Pecking House Reviews: Menu, Delivery, & Hours

What started as a happy little accident has become the most in-demand restaurant in New York. Chef Eric Huang, the owner, takes pride in opening Pecking House in 2020 and drawing massive support for the incredible chili fried chicken served in the restaurant.

Pecking House


Eric Huang worked as a Chef at Eleven Madison Park before leaving his position to follow his ambition and desire to own his restaurant. He first returned to Pecking House, his family restaurant. From there, he opened Pecking House to serve the growing demand for fried chicken.

Pecking House in Brooklyn is a famous and loved pop-up. It’s popular for chili fried chicken, ranking in various reviews and awards.

Chef Eric Huang has mastered the secret to a new recipe that keeps people returning to enjoy his cooking.

Pecking House: Menu

Their menu is not the most extensive out there. However, it stands out for the excellent dishes, with the popular ones being fried chicken and sandwiches.

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The menu comprises sandwiches, seasonal sides, main meals, desserts, drinks, and drafts.

Pecking House is a pop-up, and all orders get made at the cashier. They currently offer take-out, dine-in, and delivery.

The main meal section highlights 3-piece and 2-piece chicken, cauliflower meal, and green garlic ranch dressing. For $35, you will delight in their 3-piece chicken meal.

It includes 3 large pieces of fried chicken mixed with dark and white meat, beans in sesame oil, fried rice, and sides like smashed cucumbers.

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No fried chicken matches what they offer, and it is no surprise that Pecking House is often overloaded with orders. The chicken is tasty and excellently cooked.

As for flavor and quality, everything is on-point, and you will feel the worth of your money in each bite.

Fried chicken is their main meal, and once you visit and try it once, you will become a regular and invite others to join you.

As for the sandwiches, they include chili wings, chicken sandwiches, orange pepper wet wings, salt & pepper duck drumettes, and oyster mushroom po boy.

The chicken sandwich is unique, and the taste is like nothing you’ve had before. It goes for $14 only.

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The thin cabbage in the chicken sandwich gets prepared and cooked in dark soy sauce, resulting in a perfect and crunch compliment in each strand. You won’t stop thinking of its deliciousness. It’s irresistible, and the presentation is beautiful.

The orange wet pepper wings are the perfect result of chicken, hot paprika, and citrus butter. The flavor is a bomb, and you will be thankful for visiting Pecking House.

Once in Pecking House, you will agree that the service and the quality of the food deserve the hype.

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The Asian Fusion that Chef Eric employs in his cooking is remarkable, making it hard to keep away from the menu. The salt & pepper duck drumettes are crispy, and the pickled jalapenos, crispy garlic, and shredded cilantro make them worth trying out.

Their seasonal sides include roasted broccoli, butter bean salad, and mashed potatoes.

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Each chicken meal contains at least two sides. Pecking House only offers peanut butter pudding with chocolate ganache as their only dessert.

To keep you refreshed, they offer various drinks. The drinks include Saratoga sparkling water, elderflower soda, six-point crisp pilsner, etc. Draft beer is also available. However, the drafts are only allowed for dine-in.

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Their menu accommodates most appetites, and some of the menu items are big enough to be shared, such as their chicken sandwich. If you wish to make a special request, such as picking specific meat pieces, they charge an extra $2.

The taste of their food is no less for deliveries. Pecking House uses specific containers and EverCrisp to keep their chicken crisp while in transport. Therefore, you will still get your order as if it was dine-in.


Pecking House offers delivery for any order, and deliveries get made via Relay for a flat fee. However, you have to be within a two-mile radius to make the order.

Unlike before, when a waitlist was offered, currently, orders are made anytime Pecking House is open.

Their deliveries are made within 40 to 45 minutes, and in case your delivery is running late past 15 minutes, you can call them to get an update. However, they currently don’t allow ordering delivery from their in-person dine-in menu.

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The delivery slots easily sell out, and if you are unlucky, you may lack a delivery slot for that day. If that’s the case, you need to wait and order the next day.

Their food is fantastic, and whether you take out, dine-in, or order delivery, you will love the experience, flavor, and quality.


– Does Pecking House take reservations?

No. Pecking House doesn’t take any reservations currently. They only offer dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

– Does Pecking House accommodate dietary restrictions?

They don’t accommodate gluten, allium allergies, mustard, and dairy.

– Can I place catering or large orders at Pecking House?

Yes, you can. Pecking House accepts large orders and can offer catering services for at least 12 or more guests. To place an order, contact them via their email.

– Why can’t I see the delivery option, just pick up?

The delivery option gets hidden if the number of delivery orders has reached the maximum for that day. You have to wait until a delivery slot becomes available.

– I placed an order. Is it possible to cancel it?

Yes, it’s possible. Pecking House allows canceling of orders 24 hours before the specified time. However, cancellations within a 24-hour window to the delivery time attract a 25% cancellation fee.

– Does Pecking House still offer the waitlist?

No. Pecking House no longer offers the waitlist. You can order your favorite meal for delivery or take-out. Alternatively, you can dine in.

– Can I place an order at Pecking House from anywhere?

No, you can’t. Pecking House has a 2-mile delivery radius.


  • Mon & Tue: Closed
  • Wed-Sun: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location and Directions

Restaurant: Pecking House

Address: 274 Hall St Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: 845-535-1425


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