12 Best Mexican Restaurants In Williamsburg, NYC

Looking for best mexican restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? You are in the right place.

Mexican cuisine is one of the broadest and most playful. It features incredible dishes such as tacos, burritos, nachos, and inviting drinks. It is also addictive, and everyone wants to have a taste.

Williamsburg residents are lucky to have a couple of restaurants that offer the best Mexican-inspired delicacies.

Here is a list of the best places you can visit.

  • 1. Mesa Coyoacan.
  • 2. Xixa.
  • 3. De mole.
  • 4. Tacombi.
  • 5. Zona Rosa.
  • 6. Mole Mexican Bar and Grill.
  • 7. Aldama.
  • 8. Taqueria Diana Williamsburg.
  • 9. Taqueria casa Imelda.
  • 10. Jajaja Plantas Williamsburg.
  • 11. Casa Publica.
  • 12. Mcondos Los Tacos

Check out the complete guide for the Best Mexican Restaurants In Brooklyn.

Mexican restaurants Williamsburg

1. Mesa Coyoacan

  • Location: 372 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211.
  • Contact: (718) 782 8171.
  • Visit website.

Mesa Coyoacan


This is an upbeat Mexican restaurant hosted by the broad Graham Avenue, where classic and flavour-rich delicacies dominate.

The first eye-catcher is the creative décor inside this fabulous joint. Dining is fun-filled and is on rustic and long tables; this brings a feeling of community and is fantastic for families.

Guests can enjoy all-day meals and brunch on weekends. The menu is quite comprehensive, and for lunch, a brunch plate special or Huevos Rancheros could be the way to go.

You can also have an excellent pick of the tortillas, such as the Al Pastor or try their delicious Tacos.

Dinner consists of a full meal set with excellent starters like Guacamole and steak Quesadillas, among others.

This great start sets you up for a variety of main dishes; Enchiladas Verdes and Camarones al Ajillo are the favourites, but other options are available for choosing.

The ambience is warm and welcoming. One can relax while sipping some cool drinks from the ready-to-drink Mezcal to spicy Toronja Habanero.

This is also a place that serves killer Margaritas, and if you wish to get a taste of this, then step in here.

2. Xixa

  • Location: 241 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
  • Contact: 718-388-8860
  • Visit website.



The food is a blend of Mexican flavours and ideas with some bit global touch, curated for everyone to enjoy.

You can have the adventurous Chef special, where you’ll enjoy ten courses of deliciousness.

Their crispy and sinful Churros with dipping sauce are also impressive and satisfying. All this can be enjoyed amid this place’s elegant and modish décor.

Xixa may not be as big, but the ambience is chill, and the music makes it vibrate with awesomeness.

Their tasting menu is impressive, and it allows you to taste a little bit of everything. You can eat the guacamole y ceviche or sample the tortillas, and they are all heavenly.

The drinks at this spot are fantastic. The cocktail menu is hands down the best and is Agave-focused with distinct options such as Mescal, tequila, and Sotol.

There is also an extensive wine list featuring over 200 delicious and mature wine varieties and beers too.

3. De Mole

  • Location: 2 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: 347-721-3399
  • Visit website.

De Mole


Tucked away in the heart of Williamsburg is De Mole café, a chic and cosy restaurant that specialises in the staple Mole Poblano.

This is an excellent place for lunch, dinner, and bottomless brunch on the weekends. The menu has tons of options to choose from, including a good number of vegetarian dishes.

In addition, the plates are of reasonable sizes giving you the chance to try out other items on the menu.

Try this eatery for the best mole Poblano, and you’ll be amazed at how much a dish could be so captivating.

Meals are prepared with the traditional Mexican creativity to give birth to great Mexican Tapas and brunch cocktails.

Diners can start their fantastic experience with amazing and sharable mouth openers like the traditional Guacamole and crispy Calamari.

There are incredible specials to choose from; tampiquena and Polo con Mole Poblano come out on top. Vegetarians could fancy the Napolanes Tacos.

You can have Al pasta and octopus Burritos and tacos and finish off with a vegetarian-friendly plate of fresh Ensaladas.

4. Tacombi

  • Location: 242 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (646) 964-5984
  • Visit website.


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Born with the dream of sharing the Mexican culture with the world, Taqueria has been nothing short of fantastic in that.

It is also the only place where you will find the biggest and tastiest tacos in town. Tacombi is a superb spot with lovely interior designs and is fantastic for small groups and families.

The atmosphere is chill and cuts across all the diners. This, together with the bubbly staff, make this your go-to spot where you can heal all your Mexican food cravings.

