Ikea Brooklyn, NY Review; Hours, Restaurant, Deals

What’s that? You’re finally changing the couch in your apartment? That great, I was worried you never will, then I’m guessing you’ll need all the information on the best place to get a new one.

Well I guess you’re in luck because I have all the information you’ll need to shop the best couch and homeware items in Brooklyn.

Ikea Brooklyn


Ikea, founded back in 1943 by Swedish billionaire Igvar Kamprad, is an international multi-billionaire company that deals in ready to assemble furniture,  kitchen and home appliances, and home and office decor. They have over 400 stores nationwide making them the world’s largest furniture retailer.

Ikea furniture


They moved to the United States in 1987 and have opened 52 stores across the Country. Ikea, unlike typical furniture retailers, deals with products that are designed to be assembled by customers. This makes transportation of products more practical, and efficient.

The store features a variety of hip, modern designs for all styles of interior decor.

Ikea Brooklyn, was opened in 2008 and has been supplying New York City affordable, stylish furniture and house goods in a lovely environment ever since.

You can find them in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, home of the historic Red hook park. The store is neatly categorized for easy navigation and the staff are always available to help with what you need.

They also have an online store offering the full store catalog and  if you’re not sure what styles you want for your homes, you can visit their website for ideas and inspiration.


IKEA Brooklyn 1 Beard Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

+1 888-888-4532

Google Map

Service hours


Monday – Sunday

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Click & Collect

Monday – Sunday

8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Monday – Sunday

11:30 AM – 7:00 PM





What you can Find at Ikea

IKEA store with a wide range of products

Ikea is primarily a furniture and home goods store, dealing mostly in eco friendly, ready to assemble furniture. Although most popularly known for furniture, their inventory also includes a wide range of products including kitchen appliances and home electronics, so when you walk into the store they’ll be a lot more than just couches.

For furniture, you can also find sofa and sectionals, bar furniture, room dividers, shelving units, dressers, nursery furniture and electronics like TVs and other media furniture. Other amazing products you can find at the brooklyn store include

  • Kitchen island, cabinets, pantry storage and countertops
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Kid beds, lightning and accessories and decorative items
  • Smart home items like wifi speakers and smart air purifiers
  • Rugs, mirrors and textiles
  • plants  pots, vases, bowls and wall decor
  • Clocks, storage baskets and home fragrances and diffusers.
  • Glassware, picture frames and lightning.

One of my personal favorite features at Ikea Brooklyn are the furnished showrooms. You can find offices, kitchens, living rooms and dining tables, already put together and decorated beautifully with items that are available for purchases, to help you envision how items would fit into your home and the general aesthetic of different products. You can also find several items on shelves and display cases.

furnished showrooms


The complex also includes  a restaurant and food market. You can shop a variety of canned and frozen foods including seafood and vegetarian meals.

The market inventory includes crates of wine, coffee, tea blends, frozen meal balls, waffle mix,  frozen salmon, sweets, chips and lots more. Items are sold at awesome rates and can be easily purchased at the store.

Ikea restaurant

Ikea had a lot more options than you were expecting  I’m guessing?  After exploring the 346,000 square foot warehouse and browsing through thousands of products you will definitely need a break. You can take a break and enjoy some Swedish meatballs at the Ikea restaurant .

Ikea restaurant


The Ikea restaurant has over a hundred great reviews on yelp and their menu offers delicious meals at awesome rates.

Ikea restaurant definitely isn’t a five star dining establishment but it is a fun, cheap spot to grab some food before you explore endless allies of furniture.

Their menu offers vegetarian meatballs, meat plates, chicken tenders, chicken meatballs and lots more. The restaurant is open from 11:30 am – 7 pm and you can read more about them here.

Ikea Deals

Ikea offers a lot of awesome deals to make the shopping experience better and help you save a lot more than you will anywhere else.

