Top 12 Bars and Drinking Spots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Heading to Greenpoint anytime soon? You’re in for a treat as Greenpoint offers a plethora of sites to see and activities to do.

It’s known to be a place where Polish businesses thrive, making it one of the most Polish neighborhoods in the United States.

From tattoo parlors to waterfront sceneries and historical landmarks, there are endless opportunities in this laid-back location.

It’s one of the best neighborhoods to live in New York City that is teaming with nightlife, cool vintage stores, and incredible restaurants.

a chic rooftop bar

If you’re looking for a place to chill out and have a drink or two, I have here my most recommended bars with a fantastic selection of drinks and impressive food choices.

Whether you’re looking for a place far from the hustle and bustle or within the center of it all, I curated a list of all types of bars you can look into.

How did I categorize this list? Simple, I looked into the pricing, signature drinks, and of course, scrumptious food.

Other factors that are worth noting are the ambiance, music, seating availability, and the friendly staff.

In a nutshell, here’s a quick overview of my top 12 recommendations.

  1. Ramona
  2. Elsa
  3. Tørst
  4. Sunshine Laundromat
  5. Keg & Lantern Brewing Company
  6. Achilles Heel
  7. Five Leaves
  8. Broken Land
  9. Glasserie
  10. Brouwerij Lane
  11. Tommy’s Tavern
  12. The Black Rabbit

1. Ramona

  • 113 Franklin St Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (347) 227-8164
  • Visit Website


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Ramona is a family-owned two-floor bar located in the not-so-crowded Franklyn Street, Brooklyn.

The cocktail bar is an attractive space with vintage decors and a laid-back atmosphere.

It prides itself on its impressive craft cocktails and not-your-usual cocktail names including Hotel Danger! The Handsome Grandson, and Two French Sisters.

Plus, get the chance to try its creative spin on its signature frozen drinks like Black Pepper Moscow Mule and Painkiller.

Not only cocktails and frozen drinks, but this hip cocktail bar also offers the classics – barrel-aged drinks such as Barrel Aged Negroni and Barrel-Aged Manhattan.

It’s definitely among Greenpoint’s popular go-to bars offering reasonable prices and carefully crafted cocktails.

2. Elsa

  • 136 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: (917) 882-7395
  • Visit Website


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If you enjoy the vibe of Ramona, head over to Carroll Gardens in the East Village where you’ll find the stylish Elsa.

It is a sister bar of Ramona that offers an extensive cocktail list of house specialties, your usual frozen and barrel-aged drinks, as well as wine and beer.

Let’s not forget about food. For the ultimate wine experience, try their Cheese Board with a variety of pasteurized cheeses including Capricho de Cabra, Prairie Breeze, and Mt Alice, paired with dried fruits, spicy jam, and olives, garlic pickles, and Amy’s French Baguette.

Whether you’re looking for something intimate or trendy, Elsa will surely be the ambiance you need with its sophisticated bar and elegant chandeliers.

It’s the best place for a drink or two, a date night, and even for business conversations.

3. Tørst

  • 615 Manhattan Ave Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222-3919
  • Phone: (718) 389-6034
  • Visit Website


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Feeling parched? Quench your thirst with a drink from Tørst, a Danish word for “thirst”. It’s an exceptional pub for some of the finest beers.

It boasts an impressive draft list, with a total of 21 draft lines, as well as a rotating can menu and more than 200 bottles.

Beyond its craft beers, they also have a selection of natural wines, cocktails, and spirits.

Food is always something to look forward to in this Scandinavian-inspired bar since its menu keeps changing every time.

With its top-notch food and unfailingly bonkers variety of drinks, Tørst is another excuse to visit Greenpoint.

4. Sunshine Laundromat

  • 860 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 1122
  • Phone: (718) 475-2055
  • Visit Website

Sunshine Laundromat

You guessed it right. From the name itself, it is a laundromat but without the laundry.

It’s a low-key speakeasy that hides behind a laundromat door serving drafts on tap, cans, and bottles.

Relish every kind of taste of draft beers including Golden House Lager, Black Duck Porter, and Pinner Throwback IPA.

If you love gaming and drinking, then this fun retro-style bar is the place to be.

Relinquish the inner child in you with its numerous bar events and pinball machines.

On top of that, it even has countless board games to enjoy.

Going to Sunshine Laundromat is one of the best things to do in Green point.

5. Keg & Lantern Brewing Company

  • 97 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 389-5050
  • Visit Website


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Keg & Lantern Brewing Company does not disappoint if you need a cozy place for sports viewing or just a typical outdoor drinking session with your group. It is a sports bar with TVs in every corner and a large outdoor patio space.

Expect a solid representation of local beers, as well as their very own brewed beers.

It boasts its specialty cocktails and a long list of other drinks from whiskey bourbon to gin and rum.

Not to mention, their food is impeccable, especially their customer-favorite Crispy Chicken Wings.

They serve typical American food such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

6. Achilles Heel


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Located in a quiet spot in the heart of Greenpoint, Achilles Heel is the best place to be away from the busy streets of the city with its chill and casual ambiance.

It’s one of the top social spots to grab a glass of cocktails crafted with care.

Try its imaginative take on classic cocktails including Corner Spritz, Yellow Jacket, and Dungeon Key.

Although they have a limited drink and food menu, the food is worth it for a delicious bite.

Their menu keeps changing, so it’s always a wonderful surprise for each visit. The food can vary from leek tart to smoked beef and mackerel.

