Manhattan Vs Brooklyn – Choose The One That Is More Suitable For You

If you like a city of nightlife vibrancy, and activity, then all of New York is your place to stay. To be precise, when talking of New York, Manhattan and Brooklyn come to mind.

Most people coming to this city do so because of the vibrant lifestyle and the challenges that push you to make more.

You will almost have no limits to what you can do and how you can live your life here. So, let’s start from the fact that when you move to any part of New York, if you work hard, then your efforts will always reward you.

So, when you’re moving to New York, the other question arises where you should go to? I know there are five boroughs, but most new people only know of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Well, where should you move to?

Let’s say it already, each of these areas is great, but if you are going to Manhattan, you need to make large sums of money, and you are therefore not afraid to spend it. But, on the other hand, Brooklyn is more like the place where you intend to save some money in the process.

The primary reason people ask the question, though today, is the gap range has reduced remarkably. So, although generally, Manhattan is still a little pricey, it’s not as different as in the past.

It’s hard to tell you where to live significantly since where you live will depend on your specific needs. Also, there are factors you will need to know, as you will see below.

The diversity

When you have finally decided to move to New York, the first thing you will need to do is to know where you will feel comfortable residing.

Have in mind the kind of houses you prefer. Would you like the mansions or apartment life? The other question is would you like to be in a suburban or urban area? Are you looking for quiet or lively territories? When you know the answers to these questions, then you will find it easy to search for the right place to go and live.

Here’s the thing to remember: if you want to stay in a diverse neighborhood, you should go to Brooklyn. The area welcomes different people and ethnic cultures, making it ideal if your priority is diversity.

Having lived in Brooklyn for a long time, I would gladly say that if you’re going there with your family, you are better off here than in Manhattan. I find that it delivers the right, peaceful environment and also you have lots of play areas for kids and at the lowest price.

Are you alone, though? If you are maybe moving for business or just living alone, then Manhattan is where you are looking to go and live. Here then, you have access to some of the biggest companies, you will also have access to a fun but active life.

I work in corporate, so where do I expect high salaries and wages?

If you are in the corporate world, the very first thing you are always asking is where you can get even more pay. Well, isn’t it just almost evident that you will get paid a lot more if you live in Manhattan?

Manhattan skyscrapers view

Well, Manhattan is in the middle of NYC, and yet New York is the world’s most significant economic capital. Almost all the largest companies globally have their bases in NYC or at least some offices in Manhattan.

It’s only this reason that will make Manhattan the better place to seek employment as you will get a little more. Notice that Manhattan is not even far from Brooklyn anyway, so you will find it easy to reach there.

Let’s talk of fun

Both of these places will give you the fun you need. However, if you’re going to go for the wealthy like events, you should go to Manhattan. So, we are saying that if you want to enjoy yourself in Manhattan, you will part with good money. But, of course, it also delivers the perfect luxurious events. In Brooklyn, though, you can find many other fun events that don’t even cost a dime.

Regardless I want you to know that even though the events maybe for free, you will find that it becomes just as fun as the ones in Manhattan.

The transportation

This is a factor for anyone who moves a lot around the city. You see, the good thing is that the delivers two borough areas will connect you perfectly to New York City. They further connect perfectly, mainly when you use the subway trains.

Anywhere you choose to reside is perfect if you’re going to commute for work. If you don’t have a car yet, don’t worry; you will be finding it easy to reach the different destinations within these places.

What are the things you should keep in mind?

Of course, when you’re making a move, you have to consider factors you have to put in mind.

What are your priorities?

Before you even start your search, you should know that there will be very many people moving to the different parts of your potential neighborhood. So, you want to ask yourself what things matter the most to you?

So what lifestyles are you looking for?

What’s your preferred vibe, leisure activity, commutability, food preference, community, and any other aesthetics? When you know the answers to this question, then you are sure you’ll help your agent choose the house for you.

You want to ask yourself what your hobby is and what you like to do in your leisure time? Then, what do you do when you reach home? Is it necessary for you to walk to work, or want a larger living space?

Are you one to cook often or you go out to restaurants? This will determine the best place you want to go to.

Which kind of amenities do you need majorly and think about the ones you would do without too?

Which buildings do you like the most?

