10 Heavenly Appetizing Fast Food Restaurants In Brooklyn

Everyone is flocking here with a newly acquired reputation for being cool, hip, and trendy, and want a piece of the action, yes we are talking about none other than Brooklyn, the most visited borough in New York City.

Known for its iconic landmark Brooklyn Bridge, the ever-popular Coney Island as well as new York city’s hipster central, Brooklyn is a borough rich in culture, greenery, historic landmarks, and eclectic neighborhoods.

Sitting in the shadow of Manhattan’s swanky downtown community, Brooklyn gain much more notoriety in recent years due to its youthful artsy, dynamic atmosphere, lively ambiance, and delicious eateries especially Fast Food restaurants.

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However, with all the bustling lifestyle, Brooklyn and its neighborhoods offer the topmost scrumptious food like Burgers, Pizza, Pasta, and all contemporary food.

You may taste savory food within your budget constraints either from a chic restaurant or street-style food corner, Brooklyn culinary art will never disappoint you.

Hence, Today I will escort you to my favorite fast-food restaurants in Brooklyn to get a true insight into this amazing place. Let’s start this mouth-watering journey.

The complete list of restaurants is given below;

  1. Chick File-A
  2. Shake Shack
  3. Five Guys
  4. Smashburger
  5. White Castle
  6. Rico Chimi
  7. Taco Bell
  8. Table 87
  9. Front Street Pizza
  10. Nathan’s Famous

1. Chick File-A

166 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY

+1 917-810-0455


Chick File A


Chick File-A is one of the most popular fast-food chains in America and they are specialized in chicken sandwiches with two pickles and a toasted butter bun.

In Brooklyn, they have located nearby the three most popular places including Lenox square, Noth Druif Hills, and Piedmont Road from where you can easily

Approach this delicious fast food restaurant, Chick File-A offers takeaways and home delivery too for your convenience, so just download their app and enjoy the best food for tonight. The restaurant serves breakfast Entrees, kid’s meals, salad, and much more.

My favorite one is the chicken Deluxe Sandwich which is the perfect combination of boneless breast chicken, cooked in peanut oil, and toasted with a buttered bun, leafy lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese.

You may try it with a multigrain bun as well, taste is guaranteed. Chick File- A love to serve you amazing food the whole week except Sunday, so just note it down.

2. Shake Shack

1 Old Fulton St, Water Street Brooklyn, NY

+1 347-435-2676


Shake Shack 3


Shake Shack is another delicious fast food casual restaurant chain in New York City and offers its mouthwatering menu in Brookly too.

The Founder of this Restaurant is Daniel Meyer who actually started his business from a hot dog cart inside Madison Square Park back in 2001 but now it has become one of the most popular fast food Restuarant in the city.

The main highlight of their menu is the Buffalo Chicken burger that comes with crispy chicken and buffalo plus ranch sauces, awesome shakes, local beer, and coffee along with the chocolate pie.

You may grab your tray and come to eat in Brooklyn Bridge Park or nearby Dumbo and enjoy the beautiful views of Brooklyn with your delicious Shack Burgers.

3. Five Guys     

5633 Pacific Ave, Brooklyn, NY 12234

+1 209-473-9922


Five Guys


Founded n 1986, Five Guys is a favorite fast-food restaurant in Brooklyn and is famous for its handcrafted burgers and fries. The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner menu with an online order facility as well.

Jerry and Janie, founders of this food chain served only hand-formed burgers which are cooked in 100 refines peanut boil on a grill along with freshly cut fries.

Located around 1.8 miles from New York Harbor, Five guys renders excellent food and lively ambiance for age groups. Their staff is amazing and never gets late in serving your order.

Whether it’s your weekend time or vacation, grab your favourite burger from the wide range menu and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Delicious burgers which are juicy from the inside and crispy outside with hot fries, especially Cajun fried will get you a lifetime experience of fast-food dining in Brooklyn.

4.  Smashburger

528 Gateway Center Shopping Mall, Brooklyn, NY 11239

+1 718-235-6900




SmashBurgers presents premium quality burgers, fries, and much more at Gateway Mall in Brooklyn.

The restaurant stands out as the number 1 fast-food restaurant in the future due to its priority of quality that ensures the usage of only fresh ingredients in each order to mean each bite.

The patties of all burger ranges are thoroughly smashed and seasoned with perfection on the grill. Then add a beautifully butter-toasted bun and finish with your favourite salad and sauce toppings.

SnashBurgers also recommends their must-taste signature fresh salads, so don’t forget them. However if your sweet tooth entices you with some craving then do try their ice cream shakes, I promise, you would not be sorry.

Smashburger also takes care of their customer’s health and dietary needs or restrictions. Therefore they have added protein-packed black bean veggies burgers to zesty salads to accommodate taste and health both in one place.

Their menu also featured many healthy preferences such as Keto friendly diet, gluten-free and vegetarian while paying detailed attention to allergies and nutritional value.

5. White Castle

3101 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, United States

+1 718-827-6057



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White castle was Founded in 1921, by Billy Ingram as a family business to sell hamburgers to start easy-to-eat food.

Hence, no one can imagine that their dubbed slider will become the most iconic burger of all time, Visiting White Castle would reveal the secret of their success as the most memorable food in life because of their humble, kind, and cooperative customer service.

The staff is amazing from day one till today and serves the 100-percent beef patties with pickles, sausages, and buttered buns with love and passion.

