Hanco’s Brooklyn Review: Menu, Price, And More

Tang Hanco runs three Vietnamese restaurants in Brooklyn, serving high-standard meals in a simple environment.

Starting at Montague Street, their consistency in delivering delicious Vietnamese dishes at pocket-friendly prices quickly caused their name to spread across the city.

Now you can’t look up the words, banh mi, pho, and Brooklyn without their name popping up. They are popularly known for their banh mi, pho, and bubble tea but the menu also serves a variety of Vietnamese cuisine.



They expanded to two other locations at 134 Smith Street and 7th Avenue and deliver the same quality of meals and service in all locations.

The restaurants are casual spots with moderate-sized dining areas, orders are placed at the counter like in fast-food style and you can pick up your meal when your number is called.

They have been reviewed by a good number of famous New York food blogs and have been featured in popular press like New York Times, Eater New York, Zagat, and The Bklyner.


Smith Street

134 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

+1 718-858-6818

Montague Street

147 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

+1 347-529-5054

7th Avenue

354 7th Ave #4315, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

+1 718-499-8081

Service hours

Service hours are between 11 am till 9 pm at all restaurants. They also have delivery hours between 11 am till 8:45 pm.


Find them online through;





Hanco’s was established in 2005 by Tang Hanco. With his family recipes and the help of friends and family they got their beautiful Vietnamese restaurant up and running, serving signature favorites and delicious cuisine

Hancos 1



Dining at Hanco’s isn’t anything fancy, the restaurants are a causal spot for grabbing lunch with a friend or a family member.

The restaurants don’t have a ton of room for seating so I don’t recommend them for an outing with a large group, but if you go earlier in the day, you might just get a seat for everyone.

The restaurant at Smith Road features woody décor, white walls, and a huge glass wall so you can sit and watch the streets of Brooklyn as you eat.

Hancos 2


The restaurant at Montague Street has a few outdoor seats that are great for enjoying meals in the hot summer, the interior features brick walls, and the dining space is a bit smaller than the Smith Street location, so I do not recommend them for large crowds.

Hancos 3


At 7th avenue, the entrance features a canopy and a mini outdoor sitting, the interior is also pretty simple with a few seats and a couch at the back.  All restaurants are child friendly but there isn’t a lot of room for children to play or run around so you would have to keep them in their seats.

The environment is generally fun and bubbly, there are peak hours when the restaurants are usually full, roughly between 2 pm till 5 pm and a lot of their customers are students because of their fair prices.

Hancos 4


Hanco’s Menu

Hanco’s is a Vietnamese restaurant popularly known for their Banh mi, pho, and bubble tea but they serve a variety of dishes. They are also known for the wholesome vegetarian meals they serve.

Their menu combines subtle flavours and authentic Vietnamese recipes to serve divine cuisine. When dining at Hanco’s, you can expect subtle but vibrant flavours, moderate spices, and an overall wholesome experience.

Their menu features appetizers, healthy salads, banh mi, pho, rice dishes, flavoured teas, hot drinks, and cold beverages.

Hancos Menu


Popular menu items include their summer rolls, the grilled chicken Banh mi, and the wholesome beef broth pho.

All meals are served all day round, you can enjoy a sandwich for breakfast, noodles for lunch, and rice for dinner.  The subtle flavours and vegetables are also great for kids.

Hancos Gallery

They also offer a wholesome drinks menu, with teas, coffee, soda, hot beverages, and cold beverages. Here’s a link to the Menu so you can have a look at all the meals they offer.

Hancos Gallery 1

Service and Presentation.

Food is plated beautifully with excellent presentation and service. You place your order at the counter, the staff is friendly and you can ask questions concerning meals and ingredients.

After ordering you’re given a number and you wait until you’re called again to pick up your meal.

The waiting period for meals isn’t too long, depending on the dish you order you might be in your seat for no longer than 20 minutes.

