Kimoto Rooftop: Brunch Menu, Amenities, Wedding, Reservations, Beer Garden, Ambiance, and Hours.

Kimoto Rooftop is one of the rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn spanning over 5000 square feet on the rooftop of Aloft and Sheraton hotels. It specializes in American comfort food with Asian inspiration, cocktails, and craft beers.

Kimoto Rooftop


It is your one place for delicious favorites beautifully presented and paired with tasty drinks. The breathtaking views from the rooftop make it the perfect restaurant for all your special occasions, and it can accommodate large groups.

Kimoto Rooftop Brunch Menu

Kimoto Rooftop is a whole vibe. Their brunch menu has many satisfying options, and their chefs know how to prepare each item, leaving you yearning for more. Each bite tastes fresh and flavored, thanks to the fresh ingredients used in the cooking.

Kimoto Rooftop Brunch


Brunch is supposed to be yummy and enticing, and Kimoto Rooftop knows that. Their brunch begins with the appetizers.

For the appetizers, they offer gyoza dumplings, shrimp shumai, crispy spring rolls, coconut tiger shrimp, fried chicken wings, volcano rolls, and truffle parmesan fries.

What better appetizers could you wish for? Anything you order comes beautifully presented, and they have a great value for their guests. The other brunch items include pasta alfredo, tiger shrimp teriyaki, garlic bread rice, and chicken N’ waffles.

I enjoyed how good-looking the food was, and you can’t help but smile after each bite. Something in their cooking makes the dishes extremely sweet, and you will end up making Kimoto Rooftop your go-to for brunch. Plus, their prices are affordable.

Heaven with every little bite


The main attraction of their brunch menu is that it comes with mimosa specials for the next two hours.

I recommend trying the chicken and waffles. They will delight you with their texture and sweetness, giving you a brunch in the sky feeling.

Kimoto Rooftop Beer Garden

Kimoto Rooftop never runs dry of tasty drinks. They ensure that at any time, you have something to keep you refreshed as you enjoy the experience of the place. Moreover, their array of drinks perfectly matches the menu items.

They offer cocktails and bottle service. The cocktails have a global flavor and many great options to choose from.

Their signature cocktails selections include sangrias, margarita, relaxer, flying bull, forbidden fruit, candy shop, el bandito, etc.

Beer Garden


There is something for everyone’s taste. The forbidden fruit is a great choice to try. Just ensure you don’t get carried away with the sweetness. It can be addictive, and it won’t be a surprise to see you return to enjoy the same.

On the other hand, there are plenty of options if you choose to go with their beer service. They offer gin, tequila, whiskey + scotch, Japanese whiskey, cognac, vodka, and champagne.

beer service


If the options available can’t entice your heart, I don’t know what else can. Try them out and be the judge. They are sweet and rich in taste and flavor.

You will love it! The good thing is that the prices aren’t exaggerated. So, you can create your lovely moment with the food and drinks without breaking the bank.

Kimoto Rooftop Amenities

Kimoto Rooftop goes up and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction. The satisfaction extends beyond the meals to the amenities and services it offers. Luckily, it does a great job in that too.

Kimoto Rooftop offers catering and waiter service. The catering is for on and off-premise. So, you can book them for your home party, and they will make your event splendid.

There is free wi-fi to keep you updated, and they have a live DJ. Honestly, the DJ does magic in spicing the mood for everyone. They play the music that accommodates everyone from RnB, hip hop, afrobeat, and other categories.

Kimoto Rooftop Amenities


The restaurant has a great atmosphere and a spacious dancing space. If you get carried away with music, there is room to do your thing. The MC spices things, especially if you are celebrating a birthday.

The people celebrating their birthdays are made to walk down the runway. It’s amazing and lively.

Furthermore, Kimoto Rooftop accepts different payment methods. It accepts Apple pay, credit cards, and Android pay. Happy hour specials are available, and it takes reservations and offers takeout.



Moreover, it is wheelchair accessible and offers valet, garage, and street parking.

All these amenities ensure you have all the reasons to feel comfortable and return to reenjoy the wonderful experience.

Kimoto Rooftop Weddings

A wedding is a special day that requires the best services and scenes. Kimoto Rooftop offers a heated enclosed rooftop and an indoor garden lounge, perfect for a wedding ceremony.

It has a capacity of 250 guests for indoor seating and 100 for outside seating. The restaurant doesn’t charge any rental fees. However, there is a minimum fee for all events for beverages and food.

birthday reservation


Moreover, each event, including the wedding, is reserved for only 5 hours, excluding the cleanup and set up time. You can make reservations for the event online.

The amenities offered for the wedding include a dance area, full kitchen facilities, valet parking at a fee, votives candles, outdoor lighting, a dressing area for the bride, wedding planning services, and overnight accommodations.

In addition to the amenities, there are some restrictions for the wedding. For instance, the restaurant handles all catering services, drinks, and food. Plus, the music for the event ends at midnight.

You will love the experience created for the wedding. The sky view from the rooftop is beautiful and classic.

Kimoto Rooftop Reservations

Small and large groups are accommodated at the restaurants. The restaurant takes reservations up to one month in advance and allows guests between 2 to 10 for each table.

However, each guest must be 21 years and above. The reservations are available on seven rooms reservations.

The reservation packages last for 2 hours, and after that, you need to make another reservation. If you wish to reserve longer, you can contact the restaurant for further details.



If the guests exceed 10, there is a separate group reservation form to make the reservation. The same applies if you wish to reserve a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party.

Apart from the reservation forms, the guests must abide by a presentable, fashionably fitted dress code.

Fashionable jeans, shorts, and sneakers are allowed, but t-shirts, slippers, bandannas, sweat pants, gym wear, work boots, flip-flops, and baseball caps are not allowed.


The ambiance of the place is lovely. The restaurant is pretty looking, and the decorations are attractive. The atmosphere is lively thanks to the live DJ. The private area is cute, and it even has a bed for the seating area.

Ambiance 1


The rooftop will have a scenic view of the area around, and the covered outdoor seating is relaxed and attractive. The breathtaking views create a memorable moment.


– Make Kimoto Rooftop offer reservations?

Yes, they do. Reservations are made per table of 2 to 10 guests or group reservations for 250 guests. $10 is needed for individual reservations, but it gets counted in the overall bill.

– How long is a reservation package?

For table reservations, each package lasts for 2 hours. For group events, reservations last for 5 hours.

– Is there takeout?

Yes, takeout is offered.

– Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, reservations can be canceled 24 hours before the reserved day. That way, you can get refunded. However, lateness or failed show up cannot be refunded, and the reservation time can’t be extended.

– Does Kimoto Rooftop allow everyone inside?

No, the restaurant is strictly for 21 years and above guests. ID scanners are used at the entrance to verify the identity and age of the guests.

– Does Kimoto Rooftop offer free parking?

No. The restaurant offers garage parking, street parking, and valet parking, and in each case, there is a fee.

– When does the restaurant open?

Kimoto Rooftop opens every Wednesday to Sunday. The opening hours depend on the day, but they are all highlighted in the hour section below.


  • Mon & Tue: Closed
  • Wed & Thu: 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Fri: 6:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Sat: 1:00 PM – 4:00 AM
  • Sun: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Locations and Directions

Hotel: Kimoto Rooftop Garden Lounge

Address: 228 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-858-8940


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