7. Five Leaves

  • 18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 383-5345
  • Visit Website

Five Leaves

Five Leaves is loved by many for its ultimate comfort food and affordable drinks – from cocktails to classics and drafts.

It prides itself on its extensive food menu, serving the best oysters, truffles, and burgers in NYC.

It’s a restaurant that is also a great spot for drinking with its chic atmosphere. The place is built with a wooden interior, making it a cozy intimate space to hang out.

Get to know their list of cocktails with eccentric names including Lemurian Curse, Dirt Nap #4, and Pazuzu Spritz.

Moreover, there are hundreds of different wines to choose from, ranging from red, white, and rosé.

8. Broken Land

  • 105 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 349-2901
  • Visit Website

Broken Land

Broken land is a hip little hideout near the waterfront, serving tropical cocktails and specialty drinks.

The furnished interior with leather seats, wooden tables, and brick walls offers a vintage space for casual get-togethers.

Plus, it has a lovely back patio that makes it feel like your typical neighborhood cocktail bar. Visitors can enjoy awesome music and delectable summer drinks for a decent price.

If you want to enjoy Greenpoint even more, try Broken Land’s handcrafted cocktails including Espresso Martini, Saint Lucy, Ramses, Baby Spice, Penicillin, and Captain’s Blood.

On top of that, the bar serves up Frozens such as Piña Colada and Aperol Spritz.

9. Glasserie

  • 95 Commercial St, Greenpoint, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 389-0640
  • Visit Website


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If you’re going for something international, head over to Glasserie, serving Mediterranean dishes and cocktails.

The name of the bar “Glasserie” was influenced by its current location, which used to be a glass factory.

It’s a place where modern meets vintage while retaining its brick walls and rustic decor.

Visitors can have a bite to eat inside the restaurant or have a chill drink on the patio.

Pick your favorite dish from the menu or get surprised by the seasonal menu, whether you’re having brunch or a snack.

Choose from their wide selection of drinks such as Glasserie Spritz, Walnut Old Fashioned, Persian Gold, and Hemingway Daiquiri.

10. Brouwerij Lane

  • 78 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (347) 529-6133
  • Visit Website

Brouwerij Lane

Looking for something crafty? Brouwerij Lane is a little bar offering unique craft beers and a wide selection of drinks – from lagers to sours and ciders.

Not only is it a beer store, but also a small hangout spot with a back patio.

Enjoy its year-round drinks such as IPA, lager, dark ale, and sour drinks, or catch their limited-time drinks like Evil Twin Brewing Biscotti, Lawson’s Finest Little Sip, and Greenpoint Beer Splitting Hairs.


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For those who like to drink while staying sober, this little store has got you covered with non-alcoholic drinks including Athletic Brewing Run, AI’s Classic, and Lagunitas Brewing Hop Refresher.

You can also have some snacks to go with it such as Jerk Your Meat Jury and a variety of flavors of Zapps.

11. The Hidden Pearl

  • 621 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11222
  • Phone: (718) 383-3291
  • Visit Website


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The Hidden Pearl is a stylish modern cocktail bar focused on Japanese drinks and food. It’s a fantastic little hiding spot behind a ramen restaurant called Wanpaku.

If you’re looking for Japanese infusion, this hidden place is the best place to go. Grab a bite of Japanese plates including Yaki Edamame, Takoyaki, and Karaage.

For Japanese booze, you can get your hands on Japanese sake, shochu, and whiskey. It’s a perfect spot for small parties with its 20-seating furniture.

There are also special events such as Honkaku Night and an Instagram storyboard that shows how they cook delectable meals.

12. The Black Rabbit

  • 91 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 718-349-1595
  • Visit Website


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Serving drinks since 2007, the Black Rabbit is among the neighborhood’s favorite spots with a comfy fireplace and a big

back garden. It’s famous for its signature cocktail, Berry Rabbit, which is infused with Tequila Blanco, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, and Lambrusco Wine.

You can always have the happiest hours with their affordable cocktails, beers, and wines.

Other drinks you should try are Today’s Frozen!, BIG PINK Spritz, and the Pickleback.

For beer, you can never go wrong with some staples such as O’Hara’s Irish Stout, black rabbit, and Cat’s Meow IPA.

The bar is always packed with events and trivia nights like Bobby BINGO! and Nerd Alert!

Ready to See Greenpoint?

It’s no surprise why Greenpoint is known as the “New Williamsburg” for its countless bars and restaurants for relaxation or a fun night out.

Many visitors and locals are lured into the unique experiences of what each bar has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer small, quiet bars or lively bars with music, Greenpoint has them all.

With seasonal and rotating menus available at bars, there is always something new to try each time you go.

For gamers looking for thrilling action, Sunshine Laundromat is the top choice with its pinball machines and board games.

If you’re in the mood for Japanese, the Hidden Pearl offers all Japanese – from drinks to small plates.

If food is the top priority, then Five Leaves is the place to be for its extensive food options.

And for the finest beers, Trøst and Brouwerij Lane won’t disappoint with its draft beers to choose from.

These bars are not only my favorite go-to’s but for many people visiting New York City as well.

I’m pretty sure Greenpoint has still more to it than my top 12 since there are hundreds of superb bars available.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section below and let a bar hunter like me try it out.

Until this day, I’m still on the lookout for the best of the best from old to new bars existing.

I and the rest of the bar hoppers can’t wait to try out your recommendation as well!

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