21 Top-Rated Restaurants Near Park Slope (With Amazing And Unique Dishes)

Park Slope is a thriving and busy Hub, especially for exciting food places. Most people flock to this place to enjoy all the tasty and different delicious food options that the restaurants offer.

Park Slope is so popular that coming here to eat is like a cliche; you can call this beautiful place Brooklyn’s food capital. This is one of the classic New York City neighbourhoods, and it is serene with a low crime rate.

Park Slope is a residential oasis away from the busy life of the city, the gorgeous brownstones add aesthetic beauty to the neighbourhood, and this is combined with a lot of green spaces.

It is an easy-going neighbourhood that is socially conscious and artistically minded. The restaurants, which look casual during the day, come alive at night, and there are many wine bars, beer gardens, and food places that you can patronize as you hang out with friends.

So, if you are in the mood for some exploration, put on your walking shoes and let’s explore some of the best restaurants to visit in Park Slope.

  • 1. Provini
  • 2. Bogota Latin Bistro
  • 3. Fausto
  • 4. Bricolage
  • 5. The Dram Shop Bar
  • 6. Miriam
  • 7. Haenyeo Restaurant
  • 8. Sushi Katsuei
  • 9. Fonda Restaurant
  • 10. Ramen Danbo
  • 11. Bar Toto
  • 12. Ghenet
  • 13. Bagel Hole
  • 14. Terre – Pasta & Natural Wine
  • 15. Blueprint Bar
  • 16. Shake Shack
  • 17. Bonnie’s Grill
  • 18. al di là Trattoria
  • 19. Colombia In Park Slope
  • 20. Charm Bar & Restaurant
  • 21. 5ive Spice

1. Provini

Location: 1302 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: (718)369-2154

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If you want an unforgettable dining experience, you need a restaurant like this that has a well-executed menu.

Provini is one place that does not compromise on quality; they serve some of the best dishes made with fresh and flavorful ingredients.

And the best thing is that you get to accompany these flavourful dishes with quality wine at affordable rates. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem, with a cosy and romantic atmosphere perfect for couples.

They have a renowned extensive wine list featuring organic and sustainable wine options. This is one of the best Italian restaurants you will get in Park Slope. It might look small and insignificant on the outside, but great magic happens within.

2. Bogota Latin Bistro

Location: 141 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: 718 – 230 – 3805

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Bogota Latin Bistro


Bogota Latin Bistro restaurant is often called Brooklyn’s hottest Latin restaurant, and they deserve this title because of their dedication to promoting authentic Latin food. In addition, their music, food, drinks, and hospitality promotes Colombian cuisine and culture.

If you want a restaurant that is passionate about what they offer, this restaurant will be an excellent place to start from. They take pride in their work, the staff are professional and polite, pay attention to details, and respect diversity.

You can see their diversity through their signature dishes; they serve many kinds of Bandeja Paisa, Arroz con Pollo, Empanadas and Arepas, Colombian Breakfast, and Skirt Steak. They also do a variety of exciting drinks.

Their drink menu includes a variety of mojitos, margaritas, sangritas, Aguardiente, caipirinhas, and Latin beers. You will also enjoy their delicious Colombian hot chocolate and coffee.

3. Fausto

Location: 348 Flatbush Ave. — Brooklyn, NY

Contact: 917-909-1427

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Fausto 1


Fausto is a neighbourhood restaurant that draws inspiration from the local surrounding, and this includes the bountiful products of Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, the diversity of Brooklyn’s community, and the historical architecture of Park Slope.

This beautiful Italian joint will serve you some of the best Italian dishes and wines. They have a strong Italian root, and their kitchen showcases traditional and modern variations, time-honoured sauces, and house-made pasta.

You will find some of the best bottles of wines from Italy’s top producers, champagne, Burgundy, Northern Rhone, the Loire Valley, etc. Although they serve some of the best items, they are economical with their prices making them affordable for the community.