Guests can delight themselves with rice and beans as they prepare tacos and Burritos.

An assortment of available tacos ranges from Baja crispy fish tacos, which are the best, to Al Pastor and pork tacos.

The chips and Guacamole are other fine options you should also try.

5. Zona Rosa

  • Location: 571 Lorimer Street (corner of Metropolitan Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (917) 324 7423
  • Visit website.

Zona Rosa


If you visit this joint, you will most probably be awed by the creative design, and you will be surprised by how much it reflects the creative and playful menu.

The chefs at this place have great respect for quality ingredients and traditional techniques for fantastic Mexican dishes with profound tastes and flavours.

Snacks like Tamales and Queso Fundida are in plenty to give you a fantastic start to a fun-filled dining experience.

But, then, the main dishes come along to continue the thrill; they are outright delicious and include Aztec soup, Hamberguesa Mexican, and Enmoladas, among others.

In between, you can grab a Taco or a Burrito like the Taco de Lengua and Vegetariano for vegetarians, as the name suggests.

Their enchiladas are also tasty. The menu is a bit limited but on point. That aside, you can’t lack something for dessert, be it a Churro or a Flan de Cajeta.

6. Mole Mexican Bar and Grill

  • Location: 178 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (347) 384-2300
  • Visit website.

Mole Mexican Bar and Grill


Mole Mexican Bar and Grill is one of those places that screams ‘best Guacamole and Chips’, and true to their word, they are the best you can ever find. You can have Lunch and dinner presented by superb and friendly servers.

Weekends at this eatery are for brunch. It features delicious takes such as breakfast burritos, pancakes with syrup, and a hearty mole burger.

You can also score fantastic egg dishes. For example, the Huevos Rancheros, the ranchero sauce is glorious; it is served with rice, beans, and tortillas and will have you singing to its tunes.

You can also pick the Huevos en Cazuela which is equally outstanding.

Lunch is just as special with Nachos, Quesadillas, Fajitas, Tacos, and others in line for picking. Diners can also have the signature savoury mole sauce.

But if you want the full experience, then the dinner menu should be your choice. It is full of unique selections of soups, salads, sides, and desserts; you can have a taste of everything. Everything is prepared to perfection, and you can never go wrong with any selection.

7. Aldama

  • Location: 91 South 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • Contact: +1 929-298-0233
  • Visit website.



Mexican food can be found anywhere, but the food that comes with the complete culture and heritage can only be found in very few places. That is at the Aldama.

This chic little eatery has everything you can ever want in Mexican cuisine.

You can dazzle your palate with the perfectly grilled shrimps or the chicken tamale, which is outstanding, just like every item on the menu.

Brunch options include: a fruit bowl, crispy fish sandwich, and Campechana- a fantastic seafood cocktail served alongside Salsa and cold vegetable juice.

The chefs want to ensure everyone is catered to; hence, they’ve thrown in many vegetarian dishes on the menu.

There is also a broad list of cocktails to enjoy like the Lambrusco, de Mezcal, and Gibson’s, among others. They also have an extensive list of beers and wines as well.

The outdoor setting is superb and perfect for unwinding after a long day. The interior is contemporary and well decorated, and the waiters add a touch of friendliness to the relaxed atmosphere; they are helpful and bubbly.

8. Taqueria Diana Williamsburg

  • Location: 367 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (929) 250 2460
  • Visit website.

Taqueria Diana Williamsburg


Taqueria Diana is a California-inspired Mexican restaurant that proudly supplies legitimate street foods like tacos, nachos, and burritos. This brightly lit and laid-back spot is just superb.

This joint portrays a nice gesture and is very considerate of people with dietary restrictions.

You can have a marvellous experience here because the menu allows you to; it is broad and full of great selections to scour through.

If you are looking for something to dazzle your taste buds, you can try out the roast chicken.

It comes with various tasty side dishes; complimentary hearty salads are also available to ensure there is something for everyone.

Tortillas are prepared fresh for every taco and burrito, preserving the best and freshest taste with every bite. Their Nachos are to die for, very delicious and stuffed with greatness.

9. Taqueria casa Imelda

  • Location: 82 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Contact: (347) 457-5992
  • Visit website.

Taqueria casa Imelda


While Taqueria casa Imelda is big for its compact yet picturesque appearance, it is also known for incorporating the Tex Mex style in its plates.

This eatery maintains the humble look on the outside with a few tables for two and colour filled interior reflecting its roots.