So, you will need to answer this honestly too; what kind of buildings would you like to live in the most. Both the boroughs have different housings, you know. Brooklyn will give you the brownstone houses and loft spaces, where Manhattan gives you the skyscraper houses and townhouses. Generally speaking, though, you will have all the different styles of houses on either side of the boroughs you choose to go to.

To be precise;

When you go to Soho and Tribeca, then most likely you will have the loft spaces. However, if you like the larger spaces, focus on these areas in Manhattan.

But then, if you still want the modern-looking apartments where you can also have the fireplaces, go to the upper east side as well as the midtown east. Then, of course, you also have downtown Manhattan, and here, you can expect unique architectural neighborhoods.

Now then, if you go to the financial district, you have those skyscraper buildings. Such apartments are high-level types.

In Brooklyn

You can expect a slight difference when you’re looking for housing in Brooklyn, though. Most commonly, you will notice the brown stoned houses aligned on the tree streets. This is most common in the park slope, bed-stuy, and Fort green.

If you want, you will go to Williamsburg, and there then you will find townhouses and sometimes even the prewar buildings. They also offer loft houses if you want an even more quiet environment. It’s the place ideal for you if you want a family set up.

If you still want the Manhattan experience, then you should go downtown, Brooklyn. However, one great thing about buying your house in Brooklyn is that the taxes are low here. It’s, therefore, cheaper to buy it around here.

Let’s talk about commuting.

Of course, another critical question to ask is how you will commute now and then. For those who, for example, have to go to work in different areas, you need to figure out how you are going to commute.

Before you even move to NY- Brooklyn, I want you to know that your physical address determines a lot when commuting. It would help if you were strategic and mostly choosing areas that are frequented by train subways. But, of course, subways are no strange to NY, and it’s mostly even a topic of discussion.

If you know you will be commuting to work, you need to figure out an area that lets you access the different places.

Subway is limited in areas that are to the north of Manhattan and southeast of Brooklyn. When you move further, and to these areas, you will experience even better favors since the rent goes down.

So, if you will stay a little further, you need to make sure they have the city bikes around the area and ferries, among other methods. In addition, you will need methods to get you to the subway if you don’t have a car. So, you should be staying in areas where you can get to the subway using the other modes of transport we mention here.

What kind of lifestyle matters to you?

It’s vital to remember that where you live will be where you spend most of your days after work. So, then you need to remember the place you choose to live matters. For example, Brooklyn has a more open space that will often give you the residential feel, not like the apartments in Manhattan. In these areas, the streets are therefore wider and the buildings way taller.

If you, however, like the fast-paced world-class life, then Manhattan is the place to live. Nothing will ever beat living in Manhattan either if vibrancy is your thing. They blend different cultures in this making it the best area.

Notice though that you will have strollers in the streets of Manhattan, and similarly, you can also have the nightlife in Brooklyn just as you do in Manhattan.

You have to know what appeals to you the most and find the right neighborhood to go to between this two.

But what’s the cost of living on either side or place?

If you’re going to stay here, you may also need to know the exact amount you expect to pay. It will cost you an average of $2785 to get an apartment. This means it decreased by 5% from the previous year in 2019. All this happened after the pandemic.

Now the pandemic led to even more decrease in Manhattan. Today if you want a regular apartment in Manhattan, you will pay about $3777 on average. This is a decrease of 9% compared to the past 2019.

So, when you have a rough idea of how you should go out looking for the ideal place to stay. In most cases, people are looking for below-average houses. Don’t forget though to compare the prices from one place to the other.

In general, you should know that it’s more expensive to live in Manhattan.

What to expect in Manhattan? Why should you stay there?

You will have the difference because it has a unique skyline view compared to any other place in the US. So, of course, if you like this view and you can manage or be home to see it in time, then you should go to Manhattan. However, if you can’t see it every time you stay in a strategic apartment, then the view is of no value to you.

If you’re seriously looking for the skyline, you should go live on the east side of the east river. So Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Astoria will be the ideal places to go to.

It delivers the big city life idea.

Manhattan is at the heart of NYC, giving you a much more city life. If you like city life, then this is your place to go. It delivers a fast-paced city life, and it’s more for those who like the city’s activities. This is a vibrant borough that gives you the perfect NYC feel 24hrs.

This city never goes to sleep, and there’s always something they are doing, whether it’s morning or night. Besides, you are always a train away from real life. Notice then that you can do anything at any time.

