16 Best Fried Chicken Spots in Brooklyn, New york

Let’s be honest for a minute; even if we care for our bodies and manage our cholesterol levels, it is inevitable that we can’t live without our soul foods! Because they are warm, comforting, filling, and most importantly, so good!

Fried Chicken

And fired chicken falls in this category as well. But finding a good fried chicken place that is best suited for your liking can be a little hard and tricky as the fried chicken comes in different forms and fusions with other foods.

So, we will make finding the right place a little easier, well, at least in the Brooklyn area, as we present you with the best-fried chicken in Brooklyn, New york.

1. Pies ‘n’ Thighs

  • 166 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: (347) 529-6090
  • visit website


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Pies ‘n’ Tighs was opened in 2006 in what used to be a beer storage space, which was a tiny space, and has managed to grow very quickly. The reason is none other than the excellent food!

One of the most favored dishes at pies ‘n’ tighs is the plumb fried chicken pieces, and many can’t say enough about how good it is—just the right amount of crispiness from the outside and moisture from the inside.

As one of the best Best Brunch Spots In Williamsburg, besides fried chicken, this place sells different meals such as mac and cheese, banana pudding, sandwiches, and apple pies.

Pies ‘n’ Thighs has been awarded Best Apple Pie and Best Fried Chicken by Food and wine!

2. Napoleon’s Southern Cuisine and Bakery

  • 1180 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • Phone: (347) 663-3069
  • Visite website

Napoleons Southern Cuisine and Bakery

Napoleon’s Southern Cuisine and Bakery, as mentioned in the name, are known for their bakery and soul food.

This place is outstanding when it comes to fried chicken sandwiches, usually served on white bread or whole wheat. They also offer waffles and fried chicken wings.

Many mentioned this place as one of the best places for soul food in Brooklyn! It is also a hot spot for breakfast and brunch.

3. Grandchamps

  • 197 Patchen Ave Brooklyn, NY 11233
  • Phone: (718) 484-4880
  • visit website


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Grand champs chicken is different than your typical go-to fried chicken places.  But don’t worry, it is good-different!

The chicken here is served with a spicy slaw known as pikliz, also on the side with some plain rice and twice-fried plantain. But if you are familiar with Haitian food, this is no news to you, as the cuisine is excellent soul food.

The chicken Granchamps’ is fried to perfection; crispy but far from much dry love this place for this reason.

Other Haitian basics are also available at Grandchamps, such as griot. The place has a take-out option and an outside dining space as well.

4. Peaches HotHouse

  • 415 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • Phone: (718) 483-9111
  • visit website

Peaches HotHouse

This place receives lots of love for its Nashville-style fried chicken and hot chicken plate.

The chicken frying style is just what you expect any soul food to be like comforting as it is crispy, juicy, and fired into perfection, portions are also on the bigger side, and customers compliment this place for its fair price.


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Peaches HotHouse is one of the few places whose business flourished during the most challenging time of the pandemic for its fried chicken.  If you are the type of person who loves to dine alone, they also offer a private dining option.

5. Yafa Deli

  • 907 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Phone: (718) 789-8630

Yafa Deli

This place is a Yemeni restaurant that tells a story of how they learned to fry chicken from an African-American cook in the area.

The fried chicken is the reason many has become regular at this place.

Yafa Deli also has other options on its menu besides fried chicken.  A variety of sandwiches, bacon, and eggs are a go-to meal for customers in the area.

This place has no space for seats and dining; it is a takeout place only!

6. Miss Dong Burger

  • 711 54th St Brooklyn, NY 11220
  • Phone: (917) 909-0699
  • Visit website

Miss Dong Burger

Miss Dong Burger is a Tawnaniess place, and they are known for their burritos and different types of Burgers.

One of the most famous burritos they sell is the “Mexican style chicken wrap,”  which is a wrap full of tiny pieces of fried chicken within, with shredded lettuce and other seasonings.

This unique way of presenting fried chicken is what caught the eyes of customers

7. The Commodore

The Commodore

The Commodore is what people call the dream while talking about fried chicken, as they keep it real old style of fried chicken golden brown, crispy, and dripping in grease!

The fried chicken plate comes with three thighs and the tiny biscuits everyone is obsessed with.

The Commodore also has fried chicken sandwiches with different sauces and spiciness levels.

These sandwiches are the other reason this place is frequented, but make sure to order with the right amount of spiciness as some struggle to enjoy the food because of how spicy it can get.

We can’t talk about The Commodore and not mention their cocktail, the commodore cocktail made of pina colada with amaretto float.

8. Brooklyn Bowl

 61 Wythe Ave (between N 11th & N 12th St), Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl is the other hot place known for its fried chicken and other finger foods. The chicken is fried to its optimum level of crispiness and comes with various sauces on the sides.

There are different meals options as well, such as salmon, fried rice, and other vegetarian options.

Brooklyn Bowl is also the it-place for the chicken and beer craze.

