A Guide To Francie Brooklyn; Review, Menu, Hours

Francie is a European-styled restaurant located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The restaurant’s space used to be an old bank but was transformed into the modern brasserie we know as Francie, Brooklyn.

The restaurant was named after Francie Nolan from “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. But you can still see many references to its former tenants like the private dining room that is named after the bank’s vault.

Francie Brooklyn


The fairly new brasserie launched its indoor dining at the end of 2020, after many delays and restrictions due to the pandemic. The restaurant received its first Michelin Star in May 2021 and became an official New York City hotspot.

The classy theme and pricey menus make the restaurant the go-to spot for special occasions.

Inside the Modern Brasserie

The restaurant has a sophisticated, warm ambiance with attentive and reliable staff. The interior is lined with limestone from the former bank. There are curved booths to the side and regular tables and chairs lined up in the middle.



The restaurant operates an open kitchen. There are no seats by the kitchen counter but you can still enjoy watching the chefs prepare the meals especially if you’re seated close by.

Inside the Modern Brasserie


There are also seats at the bar where you can wait for your table to be ready or choose to eat all your meals except for the Crown Roast of Duck or the Côte de Boeuf.

seats at the bar


The Menu at Francie

Francie’s dinner menu is designed to be flexible as it features snacks, starters, pasta, shellfish, main courses, and dessert.

The Chef and co-owner Christopher Cipollone creates a beautiful mixture of American, Italian, and French cuisine. Out of the restaurant’s well-praised dishes is the most talked about and dreamt of roast duck.

The Dry Aged Crown of Duck

The Dry-Aged Crown of Duck

The roasted duck is first presented on a platter with flowers before it is taken back to be sliced. It is then served with rich soppressata jam, sautéed Swiss chard, and creamy mashed parsnips.

food at Francie


Other favorites on their menu include:


Souffle Cakes with seaweed butter caviar and pink lemon

Soufflé Cakes with seaweed butter, caviar, and pink lemon


Sunchoke Bomboloni with burgundy truffle and pancetta pepato

Sunchoke Bomboloni with burgundy truffle and pancetta pepato

Roman Army Sourdough with sunflower spread and whipped lardo

Roman Army Sourdough with sunflower spread and whipped lardo 

Duck Mortadella with brioche and pistachio mustard

Duck Mortadella with brioche and pistachio mustard


Bluefin Tuna with green strawberry fresh chickpea and avocado

Bluefin Tuna with green strawberry, fresh chickpea, and avocado


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Market Salad with black olive and creamy Italian

Asparagus with mollica di grani bottarga and colatura

Asparagus with mollica di grani, bottarga and colatura



Lobster Ravioli with saffron and tarragon

Lobster Ravioli with saffron and tarragon

Rigatoni with wild fennel dandelion anchovy and garlic sausage

Rigatoni with wild fennel, dandelion anchovy, and garlic sausage

Bucatini with rosemary and amatriciana

Bucatini with rosemary and amatriciana



Oysters with hibiscus rhubarb and mignonette

Oysters with hibiscus-rhubarb and mignonette



Heritage Pork with molasses cherry peppers and cabbages

Heritage Pork with molasses, cherry peppers, and cabbages

Pithivier with morels vin jaune and artichoke

Pithivier with morels, vin jaune and artichoke


Sundae For Two in the Neapolitan style with creme Chantilly

Sundae For Two in the Neapolitan style, with créme Chantilly

Francie is one of the few restaurants left with cheese carts. With up to 14 cheese varieties being wheeled around the restaurant, you can have some cheese before or after your dessert (if there’s any space left).

Francie dessert


The Bar

The restaurant has a full bar with ebony columns and backlighting. Francie’s reputation is more for their Roast Duck but their cocktails are by no means average.

The cocktails are on the pricey side but the mixologists are good at what they do and there are several options to choose from. You can also chat with the mixologists and ask for some recommendations. Some recommended cocktails include:

Michters rye with Dolin Blanc vermouth maraschino and bitters

Michter’s rye with Dolin Blanc vermouth, maraschino, and bitters

The Martini

The Martini: Martin Miller Gin with Dolin Dry Vermouth dance and ice

Sour Francie has four roses bourbon citrus egg white allspice dram and red wine float

Sour Francie has four roses bourbon, citrus, egg white, allspice dram, and red wine float.

You can check out their comprehensive wine list right from their website.

The Vault at Francie

The Vault at Francie is the restaurant’s private dining room option which used to be the old bank’s vault. The dining room is beautifully decorated with artworks and antiques and can seat a maximum of 12 people.

Groups larger than 6 people can book the vault but will still be required to pay the food and beverage minimum of $2000.

The Vault is a great choice for engagement or wedding dinners, intimate family gatherings, or even corporate dinners. You can make a reservation up to 90 days in advance, which will require a $250 deposit.

Try and place your reservation as early as possible because The Vault is in high demand.

How to Make Reservations at Francie

  • You can make reservations for your preferred day and time (if available) by calling the restaurant directly or through the link on their website.
  • Francie allows reservations up to 30 days in advance.
  • Your dining time lasts for 2 hours; after which, Francie can ask for the table back.
  • Outside food or drinks are not allowed in the restaurant.
  • Strollers or prams are not allowed in the restaurant.
  • The restaurant is not responsible for any means of personal transportation.

Francie’s Gift Cards

You can support the restaurant by buying Francie’s gift card for a friend. To request a digital gift card, fill out the form on their website

You can choose to have the gift card’s unique code sent straight to your recipient’s email or you can request to have the gift card emailed to yourself (so you can print it out and gift it in person). The gift cards are non-refundable and they never expire.

Location and map

136 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Contact information; 

Phone: (718) 218-7572

Email: info@franciebrooklyn.com

Official website



Opening hours:

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 5:30–10:30PM
  • Wednesday 5:30–10:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30–10:30PM
  • Friday 5:30–10:30PM
  • Saturday 5:30–10:30PM
  • Sunday Closed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Francie offer delivery services?

A: The restaurant does not offer delivery or take-out services.

Q: Does Francie have an outdoor dining option?

A: No, they do not. Since the restaurant used to be a bank building, there’s no space on the street for outdoor dining.

Q: Who are the owners of Francie Brooklyn?

A: Chef Christopher Cipollone and Restaurateur John Winterman.

Q: Does Francie Brooklyn have vegetarian options?

A: Yes, they do. You can try their Pithivier main course.

Q: What means of payment does Francie accept?

A: The restaurant accepts credit cards. (Android Pay and Apple Pay are not accepted).

Q: What parking options are available?

A: There is street parking available nearby.

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