The restaurant is cosy and very comfortable; you can sit in the open places or book your private event in their wine cellar, holding up to 24 people. It is a beautiful place where you can take your date for a romantic dinner.

4. Bricolage

Location: 162 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: 718-230-1835

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Bricolage is a beautiful contemporary Vietnamese restaurant, and Miro Gal, an international artist, designed it. The restaurant was hand-built using recycled vintage materials. The steel and wood used for this building were gotten from one of Brooklyn’s old water towers.

As one of the best Vietnamese restaurants Bricolage offers three aspects of Vietnamese cuisine; Vietnamese cuisine with French influence, traditional street, and traditional family dishes.

If you love nature, you will love it in this restaurant because there are plenty of green plants that give it a beautiful outstanding look which you won’t find elsewhere.

5. The Dram Shop Bar

Location: 339 9TH ST. BET 5TH AND 6TH AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 788-1444

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The Dram Shop Bar


The Dram Shop Bar serves some of the best burgers in the Brooklyn area, and they pride themselves on their Texas hospitality. In addition, this lovely place serves as a bar, a place to watch sports, play games and hang out.

The restaurant is aesthetic and inviting, and the wooden door makes it look like a tavern. They have provision for darts and two pool tables for those who will love to play games as they enjoy their drinks. Of course, they have a rich selection of alcohol on their menu as well.

There is plenty of entertainment in this restaurant, and it is the perfect place to have fun with friends.

6. Miriam

Location: 79 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: 718-622-2250

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Miriam 1


Miriam is a trendy restaurant that serves Jewish, Middle Eastern and Meditteranean cuisines. The menu in this place is seasonal, and the ingredients they use are shipped straight from Israel.

When you visit this restaurant, some dishes you will enjoy are hummus, tahini, and falafel. If you are looking for a perfect place for brunch, you can take advantage of the daily brunch menu.

They are reliable and have a simple presentation; their cocktails are mind-blowing. If you are too tired to make it to the restaurant, you can order the food online and pick it up in person or deliver it at home.

Eating at Miriam is one of the must-do things in Park Slope.

7. Haenyeo Restaurant

Location: 239 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11215

Contact: 718.213.2290

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Haenyeo Restaurant


Haenyeo is a Korean restaurant named after the brave female divers in South Korea who dive 30 – 40 feet to harvest seaweed and seafood. This restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes, and the chef tries to demystify Korean cuisine.

The dishes served here are delicious, and they concentrate on using fresh ingredients to improve the eating experience.

They have won so many awards and recognition for their passion and quality, and you will get value for the money you spend.

Depending on your preference, they have indoor seating and enough outdoor space. They have a lovely list of cocktails that will blow your mind away and an extensive list of wines, beers, and Korean beverages.

8. Sushi Katsuei

Location: 210 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 788-5338

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Sushi Katsuei 5


Sushi Katsuei is one of the best Park Slope Sushi Restaurants For Authentic Japanese Food, also is marked as one of the Best Restaurant Sushi Places In Brooklyn.

Sushi Katsuei brings a particular type of excitement to customers with their authentic and delicious Sushi and Sashimi Omakase experience. And the exciting part is that customers get this good experience at very affordable prices.

The chefs here see themselves as artists, and they offer a touch of modern creativity to their sushi dishes. So if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, this might become your new favourite place, and you will love the quality of the food.

You do not have to go broke eating sushi, and with less than $50, you will enjoy a sushi experience in this warm and cosy restaurant that serves quality food. Eating in Sushi Katsuei is among the must-do things in Park Slope.

 More about Sushi Katsuei

9. Fonda Restaurant

Location: 434 7th Av. Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: 718 369 3144

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Fonda Restaurant


Fonda is a lovely Mexican restaurant, and it is a relaxed place with great food that is affordable for everyone. You will find a mixture of authenticity with a bit of creativity, giving the Mexican dishes a contemporary flair.

