The 10 Top-Rated Greenpoint Coffee Shops

Coffee has always been a staple in the United States and the world. Whether you’re looking for a booster in the morning or an after-meal quencher, a hot cup of coffee is always the go-to drink. Nowadays, coffee culture is a mix of traditional and modern.

Time has changed the way we want coffee – from choosing only eco-friendly coffee shops to organic or locally-sourced beans.

Coffee connoisseurs are always on the lookout for the best-tasting coffee beans and unique flavors to add to the list. For us coffee lovers, we always want rich-tasting coffee to kick start our day.

If you’re new to Greenpoint or looking to travel here next time, don’t waste your time with coffee house chains on every corner. Instead, venture into new coffee places for an unforgettable experience.

You don’t need to search one by one as I have done the work for you.

Listed below are my top 10 recommendations for incredibly tasting coffee.

From best-kept coffee secrets to the most famous ones – Greenpoint has it all. You won’t regret it! I know I didn’t.

For the ultimate coffee experience, here’s where you should go:

  1. Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters
  2. Odd Fox Coffee
  3. Upright Coffee
  4. Eleva Coffee
  5. Café Grumpy
  6. Maman
  7. Sippy Cafe
  8. Espresso Paloma
  9. Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Café de Colombia
  10. Crema BK

1. Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

159 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 987-3732

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Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters


Located on Freeman St. in Brooklyn, Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters is a beautiful cozy coffee shop with reasonable prices. It was founded in 2008 and has since then served smooth and frothy coffee.

Its brick walls and unique decor gives it a cool and refreshing atmosphere, making it a perfect place to sit for hours.

To enjoy a different kind of cup of coffee, order their signature beverages such as Rocket Fuel, a cold brew with chicory, maple syrup, and milk.

Another must-try signature beverage is Voodoo Child, a Vietnamese cold brew with condensed milk and cream. I personally prefer their foamy lattes, so give their specialty lattes a try such as Chai Latte and Golden Latte.

Aside from hot and cold coffee, you can opt for their hot teas and pair them with a scrumptious meal. There are only two available lunch options: Impossible cheeseburger and arugula salad.

On top of that, customers can enjoy cool music, hang out in its groovy space, and get service from its friendly baristas.

2. Odd Fox Coffee

984 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: Send an email via the website

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Odd Fox Coffee


What is it to love about Odd Fox Coffee? Aside from its hippie atmosphere, outdoor patio, and reasonable prices, Odd Fox Coffee guarantees quality espresso.

Other hot drinks available are Americano, macchiato, cortado, latte, cappuccino, and mocha.

For a splash of cool refreshments, you can also opt for cold drinks like cold brew, ice tea, ice latte, ice mocha, and ice chai. If you still have room for baked goods, they offer a few of them such as cheese twist, pumpkin bread, croissant, and cupcake.

You can enjoy all these in their outdoor seating area for a quick coffee and even in the garden for some nature and sunlight.

Its quirky decor and atmosphere make it an ideal coffee shop to hang out or have a quiet time alone. On top of that, other things to look forward to are their awesome staff and good music.

3. Upright Coffee

860 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (718) 215-9910

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Upright Coffee


Upright Coffee should be one of your go-to cafés for a great coffee experience.

They care about their craft and quality tremendously that they don’t allow advanced orders, only made-to-order. Besides, no one wants a cold cup of coffee anyway.

Coming to the coffee shop is an excellent way to support local businesses while discovering new bold tastes. If you’re the type who is always on the go, come to Upright Coffee and grab a coffee to go.

However, if you want a chill spot to sit down and work on your laptop, this place may not have the space you’re looking for.

Need a warm hug? Order their lavender latte, a delicious velvety cup of coffee loved by loyal customers. Plus, they offer different types of milk, including their very own homemade almond milk.

If you need a strong coffee to keep you going, they sure have some of the best tasting bold coffee – from drip coffee to espresso and latte.

This coffee shop is not only a perfect spot for coffee but some hot chocolate and tea too. For snacks, they have pastries like croissants, cookies, muffins, banana chip bread, and bars.

After a coffee session with Upright Coffee, I recommend heading towards Sunshine Laundromat just near it, one of the best bars in the neighborhood with pinballs and board games.

4. Eleva Coffee

7 Bell Slip, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (917) 387-1301

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Eleva Coffee


What makes Eleva Coffee special is its farm-to-cup coffee that is centered on social impact on farmers.

It specializes in three sources of coffee: Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. Anybody can try their coffee through their sustainable subscription coffee program.

So if you want to support farmers and make a difference, visit their coffee shop and try their coffee. Entering the shop feels welcoming and friendly with its wooden interior and furniture.

For something to eat, I recommend their delicious and fresh empanadas and a few of their other pastries.

If you like matcha, then you shouldn’t miss their matcha latte. To be more adventurous and out of the ordinary, have their iced coffee blueberry and lavender flavor – they’re incredible.

5. Café Grumpy

193 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (718) 349-7623

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Cafe Grumpy


Café Grumpy is a coffee lover’s paradise for its lovely airy space to meet, work, or relax. Its brick walls and a touch of orange tones give off a cheerful vibe. Plus, it even has a pinball machine to unleash your playful side.