Hancos Gallery 2

Hancos Gallery


Hanco’s prices are quite affordable, this is another reason why the restaurants quickly became Brooklyn’s favorites. Nothing on the menu cost over $30. Here’s a quick breakdown of their price list

Appetizer rolls cost between $7.50 – $7.75

The original vermicelli salad cost $8.25, but you can order with proteins like grilled pork, grilled chicken, and vegetarian pork for $12.75 – $13.75

The green salad cost $7.75 and you can order it your choice of protein for $12.25- $12.50.

All banh mi sandwiches are $11.25, noodle soup cost $14 and rice entrées cost $12.25. Sides orders like sauce and plain rice cost between $1.75 – $3.75 and milk bubble tea and flavored bubble tea cost $5.50.

Iced beverages range from Vietnamese coffee to soda and cost between $1.75 to $5.50. Hot beverages cost $3.75 – $4.45 depending on the tea or coffee and hot brewed teas cost $3.50

Hancos prices



Hanco’s serves relatively healthy meals as most dishes contain a good about of vegetables. A classic pork or chicken sandwich usually contains 72 grams of carbs, 19 grams of fat, and 30 grams of protein, bringing it to a total of about 580 calories. As long as you’re enjoying your sandwiches in moderation, you’re good to go.

A bowl of pho contains about 30 grams of protein and generally about 350 – 450 calories, you can eat a bit healthier if you go lighter on the noodles and sodium and include more vegetables in your pho.

Bubble tea roughly contains 212 calories and 37 g of sugars, so if you’re on a diet I recommend a sweet cup no more than twice a week.


Order Online

If you’re not feeling like eating out, you can order meals directly from their website. Delivery hours are between 11 am and 8:45 pm. You can also find them on UberEATS, Door dash, and seamless.


Door Dash



Lunch at Hancos


Hanco’s vs Henry’s

There has been trouble in the Vietnamese restaurant scene in Brooklyn for a while as Hanco’s and Henry’s struggle for who serves the best Banh mi. In a recent scandal, Tang Hanco accused the owner of Henry’s, Henry Huynh of stealing his recipes when he worked at Tang’s original sandwich shop.

A lot of these claims were a bit of a stretch, but there is some solid evidence to back it up, Henry’s menu is almost identical to Hanco’s and their banh mi have very similar tastes and appearance. Henry denied the claims but Hanco boldly said to the Brooklyn paper that they stole his recipes.

All evidence points to these accusations being true as Henry did work under Hanco and left the job under certain circumstances and his restaurant is a near replica of Hanco.

Hanco’s may be short of memory, but he was also accused of the same thing by Dang, the owner of the popular sandwich shop at sunset park, Nicky’s.

However, their conflict doesn’t affect the quality of their food or service. Hanco’s still puts all the elbow grease to prove that they are the best banh mi spot in Brooklyn.

best banh mi spot


Hanco Coupon Codes

Hanco’s prices are very pocket friendly, but if you’re looking to get a discount for a big meal, check out these websites for free Coupons.




Hanco Coupon Codes



Is Hanco’s a family business?

Hanco Tang first opened Hanco’s in 2005 with the help of his aunt, siblings, and wholesome family recipes. The restaurant however has massively expanded since then to two other locations. They have several employees but the restaurants are still managed by the family.

Can I get Vegetarian meals at Hanco’s?

Yes, you can! Hanco’s menu offers a variety of vegetarian dishes including salads, pho noodles, and rice dishes. You can enjoy the Tofu rolls, vegetarian broth pho, and tofu or vegetarian pork banh mi.

Hancos Gallery 4

How spicy is the Food at Hanco’s?

Vietnamese food is usually mildly spicy, you might find spicier meals from central Vietnam but the meals at Hanco’s are prepared in moderation to produce mild, delicious flavors. The pho and rice are not too spicy to eat, they are prepared with mild but wholesome flavors and you can order meals with a side sauce for extra flavor.

Can I bring my Kids to Hanco’s?

Yes, you can. Hanco’s is very child- friendly and the delicious, mild flavors and vegetables are great for the kids. There isn’t a lot of room for children to run around and play so you’ll have to keep them seated.

Does Hanco’s have Wifi?

All three locations had free wifi, with a fast, stable internet connection. You can catch up on news and socials as you wait for your meals.

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