The white castle has an exotic menu that includes history and trendy food such as The 1921 Slider, 1921 slider combo, cheese slider, smoke slider, strawberry swirl, cheesecake, and everything you would like to enjoy in this hipster center.

You can order online for your convenience but visiting the white castle restaurant is much recommended.

Getting quick access to white castle fast food restaurant in Brooklyn, you must take the fastest route via Atlantic Ave to reach earlier and fill your craving.

6. Rico Chimi

2928 Atlantic ave Brooklyn NY 11207



Rico Chimi


Rico Chimi is another flavourful fast-food restaurant on my list and serving delicious food since 2006 at the best quality and economical price.

They are open during different business hours for the whole week, so do check their website if you are visiting for the first time.

Rico Chimi offers a splendid and long list of menus, rich in taste and affordable to your budget. Starting with traditional burgers, Rico Chime has excited its customer with some special menu items such as Yarra, and club sandwiches.

Fortuna, and hot dogs. They deliver food at home within 12 minutes with a money-back guarantee.

7. Taco Bell

8625 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States

+1 347-722-7803


Taco Bell


Taco Bell is one more fast-food chain, invented by Glen Bell in 1962 in Downey, California. Since then Taco Bell has grown astonishingly and become a culture-centric, and lifestyle brand in the US that renders desiderate and reasonable Mexican food with intense flavors.

Apart from innovative values, Taco Bell also offers quality ingredients that are certified by American Vegetarian Association. Therefore, when you are heading to Taco Bell, you are 100 percent sure about quality food and service with taste.

The scrumptious menu of Taco Bell consists of a variety of Mexican flavors in form of tacos, quesadillas Nachos, burritos some specialties, and combos. In nutshell, there is something for everyone at Taco Bell.

Starting from breakfast options to late-night cravings, the Taco Bell menu serves customized tacos, fountain drinks, and desserts too. Their all-time specialties like Chalupa supreme and crunch wrap supreme are my favorite too.

Taco Bell is nearby McDonald’s and Magic Wok and adjacent to Mott Ave.

8. Table 87

87 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

+1 718-797-9300


Table 87 1


Looking for great pizza in Brooklyn NY, head straight to pizza heaven Table 87 and find the world-famous coal oven pizza slice. A family-owned business operated since 2012, Table 87 has earned the title “ The Home of Coal Oven Slice”.

Although it’s not possible to sell out one slice only but Founder, Thomas Cucco has managed it all the way long and now owns three fast-food restaurants, specializing in fresh coal oven pizza by the slice.

Along with pizza, Table 87 also serves delicious calzones, and sandwiches like famous Tommy’s Meatball, all times local favourite.

On Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn heights is the flagship branch of Table 87 but now they have expanded tremendously and include a dining room with a bar as well.

Coal Oven Margherita, Pepperoni, and Mushroom pizzas are on the top ones on my list and you must give them a try as well.

9. Front Street Pizza

 80 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-1005

+1 718-875-3700


Front Street Pizza


Expand your culinary horizon while living in Brooklyn and discover another pizza heaven, named Front Street Pizza.

Brooklyn is loved by everyone because it owns ever-popular fast food restaurants like Front street Pizza with awesome pizza on the menu.

Adjacent to Dumbo and 0.5 miles from Brooklyn Bridge, this restaurant serves Italian pizza with some specialties like vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free and vegan options as well.

You may also taste some of the top cuisines of Brooklyn that are served at local pizzerias beside delicious options like sandwiches, Salads, Calzones, and many more.

However, my favourite one is the Round cheese pizza with soda to have a great time outside. The takeaway is also available, so you would never get late to grab a pizza whenever you crave for.

10. Nathan’s Famous

1310 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, USA

+1 718-333-2202


Nathans Famous


Famous as a flavor of New York, Nathan’s Famous is standing very high in the fast-food restaurant range in Brooklyn since 1916.

Award-winning chefs like James Beard are also working with them and introducing many new items on menus such as chicken sandwiches, fresh Angus beef burgers, New York cheesesteaks, and premium milkshakes.

However, their most recent discovery in taste is Beacon cheddar cheesy Burger, rich in creamy flavour with a spicy soft patty that you love to try every time.

You can access Nathan’s Famous easily from a very popular tourist spot, Coney Island. The main features of Nathan’s Famous are outdoor dining, serving alcohol, takeouts, and accessible wheelchairs.

Nathon Handwerker who was the founder of this fast-food chain had started his business from a hot dog stand.

Now 104 years later, Nathan’ has ventured on a new path of leadership and a brand as a successful fast food restaurant in Brooklyn NY.

The Final Word

Altogether, you can imagine the hip lifestyle of Brooklyn in its fast-food restaurants which are quite buzzing and snappy.

They preserved the essentials and authentic taste of Brooklyn while serving with the best of mouth-watering menus either burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, tacos, or what comes under the fast-food umbrella.

The chefs and founders of these restaurants have unique stories and journeys that inspire you to visit and enjoy the culinary art which made them marvelous and outstanding in their profession.

I would like to tell you more about them and other food restaurants in Brooklyn which are my favourites as well and reveal how they are making their marks in savory cuisines and getting world’s fame but for now, let’s conclude this list.

I am sure you have enjoyed this journey, if yes do share your thoughts in the comments box, I will be waiting anxiously.

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