A live band or a DJ is expected whenever you visit the Brooklyn Bowl, which just sets the vibe right! It is also an ideal space for a music Venue.  They have a bowling alley where you can catch a game as well.

It is a place exactly as its motto Eat, Drink, and Rock & Roll!

9. Sweet Chick

164 Bedford Ave (at N 8th St), Brooklyn, NY

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Sweet Chik is known for its chicken and waffles. They offer a variety of fried chicken sandwiches as well.

Their signature meal is the crispy chicken sandwich, one of the best-fried chicken sandwiches you will ever have.

The sweet chill chicken is the other loved sandwich as well. It is one of the unique sandwiches that has integrated fried chicken with various vegetables with the special house sauce.

Sweet Chik also has other foods on their menu besides fried chicken, such as the buttermilk biscuits, which they are very much known for, and also their top-selling drink, the maple lemonade.

The place has a relaxed vibe and various cocktail options as well.

10. Buttermilk Channel

  • 524 Court St (at Huntington St), Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718)852-8490
  • visit website

Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel is an American bistro serving different soul food menus to its customers.

And one of their top dishes is fried chicken. They do fried chicken in a way that makes you want more, knowing that you are full.

It is the one and only  “Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.” The chicken is so crispy, full of flavors, and juicy! It is the most recommended dish on the menu.

They also have a chicken and waffles option, full of flavor and a generous portion.

This place is also an excellent spot for Breakfast and Brunch, as they have different options on their menu.

Buttermilk Channel also has Vegan options.

11. Walter’s 

  • 166 Dekalb Ave (at Cumberland St), Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 488-7800
  • visit website


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Walter’s is a very known place, especially for the variety of menus they have, ranging from seafood to brunch menus and drinks.

Within this menu is one of their well-known chicken dish, the fried chicken and the saigon sandwich.

Their saigon sandwich is grilled chicken with daikon, carrots, cilantro and jalapeño mayo.

Walter’s has outside seating as well, where you can enjoy your fried chicken in the fresh air.

It is an elevated neighborhood spot where you can grab fried chicken and drinks with friends.

12. Kimichi Grill

  •  766 Washington Ave (between Sterling & Park Pl.), Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 360-1839
  • visit website

Kimichi Grill

Kimichi grill is very well known for its crispy chicken wings, seasoned to perfection with various Korean-based seasonings; it has different spiciness levels as well.

They also serve Korean fried chicken, plain, seasoned, and spicy, in any form you want it. They also have the half-half (ban-ban) options as well.

Korean fried chicken is a craze that sweeps away the entire world, and you can be part of that experience at Kimchi Grill.

In addition to the fried chicken, this place is also known for tender ribs grill and beef dishes as well; it all comes with plain rice and different vegetables.

13. Allswell

  • 124 Bedford Ave (at N 10th St), Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (347) 799-2743
  • visit website


Allswell is not mainly a fried chicken place like many others mentioned here above, but regardless they are one of the most mentioned ones in Brooklyn when it comes to fried chicken.

The fried chicken sandwich, with the crispiness from the outside and the juicy inside with the seasoning, makes up for the perfect soul food.

The vibes of this place and the service are always mentioned along with their food, so it is a highly recommended place to visit.

14. Soco

  •  509 Myrtle Ave (between Grand Ave & Ryerson St), Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718)-783-1936
  • visit website


Soco is a fusion restaurant, with the restaurant and the cocktail bar alongside. So clearly, it’s not your go-to fried chicken place when you want one. But many that have been there begged to differ, especially after this one dish.

Soco’s well-known fried chicken menu is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with red velvet waffles. It is the perfect comfort food when you are craving one.

Soco also has a bar with different cocktail menus! Which makes it an excellent spot for dinner and a little bit of drinking as well as a brunch spot.

They have a seat and dine, delivery as well as take-out options.

 15. The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen is an American wine bar and restaurant. This restaurant specializes in a variety of menus and palates, so it is no surprise that one of those menus is fried chicken.

The fried chicken is one of the most carefully curated plates. The chicken is covered with lots of breadcrumbs and comes along with different vegetables. The texture of the chicken is crispy from the outside and very well seasoned.

This place has managed to take a simple dish like fried chicken and managed to make it one of the most refined food on their menus. It is worth giving it a try.

16. Bagock Fried Chicken and  Doughnut

  • 173 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, New York 11206
  • Phone: (347) 529-4596
  • visit website

Bagock Fried Chicken and Doughnut

Bangkok fried chicken and Doughnut is a place where you will find one of the best-pan-fried chicken and also fresh buttermilk doughnuts. The fried chicken has an exceptional crag crust, which makes it loved by many!

It is tender but at the same time crispy and moist within. The sensation that this fired chicken creates in your mouth is just unexplainable. You can only experience this for yourself!

Well, this was Brooklyn’s Best Fried Chicken Tour! We hope you’ve found a fried chicken place that is suited for your taste buds among these places.

Thank you for taking this tour with us! Hopefully, this will be helpful. If you have enjoyed this article, please let us know in the comments. Also, feel free to share other fried chicken restaurants we didn’t mention here in the comments.

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