to Manhattan, which takes 43 minutes to an hour or more to reach for 12.3 km.

Taking the subway is also another option but will have a longer travel time of about an hour for 19.4 km. Bus and subway prices start at $1 or more.

How Far Is Brooklyn from the Bronx?

The Bronx is another borough of New York City, which also joins Long Island on the west end and is only southwest of Brooklyn.

Thus, the Bronx is not far from Brooklyn. The distance between Brookly and the Bronx is approximately 12 miles.

If you’re going by car, it is about an 18.6-mile drive lasting for 37 minutes. You can also take the bus or subway, which would require a longer travel time.

By bus, it may take an hour and 35 minutes to reach the Bronx, while the train will take an hour and a few minutes for 32.3 km.

Is Brooklyn Safe?

Brooklyn has a Crime Index score of 30 out of 100, where 100 is the safest. It has a total crime rate of 19.24 for every 1,000 residents. One out of 184 people becomes a victim of violent crimes in Brooklyn.

Overall, Brooklyn has an overall Crime Grade of D-, a grade higher than the national average. However, not all Brooklyn neighborhoods are dangerous as there are some considered to be safe.

According to crime statistics, the safest neighborhoods are in southeastern Brooklyn.

Based on the overall crime rate, some of the safest neighborhoods to live in are Brooklyn Heights, Borough Park, Bay Ridge, Kensington, Midwood, DUMBO, Park Slope, Gravesend, and Dyker Heights, and Carroll Gardens.

Final Thoughts

Brooklyn is truly a captivating destination to visit and discover even more. Your knowledge about Brooklyn is no longer limited to typical touristy facts. It will surely be a great conversation starter for your friends and family.

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