They serve fresh food made with the best quality ingredients, the guacamole is made to order, the tortillas are hand-pressed, and the margaritas are made with a lot of creativity. Overall, it is a delightful place to visit, and you will make great memories.

Another fantastic thing is that this place is versatile; you can come here for a business dinner, holiday party, or a birthday cocktail; it caters to everyone.

10. Ramen Danbo

Location: 52 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: +1 (718) 783-0150

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Ramen Danbo 1


Ramen Danbo is a Japanese restaurant specialising in traditional Tonkotsu ramen, one of the most popular ramen in Japan. It is a perfect spot to satisfy your ramen cravings, and they give you the option of customising your ramen.

So if you have been longing to play with your food, this is the right place to achieve that dream. You can select delicious toppings to customise your ramen, thereby creating your unique style in the process.

This restaurant prides itself on the quality of its products, and they do not compromise on them. Other dishes on their menu include Yakibuta Chashu pork, artisan-crafted thin noodles, spicy tare sauce, Ramen-dare soup base sauce, and Tonkotsu soup broth.

11. Bar Toto

Location: 411 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 768-4698

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Bar Toto 1


Bar Toto is a beautiful restaurant known for serving delicious Italian dishes in the area. If you are looking for the best place to get sandwiches, pizza, pasta, panini, and nicely cooked green salads, you will be impressed with what you get in this restaurant.

Another thing you might love in this place is their excellent coffee and the exciting and extensive list of good wines and beers. The atmosphere is relaxing and calm, and it is a lovely place to have a quiet meal.

The staff here are friendly, and they offer quality services always.

If you find it challenging to get a restaurant with a lovely and cosy outdoor seating area, then this place comes highly recommended. They have an outdoor seating arrangement that is comfortable and perfect.

12. Ghenet

Location: 348 Douglass St. Brooklyn, NY USA – 11217

Contact: +1 (718) 230-4475

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Ghenet is an Ethiopian restaurant, and the restaurant’s name means angels. This restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian dishes using Ethiopian spices, and the dishes are filled with flavours and culinary techniques.

The Ethiopian dishes are distinctive, and you cannot help but notice the herbs and spices used in preparing the food. The complex flavours from the mixture of ingredients manage to co-exist perfectly, bringing a delightful pleasure to your palate.

You will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu, and there are different options to pick from. The place is warm, and the staff are friendly and willing to help you choose the right menu.

13. Bagel Hole

Location: 400 7TH AVE., BROOKLYN, NY 11215, US

Contact: (718) 788-4014

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Bagel Hole 1


Bagel Hole is a lovely little place that serves old-style bagels baked in their shop. They assure you of using the best natural ingredients that they can lay their hands on.

Also, they boast that they boil their bagels, unlike other places that steam their bagels. Well, the truth is that they serve some of the best bagels in the area, and they have been consistent about the quality of their food.

They are also famous for their overstuffed sandwiches, whitefish salad, cream cheese spread, and Nova Lox. You can trust Begel Hole to deliver the best when it comes to quality.

14. Terre – Pasta & Natural Wine

Location: 341 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: +1 (718) 788-2285

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Terre – Pasta Natural Wine


Terre – Pasta & Natural Wine is an Italian restaurant that relies on using the best ingredients naturally produced by local farmers both in the US and in Italy. They serve authentic Italian dishes using unique and simple ingredients.

Ther have a seasonal menu that keeps their dishes interesting, and their area of speciality is their homemade pasta. They are also famous for their natural wines, and they have more than a hundred options of natural wines on their menu.

They aim to take your tastebuds to Italy without boarding any flight. They have an efficient and hardworking staff who are always trying to make you feel comfortable and enjoy a good time.

15. Blueprint Bar

Location: 196 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Contact: 718-622-6644

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Blueprint Bar


Blueprint is one of the best joints to explore and enjoy the world of Spanish dishes. One thing you will enjoy at this bar is the food they prepare with the best ingredients. If you ever make it to this bar, you have to try their smoked octopus, fish sliders and cooked almond chicken.

