Top 12 Moving Companies In Queens, NYC

Queens is mostly for residential living and it has an indisputable fact of being one of the safest boroughs in NYC. It is a great place to buy a home and raise a family.

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Having a low cost of living and inexpensive housing options attracts a lot of people moving into this borough yearly. Hence increasing its residents to 2 million.

Now, talking about moving. Queens is home to many moving companies. But it is not easy to find the suitable one.  

That’s why I have created this list to assist in your search for the right moving company.

The Best Moving Companies In Queens 

  1. Perfect Moving
  2. IPS NYC Movers
  3. Ecu Moving Corp
  4. Sarmiento Moving
  5. Abreu Movers Queens
  6. Honest Movers
  7. High Touch Moving
  8. U-haul Moving And Storage
  9. Moishe’s Moving Systems
  10. Moveco Moving Services
  11. Da Moving
  12. Pick n Move

1. Perfect Moving

46-34 11th St, Queens, NY 11101

Phone: 212-601-2721

Perfect Moving


Perfect Moving sure lives up to its name. They make moving so seamless and easy. 

I love Perfect Moving, because of their clear communication skills. 

Perfect Moving tries to get information from their clients to make the move in alignment with the client’s specifications.

What makes them so different is their well-organized friendly movers, constant communications, easy booking, on-time guarantee, local moves, long-distance moves, and full-service storage availability.

I vote for them as my favorite, their services are innumerable. It includes packing/unpacking, installations, and residential/commercial moving.

That’s not all, they also offer urgent moves like; same-day moves, next-day moves, and last-minute moves.

Another amazing thing is their referral program, which is a cool way to make a side income.

2. IPS NYC Movers

26-12 Borough PI Ste 7B, Queens, NY 11377

Phone: 718-806-1507

IPS NYC Movers


One thing I love about IPS is their exclusive service due to their small model company, founded in 2016 by two friends. They have a vision of being known as the “ Gold Standard In Moving”.

They have indeed mastered the art of moving, they give you a full package, which includes moving, packing, cleaning, storage, and pest control.

All you have to do is seatback and relax. 

They are open from 8 am – 5 am fully ready for work. With their 40 years of experience, they offer professionalism at its best, integrity, honesty, and dedication instilled into each of their movers.

Their crew members are hardworking, friendly, fast, and well-trained to give you the best possible experience

3. ECU Moving Corp

10822 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

Phone: 347-351-4099

ECU Moving Corp


One interesting thing about the ECU Moving is that they accommodate everyone, even though you’re on a tight budget.

They also offer incredible customer care service anytime with any problem concerning your move. They also have friendly staff on-site with a dozen years of experience.

I love them cos they are skilled in piano moving services. I know how heavy and delicate pianos can be but that doesn’t mean you would leave them when relocating.

ECU is well-aware of the importance and cost of pianos, and they can be trusted with small, big, medium, and every type or age of pianos.

Their experts also include TV installations. That’s not all guys, they help with unpacking and organizing, I think that’s the most difficult part. Having to arrange stuff in a new place, with ECU’s help everything is done fast and effectively.

4. Sarmiento Moving

25-07 93rd St, Queens, NY 11369

Phone: 917-586-3298

Sarmiento Moving


This 16-year moving company guarantees you careful and quick moves. 

They offer a lot of services, either partial or full packing services with professionals packing your properties no matter how delicate they are.

I love that they are available to everyone, whether you want to move across the street, town, or state, you can always call them to give you a stress-free moving experience.

They also have storage units available, both small, medium, and big units, with high-tech security and 24/7 video surveillance to protect your properties.

5. Abreu Movers Queens

38-11 Ditmars Blvd #1198, Queens, NY 1105

Phone: 917-924-9221

Abreu Movers Queens


I love Abreu Movers because they can handle any size of moves. Nothing is too big or small for them. They have well-functioning trucks, amazing tools to ease their work, and equipment to help them dismantle things.

I also love the fact that they are budget-friendly. Their residential move will cost from $300 – $1500 depending on the size of the move, though long-distance moves price may vary depending on booth size and distance.

Their experts are trained in safely packing up fragile, expensive items like pianos or artworks, also disassembling furniture.

I also appreciate their effort in curbing the covid-19 virus, they have certain measures set in place to keep both you and your staff safe during the move.