The sitting space is well arranged amid multi-coloured walls filled with pictures. There are tables suitable for small groups and some for two’s.

The menu is out of this world with appetisers like mozzarella sticks, crazy coconut shrimps, and chips to prepare your stomach for lots of excitement.

This can be followed by burritos and crunchy taco options such as chicken, shrimp, and steak served with a side of guacamole or Mexican rice.

Vegans and vegetarians are well looked after and can indulge in many dishes, but vegan tacos, burritos, and the vegan burrito bowl are the heart winners.

Desserts are fantastic whether they come in as Churros or as Tres leches. You can sip the famous Jorrito juices available in lime, Mandarin, and grapefruit flavours to crown your dining experience.

10. Jajaja Plantas Williamsburg

  • Location: 119 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11249
  • Contact: +1 (860) 479-2872
  • Visit website.

Jajaja Plantas Williamsburg


Jajaja Plantas is a classy chain and powerhouse of animal-free Mexican dishes and cuisines. It has several locations, including Williamsburg, and it is a unique eatery that vegans and vegetarians can call home.

This hip restaurant is brightly lit on the inside with woody decorations, vibrant furniture, and beautiful hanging lights, which are fantastic.

Sitting is varied, featuring long communal tables, booths, and counters sitting on long stools.

If you are looking for the best plant-based dishes, this is the place to be. You can begin with jackfruit tamales and nachos, after which you can go for delicious street tacos like the palm carnitas and spicy birria.

Their speciality dishes are fantastic, and they include gorditas, enchiladas, and full bowls, among others.

A late afternoon brunch is served daily, and the best options are kale pancakes and beaky burritos. There or other fine dishes on the menu to select from too.

Desserts at this place are hearty and fantastic. They can be accompanied by a wide array of drinks, from coffee to lemonades and mocktails for non-alcoholics.

Others can indulge in well-paired tequilas and mezcal, freshly tapped craft beers, lagers, and cocktails.

11. Casa Publica

  • Location: 594 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: (718) 388-3555
  • Visit website.

Casa Publica 1


One block from the McCarren Park sits this superb restaurant that offers legit Mexican culture, vibes, and dishes in Williamsburg.

It incorporates traditional Mexican home cooking in its style to develop creative and flavour-packed dishes.

This restaurant is beautiful, with upbeat décor and fantastic sitting arrangements to match the upscale Mexican dishes originating from its kitchen.

Their brunch menu is delicious and features properly cooked light and entrée dishes.

Dinner starts with treats such as chips and salsa, guacamole, and many other options. Enchiladas and roasted chicken follow with frijoles or Arroz Mexicana on the side.

In addition, amazing desserts are available to complete the Mexican dining experience.

The bar serves many drinks ranging from frozen Margaritas to Mexican sodas. This is also the perfect place to score a flawless Michelada.

In addition, their evolving menu features a couple of colourful cocktail options and a wide variety of wines.

12. Mcondo Los Tacos

  • Location: 502 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Contact: mcondotacos@gmail.com
  • Visit website.

Mcondo Los Tacos


If you are ever in the mood for the best Tacos in Brooklyn, this should always be your to-go spot. This casual restaurant features a stylish design with fantastic paintings and a beautiful sitting arrangement.

The staff are lovely and attentive, and the music is excellent and suits the chill atmosphere surrounding this eatery. You can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner in this lovely space.

Egg dishes carry the day when it comes to breakfast and brunch in Mcondo.

They are available in different varieties, and each has its unique taste and flavour. They include Huevos rancheros and Huevos con chorizo, among others.

For starters, you can go for the mini nachos when selecting an appetiser at dinner.

They are delightful and fantastic to kick start your dining with excellent tastes making you crave for more.

Then, of course, there are other starters like the famous guacamole and chips and Elote.

Main favourites include cheese Nachos, Corne Asada, and the chicken Fajita bowl.

You can also have hearty side dishes to accompany your meals, salads to balance the equation, and soups to line your palate. Tacos and enchiladas are available on the go too.

There are drinks to be enjoyed, and they are plentiful. Jarritos are available in all flavours, coffee, margaritas, Micheladas, and of course, the famous sangria. You can also imbibe the beers and available wines.

This eatery offers great take-out and delivery services, plus they also cater for events.


The restaurants listed above offer different tastes on Mexican dishes inspired by different regions.

They also differ in pricing and menu items, but they have one thing in common: they are all great.

Since Mexican cuisine offers tons of different delicacies, it is not easy to taste it all in one go. Therefore, it is best to try out different eateries for a complete Mexican experience.

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