The atmosphere around the bar is cosy and relaxing, and it is a lovely place to go on a date with your partner. The food is excellent, there is a good selection of drinks, the place is comfortable, and the staff here offer excellent customer service.

16. Shake Shack

Location: 170 Flatbush Avenue Between Pacific St and 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: 3474427711

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Shake Shack 1


Shake Shack restaurant is one place that believes in putting people first, and you can attest to this through their services and the quality of their products. No wonder it is one of the fastest-growing food brands in the world.

This restaurant dedicates its time to sourcing its ingredients from the best suppliers who share their goal to stand for something good. Another thing about this place is that they see themselves as a reflection of the community, and they contribute towards uplifting the community.

Also, this lovely spot is known for its famous 100% Angus beef burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, frozen shakes, custard, and crinkle-cut fries.

17. Bonnie’s Grill

Location: 278 5TH AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 369 9527

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Bonnies Grill 1


Bonnie’s Grill is a lovely restaurant to get hot and spicy regional American cuisine. If you are looking for the best place that serves wings around the area, you will love it here.

They go the extra mile to make their wings tasty by using their special Bonnie’s sauce, making the wings delicious and unique. Also, they have a lot of homemade sauces that you could purchase for your personal use at home.

18. al di là Trattoria

Location: 248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: 718-783-4565

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al di la Trattoria 1


al di là Trattoria is a family-owned business run by a husband and wife since 1998, and the restaurant has been growing from height to height. The place has been featured in many publications. And it is recommended as one of the best places to eat in New York.

This little spot serves Italian cuisine, and it is one of the best places to get a tasty breakfast as you begin the day; their sandwiches and coffee are excellent. They have a seasonal menu that keeps the menu interesting, and the combination of flavours is hard to resist.

If you are a fan of incredible pasta, you will love the homemade pasta served at this lovely spot. They have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, and they are very conscious about offering the best service to customers.

19. Colombia In Park Slope

Location: 376 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: 718-369-2020

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Colombia In Park Slope


Colombia In Park Slope is an epic Latino style Restaurant serving authentic and traditional cuisine from Colombia. They have a menu filled with varieties, and it is an exciting place to explore any Latino food you have been longing for.

You can find traditional dishes like empanadas and arepas, and you will also love their steak menu. Their dishes are simple but delicious, and they are affordable for everyone.

Many restaurants pride themselves on serving Latino dishes, and they disappoint you; this is not the case at Colombia In Park Slope. Instead, they have set a standard for others to follow, and you will love the services here.

20. Charm Bar & Restaurant


Contact: (347) 799-2345

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Charm Bar Restaurant


Charm Bar & Restaurant is one place that is known for its signature cocktails which are unique and outstanding. If you are a fan of cocktails, you will be pleased with the more than twenty options on the cocktail menu.

Well, the truth is that their cocktails are not the only thing that you might like. They have a comprehensive list of appetisers, desserts, sides, brunch, salads, soups, entrees, and drinks. It is a lovely place to relax and enjoy as much good food as possible.

If you eventually visit this place, you should try their skirt steak accompanied by mashed potatoes. Also, they have a lively and exciting atmosphere that is perfect for both group outings or a private romantic dinner.

21. 5ive Spice

Location: 52 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Contact: (718) 857-3483

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5ive Spice


5ive Spice is a perfect spot for Vietnamese cuisine lovers; they serve authentic and traditional Vietnamese dishes which will blow your mind. The most enticing dishes on their menu are smoked ribs and garlic shrimps, and tasty Banh mi.

They have well-cooked dishes, and they do not compromise on the flavour of their dishes. In addition, the excellent customer service, lovely comfortable bar area, and superb food make this place a must-visit spot. All these factors will make you want to come back here for more food.


These are all the unique places with great food options in Par Slope, they have a diverse menu, and it is left for you to pick which one impresses you.

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