6. Honest Movers

97-23 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

Phone- 877-441-3731

Honest Movers


These are relocation experts with experience in the moving field, and they have amazing employees that are friendly and treat you like royalty.

They have no hidden fees. I hate getting something just to figure out I still have to pay more, cos I like to track my spending. Honest Movers is the best, their price is their price, no more no less.

They also have quality customer service that actually cares about you and your staff, they try their best to make your move stress-free.

And guys, they offer a lot of services from local moves, long-distance moves, office moves for your company, relocation to your new home, residential moves, apartment moves, and the list is endless.

Honest Movers is one of the most respected and fastest-growing moving companies in New York, they also have blog posts to both entertain and educate both new and old clients on moving.

7. High Touch Moving

53-28 11th St, Queens, NY 11101

Phone: 718-786-7800

High Touch Moving


I love the way these guys boldly identify themselves with certain moves. I think it makes them unique. Now, this doesn’t mean they don’t move all kinds of properties but they have identified themselves to specific areas.

They offer furniture moving, which is popular, right? I mean everyone has at least a bed or sofa in their home. They are very skilled to carry your heavy couches and even expensive lamps.

They also move artworks. I think for anyone to carry an artwork, you need to be a skilled professional because those things are crazy expensive and very delicate.

With their 20 years of experience, they have also mastered the art of moving both antiques of every kind and pianos of every size.

8. U-haul Moving And Storage

2645 Brooklyn Queens, Expy W, Queens, NY 11377

Phone: 718-267-2928

U haul Moving And Storage


Now, this is different, cos they offer both moving and storage services exclusively. They are mostly interested in a select number of clients that wants to move but are not ready to do so with all their stuff.

Probably those properties are no longer in use or you want to sell them off or even donate them to charity.

That’s why they help you move your most valued item and store your other properties safely until you decide what to do with them. 

Another insane thing that makes this company peculiar is the fact that they sell trucks, so if you have a job or you’re in a certain position that requires you to move a lot, just buy a truck instead of paying for moves every single time.

9. Moishe’s Moving Services

38-42 9th St, Queens, NY 11101

Phone: 718-392-4116

Moishes Moving Services


Okay, guys, these are movers you can trust. They don’t just employ anyone but each person on their team undergoes rigorous training to make sure they are a good fit for the job.

This helps them provide a near-perfection experience in each service. 

I marveled at their total 570 reviews on Google, not just the amount of people talking about them but the fact that they have served over 500 people.

It’s just amazing that they have received a whole lot of recognition from media outlets such as Wikipedia, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and even The Miami Herald.

10. Moveco Moving Services

146-44 Liberty Ave, Queens, NY 11435

Phone: 718-738-8732

Moveco Moving Services


Moveco has been helping people move since 1985, they have their license and they are completely insured. This makes you rest assured that all your properties are safe.

I love them cos they don’t just help you move but they also get rid of unwanted stuff and clean up your apartment or offices. 

Okay, so when I spoke about them helping out with unwanted stuff, I also have to tell you that they recycle too. 

11. Da Moving

11-20 76th Rd Apt ID, Queens, NY 11375

Phone: 917-617-9736

Da Moving


Da Moving was founded in 2013 and they have relentlessly grown to earn a 5-star google rating due to its constant hard work.

They are fully licensed and completely insured, so your properties are in safe hands.

It is said that people that love their job, do their job very well. Da Moving has a team that loves everything about moving.

12. Pick n Move

12108 Hillside Avenue, Queens, NY 11418

Phone: 917-480-9807

Pick n Move


Pick n Move specializes in all kinds of moves, they help you move to houses, apartments, offices, or even storage.

But Pick n Move helps in packing your stuff safely and even unpacking them too. 

They also have a clear mission to become the best movers in New York and affordable too. This family-owned business is a team that stands by its name, reputation, and word, they treat your possessions like gold.


I hope you enjoyed every tiny bit of this article, and you were educated as well as entertained. This list would help you make the right and best choice, as you plan and prepare yourself to move.

Whether you want a high-class mover or you’re quite low on budget, my list has got you covered with the best available movers in Queens.

Let me know in the comments, which company have you used before? And which company do you plan to use?

Also, it wouldn’t be fair to hide this post from your loved ones. Share it with them, you never know when your friends or family are planning their next big move, as this article would be of great value to them.

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