What about food

This borough is further famous for its food. Did you know that you don’t even have to cook at home? Most of the top chefs that are at the top of their game are from Manhattan. So if you’re a foodie, this region is for you because you will experience firsthand most of the meal creations.

Also, they don’t limit the cuisine they are willing to try. The chefs are the best to create different cuisines.

Whether you like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Nigerian, the list is endless as to what you can find here. But, don’t ever forget the most popular New York pizza. This one stands out and will deliver the best tastes.

Generally, this is not only about Manhattan instead, but it’s also about the whole of New York.

It’s famous for its fashion culture and arts.

If you are into art, then Manhattan is the place. I like to visit the metropolitan museum of art even when I’m not going to buy anything.  I like to go and check out some of the best cutting-edge arts. For those of us who like fashion, then you need to visit the fifth avenue. This space for all those top designers and any upcoming designers’ dream is to work in this space.

Anyone in comedy knows that most of the top comedians in the world discover their potential and careers in NYC. You can be sure to experience the different Broadway shows in these areas. It just happens that you will have the significant shows in Manhattan every single week. This is also the hub of creativity but also significant cultural events.

The subway is available

It’s only in spaces where you can access the subway to commute easily, so you don’t have to use your car, let alone own one.

Notice that you can use the train wherever you’re going as long as you intend to travel anywhere in the city. So, I should let you know that the subway is a meet-up for most people. Remember, you will have different people from different walks of life using it. It’s the perfect time to chat and have fun. It’s in the subway that you will make surprisingly significant friendships.

Manhattan will give you something new every time.

There’s always just that one thing you haven’t done or seen yet. So you see you will discover the new basketball court, a new restaurant, and even a new coffee shop. For as long as you live here, there will always be something you are discovering.

What’s there in Brooklyn? Anyone living in New York knows the only reason you choose Brooklyn over any other space is because of the cheaper cost of living. So if you intend to buy a home, this place will deliver way better prices than even Manhattan.

If you’re looking for ways to save some money, then Brooklyn is the better choice when you compare it to Manhattan. Also, if you’re thinking of buying a home, then maybe you should go in just now to do it.


Notice that Brooklyn may as well be your best yet most accessible area of the world. You can access the express trains like the Q train, for example. Regardless the pandemic has somehow changed a lot where so many people don’t like to be in crowded areas. This is also the reason why most people moved to more accessible areas.

Would you like to be a part of the coop boards of Brooklyn?

If you opt to buy a new house in Brooklyn, you are safe using this board as a guide to buying it. Using this board, you can make more significant purchases. Through this then you can attain the perfect house in no time. You don’t even have to spend a lot on the agency, and the houses are further affordable.

There’s new potential in Brooklyn.

The primary reason anyone wants to invest in Brooklyn now is that they see much more potential. This also means that if you’re a business individual, you will experience growth. This region has seen massive growth but especially during the pandemic.

They are also constantly bringing up new apartments that are also tall to house several people. Today the housing style in some areas mimics the Manhattan one.

The general cost of living

Right now, we can’t say much about the cost of living as the pandemic has influenced it a lot more than expected. However, it’s all generally lower in both boroughs. Manhattan is almost the same as Brooklyn, with the housing having gone significantly low.

What you need to know, though, is that from the range of amount we have shown you above, Brooklyn isn’t at all one of the cheapest areas in the country. Regardless even with the reduced cost of living in Manhattan, Brooklyn is still significantly lower in cost than Manhattan. That’s why most people say here.

Now, if you’re looking for a place to spend a lot of money, then make some more, you should go to Manhattan. I always say Manhattan is ideal for the young and vibrant ones. But, if you want a good family area where you can develop yourself better, then Brooklyn should be it.

Manhattan gives you some pride, and you are over the edge compared to many others living in other boroughs, though. For me, though, most of its parts are a little too noisy just because it has many more people. Anyone who likes a peaceful and calm environment better check Brooklyn.

Manhattan is more like a city in another city. It’s lively and fun with loads of potential; thus, you have to pay for this.

You see, I would gladly say there’s no direct winner as to which one is better than the other. It will mostly depend on how you view everything. Also, what you want in a house matter. Our priorities differ, and as long as you balance everything, you are good to go with whichever house you like.

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