Oh-K Dog NYC – One Of The Best Korean Corn Dog Spots

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Located on Ludlow Street, Oh-K Dog is not only one of the first Manhattan restaurants to sell authentic Korean street food, but also one of the best Korean corn dog spots NYC.

Oh K Dog Menu

The company that has opened more locations in NYC offers a line of 10 corn dog varieties.

Oh! K classic hot dog, premium beef hot dog, cheddar hot dog, Mozza dog, half Mozza and half hot dog, squid ink half and half, potato hot dog, potato Mozza dog, sweet potato hot dog, and rice cake dog.

You’ll also get Teriyaki egg toast, bacon and cheese toast, and avocado egg toast.

For the full menu, please check out the link.

Oh-K allows its customers to choose potatoes or sweet potatoes topping on their dogs for more crunch. A selection of 6 sauces is also available for customers to pick what they want for their snack.

If you are a lover of hot sauces, this spot has you sorted with Gochu hot sauce, and for a sweet tooth, you are also not left out. Honey mustard, ketchup, sweet chili, cheese mustard, and garlic sauce are also available.

You can check them out and taste what they have to offer. Since there are multiple locations in NYC, please visit their website to find out a nearby location.


Phone: (646) 448 – 4836

Email: info@ohkdog.com






  • Sunday – Thursday 10 am -8 pm
  • Friday – Saturday 10 am-10 pm

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