Paulie Gee’s Reviews; Menu, Reservation, Hours and More

Paul Giannone went from punching keys to putting together the key ingredients to make some of the best oven pizzas in the entire United States.

Starting up from his New Jersey home with an oven he put together himself, Paul left his career in information technology to pursue his passion for cooking and pizza baking.

After about two years of serving friends and family in his home, he moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and opened the first Paulie Gee pizza place in 2010.

Since then he has expanded massively across the United States and opened restaurants in Chicago, Columbus, and New Orleans.

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The restaurants are warm bubbly locations with moderate dining areas and simple decor. Paul says it himself that he doesn’t want a wall between the staff and his customers and if you check out their reviews online you would see that he manages to create an environment where staff and customers discuss freely.

If you’re searching for a place to get some delicious oven Pizza in Brooklyn, head on over to Green Point.


Greenpoint (One of the Best Restaurants In Brooklyn)

60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States



Franklin Street (one of the Best Pizza Places In Brooklyn)

110 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

1 (929) 337-6385

Other locations




New Orleans

Service hours


  • Mondays – Thursdays: 6 pm – 10 pm
  • Fridays: 6 pm – 11 pm
  • Saturdays: 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Sundays: 5 pm – 10 pm

Franklin Street

  • Sun–Thu:11:30 am–10 pm
  • Fri & Sat:11:30 am–11 pm



Paulie Gee’s pizza restaurants are all casual locations. Down here in Brooklyn, both stops have upscale, lively environments, the restaurants look quite different from one another but the pizza tastes just as great.

Paulie Gee environments


Dining down at the original restaurants in Greenpoint feels like eating some of the best oven pizza you’ll ever have at a fancy barn. You might never have envisioned a barn for fine dining, but Paulie Gee made it work.

The restaurant features rustic woody decor, and lovely lighting to set the mood. There’s a bar and a moderate dining space, with wooden seating and warm, hearty air. Although very traditional and laid back, the restaurant still carries a classy feel.

It’s an awesome spot for romantic dates, dates with friends, or a night out with your fellow pizza enthusiast. If you’re planning to visit and are having some difficulties with your wardrobe, just think casual and comfortable.

It’s not the met gala at Paulie gee, a nice t-shirt or lazy blouse would do.

This location is dine-in only, the pie is served straight out of the oven, and if you listen closely you might still hear the crunch in the crust.

Paulie Gee environments 1


Now Franklin street is a whole other Paulie Gee universe, and Paul went retro with the Franklin street slice shop.

Dining over here is like having an awesome slice at a 60-style Pops shop and No, no one serves your pizza to you in roller skates but the restaurants feature black and white floors, wood panels, colorful booths, and bright lighting.

The air over here is more hip and fun, and they offer both dining and delivery services. The menu at the slice shop focuses more on New York-style slices and classic pizza recipes but you can still enjoy a square of the famous Hellboy or Freddy Prinze.

You can visit by yourself and order single slices or enjoy a whole pie with friends. You can switch up a little bit over at this location and whip out your colorful boots but it’s still all simple and casual.

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If you aren’t in New York, you can still enjoy a classic Paulie Gee’s slice at Columbus, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, and very Soon, Philadelphia. Click on any of the states to find out more about their locations.

The Hellboy Pizza

The Hellboy Pizza 1



The Hellboy Pizza is One of Paulie Gee’s most famous pies and over the years a slice of the famous oven delicacy has only gotten better. The pie is topped with mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire soppressata Piccante, Parmigiano Reggiano, and spicy honey.

All the ingredients come together for a magnificent waltz of taste, its delicate texture and coordinating flavors make it one of the best oven pizza recipes in the United States. Your taste bud would experience heaven on earth all through your journey around this awesome pie.

The Delboy, another one of their famous pies, is just like the Hellboy but without the spicy honey, but trust me on this one, you’re going to want a generous amount of that honey in every bite.

You can now order the Hellboy to enjoy at home from their Slice shop down at Franklin street.

Pizza Menu

The Paulie Gee menu offers a variety of unique authentic oven pizza recipes. The Original restaurants at Greenpoint offer several wholesome choices for Neapolitan-ish pies, served straight from the oven.

