7 Incredible Places to Find Korean Corn Dogs in NYC

Craving for a Korean corn dog and you have no idea where to find one in NYC? This guide has got you!

Just because you’re in America doesn’t mean you have to travel to Asia to get your favorite cuisine, thanks to NYC’s culinary world diversification!

I know when you think of Korea, the first thing that clicks your mind is the Squid Game, right? But wait, Korea offers more and sweeter than just that.

The mouth-watering street food known in Korea as “hot dog” is probably one of the best snacks you can have in NYC.

Its sweet and savory combination makes it finger-licking, not to mention the crispy outer part and the elastic cheese to the inner part.

If you happen to live in NYC, you can easily catch up with this amazing dessert alongside other Korean delicacies.

This article brings you the most outstanding places to check out for yummy Korean corn dogs.   Stick around to explore what I’m about to present to you!

Best Korean Corn Dogs in NYC

1. Oh-K Dog NYC

Oh K Dog NYC 3

Small spot in the Lower East Side offering a whimsy line of delicious Korean corn dogs and thick egg toast, another typical Korean snack in the city.

It features 10 different freshly baked Korean corn dogs with options for vegetarians. There are also 6 options for sauce lovers, including hot and sweet sauces.

They allow you to choose everything you need in your corn dog, from mozzarella cheese and rice cake to potato and sauces. You’re required to order ahead to reduce waiting time.

The spot has five other branches in NYC; West Village, Flushing, Forest Hills, Hell’s Kitchen, and Marks Place.

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2. Two Hands Corn Dogs

Two Hands Corn Dogs 1

It’s a corn dogs spot headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. It has several branches in NYC; Soho, East Village, Chinatown, and others.

It was first established in Los Angeles in 2019 before it spread to other places in subsequent years.

Two Hands specializes in outrageous Korean-style street corn dogs with different toppings.

The top picks, however, are the spicy dog, a combination of spicy sauce and hot Cheetos powder, and the potato dog featuring potato cube toppings on two hands dirty sauce.

The other corn dogs on the menu include crispy rice dog, classic dog, American classic dog, and Injeolmi dog.

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3. Ugly Donuts and Corn Dogs

Ugly Donuts and Corn Dogs 5

A Korean street food brand located in Flushing, offering delectable corn dogs and homemade donuts made from the best of ingredients.

Has a wide selection of flavors in their whimsy line of corn dogs and donuts that include original ugdog, cheddar ugdog, and New York’s favorite premium pizza Ugdog made of whole mozzarella cheese chunk, with a unique crispy and chewy covering with tomato sauce, basil pesto, garlic powder and parsley on top of it.

Ugly Donuts and Corn Dogs 3

There is a line of up to 20 more other corn dogs and donuts to try here apart from the few mentioned.

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4. Jongro Rice Hotdog

Jongro Rice Hot Dog 1

With 5 operating stores in NYC, Jongro Rice is one of the best Korean corn dog spots in the city. It offers an array of corn dogs made of different fillings and toppings.

Some of the most featured offerings here include ramen noodle chips hot dog, volcano hot dog, and sweet potato mozzarella hot dogs, among others.

Jongro Rice Hot Dog 6

Customers can choose from this rich collection amounting to 11 types and also choose the sauces they need to satisfy their cravings.

As the name shouts, Jongro uses rice flour to make this airy and crispy snack.

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5. Mr. Cow Corn Dog

Mr.Cow Corn Dog 5

Corn Dogs By Mr. Cow is another spot on the authentic Korean corn dogs list!

In Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, is this bright spot offering a line of Korean corn dogs made from mozzarella cheese, sausage, or a combination of the two, swerved and coated in a pleasant tasting flour batter before rolling it in one or more toppings.

Mr.Cow Corn Dog 4

The spot also offers mochi donuts, a hybrid of stretchy mochi and cake donuts, Japanese rice cakes prepared using sticky rice, and cheese balls- a mixture of cream cheese, sour cheese, and freshly grated cheese and other flavoring spices.

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6. H Mart

H Mart 1

One of the largest supermarket chains in America and among the pioneers of Asian food in America.

A premier Asian food destination in NYC that offers a complete line of Asian cuisine and western grocery, alongside stuff you need daily, not forgetting exclusive products.

Although it’s not a restaurant, you’ll find a wide selection of frozen Korean corn dogs that you only need to fry to get the crispy and chewy texture just like the ones from restaurants.

Unlike many restaurants, you don’t have to stand for long here before you get your snack.

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7. Hangry Dog

Hangry Dog 3

It’s one of the first Korean corn dog pop-ups in NYC, offering authentic sweet and savory Korean corn dogs in Bronx Night Market and at distinguished events.

It features up to 6 different Korean corn dog options made with mozzarella cheese and chicken hotdog, battered with sweet flour, and sprinkled with sugar.

Hangry Dog 4

You might not find a whole line of corn dogs but be sure to catch up with the classics in their best quality.

Also, there are not as many available sauces as you’d expect, but simple ones like ketchup will always ensure you enjoy every stretchy and crispy moment at Hangry Dog.

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