You can enjoy their seasonal deals with massive sales on products, ikea family offers and budget friendly ways to save money through the year.

You can also create an ikea family membership to enjoy other exclusive perks and discounts. The membership offers special member discounts, 15% off meals at the Ikea restaurant, and an “Oops assurance” to help replace items that may be damaged during transportation or when assembling furniture.

Ikea Deals


The membership also comes with a Goget starter plan to help transport your furniture conveniently at no extra cost.

You can follow them on their socials to help up with updates on store sales and discounts or learn more about the family membership here.

How to get furniture home from Ikea Brooklyn

Ikea provides means for you to easily transport your good home at fair costs. If you purchase a customer assemble item, it can easily be packages for you to take home in your car or uber, but for much larger orders like dining tables and refrigerators you can have them delivered to your home the same day or the next day through an independent service providers working with Ikea starting at just $29.

To access this service you can simply make enquiries from a staff member or move your purchased goods to the home delivery area. Here, you can select whether you want your products delivered to your doorstep or into a certain room in your house.

Afterwards a worker can assist with booking a delivery online and once your delivery is confirmed you will receive an SMS and all you have to do is wait for items to be delivered to you home the same day or the next day, depending on your choice.

assemble item


Ikea also works directly with Taskrabbit to assist customers with furniture assembling. A lot of Ikea’s products are designed to be assembled by a customer but if you need a little bit of help you can visit the Taskrabbit website for assembling services in the store or at your home.

You can book services with staff at the store or visit their website independently, they also assist with mounting and installation, moving, disassembling and lots more. Check out their website here.

How to get to Ikea Brooklyn

How to get to Ikea Brooklyn


If you don’t have a car there are several other ways you can get to Ikea, depending on your budget and preferred method of transportation. Firstly you can enjoy the free transportation services provided by Ikea which include the shuttle buses and ferry services.

Shuttle bus services have currently been suspended at the Ikea brooklyn but you can visit their website for updates on shuttle services.

The ferry runs only on weekends and picks up customers from two Manhattan locations which are Midtown/W39th Street and Pier 11 /Wall Street.

This transportation is free and you can enjoy a lovely view of the city and the Statue of Liberty on your way to the complex.

The ferry is clean and comfortable and runs from 10 am, starting at midtown till 4 pm. You can learn more about the ferry here.

31 29 ikeabus1 z


If you plan on visiting during a weekday then you can also make it to the store through buses, subway and taxis.  Buses B57 and B61, and  Subway trains F and G, are both transit lines with routes that stop at manageable distances from the store.

You can also find other means to the complex with fair costs  here. The cheapest available routes will cost between $2 – $7, but you can take a taxi for about $120 – $150 if you’re looking for a more comfortable option.


Does ikea have return policies and warranties?

Ikea offers awesome return policies and reassuring product warranties. You can return unopened products with a receipt and proof payment within 365 days, that is an entire year to really think about whether you need that lamp you just bought before you open it.

You can also return opened items within 180 days with the necessary receipts and documents. Ikea does not accept return of items like plants and custom counters. Damaged or stained items also can not be returned to the store.

Ikea offers wholesome warranties with up to 25 years on settled products. You would need to keep your receipts and proof of payments properly in order to access a warranty.

Can I bring my childs to ikea?

Yes you can, Ikea is a family friendly environment, you can bring the whole family along for a wonderful shopping experience.

Does Ikea sell food?

Yes, you can get limited food items at the food market and get a yummy snack at the Ikea restaurant.

Can I get an Ikea gift card?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards for your friends and family that can be used both at the store and online. Gift Cards can be easily bought online and you can check here for more information

What type of payment  does Ikea accept at the store?

You can make payment with all major debit and credit cards including VISA, American express, mastercards and maestro. Payments can also be made with apple pay and paypal

Can I get help with assembling my furniture?

Yes you can, you can visit taskrabbit’s website for assembly service at your home or at the store before products are delivered.

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