Along with the famous hell boy, you can find items like the Grapeful Dead with Gouda, shaved Parmagiano Reggiano, baby spinach, olive oil, halved red grape, or the Arugula Shmoogula with Italian tomatoes, baby arugula, olive oil, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano.

Pizza Menu


You can have an entire three-course meal down at Paulie Gee, the menu includes salads, soups pizza, vegan pizza, secret pizza, and desserts.

You’ll find all sorts of flavors, from delicate but filling bites, bold spicy slices, cheesy delights, and even extra crispy recipes.

Paulie Gee offers an authentic pizza dining experience and they are also one of the few places you might find such a wholesome vegan pizza menu in New York City.

You can enjoy spirits and other alcoholic beverages at the bar, if you’re 21 and older.

Pizza Menu 1


The menu at the Slice shop isn’t as expansive as the Greenpoint restaurants but you can still enjoy all kinds of delightful flavors.

They serve more mainstream pizza-style recipes. The menu offers pizzas, vegan pizza, and desserts. You can also enjoy a square of the classic Hellboy at the slice shop.

Pies can be ordered whole, or you can just get a single slice, and you can also order pizza online. You can enjoy items like The Mootz with Fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, Pecorino Romano, Classic pepperoni, or Cheese Pie with sweet Italian fennel sausage.

Here is a link to the menus, so you can have a look at all their amazing offers.


Franklin Street

You can also check out the menu for other states Here.


Paulie gee offers amazing pizza for awesome rates. Pizzas are fairly priced for gourmet oven pies and you can split the bill of the whole pizza between a friend, considering that you might not eat a whole pie on your own.

I recommend a budget between $35 – $80 at Greenpoint and $20 – $50 at Franklin Street. You can check out the menu for the price of each item, but here is a quick round-up.


Salads $11 – $13
Pizza $15 – $21
Vegan Pizza $16 – $21
Secret Pizza $18 – $22
desserts $7 – $10
Sides $10 – $16

Franklin Street

Pizza ( whole Pies) $25 -$35
Single slices $4 – $5.25
Vegan Pizza $31 – $35
Single slices $5..50
Desserts $3.5

At Greenpoint, you can also get Wine and specialty beer. Small beverages are $3 and large beverages are $7.

Paulie Gee gift Certificate

You can get a Paulie gee gift certificate for your family or friends online. Both locations offer gift certificates and gift cards are specific for each location, so you might not be able to use a Franklin street gift card at Greenpoint.

You can get a gift card for as low as $20 and also customs amounts. You can also get Gift certificates for other states on their website.

Get Gift certificates Here.

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Order Online

Pizza at Greenpoint is for dine-in only but you can order pizza online at the Franklin street locations. All menu items including canned beer are available for order through door dash and Caviar.

The restaurant might log out of the platforms on Fridays and Saturdays due to a heavy amount of traffic, but they’ll be right back up once they sort it out.

Order Online

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Do I need reservations for Paulie Gee?

No, you don’t need reservations at Paulie Gee, both restaurants accept walk-ins, but you might want to get to Greenpoint a bit early in the evenings on Fridays and weekends to secure a seat, it’s usually a full house.

Does Paulie Gee offer private events?

Paulie Gee no longer offers private events at any of its Brooklyn locations.

Is Paulie Gee child friendly?

The little ones are very welcome at Paulie Gee, both restaurants are family-friendly so you can bring them along to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza.

What to get at Paulie Gee?

The Greenpoint menu can be a bit overwhelming with all the amazing choices, but you can start with the Gates of Eden salad, it’s very light and you would still have lots of room for pizza.

On the pizza menu, you can go with the Cherry Jones or Brisket Five-0 if you’re looking for sweet flavors, Ricotta Be Kiddin for meaty, and the Greenpoint if you’re looking for something a bit cheesy, or you can just order a few classic hell boys. If you can ask the servers more about the secret pizza and Vegan pizza menus.

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What other states have a Paulie Gee restaurant?

You can also find a Paulie Gee’s restaurant in Chicago, Columbus, New Orleans, and Baltimore.

Does Paulie gee offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Paulie gee offers an entire menu of Vegan pizzas, you can also get Vegetarian soups and desserts at Greenpoint.

Can I use gift cards to order pizza online?

No, online gift cards cannot be used to place orders online.

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