When it comes to coffee, they make top-notch espresso drinks and quality Americano. It’s a must to try their honey oat latte, Tahitian vanilla latte, and babyccino.

Pair your coffee with their limited selection of pastries such as lemon raspberry ginger and a few vegan pastry options.

In a rush? You can get ready-to-drink coffee with their cold brew tetrapak, ranging from $4.25 to $38. For tea lovers, they have a variety of drinks to choose from including chai latte, turmeric, matcha, and iced tea.

6. Maman

80 Kent St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 689-9195

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Maman is a French café that serves breakfast meals and coffee. As you step inside, you’ll see a variety of pastries lined up for you to try. Some of its popular dishes are smashed avocado tartine, papa’s breakfast bowl, and truffle Croque Maman.

You can expect the usual coffee drinks a coffee shop would have, including espresso, macchiato, flat white, honey lavender latte, and seasonal latte. This shop is not only for adults but for kids as well as they have kids’ hot chocolate.

Complete the experience with several pastry options such as croissants, seasonal cookies, and homemade Oreos

7. Sippy Cafe

200 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (917) 909-0662

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Sippy Cafe


Sippy Cafe offers classic coffee drinks such as drip coffee, latte, macchiato, cortado, and cappuccino.

If you like something creative and different, have a Slippy Special such as strawberry latte, ube latte, black sesame latte, strawberry matcha latte, maple hojicha latte, and brown sugar oat latte.

Plus, the turmeric latte is a non-espresso-based latte costing $5.50.

This café is also a perfect place for breakfast or brunch as they have a selection of sandwiches to fuel you up.

For a typical breakfast sandwich, try the green eggs and cheese packed with scrambled eggs, cheddar, pesto, and avocado. If you like seafood, then the spicy tuna sandwich is the best choice.

Aside from classic sandwiches, you can opt for Japanese-style sandwiches such as the Japanese Kani sandwich.

Croissant lovers can enjoy different flavors such as almond, chocolate, and a plain croissant. Plus, they make the tastiest chocolate chunk cookie.

8. Espresso Paloma

772 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 320-7920

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Espresso Paloma


Espresso Paloma, also known as Paloma Coffee & Bakery, is one of the best Greenpoint coffee shops in the neighborhood that you shouldn’t miss.

People love their simple and happy ambiance. Plus, it’s a must to grab their finest cold brews – it’s worth it!

Enjoy their rich and creamy almond cappuccino and foamy oat latte. The coffee shop boasts its signature drinks for every type of coffee drinker. For instance, if you prefer something nutty, their First Flight signature espresso is the way to go.

Not only will you enjoy their signature coffee drinks, but their delicious baked goods and light meals as well. Fill up with some delightful meals such as scone cheddar and chive, Spanish tortilla, and olive oil cake.

9. Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Café de Colombia

698 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (929) 655-1302

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Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters


Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Cafe de Colombia is owned by a Colombian family who brought the finest coffee beans from Calarca, a coffee center in Colombia.

That’s why it comes as no surprise why they’ve had consistent stellar reviews from customers as they serve the most authentic Colombian coffee.

As soon as you enter the coffee shop, you’ll instantly feel the lively Colombian vibe with its bright-colored chairs, hats on the walls, and multi-patterned floor tiles.

It’s a lovely cozy place to start your day or have scrumptious food. They serve hot or cold drinks like cocoa mocha, black eye, cappuccino, latte, cocoa, matcha latte, chai latte, Americano, and brewed coffee.

Classic fresh juices are also available, but I recommend trying their Colombian juices such as Lulo, mango, Maracuya passion fruit, and Mora blackberry.

Complete the Colombian experience with Colombian pastries including pandebono, empanada, and Cambray guava. It’s more than just great coffee since their overall service, delicious food, and charming place are all spot on.

10. Crema BK

182 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 457-5363

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Crema BK


Crema BK is a family business located away from the busy streets of Greenpoint. This coffee shop is loved by many for its heavenly sandwiches and nice coffee flavors.

You’ll get one of the best cold brews in this place and their dirty chai is a must-try.

Maple latte is another top pick here, as well as their house drip coffee. Should you decide to have brunch, you won’t regret eating their nicely cooked egg and cheese sandwiches.

It’s safe to say that this coffee shop is environmentally-friendly too since they use pasta as stirrers.

Not only are you supporting local stores, but contributing to the betterment of the environment as well. I can say that you get more than what you pay for in this place for having friendly baristas, top-notch food, and flavorful coffee.

Ready to Taste the Best Coffee?

Every now and then there’s always something new in Greenpoint. You’d be surprised that there’s another new coffee shop being built, making it quite exciting to try new coffee combinations and get to know the owner’s story.

If you’ve noticed, Greenpoint has several small coffee shops, so you’re also doing a good thing to support local businesses.

The best way to stay away from all the fuss of Brooklyn is to come to Greenpoint and enjoy a cup of coffee in its calm streets.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below if you’ve tried any of the coffee shops I mentioned. Got more recommendations? Let us know ASAP!

We want to know where we can get the best coffee in the neighborhood. Share your experiences with us and tell us about the place, food, and of course, the coffee you had.

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